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We need your coolest COSPLAY PHOTOGRAPHY for display as part of the deviantART Benefit ART Show at the San Diego Comic-Con!

Proceeds go to the Shriner Burn Hospital, which routinely invites cosplayers to join in their fundraising events and encourages cosplayers to interact with the hospital’s young burn victims as part of their therapy.

We want to include you in this worthy & fun cause!

  • All entries must be submitted by June 18th
  • All entries will need clearance from the photographer and the cosplayer as well as file sizes large enough to produce fine art quality prints.
    Don't worry, we will contact you for these after making selections.
  • You can submit to the "cosplay" folder in the Comic-Con group

Gear up, wig out, have your weapons riot checked and let's go!

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600k4's avatar
any gallery for the event for this ? which pic got selected ?
Elektra86's avatar
I'm also trying to!
Kanra-sama's avatar
Hay! anybody know which photos are selected?
immortalrae's avatar
I would also like to know which photos had been seleced.
Naomi-j's avatar
Anybody know if the winners are chosen?
CalexandraDesigns's avatar
When will we know which photos are selected?
BikerCat666's avatar
What time is the deadline for GMT cos I'm trying to submit a photo and it keeps saying 'Retry?' :(
obakii's avatar
I love to see peeps expressing in cosplay. I don't actually do it myself but I really love to see it, it makes me happy that people are just doing it.
Anae-chan's avatar

Thank you for fixing it!
sheliesshattered's avatar
Yep, working for me too now. I'm guessing it's the addition of the fifth folder, hehe.
CalexandraDesigns's avatar
SuperPeyo's avatar
Since it didn't work the other days and tried like hell to find answers before posting here....I'm still bringing up my Team Fortress 2 "Enlist!" cosplay poster here....
xShadow-Lightx's avatar
YAY! One more night... Gah! Submitting now!
R0se-0f-Fire's avatar
It will not let me Submit my cosplay groups photos. *as I see others are having trouble as well*
I waited a bit since other said that they were having this problem the other day, I thought it might be fixed and I'm not sure what to do now.
R0se-0f-Fire's avatar
The photos I planned on submitting: [link]
HeadphonesStudios's avatar
Can you guys please fix the errors about submitting? We still got time and I would love to participate, but the "retry/ not loading" errors keeps making it impossible to do so. Thank you.
CalexandraDesigns's avatar
We DONT have time. The 18th is in 20 minutes, exactly.
RoseSignerAlchemist's avatar
I know this has already been said multiple times, but...mine won't submit either O.o
StarSeekerSara's avatar
Anyone know why it won't let me submit an entry? >.<
MidnightShadow88's avatar
It's not letting me submit my photos!!
dolly0603's avatar
this is great..
Phantom5111's avatar
hey mine wont submit
Dare9179's avatar
Yeah am having problems submitting my picture as well.
Miku-ChanEatsPocky's avatar
I'm having some trouble submitting my photos, it won't seem to work :/ Having a lot of the same problems as everyone else Q_Q
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