Gravity And Your Cosmic Journey
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What if you could follow your own gravity field & travel millions of miles?

Writer Gabriel Harper pondered the mystery of our gravitational fields in an online essay. He explained a mind-bending concept: how your personal gravitational field grows over your lifetime and spreads into space. “Our gravity field weakens over distance, but never reaches zero,” he explained. In the essay, he calculated the stunning distances that your gravitational field travels during your lifetime:

By the time we’re 30 years old, our gravitational field extends some 300 trillion miles around us into space. Still feel small? But the really crazy part is that when we die, our gravity will continue to exist forever, infinitely stretching out into the universe, passing through Andromeda millions of years from now, and beyond. Everyone you have ever known, alive or not, is traveling right now through the depths of space.”

— Gabriel Harper

Harper concluded his meditation on gravity with some inspiring speculation:

The gravity of our most distant ancestors, and everyone that has ever existed in the history of the world, faithfully hurtling out into the universe, eternally diminishing into nothingness but never truly disappearing. Like a glass of water that you pour, and pour, and pour but it still always has just one drop left to give. I’d like to think when we go, our souls might hitch a ride on that wave of gravity and we can all spend eternity cruising the cosmos together.”

— Gabriel Harper

Your Thoughts

  1. If our souls could hitchhike across the universe would you make that journey?

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RebellingLemmingHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Thank you so much for sharing my article! There is of course some creative liberty being taken here with regards to our souls, but then again who can tell you what your soul is? Gravity is still a deep mystery to even the latest science - if you're interest in efforts to detect gravitational waves check out LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory) and similar experiments. However gravitational waves are a distinct concept from a gravitational field, honestly it's still hard for me to wrap my head around and we're far from understanding the subtle details. But one thing that has been pointed out a lot, and which I tried to address in my writing, is that gravity fields are not "born" when we are - they only become distinct because mass becomes centralized in something that we are able to distinguish - e.g. a "body". The same gravity field we each possess, and which radiates outward infinitely into the universe, is borrowing from the same gravity field that was present just after the photon epoch when all matter in the universe formed, and has since been undulating and reconstituting into many forms. But this does not mean our gravitational field is not distinct - just that we choose at what point to distinguish ourselves from the "background noise" if you will. But this almost leads to an even deeper realization that not only is our gravity and that of our ancestors radiating through space, but we are in fact all connected by this field, and it leads all the way back to the birth of matter itself - the true genesis if you will. Fun stuff to think about. :)
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sexygirlfinderProfessional Traditional Artist
There is proof that when our universe was forming, that it was within a millions of a second that light was made, like the command, let there be light. Atheists ask us, what made your God? Then we ask, what made the universe, or you? We all ask the same story of how things began. Isaac Newton went through hard times, and that can cause people to become atheist, he first started before that God did start the universe. So his assumptions can be delusional.
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MitchellBrattonStudent Artist
The Artistic Capture Of a Scientific Study Is Great, But Before Our Gravity Was Ours , It Was Somebody or Something Else's Since It's Impossible To Destroy Matter And all , So It's Not Really Our Gravity, But a Shared Gravity With Every Ever Existing Atom In The Universe. So I Guess The Question Should Be If Our Souls Could Hitchhike All Over The Universe, Should We Do It Again? 
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YES YES ....
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jessensHobbyist General Artist
A lot of poetry, but also a lot of non sens, when scientists leve facts 😏👍
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MrSkyphoenixProfessional Artist
Very beautiful Art that speaks♡
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Gnome64Hobbyist General Artist
If I could, I would travel to visit as many stars and their planets as possible.

Not being able to do so makes me a bit sad....
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­­Great way to share your thoughts infortunatly it's a little bit confusing ..... however i would like to share my own simple tips to be more productive

...... w­w­w.M­o­n­e­y­k­i­n.c­o­m­

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Urus-28Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't how someone could answer no to your question :confused:
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pcpcornStudent Artisan Crafter
holy fucking shit damn bitch ass mothr fucker
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StarstruckInReverseHobbyist Traditional Artist
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marz3loHmProfessional Filmographer
Cosmic Insanity :: *-*
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marz3loHmProfessional Filmographer
Cosmic Insanity :: *-*
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My thoughts exactly.
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Blood-PawWerewolfHobbyist Filmographer
First of all, there is no gravity in CGI (until you add it). Secondly to answer your question, heck yes!
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Yes, I would that journey...
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Superior-PhoenixHobbyist General Artist
Of course I'd take that journey. I mean, who'd miss the chance?
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ThatsYourHoroscopeHobbyist General Artist
I'm not going to answer the question. But the art is so amazingly beautiful I have to say something.
tech, you are an AMAZING artist! I hope to see more like this in the future!
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Ofcourse ! 
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ZorenHectorStudent Digital Artist
Hell yeah!
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Of course I'll take the journey. But we don't need to imagine that, we have already made that journey! All the matter and energy in the Universe is in constant change; within us there is stellar matter, formed eons ago inside the powerfull guts of giants stars spread all over the Cosmos. This is why, in many ways, we have already travelled across the infinite space, and we will continue in this task until the end of time.
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BelleIlluminaHobbyist Digital Artist
I would definitely want to! To see what is in store and for surprises out there that cannot be numbered. Oh the stories to tell will be as innumerable as the stars!!!
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