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Toothless - Night Fury Dragon



Toothless the Night Fury dragon. Check out the HD video of me painting it! [link]


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He protecc
He attacc 

But most importantly 

He ready for a fish snacc 

Keep up the amazing work! It looks so good!
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i saw the video but what programm are u using for this pic
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Toothless :says: you made a picture of me?
one hour later
Toothless toothless lol emote HTTYD
another hour later....
 pikachu runnin pikachu runnin pikachu runnin pikachu runnintoothless lol emote HTTYD  pikachu runnin pikachu runnin pikachu runnin pikachu runnin pikachu runnin pikachu runnin pikachu runnin pikachu runnin pikachu runnin pikachu runnin pikachu runnin pikachu runnin 
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i think he likes his tounge more than his trainer or anybody else XD
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what brush did you use? I watched the speed paint, but I couldn't figure it out! Please help meh
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Hey there, I was just wanting to know, with your permission, if I could use your painting of toothless as an actual reference painting on the wall of my 3D render?

Oh and by the way, I love this painting with all of my love!! You've done supadupa well there... keep it up :D

~Bambi :)
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Sorry for the late reply! Sure I don't mind! Thank you very much. :)
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Hi, it was awesome! any advice you wanna tell to beginners like me for painting like that someday?? thanks a lot :dance:
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This one always catches my eye. I watched the vid; the work that goes into this sort of thing is just astounding. You really are a very skillful artist. I do have one question; Will you tell me how to do that thing where it starts off in greyscale and the you put colour on the layer below?
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Sorry for the super late reply! I simply add a multiply layer on top of everything, and add in the colours of choice. Could also use a colour layer, but I sorta like the multiply layer better. Then I add a layer overtop to add in highlights and such, in a normal layer. I just like to paint overtop of things, makes it more like real painting, and simpler for me.
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Np. I haven't used the multiply layer yet. Just having a bit of trouble shading, problem is the brush is too hard even when airbrushing, you can always see the individual lines. Thanks :)
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whats that in his mouth
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That would be his tongue. He's sticking his tongue out at us. :P Adorable picture. :)
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Toothless Toothless Toothless Toothless Toothless Toothless Toothless Toothless Toothless Toothless Toothless Toothless Toothless Toothless Toothless Toothless Toothless Toothless Toothless Toothless Toothless Toothless 
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Wow this is amazing... i would REALLY like to draw like that, but i suck <_< and the only times i dont, is when i spend more than 3 hours on painting -_-
how long did it take you to draw that one?
Ha ha. Awesome!
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I love toothless !^^
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