Fan Art Friday: The Simpsons

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Happy 25th Anniversary Simpsons Family!

With over 500 episodes under their belt, countless awards, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, The Simpsons was a pioneer in the adult animated sitcom space and is now a television institution that has featured an extensive list of celebrity guest stars including Hollywood royalty (Elizabeth Taylor), pop stars (Michael Jackson), and even world renowned scientists (Stephen Hawking) to name a few.

The pop culture impact of this fictional and dysfunctional middle American family is undeniable and far reaching. They have even altered the English language with catch phrases from the show became so popular (Okily Dokily anyone?) that the Oxford English Dictionary added “D’oh!” to their stately database.

Politically and pop culturally relevant storylines laden with satirical commentary keep fans tuning in every week. It’s a cultural phenomenon that is not going anywhere any time soon and continues to inspire Deviants to proclaim their love of the show by creating highly radioactive fan art. That’s something we call “Woo Hoo!” about.

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Last art in that post and intro 28 season 1 ep The Simpsons…
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These are awesome and amazing :)
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That last one is cute! :3
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cool art bro  Clap 
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I liked the Bartkira bike most, really inspiring!
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Amazing work! =D I have been a Simpsons fan for a while and I always love seeing some fan art! 
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Nice work from all artists! :la:
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Kill Homer though. lmao
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so much beautiful art :)
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Amazing collection of work!
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Wow, The Sipmsons! It's one of my favorite shows!:love:
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Wow, that sounds great! And you have a good pay!
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Really diggin' that Zombie Otto
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That is awesome!! I gave it thumbs up! :thumbsup: :+favlove:
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The  Simpson Anime style original art is here: The Simpsonzu by spacecoyote
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Do you prefer my one word answer? Let me know. I'm fine with a one word answer.  I faved this feature, by the way. But since you aren't going to defend me against assholes, perhaps I really should unfave it. 

that's what I'll do
Sorry for my first emoticon-filled comment. I had no idea it would be so offensive. I did enjoy creating it, but it wasn't what was wanted. 
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Awesome! I always loved the Simpsons!
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I like it but homer should be ice king and santa little helper jake.
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