A Tribute to Hans Ruedi Giger

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He was an artist you might not know.

But you’ve met his children…

It’s rare that a “new” iconic monster is born and becomes forever identifiable,—— no matter the variations, by generation after generation. So it was when George Romero created the ultimate “zombie” in his Night of the Living Dead in 1968. Zombie Apocalypse fans today may have never heard of George or seen the original “Night,” but the zombies they so love in fare like The Walking Dead owe their existence to Romero’s original vision.

In 1979, screenwriter Dan O’Bannon crafted a horror script by starting with neither a story idea nor a hero protagonist to follow.

He built his script around the monster itself, knowing only that he wanted the frights to come from more-and-more revealing glimpses of one of artist H.R. Giger’s mad creations. That monster, the alien in Alien (1979), has now become what everyone knows a space alien to be. Most movie aliens since Alien have been modified versions of Giger’s creation. Giger is the father of today’s aliens, as Romero is the father of today’s zombies.

Alien, Front Viewby H.R. Giger

Alien Statueby H.R. Giger

Alien, Side Viewby H.R. Giger

Giger, who died May 12, was a nocturnal hermit painter, sculptor and set designer whose strength was translating nightmare visions into his bizarre works of art, many of which exuded a perverse sexuality. He is usually classified as a “surrealist,” but he called his art “biomechanics,” with its subjects often appearing to be hybrid living organic creatures having bodies melded with mechanical parts.

Brain Salad Surgeryby H.R. Giger

The 1970s generation will never get his album cover for Emerson, Lake & Palmer’s Brain Salad Surgery out of their heads. Punk rock’s Dead Kennedys’ album Frankenchrist featured Giger’s painting, Penis Landscape, resulting in an obscenity trial for lead songer Jello Biafra. Giger’s first published book of artworks was 1977’s Necronomicon, named in homage to horror writer H.P. Lovecraft.

Giger was a touchstone artist for those in the 70s & 80s who sought to shake up the establishment with a walk on the wild side. Today he is thought of by many artists as being one of the exemplars of letting the mind go free—to explore either the light or the darkness—and be fearless in sharing what was found there in one’s art. His art might be considered “safe” today, but he was a real inspiration to many of today’s artists.

Necronomiconby H.R. Giger

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As the works of Stan Winston fuel my imagination, H.R.Giger's Alien creation fueled my nightmares. I watched that film far too young, but I loved it and was terrified at the same time. His style is so iconic in my mind. Im happy to see so much appreciation for his work. Thank you.

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Great tribute!
While not a painter myself(to this moment), I am a musician and I am highly inspired by the world of H R Giger,
and I'm planning to make a worthy tribute track to his "world" in the near future.

H.R. Giger gave me a great gift, the gift of inspiration. -There is no greater gift than inspiration(especially for the artistic mind).
My latest upload to the moment: www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLSTtq…
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To celebrate his legacy more, I have a song that fits this.

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Hands down of any category, my favorite movie of all time [Aliens], me and my pops watched together when i was a boy, and nothing since GIGER and that film have affected me the way that movie does and still does to this day.
 Please allow me to grant my greatest gratitude for this epic tribute, well done sir bravo!
I still cant help but wonder if Giger is in some horrific eternal limbo with all of his creations chasing him around!  Wow chills dude, well I hope he has a pulse rifle and a little somthing for close encounters!
 R.I.P. Hans Giger.....Game Over Man..Game Over.  
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I don't like Alien movie (all of them) too much but I think the design of xenomorphs is really cool.
Nice work.).
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i watched that Alien movie its was lot of blood there many of this movie ._.
its was awesome! 
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Cool; I'm sure Giger would enjoy the fanbase that had grown from his creation.
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I did a tribute to his Alien on my deviantart page. I think you will like my interpretation. Feel free to take a look.
You can view them at the three links below:
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What can I say? I fall in love with Xenomorphs. He created ideal organisms. Rest in peace my master, with your beautiful children.
ImperatorDavianus's avatar
A Legend of his own right. he even created the Engineers before he passed away. we will surely miss him.
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What a spectacular tribute you have here.
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If the artists like chrislazzer (nice nipples btw) are kind enough to put a 'mature' tag on their work shouldn't the writer of this tribute follow suit?!

Or do the rules not apply to dA staff any more?

Mature Tag Needed <1 closed case :confused: 
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I love Giger's work, I have loved ever sense I was little. I have a framed poster of one of his aliens hanging in my room for all to see. Such a shame he is no longer with us~
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aliens is still on of my most fave sci-fi movies out there
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What I can say? I'm an old fan of his works!

When I was a child I was frighted just to see the Alien movies to be announced on TV, but the years pass and when I was fifteen I already adored the alien monster! 
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Good job with the tribute and that guy definitely deserves it!
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I happened to live in the same town as H.R.Giger and have seen him couple of times in public places way back in 1988/1989. Even thought I don't have the same artstyle, I have loved to watch the Alien movies.
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May 12 2014. I wonder if he ever got to know of Alien Isolation - the much loved game that returned to the first Alien film for plot and setting and style? I really think it's a great homage to some of his most famous works, but it's sad to think he died before knowing the game was being made. The later PvA films were pretty dreadful. I felt like they trivialised his creations and made them little more than petty monsters - not exactly the stuff of nightmares anymore. But Alien Isolation took how his artwork made people *feel* and put that into an interactive experience more haunting than that first film. I hope he would be proud.

Yes. A very inspirational artist, and I'm glad to read from the official website that it sounds like he found family and friends and love before the end. I cannot otherwise help but agree with the tribute artist you quoted who said: "Such nightmares could only arise from a troubled soul - though it is our joy and trauma to continue to behold them..."

His work will be long-remembered, I think.
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PS can someone tell a technophobe like me how I can add this to my 'favourites' or something?! I want to be able to re-read it again one day. :D
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The actual sci-fi wouldn´t be same without him, Giger was always an inmense influence in my artistic life. My first realistic sculpture was a xenomorph! I was in the H.R Giger tribute in México City, many fantastic-art and surrealistic artists were there. You should talk with Giger curator, the spanish Carlos Arenas!!! Thanks
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Thank you Techgnotic for a wonderful and powerful tribute to one of the worlds most inspiring artist.  Giger's work has always captured my imagination and every time I look upon his paintins and drawings I find new details that I didn't see before.  It's as if they have a life of their own.  Giger will be missed.
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