Fan Art Friday: Star Wars VII The Force Awakens

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Force Awakens by CKGoksoy

It seems the Force has truly Awoken, at least it has here on DeviantArt.

It has been one week since the teaser trailer for the first of the Disney owned Star Wars movies was released. Twitter and Facebook nearly broke under the deluge of postings of the trailer and frame by frame commentary of it. Each commentator hoping to spot something everyone else had missed.

Meanwhile on the far distant planet of DeviantArt, the community was drawing and designing up a storm of material. Where else could you possibly go and see hundreds of pieces of awesome art be rendered and posted in just one week?

The hopes and dreams of two generations are hoping for this feature to respark the wonder the original film inspired back in 1977. Based on what we have seen posted here on DeviantArt this week we can only presume those hopes and dreams are going to keep growing.

Now, we know you saw the trailer. Admit it, more than once.

Everyone of course is asking the simplest of questions, why is the Imperial Stormtrooper on the run?

We won’t really know until well into next year… and that’s way too long to wait because we are the spoiled children of modern generations accustomed to instant gratification in all things pop. So we have for you a dilemma, a conundrum, A CHALLENGE.

Do you have the creative mind of a “Star Wars” imagineer? When you see the young man, sweating, breathing heavily, running in the desert of some nameless planet, running from something… do scenarios begin taking shape in your head? Do questions demand answers? Is he actually a stormtrooper, or is he disguised to escape stormtrooper captivity? Is he a deep undercover agent of the Federation who’s just had his cover blown? Is he a once loyal soldier of the Empire who saw something he shouldn’t have seen, something that now has him trying to defect to the Federation, something that has generated his death warrant?

Open your mind to the all–powerful creative storytelling streams of The Force, and write a few paragraphs of the story you see developing… because a year is just too long to wait.

Your Thoughts

  1. Can you name who said all the above quotes? For extra brownie points, name the movie they’re from.
  2. What is your favorite Star Wars quote?

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My favorite quote is by Han from Episode 4, "This is where the fun begins"