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Enlightened by Matthias-Haker


Modern elevators have made “skyscrapers” possible—buildings with so many floors that reaching them only by stairway access would be a ridiculous and exhausting proposition. And so stairways have become hidden in blandly utilitarian “fire exit” stairwells. Even buildings now designed with no more than two or three floors save space with elevators rather than having a central stairway. And so one of the glories of our most beautiful architecture is rapidly disappearing, being preserved only in private mansion residences. It is a pity.

There is something magical in a stairway—this structure endlessly “in motion,” indicating movement up and down, while remaining in reality, anchored and motionless.

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Merci, thank you for the features ! Interesting selection !!!...
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Great collection!
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I'm happy that my photo was included in this set! :D
Stuipidity is taking the last step when you can't see how far the ground is
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Wow !!! Thanks a lot to let my work be part of this spectacular collection :clap:
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Just good enough to pass.
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The last one is a great climax, beautiful house and staircase!
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Amazing images!
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Heart "Enlightened"
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Uhmmmm wow I don't understand Keyhole at all :baffled: 
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"An escalator can never break: it can only become stairs." -Mitch Hedberg
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So I have to walk up stairs to go to Heaven? Man, that blows... I hate stairs.
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falling to hell is easier.
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That is a very valid point.
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…no it's not! on the hellway is more pain.I'm on fire! 
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Assuming it exists.
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I feel like I want to walk every single one of them just for the experience.
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you have great imagination
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There really is something magical about stairways. Amazing feature.
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