Horrorscope Challenge Wrap-up

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Horrorscope Challenge Wrap-up

This just in from the sky god's autumn retreat somewhere in the andromeda galaxy… 2014 Deviants Horrorscope desecrations and defilements completed.

Zodiac Sign Leo by Yuhon

Goddess Iris, the Divine Messenger, has traveled by rainbow to deliver the will of Zeus to we minions of the lower altitudes:  Whilst the king of the gods, the ruler of Mount Olympus and the god of the sky, weather, thunder, law, order and all our sorry fates, a.k.a. Zeus, is deciding whether he has been amused by our “horrorscope” or if even more drastic climate change punishments are now called for...Here are your submissions!

Zeus would like to thank all the deviants and other talented vandals for their Halloween “improvements” of the iconic images of the zodiac, and let them rest assured he is now, more than ever, always looking out for them.  He knows where you live.

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jennystokes's avatar
ONLY 1 Taurus...............nicely done.
Rhyn-Art's avatar
I knew nothing of this :noes: great pieces though
kitsune-devil's avatar
I'm a Sagittarius..... I feel cheated..... -_-;;;
DeathTransistor's avatar
Wow... That's awesome O.O
Death-By-Darkness's avatar
Oh my only one for Sagittarius??!!??
would have liked to see more aquarius
EBENEWOOD's avatar
What a brief but beautiful moment in the fields of gods...Many thanks for noticing us. :sun::earth:
a-cherry-pizza's avatar
Thank you! It was alot of fun ^O^ would love to do it again 
GoblinsInc's avatar
What whaaaaaaat! I'm a weeeeeiner!... surprised there's not more Sagittarius though. considering it's the very best... 
CHAOSGOD666's avatar
yes i made it in the winner circle :)
oodell's avatar
Thanks for this challenge! :)
4Chiri's avatar
SketchingSands's avatar
Awesome event!  It was a lot of fun and there are so many great artists!  Great job everyone!
Henu96's avatar
Thank you!:luv: 
Scarlett-Aimpyh's avatar
thank you for this challenge ^^
Miutari's avatar
Thank you. :D It was funny/horror challenge! :iconfeelingfreeplz:
pukingrainbows's avatar
Thank you a lot! An awesome event with awesome "terrific" results from everyone!
RottenPocket's avatar
whoo I even got both up there.
bad-squirrell's avatar
Thanks a lot. It was a great surprise ! :D (Big Grin) 
MerciAngel's avatar
Awesome! Thanks slot. It was major fun! :D
ptmaster2's avatar
Horror is everywhere~
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