321: The Ultimate Narrative Challenge

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321: Fast Comics Variant Cover by FelipeCagno


Fellow community member FelipeCagno is running a comic book contest on his DeviantArt page that represents a fantastic opportunity for all of the storytellers in the community.

The project is “321: Fast Comics,” a collection of short stories to be illustrated by DA members that will always follows the same formula: three (3) pages, two (2) characters, one (1) twist ending.

Although DeviantArt isn’t running this contest, we do see what Felipe is doing with this concept as an amazing opportunity for deviants to participate in a contest that could see your work published with advice and help from one of DeviantArt’s authentic citizens.

Felipe believes storytelling is like navigating through an endless sea of possibilities, going from island to island, from plot point to plot point, as the story advances. Creative freedom might seem liberating; you can take your story in any direction. But what happens if you steer the wrong way?

That much freedom can be daunting and leave the writer lost at sea… Once lost, it’s hard to find your way back and it’s just easier to start over. Or even worse, you might stick down that path and never reach the end.

Creative limits should be accepted as stimulation for the writer’s mind.

Cornering yourself creatively might be the best way to push yourself to find a never before seen plot twist, a solution to a narrative problem. Limits push us to do better, to improvise, to rise to the occasion.

This is what Felipe’s 321 Narrative Challenge is here for, to challenge YOU to tell a better story in just a few pages, with no more than a couple of characters that leaves the reader surprised.

Writer Felipe Cagno published the comic book anthology 321: Fast Comics as a way to push himself to be a better professional while at the same time trying his luck with genres he had never worked in before.

From a desire to collaborate with some of the top artists in Brazil, Felipe went back to a camera exercise he went through during his Master program at Chapman film school called “321”, where every student was required to shoot a short film with three pages, two characters and one location.

Taking that concept and adapting it into comic book format demanded one key change, as locations weren’t a problem on the page.

The idea then evolved and Felipe set out to develop comic book stories that always respected three rules. Every single story had to have:

  • 3 Pages
  • 2 Characters
  • 1 Twist Ending

With these rules in place, anything goes was the directive, in any genre, with any characters. The result was a book of 21 stories featuring different genres from fantasy to steampunk, from western to sci-fi, from daily life to adventure, and many more. You can find the complete book right here on DA (Fast Comics Volume I) or on the Madefire App!

Now Felipe is extending this challenge to you and every member of the community. Every week Felipe will pick the best “321” story, featuring it on DeviantArt and through Madefire as a monthly book.

At the end of every month the top pick will receive a Premium Subscription from Felipe plus at the end of the Season next year, just before Summer, the top three stories will get cash prizes from Felipe and be published in the second volume of the “321: Fast Comics” series along with stories illustrated by top artists in the industry. Felipe has all of the details over at his page here.

When submitting your stories to Felipe, they can be B/W or colored but they do need to be 100% finished.

This is a great opportunity for writers to find artists to collaborate with, artists can partner up with writers. The “321 Narrative Challenge” is designed not only to open doors to anyone who wishes to work in the comics industry, but also to encourage successful ongoing partnerships within the community.

So start thinking now and send Felipe your best story with 3 Pages, 2 Characters and 1 Twist Ending!

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Fwo0shHobbyist Traditional Artist
For the people wondering when the deadline is:
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TheIncrdibleRin-chanHobbyist General Artist
when is the deadline?
TheIncrdibleRin-chan's avatar
TheIncrdibleRin-chanHobbyist General Artist
Hello peoples!!! I am Rin-chan and I have a very good idea for the contest, I just need an artist who can draw for me, the writer, who can also draw but now that well. Please help!!...Theres cool stuff involved like robots!!! :iconsobeautifulplz: Rin-chan would appreciate!!!!
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DoctorWhoE11evenStudent General Artist
I want to do this, but I don't have stuff to draw with. And i'm 99.99999% sure the people I watch aren't people who collaborate. Well... You know what. Carpe Diem. I'll start asking. Hope I find someone before the deadline. (Which is when?)
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when's the deadline?
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HectorAdameHobbyist Digital Artist
I've done that several times to tell jokes. Still not a better storyteller.
Jimmyflame-Artworks's avatar
Jimmyflame-ArtworksHobbyist Digital Artist
I just may have to enter this contest. It may be the perfect thing to get the creative gears turning to come out of this break I've taken.
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Eskeleto68Hobbyist General Artist
I've got a question Mr Felipe sir on the two characters do we have  to create our own cause if we do maybe I'll go ahead and try your challenge does the story have to be drawn or we can make it our own journal essay
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writingbubbleHobbyist Writer
three pages means three drawn pages, not written ones, right? :?
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DaniTheDealerHobbyist Filmographer
I'd do it if I was smart enough to think of a GOOD twist ending...
FelipeCagno's avatar
That would be awesome, good luck!
DaniTheDealer's avatar
DaniTheDealerHobbyist Filmographer
Ah mah gerd it's you! O-O
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jmdohert Filmographer
cool mode
TayzeJacksonBell's avatar
Sounds cool... I can't draw though... um... I'll have to find someone to collaborate with... so... don't hold your breath for me, not to assume you care...
FelipeCagno's avatar
Oh but I am holding my breath, I'm sure you can find cool artists to team up with ;)
TayzeJacksonBell's avatar
Hopefully... if not, meh, whatever...
TayzeJacksonBell's avatar
Does it come with a free virus too?
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MellowMalluStudent Writer
Lmao, this made me laugh. XD
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willsketchharrisProfessional Traditional Artist
This is absolutely brilliant and sounds like a lot of fun. I always felt my stories could be a bit lengthy, so I'm up for the challenge as an artist.
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Fantastic!! Lots of writers around here on the comments already shared their desire to team up, I look forward to seeing your work!
Eye-of-The-Shaper's avatar
That sounds interesting. 

I have an idea that would fit into the concept nicely.

*looks up rules*

Unfortunately, I'm not exactly an artist, so I'll need to find someone to collaborate with.

Either way, I'm in.
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I'm sure you will be able to find some good artists to team up with, good luck!
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