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Space Art

There was once a time when art depicting the lands west of the Appalachian Mountains as pristine wilderness awaiting exploration was censured by church and state as distracting from more important matters of the common pieties of home life. But there have always been those who need visions of grander realms for the journeys they can only dream of experiencing, but that may one day be rest stops on their great–great–grandchildren’s celestial road maps.


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Fantasy, by it's core definition is: the free play of creative imagination. This is a place for Fantasy Artists and Enthusiasts to come and share their imagination, and meet others with a similar passion. Whether you have come here to share, enjoy or learn you will find what you are looking for. Artists of all skill levels are welcome, from beginners to professionals. Join us at the Realm of Fantasy. Where the only limits here is your magination.

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I've randomly found this collection about few minutes ago. I'm very glad and thankful, that there's my artwork in this collection. Thank you very much, I wouldn't ever imagine that my artwork will once stand besides masterpieces like are the rest in this collection. Thank you very much... You can expect someting "bit" bigger than the space field in the next months :)