I Need Feminism

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I Need Femenism

Written by CorporateRockWhore

I need feminism because
It’s acceptable to call me a slut.
I need feminism because
It’s okay for a guy to slap my butt.
I need feminism because
It’s my own fault if a man rapes me.
I need feminism because
I should look good for men to see.
I need feminism because
People think it means ‘anti-man’.
I need feminism because
I can’t do things that men can.
I need feminism because
Girls think it’s cool to shame each other.
I need feminism because
The world has higher hopes for my brother.
I need feminism because
My femininity makes me ‘weak’.
I need feminism because
If I act masculine I’m a ‘freak’.
I need feminism because
My boobs are my ‘best quality’.
I need feminism because
I believe in equality.



It’s a rare enough occasion when a literary deviant posts a poem that elicits over 2,000 comments for that feat to be acknowledged and celebrated. CorporateRockWhore recently graced the deviantART community with her work, I Need Feminism which generated a firestorm of opinion, both positive and negative. By serendipitous happenstance, her poem was published just as depthRADIUS was releasing our Coven article about the American Horror Story TV show, which also blew up a gale force of discussion, mostly centering on current perceptions and feelings about “feminism”.

We invited Ellie (a.k.a. CorporateRockWhore) to share with the community a little about the genesis of her poem and her feelings about the overwhelming response, positive and negative, it has received.  In her comments, published below, she addresses several misperceptions about her “feminist” intents, including the toxic notion (pervasive amongst so many men) that feminism is not so much about equal access and opportunity for both genders, but much more about female supremacism and the crushing of the male spirit.

Follow Up

By CorporateRockWhore

Recently, as some of you may know, I wrote and posted a poem entitled I Need Feminism. This was inspired and prompted by a multitude of different factors, from things I’ve experienced myself to things that I have some across on the internet. For example, one of the lines in the poem is:

It’s okay for a guy to slap my butt.

Not particularly eloquent, I know, but it is based on several experiences that I have had; men, usually older than myself, copping a feel and then, when I protested, finding it funny. Of course, not all guys are like this, but some (a small, small amount) are and, just as equally, some women support it too (a few times I’ve complained to fellow female friends about it happening and a few of them acted as though I should have felt flattered). Another example is this line:

I can’t do things that men can.

Here I’m talking about things in a sort of socially justifiable kind of way. One instance of this could be the idea that it’s ‘cool’ if a man has sex with lots of different women, but when a woman has sex with lots of different men she is shamed for it. Personally, I don’t think either gender should get shamed for that sort of thing—the amount of people you have slept with doesn’t make you any better or any worse a person.

I spend a lot of my time on the internet, probably more than is healthy, and it is from the internet that I got into the concept of feminism. I’d see a post on websites such as Tumblr of instances of sexism that people (both male and female) have encountered and it made me angry, extremely angry. A person shouldn’t be defined by their gender or race or religion or sexuality; they should be defined by whether they’re a nice person or not. Simple. Equally, I have found examples of sexism taking place on the internet. It is all of the above (and a bit more) that inspired me to write I Need Feminism.

by Dolk Lundgren

Nothing could have prepared me for the reaction that it got. Honestly, I never expected it to be seen by so many people and to generate such diverse, strong opinions out of people. Nor did I expect it to cause so many arguments between commenters. I think it’s great, that something I wrote got people talking and brought up the issue; as an aspiring writer, that’s the best thing that I can hope for. I must admit, though, that it did get a bit scary with some of the more aggressive comments—I’d never set out to infuriate or offend anyone.

When someone comments on something of mine, I only think that it’s fair for me to respond. After all, they took the time out of their day to talk to me, so why shouldn’t I grant them the same courtesy? This is how I found myself proactively engaged in both conversations and arguments with the readers of the piece. Also, when I feel strongly about something, I’m always happy to talk about it and hear other people’s opinions.

The comments ranged from in-depth arguments and analysis to people complimenting the piece, from people agreeing to people asking me questions about it, from “you’re my hero” to “slit your wrists”. I found each comment interesting and uplifting, even if they weren’t always intended to be as such. The one thing that came up time and time again throughout the ~2,900+ comments was the idea that feminism is anti-man. I would like to address that here.

by Miss-Drea

Let’s take a look at the Wikipedia definition of Feminism

Feminism is a collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment. A feminist advocates or supports the rights and equality of women.

It is not about women being better than men, it is not about taking rights away from men and it is not about beating men down; it’s about bringing us all up to the same level. There are plenty of male feminists too – Matt Damon, Joss Whedon, Richard Branson and Prince Harry, to name but a few that you may know. In a similar vein, it is not the idea that all men are evil. It’s the idea that some people (both male and female) are sexist and that isn’t cool.

But, Ellie, why don’t you back equalism?

I hear you cry. Simple answer: I do.

I had an influx of comments saying that I should be backing things like egalitarianism, not feminism. I, personally, back both. Egalitarianism aims for complete equality, right? And then feminism aims for complete equality for women; you can’t achieve egalitarianism aims without also achieving feminist aims too. If you look at equality as a fight, then feminism is a faction of the army. I support equality for all, regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, sexual identity or any other factor that isn’t based around whether the person is nice or not. I can be a feminist and still back other movements too.

I’m going to wrap up with this, my own personal view on what feminism means. Feminism is an idea, a concept and it is not tangible – it is not concrete. Feminism means different things to different people. To some it may be used as an excuse to promote anti-male and female-supremacy ideas, but to many it is used to genuinely promote equality. Feminism, to me, means equality, means loving myself, means respecting women as you would men. Feminism isn’t evil or dangerous. Well, no more so than any other idea is.


With CorporateRockWhore


Do you find it ironic or maddening when people with unquestioned social and economic advantages feel threatened by a disadvantaged group demanding equal status in society?  If this is “feminist” is it really all that radical or just common sensible?  Is “feminism” simply synonymous with “pro-fairness?”  This seems to be what you are saying.


I find it slightly annoying but I think I understand why some people might feel threatened. In the case of feminism I can see it, seeing as it gets a lot of negative press. I'm not going to deny that there are some radical feminists out there, but it's important to bear in mind that there some 'sane' feminists too. To me, feminism does mean “pro-fairness”; it's about equality/fairness between the genders. At least, that's how I interpret it. It means different things to different people, I think.


Would you agree that “feminism” has evolved away from an organized political movement for most women, and become more of a personal code of rules for self-respect and self-worth?  Is this a good or bad thing?


I think that, in most areas, it has moved away from being an organised political movement. I'm not a member of any feminist groups, but I see it as a mindset or, as you put it, a personal code. I think this is a really positive thing because it makes feminism much more accessible for everyone.


Do you think you’ll ever lose your need for feminism in your lifetime, or will your need always approximate your assessment of gender inequality in the world?


I think I will always need feminism, or the ideals behind it at least. Saying that though, I'm only seventeen; there is plenty of time left for the need to deplete over my lifespan.


For The Reader

  1. What does feminism mean today? Is it authentic to its original intent or has it transformed into something for a new generation?
  2. Do you find a person having solid feminist convictions to be a positive, empowering, attractive personality trait, or is it a politically and/or socially polarizing?
  3. When does our obsession with the female body cross over from being an appreciation of physical beauty to objectification?
  4. Does objectification deny the fact that women are human beings who are sexual, but who are also thinking, creative, artistic, loving and in need of being loved?
  5. Is objectifying the female human body a violation of the principles of feminism or does it embrace them?
  6. If a woman thinks it’s OK for men to comment on women’s bodies, or make sexual suggestions in public, or touch a woman they don’t really know, is she just reconciling herself to the reality of male-female relations or is she enabling bad behavior that harms men as much as women?
  7. Do you think poems and other personal statements like “I Need Feminism” are bridges of hope for a more equal future, or just provocations meant to stir the pot?
  8. Do you think there is too much female focused nude subject matter on deviantART or is it a non-issue for you?  How much do you think your gender or sexual preferences might influence your answer?

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A few counterpoints ...

Yes under certain circumstances it is acceptable,and even necessary to call somone a slut...this rule applies to men as well. If a person is promiscuous to a point where it brings harm or pain to others (cheating being a good example) than yes,they are an immoral slut.

Who in thier right mind is going to blame a genuine rape victim for being raped?

Poeple act like rape is somehow encouraged in western society and I don't see it....rapist are viewed as the most reprehensible poeple that walk this earth...on average they are prosecuted and sentenced harsher than even murderers...raping somone (especially a woman or child) is almost a garunteed death sentence by other inmates.

Sadly your going to run into a lot of creeps that think they can lay thier hand on you...if they don't respect your boundaries then feminism wont save you...a good punch to thier faces likely will.

Nearly all the reasons you listed for needing feminism fall into one of two catagories

  1. Under the assumption that because it happens than it is an accepted occurrence

  2. Under the assumption that the feminist movement is actually capable of changing it.

As for that last point...I care little for the nude "art" on DA...but what pissed me off is

  1. It seems like Nobody follows the rules and puts the mature filter on it

  2. That disgusting "lolicon"that poeple constantly post.(even if it's a drawing,sex and children is NEVER be okay togather)

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As a 22 year old straight male, I can proudly say, this person gets it.

Very good poem

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No you fucking don’t.
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I don't need feminism. ESPECIALLY third-wave feminism
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At least woman have better life then man. A woman can abuse, sexual harass, rape, manipulate, domestic violence, tell lie everywhere, false accuse and destroy the life of an innocent man and put him in jail for over 24 years. Why? Because everybody belive what a woman sais, even when she is lying as hell. 
When a man tell the truth, feminist yell this instand, to not listen to thr truth. Knowing that he is right, but you have no real statistic to point out, that woman is the victim of sociaty and everything they belive.
Feminists want equal, whish they don't actually want.
You are a strong idenpendent, proud woman. You wand be threated like everyone and like a man. But  when a dude defend himself about your agresdive behavior and hits you back, SUDDENLY you want be the damsel in distress, act like the weakest girl in the world and you know what? You won! Cause the whole world comes rescue you, because you are a weak girl that NEEDS to be protected!
No one helps a dude when he fears for his live and is badly wounded because of an agressive, violent woman. No one belive, listen, cares about him and his healty, because he's a man. Pretty sexist and discriminating isn't it? The same is with divorced parents. Man never wins his children. Why? The tradition is more importand, then the health of the children. The kind hearted, hard working father loose always their children, because domestic abusing, violent and agressive mothers are prefered for the children, cause she is a woman.

But well, man are ALL wild animals, alwais violant, a rapist and pedophile liars. Even the innocent ones are beast. Pfft, they don't need support and shelter.
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May not be perfect English but I understand where you're comimg from and I agree with everything you said. Thank you for giving this ignorant self absorbed and misguided "I need feminism" woman a few home truths about the reality of life for men. Sadly I dont think she's capable of appreciating what you said. You have my respect Megalocerus for being an honest, decent woman.
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Sorry, english is not my language. x°D
But thank you! Even worse then female feminazis are male feminists. They have no clue, what it is to life as a men. Many trans men realised how hard it is to be a men, after they where told, that men have it so much easyer. Did you see the deleted scene from Captain marvel? Imagine Batman or Superman did the same thing to a woman who just wanted to help, while flirting. People would lose their shit, bur because It's a woman, it's okay to steal and to domestic abuse a men!
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It's OK, if you live in Switzerland I know your first language must be German or French. I love your country and it's people for their spirit of independence and neutrality.

Yes "male feminists" are creepy bunch of low life's who think they can con their way into a woman's affections by virtue signalling and pretending to support feminism. I don't even consider male feminists to be men. Real men call them "manginas". Feminazi's treat them as useful idiots and use the creeps to get what they want then throw them under the bus.....like Harvey Weinstein.
Unfortunately feminazism is the most prevalent, divisive and hypocritical ideology in the world today, more widespread than fascism, Marxism, capitalism or socialism or imperialism has ever been, yet in UK only 7% of women and 4% of men identify as feminist according to a feminist organisation. Feminist ideology is based on lies and black propaganda against men as a class. My wish is that all the feminists would leave our society and go and set up a new society of their own kind in the Amazon jungle. See how long they last without men or working class women to do the dirty dangerous and deadly tasks that men's rights activists often call the glass cellar jobs. It is men who work in the mines and factories, man the power stations, oil rigs and refineries, clean the sewers, produce food we eat and the clean water we drink. It is men who fight the fires, rescue people in danger, police the streets and fight and die in the wars. It is men who design and construct the buildings we use, the vehicles we drive, the aircraft and ships that take us across the world, the clothes we wear, the phones, computers and everyday gadgets that make live better for everyone....including to narrow minded ungrateful feminazi's 
Yes the big lies the feminists come out with are "we don't hate men", "we are not a female supremacy movement" and "we only want equality" while they discriminate against men, put men down like we are animals and act like they are the superior sex. In London the chief of police is a woman, the head of the fire brigade is a woman the chief judge in the High Court is a woman and until recently the attorney general and the Prime Minister were women. All of them have two things in common that got them into these influential positions - they are feminists and they are absolutely useless at their jobs. 
If feminists want to call me a misogynist for saying these truths I'll take that as an honour coming from man-hating misandrists.

I do like and respect all normal women but Feminists don't have my respect. I don't consider women to be inferior to men, we are two sides of the same coin. I believe that both sexes have their strengths an weaknesses and that by working together and using the natural gifts and talents that nature gave us we can make our society more harmonious and successful.  

Sorry, I didn't see the Captain Marvel film. I gave up on American (Hollywood) cinema some years ago when it started to become dominated by feminism a few years ago. I now prefer to go to a live classical music concert or visit an art gallery or museum instead of paying good money to see feminist fantasy films. They just ruin everything they touch, the idiots. And scumbag mangina's or white knights are helping them along the way.

Sorry for the long diatribe and for being so negative about certain "women"...my next instalment will be about what I love and respect in NORMAL women i.e. the women in my life who have cared for me and helped me along the way and those in society who are either non-feminists or who are actively anti-feminist :-)

Auf wiedersen mein fraulein / Bon chance mon ami.
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I have never had my butt slapped or been paid lower than a man.  Are you living in the Middle East?
She didn't mention anything about being paid lower. Catcalling and sexual harassment is still a prevalent issue though, not only in the middle east.
I have that but slapping problem and it really bothers me. People think it's okay to slap mine or tickle it. Anyway overall I liked the poem good work it was well written. and I loved all the artwork after it as well.
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people can become humanists. they can fight for all people's rights , including women's .
modern feminism got too far.
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Amen sister!  The poem is solid and heartfelt.  Any negs you get are from those that want to slap your butt and still feel good about themselves.  That don't imagine
a world where women grab guys crotches and laugh about it amongst themselves.  Those that see your words as being anti-man are the ones that see the world in black and white, that prefer men to have power instead of women, rather than everyone being treated with respect and dignity.  The art attached is very poignant
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1. that men and women are equal and yes it has changed because now women have rights however there are still things that hold women back like expectations for gender (same for men) to say this though I think that gender equality will only be perfected in the new earth and that the world will end before women and men are completely equal
2. I wish it were positive to be a feminist but because of sjws you can see on youtube exist it will always be seen as supremacy. I think that negative attention is in a way stronger and they know that so they use it which benefits no one. a lot of people do good and will die unknown because people like to see the negative in everything
3. when you judge a person's worth by appearance and not character
4. yes because people who are objectified are not seen for who they are. people assume they are loose or prude by appearance and not character
5. yes objectifying does not view them as people 
6. I think it depends on what you mean. commenting like "she's beautiful" to each other when the woman is not around is ok but saying lewd things to the woman is harassment. sexual suggestions like asking her out in some situations can be ok but saying "suck my dick" is not. touching is not ok for men to do to each other or women and can be assault
7. I think they are inflammatory and give negative attention. an essay discussing both women and men's issues is appropriate
8. I think that *art* is positive, porn is not. As far as art is concerned they need more nude male models. I see no issue with naked women that are modeling. I think that because I am a woman I would like to see more men and being conservative sexually I am extremely comfortable with models but not actual sex acts. and to say this there is superb digital art on deviantart that has the naked female form that I love to look at. I don't think art degrades women 
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Sad how simply a poem expressing experiences and a simple need for equality breeds such hate from some people
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I need egalitarianism because:

I personally have an average amount of privilege but believe and know that EVERYBODY has problems, some worse and some not as severe but still problems that should be faced.
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I don't ever talk about women's rights, dispite the fact that I'm female mostly because I'm concerned that people will refear to me as one of those 'fenimists' that seek to aparently oppress all men. Oddly enough, I agree with the concept of gender equality, but I have seen too many people who call themselves fenamists who also unfortunatly also treat other women like dirt. (Mainly women like me who don't wear makeup, and arn't interested in fashion ect). 

In gaming for example, whilst sexism does exit in gaming to a certain extent there should also be a freedom for creators to create characters and storylines of their choosing and not to accused of 'promoting sexism'. As a gamer and a female gamer. It should be up to me if I want to play an rpg where my character is a really silly and stupid person. I shouldn't get called sexist just because I'm playing a female character. Especially if I had the freedom to also play as a female character who was a strong warrior who could destroy all the enmies in her path. I'm not sure that I'm describing my emotions properly. Sexist video games exist yes, but not every video game ever is sexist. Just throwing that out there
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I don't need feminism because:
I had no idea there was an international mens day
Not all men are rapists who will swoop in and rape you in the middle of the night
Men have problems too
Men can get raped too
Men and women are not the same and require different needs
And the crazy people on tumblr who want white men to be taxed purely because they are white men
prepare for angry feminists who say "ur a man u dun understond" in
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I'm female, but when I was younger I lived in a rural farming/quarrying county in Wales.

Men were seen as the people who had to work hard, and they were not allowed to cry else people would think that they were weak or pathetic, or homosexual(nothing wrong with being homosexual, but back then it was often used as an insult, unfortunatly). Nowadays it's a bit better, but amoungst the younger generation a lot of that still exists. 

I know a man who was treated with disrespect because he let his partner carry on working while he stayed at home and looked after the children. People said he was 'taking advantage of her' when really she chose to stay in work and he chose to stay at home and take care of their children (who still to this day, adore him to bits:)). But, the woman's parents still think he should be the one working, dispite the fact that the lady wants to work and is doing really well in her job!

I also know a man who was raped as a child by a woman three times his age. 

I do agree with you. (Especially in regards to some rediculous notions that some video games are sexist just because they don't feature women as heros. I'm a female gamer and do I care? Not in the slightest. I normally play fantasy RPG's that are normally kill the dragon+save the princess:P Just because they don't have a lead female character, does not make it sexist!)

Regardless, there are many aspects I agree with. For example, until recently in the UK, women paid more on car insurance then men. This was based on the unfair notion that men were better drivers then women. Little things like that do irk me. 

But yes, unfortunatly there are some crazy people out their with very extreame views who make the rest of us who do support gender eqaulity look bad:/
Feminism doesn't say that all men are rapists. While, for example, 9 out of 10 victims were female in 2003 (rainn.org/get-information/stat…), that does not mean that a person would be justified in hating all men - that would be unreasonable. I and many feminists (which you can be regardless of your gender!) agree completely with this.

Men do have problems too. What this post means, I think, is that men have fewer gender discrimination based problems. Even so, feminism agrees that men do actually suffer from sexism (albeit not in the same ways as women do). While women are objectified, paid less, etc., men are expected to be tough or competitive, pressured to be physically stronger, and told not to be "feminine" or show emotion (this is part of why sexual assault towards men is often not reported). 
I believe feminism is meant to deal with issues of gender discrimination of all kinds, although women are usually what come to mind when it is mentioned. Of course, the voices that are the loudest tend to be heard the most, so it makes sense that the most extreme views are unfortunately the ones that tend to be associated with any group. 
These are only my opinions, so feel free to respond if you have any ideas you want to share! Thanks for reading
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This was really pointed at the crazy side who act like this. I know plenty of sane feminists, male and female. Also, good job for keeping a level head. Hard to do that on the internet.
Thanks! A lot of people don't seem to realize that angry yelling is not usually effective in changing people's minds, especially on the internet.
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