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Having It

Both Ways

Is it better to possess a thing of beauty, or to experience the ultimate consummation of oneness with that beautiful thing by actually consuming it... and being left only with the memory of its beauty? Leave it up to our deviantARTists to think of a way to have it both ways – but left over as a feast for the eyes, preserved eternally on the digital planes of deviantART.

Craft, design, and artistry as applied to the most delicious and sinful of the culinary disciplines rises forth as we shine warming a light on this small but incredibly skilled serving of artists within the deviantART community. In an effort to taste all of the communities within deviantART, let’s take a quick exit off the main freeway of art categories and stop inside the open-all-night eatery for a re-fuelling of the most important food group:

Cakes, pies and cupcakes

It is a decidedly sweet batch of artwork.

There are rows of identical Twinkies (or used to be) and then there are these carefully crafted monuments to pop culture icons constructed from a palette of sugar and ingenious design ideas. The group dA-Cake-Artists features a wide array of cakes produced by artists from every deviantART kitchen. Sample the artistic recipes given beneath many of these deviations describing the process and story behind each creation. Watch the group for what I am sure will a very interesting Holiday season of elaborately designed edible artworks submitted over the next month. Also check out FoodIsArt.

Many of these artworks fall into the “how could they have possibly made that happen” category. This dragon “Skyward Sword :: Furnix Cake” by cakecrumbs is especially noteworthy. I am sure having a Master's degree in Zoology helped a bit while Rhiannon was designing this dragon. Or was it hours playing Zelda while munching on sweets? Something must stir her incredible talent and skill.

People have always had an obsessional and mystical relationship with the demands of their stomachs, significant enough for eternal recording. When contemplating the Neolithic cave paintings of early humanity and marveling at the loving detail informing the herds of prehistoric gazelle that were the early hunters’ prey, one must wonder, was it the adrenaline rush of the hunt that the artist was trying to capture, or was he merely consumed with mankind’s most pressing daily question:

What’s for lunch?

I am assuming I have to turn in my copy of “Cave of Forgotten Dreams” after that last line. But, one should ask how an artist could complete one of these works on these pages without eating it before it is born (I mean fully baked). Obviously it’s better at the end of the day to be covered by butter, sugar and frosting than paints full of toxic if not fatal chemicals.

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Oooh I didn't know this was an old journal, but it's amazing - :heart:

What do you eat when you draw or paint or do you paint or draw while you eat?
I don't eat when I do traditional art, i'm way too scared of making a mess ! Yet when I do digital artwork I may have some tiny chocolate candies at reach.

Where would you draw the line between decorative art and sculpture in cake art?
When the cake become an object ? I saw many people doing amazing work at hiding a cake, into transforming them into some bag, rubik cube... It's when you don't know if it's edible that it becomes a sculpture. Decorative, you still know that you can take a piece of it -

Would you consider making art out of food or have you every tried doing so?
I did try, but it's really difficult and I don't have precise tool to do so. I would love to do some tiny decorative cake or muffins, I see many american recipe to help, all I need is the tools and the ingredients.

What is your favorite form of desert?
I'm far from being picky ! I love every kind of desert, I'm not used to the one shown in the journal - in France it's a bit "too much", but I would love to taste them. :heart: :aww:

I may search some art food group after this journal, they look really amazing -