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Horrorscope Challenges

Do you like messing with the divine designs of the heavens that guide the fates of those of us here on Earth… just for giggles?

Zodiac Sign Leo by Yuhon

Do We have a challenge for you!

What if the symbols of the Zodiac were born of Dante’s Inferno, forged in the fires of hell, crafted by the most evil of the eldritch gods or conjured by damnable Demonic agency?

Just how scary could these transformed symbols be?

We need demented deviants to draw:The 2014 deviant Horrorscope

You have until October 20 to create your own most twisted astrological abomination of the Zodiac.


Choose just one symbol or take on all 12. On October 25th
we will showcase The Best of The Outrageous Best as a Stock Market feature on Today Page!

  • Perhaps the Aquarian water–bearer is now a witch toting a bubbling cauldron of evil potion…

  • Maybe Leo the lion has sprouted wings, eagle’s talons and metallic scales and is now a fire–breathing sci–fi griffin–dragon…

  • You get the picture—er, actually, we here at DeviantArt get the picture—the one that you create for us so we can publish and share it with all the other sinister connoisseurs of Halloween frights and delights.

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Don't worry guys! We're getting the challenge winners ready and they will be up soon :)
Croatoan1211's avatar
Has anyone seen the link to the winners? I really want to see themmmm
bad-squirrell's avatar
Where is techgnotic ??? Waaaah! 
I will give 10 points + 1 llama to the deviant who will find him. Hug 
Firozart's avatar
According to him the results will be displayed soon. Delayed or whatever
bad-squirrell's avatar
Thanks for your answer. You've got the points and the llama !!!
Firozart's avatar
Oh thanks. Wasnt expecting that.
bad-squirrell's avatar
At the begining, it was a joke, but i use to do what i promise !
I am so happy that my deviation has been mentioned in Horrorscope Challenge Wrap-up !
Congratulation for your Capricorn, it's really great.
Firozart's avatar
Thanks again.
Firozart's avatar
Hmm...haven't seen the winners yet. Where is it supposed to be?
shoy's avatar
Been looking forward to seeing them, too. Maybe what we provided didn't live up to expectations, or this simply got buried.
Firozart's avatar
Hope thats not the case. But if it is, that kind of means deviant let us down.
Marissha's avatar
I Don't think so...and I don't think that would be a point of the challenge, that if they decided they wouldn't like any of the entries it would just get buried? Isn't the whole point to challenge people? Probably less and less people would participate in this stuff if that was true..and I don't think they want that =) I think we just have to wait some more or something?
shoy's avatar
Yeah, I guess patience is a virtue after all.
CHAOSGOD666's avatar
i been looking hoping i got in
Emoblondey's avatar
I hope this can still be accepted! :iconnervous-laughplz: 
amidarosa's avatar
there's only one scorpio so far? Like... its the most evil horoscope ever
Kit-Bit's avatar
hope you'll still take this entry :<
techgnotic's avatar
Kit-Bit's avatar
GoblinsInc's avatar
I thought i should enter this neat ol' contest so, hey, vampiric Sagittarius.

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