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U-ZU-MA-KI Naruto Rendan!

Consistently finding itself at the top of the best-selling manga lists or top anime lists, Naruto is the story of a young ninja who dreams of becoming the leader and protector of his village. Created by Masashi Kishimoto in 1999 it premiered in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine and just ended its initial run last year. A sequel is now in production.

Naruto Parts I & II were divided up between the manga’s 72 volumes and now comes the much awaited Naruto Part III.

Naruto Spinoff

April 27th brings the arrival of Naruto Gaiden: Nanadaime Hokage to Akairo no Hanatsuzuki (Naruto Spinoff: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring Month) which is the new Naruto spin-off manga mini-series that will be featured in Weekly Shonen Jump volumes 22 and 23. The full details around this series have yet to be revealed so it’s unclear as to how long the new series will run. The rumor mill does say this story will focus on the children of Naruto, Hinata, Sakura, Sasuke and others.

Artwork for the new manga was recently released showing images of Naruto, his son Boruto and Sasuke’s daughter Sarada.

Boruto: Naruto the Movie is currently in the works and will be released in Japanese theaters later this year on August 7. Creator Kishimoto heads up the production and handles the original story, script, and character design. Kishimoto has given some inside information on who we can expect to see: “I conceived a story in which Boruto and [Sasuke’s daughter] Sarada appears. Sasuke and Sakura also appear.” This sequel to the The Last: Naruto the Movie will feature the infamous Sannin Orochimaru as the title’s villain, who of course will pick up where he left off, setting his sights on the young Bolt and Sandra. Here’s a look at the cover art that was recently released.

Another development in the world of Naruto revolves around its creator Kishimoto, who was given the 2014 Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts’ New Face Award last month for his work on the manga. Given that his work has been around since the late 90s it’s ironic that he’s essentially getting the ‘Rookie of the Year’ award, but well-deserved either way.

With all the excitement around the new manga and movie it seems like a perfect time to enjoy some fan art. Gather round shinobi as we embark on this S-rank mission to capture the best of the best Naruto fan art.

Because they saved me from myself, they rescued me from my loneliness. They were the first to accept me for who I am. They’re my friends.”

— Uzumaki Naruto

Tears and rain, fall down on my face, my body is unable to stay yet my heart is unwilling to leave.”

— Uchiha Sasuke

No single thing is perfect by itself. That’s why we’re born to attract other things to make up for what we lack. I think we start walking in the right direction only after we start getting our counterparts beside us.”

— Itachi Uchiha

If you believe in your dreams, I will prove to you, that you can achieve your dreams just by working hard.”

— Rock Lee

The things that are most important aren’t written in books. You have to learn them by experiencing them yourself.”

— Sakura Haruno

Regardless of our limitations, we can always be of some use. Our power may seem insignificant … but it may just prove to be useful in the grand scheme of things. Stay focused. Never avert your eyes, because if an opening arises, even our insignificant power may be enough to determine the fate of the world. Which is why everyone must stay alert and ready to strike at any moment!”

— Nara Shikamaru

Your Thoughts

  1. Who is your favorite Naruto character and why?
  2. What would you like to see in future editions of Fan Art Friday?

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That’s so cool 😎

CaramelHoney's avatar
My favorite character is Hinata. She's quite a dynamic character :D
I want to see Kuroko no Basuke in the next Fan Art Friday!
EvoESound's avatar
My favorite characters are (they're tied I cant choose)
Gaara - because he suffered a lot and now people aknowledge him(starting from the bottom now we're here)
Killer Bee - I'm surprised he's not a really popular character because he is awesome. Simply. His raps are not that good, but they're KINDA catchy and at least they're funny.
Anastasia122's avatar
1. My fav is Sakura, she so badass. But also can be nice. She's hero.
2. The Black Cauldron :3 

Kyubikokage's avatar
My first love <3 XD
missatomicbombs's avatar
i remember all my friends being obsessed with naruto in the third grade. now i hear naruto shippuden's already finished? is this what the boy meets world fandom feels?
Gingerdragon's avatar
honestly ive seen some better fanarts

:iconemukcs: doodles in markers
:iconabz-j-harding: awesome sketches

to name a few 
WinterSnowHana's avatar
1. Gaara. I love bad guys gone good. He's just changed so much and I love him.

2. Fairy Tail!
YuukiCross5's avatar
1. Naruto not because he was the main character but because of the words and wisdom he spoke in the series. Even though
he seems the type to lack words, he definitely has a way with them.
2. Sailor Moon
celestialucy's avatar
Probably Naruto because he taught me stuff.

I would love to see Fan Art Friday for Fairy Tail!! :D
SiliconFerret's avatar
Too many favorites!!!! :o (Eek) 

However, if I have to choose it would be Shikamaru cause of his intelligence and abilities. Plus, he has one of my favourate catch phrases of the show.
phantom1908's avatar
1. Kakashi! Too sexy :3
2. Katekyo Reborn?
mykklaw's avatar
1. Jiraiya. He is funny, yet still very wise. :3

2. The Avengers/Marvel
janfiny's avatar
Awesomely GreatEmote Serena Happy tears XY Sadness :raccoonmario: Free to use Rainbow Dash Icon Shocked Taiream Jessica Nigri Boobs Fexy Emoticon - Five Nights at Freddy's 
Bleachrox95's avatar
Ive followed Naruto from 2002 when it first game out on american TV after learning anime came from manga and reading every chapter online, after reading the final chapter i cried. having followed it for sooo long seeing it all end was a blow to the heart, but i know that you shouldnt cry because it ended but cry tears of joy because it happened, and the sequal i know will be great 
gossj10's avatar
hajimo no ippo plz or dbz :
Naruto has been one of my favorite anime and I never got a chance to watch all of the first and second series. I love your Fan Art looks amazing and pretty funny. I have to make up by watching the third series.
mii-sama's avatar
1. That's a really challenging question.  Each character teaches something unique and meaningful.  If I had to choose though, I'd probably say Sakura, just because the amount I hated her in the beginning compared to now is astounding to me.  I fell in love with her when she took on Sasori all by herself, that was the moment I realized that even weak (people) characters like Sakura can change and become just as kick ass as anyone else.
Attack on Titan has a lot of fan art
Anastasia122's avatar
2. x Men Evolution ;)
JessiE-A's avatar
1) Naruto (just has to be, then Shikamaru and Gara are tied)
2) Code Gease (Actually, there may not be that much fan art of it... :( )
Uchiha-kami's avatar
Well, i have more than one favorite naruto character. I love Hinata because although she was criticized by her father and by Neji, she still work hard until she finally became the best Byakugan user (by my standards). Also, she was the first to start realizing Naruto's worth, when the whole village turned him down. I also like Naruto because he never gives up, and is always encouraging others. I like Orochimaru because of his passion for more power and his extensive research work, also, sometimes when i feel really sad, i really admire Orochimaru's ability to remain unemotional and see things the way they are.
CeceNh's avatar
Funny, I was just begin to watch Naruto series 2 weeks ago, so far I've finished 2 of it, it's fantastic!  Clap 
1/ There's a lot of people I like from the series but I have to choose one of them so it has to be Uzumaki Naruto, that's kid adorable, silly and stubborn but he's always looking out for his friends/people, I really admire him for that, never give up on his friends, have faith in them (it's hard to do that in real life, you know No, I disagree! )
2/ I don't know yet....Doreamon, maybe?
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