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It’s been over 30 years since the original “My Little Pony” (a.k.a. “MLP”) franchise made its debut and its following has never been stronger.

The 2010 reboot by Lauren Faust (fyre-flye), “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic,” had its start on DeviantArt where Lauren originally posted the early concept art which would later evolve into the ponies we know and love today. Little did she know that her early concepts and her love of “My Little Pony” would start a cultural phenomenon that would take on a life of its own.

From the onset, Lauren created “MLP” with the intention of breaking the stereotypes long plaguing “girls’ shows,” by putting an end to the dismissive manner in which these “silly and stupid” shows were being produced. Why couldn’t a children’s show have well-defined characters with different skills, unique dreams, human flaws and diverse personalities?

Meet “The Mane 6”

“Twilight Sparkle” is a dedicated student who enjoys reading and learning new things. “Applejack” is an entrepreneur who runs her family’s farm and knows the value of hard work. “Rarity” is a creative designer with a passion for fashion who runs her own boutique. “Rainbow Dash” is a driven athlete who is always pushing her boundaries and aiming for the gold. “Fluttershy” is a kind and nurturing soul who takes care of and nurses woodland critters. And “Pinkie Pie” is the life of the party, bringing cheer wherever she goes. Each also possesses one of the powerful “Elements of Harmony” or ‘Elements of Friendship” (Applejack: honesty; Rarity: generosity; Rainbow Dash: loyalty; Fluttershy: kindness; Pinkie Pie: laughter; and Twilight Sparkle: magic) that when combined create one of the strongest sources of magic in Equestria. Their friendship is not ony magic, but a superpower that helps protect the pony world against all evils.

The Elements Of Feminism

My Little Pony is part of a growing trend in entertainment to finally acknowledge and accomodate the female viewer, girl or woman, and create stories they want to see. And the best part is “My Little Pony” provides entertainment that’s not the standard cut and dried simplistic mush, but built on morally complicated storylines. The team behind the show has taken pride in creating a “children’s show” that’s several cuts above and respected their audience as intelligent human beings.

“My Little Pony” is teaching young girls - and adults - real life lessons about what true friendship is. Twilight and her friends are able to touch on important topics such as bullying, social skills, and acceptance for those who are different than you, while never detracting from being an amusing and entertaining show. Feminine stereotypes have been banished from Equestria and individuality instead is embraced and celebrated. The show’s main characters are six distinct types of females who all become friends and learn to work together to solve different problems in each episode, teaching girls that different types of personalities can be friends. At the same time, the show’s appeal goes far beyond its target audience of young girls.

Fandom Is Magic

“MLP’s” universal themes, imbued with positivity and kindness, have spread like wildfire, touching the lives of girls, boys, women, and men. Fans of the show, known as Bronies (male fans) and Pegasisters (female fans), have created a strong international community that thrives both online and at “My Little Pony” conventions. People are rallying around the central idea of the show that a group of friends, a community, can make a difference in the world for the better. The “My Little Pony” community is one of the friendliest and most welcoming fandoms to be found in the world. Bronies’ and Pegasisters’ love of “My Little Pony” has inspired them to create things such as original music, online communities, cosplays, and you guessed it, fan art!

ALRIGHT, EVERYPONY! Grab your party cannon and get ready to travel to Ponyville for a Grand Galloping Gala of fan art that is definitely 20% cooler.

My dearest, most faithful student Twilight, you know that I value your diligence, and that I trust you completely…”

— Princess Celestia

Eternal chaos comes with chocolate rain, you guys! CHOCOLATE! RAIN!”

— Pinkie Pie

It needs to be about 20% cooler.”

— Rainbow Dash

I’m supposed to send Princess Celestia a letter ‘every week’ telling her a lesson I’ve learned about friendship! Not every other week! Not every ten days! EVERY! SINGLE! WEEK!”

— Twilight Sparkle

Aww, he’s just a big furry guy who got out of his yard, that's all. Right, Cerberus? Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy?”

— Fluttershy

What? Is it a crime to change one’s style every now and again? Why, I think it’s a crime not to.”

— Rarity

Don’t you use your fancy mathematics to muddy the issue! I said I could handle this harvest, and I’m going to prove it to you!”

— Applejack

Everypony has fears, Scootaloo. Everypony must face them in their own way. But they must be faced, or the nightmares will continue.”

— Princess Luna

I was the one who used up all the hot water in Ponyville taking a seven hour bubble bath!”

— Spike

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  1. Who is your favorite My Little Pony character and why?
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