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Space Art

There was once a time when art depicting the lands west of the Appalachian Mountains as pristine wilderness awaiting exploration was censured by church and state as distracting from more important matters of the common pieties of home life. But there have always been those who need visions of grander realms for the journeys they can only dream of experiencing, but that may one day be rest stops on their great–great–grandchildren’s celestial road maps.


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I've randomly found this collection about few minutes ago. I'm very glad and thankful, that there's my artwork in this collection. Thank you very much, I wouldn't ever imagine that my artwork will once stand besides masterpieces like are the rest in this collection. Thank you very much... You can expect someting "bit" bigger than the space field in the next months :)
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Why are Saturn-like planets so popular?
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Funnily enough i posted a drawing about space today!…
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Not even close to the quality of the art in this collection but here's my take on the Universe in a child friendly format :)

Univers - Universe FROGandTOAD by FROG-and-TOAD

Hope it makes you smile ;)
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My goodness, what a collection! Thank you so kindly for including my work in what has turned out one of my favorite art collections on DA.
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So beautiful...
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Don't ever stop dreaming it will keep you young.
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you do some incredible work
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This is why i love outer space :) 
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:happybounce:  Out of this world, stunning Art Clap 
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im speechless
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To me, there is something magical about space that makes it all the more tantalizing to look at...and try to define.  I think part of its beauty is in the lack of empirically experiencing space travel or having access to seeing it in ways presented in artwork -- so that amazing spectacles, and artwork like this, can captivate us time and time again.  There's absolutely nothing wrong with that :)

Very engaging selection of artwork.  I'm honored to see my art included here, let alone as the image in the feature!  And wow, I didn't know Cicero had a quote related to this too...then again, it's unsurprising for a master of rhetoric to have quotes like that stick around for hundreds of years.
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Damnit, why could't i be born in the Space Age.... 
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Beautiful, beautiful art! :heart:
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Space art!  Spacey spacey space art.  All spacey and futuristic and... shit.  Shrug 
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Just beautiful! Thanks for this collection!
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Great collection and fitting Serbian proverb .... GJ!
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Wow...beautiful works, just awe-inspiring.
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No collection like this could be complete without the work of ErikShoemaker

Meltdown by ErikShoemaker

We need to stop staring at our shoes and start looking once again to the stars.
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haha, oh no that's way too kind of you! :)
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the guy is right, your work inspired me to make space-art at all :) 
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So cool! I remember the time when I used to be inspired by other space artists and hence started to make my own. This is one of the greatest compliments I can get, thanks for telling me! :)
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You're a notable absence on this list!
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