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I offload everything!

Sat Jun 1, 2019, 8:53 AM
:FRflag: by PinkBurst Pour des raisons de lisibilité, le présent journal n'est publié qu'en anglais sur DeviantArt. Pour voir le billet original en français, je vous invite à le lire sur mon blog :…

:ukflag: by Kath602Now that the new page of AMBH 2 has been published (if you have not seen, I invite you to see it before reading the rest of this journal), I can offload everything! But I warn you, it's not a short story!

As my stay in Portugal in July 2018 gave me an impetus that led me to write the story of what is today called Astral Masane ...avec Basile le hursian, this month of April 2019 rich of two stays had a significant impact on my artistic activities. I can not tell you why simple stays outside my home town may have influenced artistic work, as these things have nothing to do with each other, but the fact is there...

When I made the decision to split the original story in two in February 2019 (episodes 1 and 2 should have been a single story at the base), it was motivated by a desire to mark a turning less "childish" to my universe, more in line with my personal tastes. But two months later, I was find this turning a bit "mongrel" because the aspect "kawaii" continues through some characters.

In addition, even more than three years after stopping any joint project, I still have a "belonging" problem, because one of AMBH's characters was not created exclusively by me (even though I am the author of the very first draft). One, you'll tell me, it's little, in a comic where one counts already seventeen different characters (counting the extras and the others non-named), but when the character in question has a central role in the story, it is quite different...

So, when I didn't spend time on personal projects (making an arcade cabinet) or professionals (the shop), most of the time I spent for AMBH in May is eventually... an intense thought, for the future of this comic. And ultimately, very little time in the natural drawing, hence the huge delay before the publication of page 4 of AMBH 2.

Moreover, let's talk about this famous page 4 which took so long to be finalised! I said I didn't like make it. So much so that I drew page 5 in parallel, just to do something I like! After all that I told you, I think you understood why. In fact, I may have learned nothing to the most insightful among you, because page 4, in its staging, perfectly reflects all that I explained here...

The few ideas I had for AMBH 3 are more and more precise, and believe me, in a few years, the (for the moment) future trilogy AMBH will pass more for a "prologue" than for a "first chapter"!

I rarely do it, but I will mention a few people not chosen at random...

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Reminder of promise

Fri May 24, 2019, 3:01 PM
:FRflag: by PinkBurst Pour des raisons de lisibilité, le présent journal n'est publié qu'en anglais sur DeviantArt. Pour voir le billet original en français, je vous invite à le lire sur mon blog :…

:ukflag: by Kath602In my previous journal, I said I was going to post a page in May... This promised thing will be fulfill! Despite the work that makes me struggle (a computer hard to diagnose, a phone impossible to start, auctions to put in place so many that it becomes discouraging...), despite the sad spectacle that I attended on social networks, where many of my favourite video makers tear each others, with a lot of disappointment, I still gave a maximum of time to AMBH. So much so that I've already attacked the page that will follow the next page, in order to make up for a delay that has accumulated too long.

In any case, what I can tell you is that I have a vision of more and more precise about the future of my series, and believe me that I'll not wait for the final page of AMBH 2 to show you some warning signs... I only tell you that! Giggle

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Fri May 10, 2019, 7:52 AM
:FRflag: by PinkBurst Pour des raisons de lisibilité, le présent journal n'est publié qu'en anglais sur DeviantArt. Pour voir le billet original en français, je vous invite à le lire sur mon blog :…
:ukflag: by Kath602Hi everybody! It was time, more than a month later, that I finally give you a sign of life! Well, really, I never really stopped being on the internet, the few people who follow me on Twitter know something. Nevertheless, for the art, I took a break of a whole month, a sabbatical month filled with up (a stay in Portugal) and down (a wedding in the family, too chic for me).

I was hoping to resume at the beginning of May, in order to publishing the new AMBH 2 page today… but that was without taking into account a serious problem in my local network on which is housed virtually everything I use daily , especially my drawing files for AMBH! Indeed, while I wanted to turn my "PC that acts as NAS" into a real Linux NAS, I encountered a series of technical problems that, if I had not done external backup, would have definitely made me lose everything I've achieved until now! Fortunately, I'm cautious, and as a result, I regularly back up my data, and nothing is lost.

After days and nights (!) of hard work on it, several reinstalls and several angers, I finally managed to set up my NAS, with Linux, and at the time of writing this journal, the last phase is being done: my data is being transferred to my NAS.

So yes, it would have been better if I came back to you with a new page, but unfortunately, it's only tomorrow that I will be able to resume the realization of page 4 of AMBH 2 (that I had already started to to do before my trip to Portugal), so YES, I'm really going to publish AMBH 2 this month as I had implicitly promised before leaving, but there will be only one page for the month of May.

I would have many more things to tell you, good things, but as this journal is already very long like that, it will be for next time!
Thank you to everyone who always follows me, and we find ourselves very quickly! :)

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Holidays month!

Tue Apr 2, 2019, 2:37 PM
:FRflag: by PinkBurst Pour des raisons de lisibilité, le présent journal n'est publié qu'en anglais sur DeviantArt. Pour voir le billet original en français, je vous invite à le lire sur mon blog :…

:ukflag: by Kath602This month of April 2019 promises to be special for me, since it is this month that I'll leave for a short (but I hope intense!) stay in the country of my maternal roots, Portugal. Roots to which I've subtly make a wink in AMBH through the characters of Ouro and Prata whose names come respectively from "Gold" and "Silver" in Portuguese, but I go astray, there…

Indeed, if I post this journal, it's especially to say that with this trip as well as my participation in a great family event, I'll be only rarely in my workshop until the end of the month… Consequently, I pause the publication of AMBH 2 until May, when I'll come back with the next page of AMBH 2… and especially with the head filled with new ideas! :)

So I'll meet you in May, and by then, don't eat too much chocolate for Easter (he says, stuffing himself with chocolate… ^^).

Exceptionally, I mention my most frequent readers, to be sure that they are not surprised for the Fridays of the month:

:iconzukishimoto::iconmister-moh::icontonytoriusimages::iconshadawe::icondoubledande::icontonytoriusimages:, etc.

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Small sharing of feel...

Sun Mar 31, 2019, 12:08 AM
:ukflag: by Kath602Small sharing of feel The 23rd plate of AMBH is boring to achieve And in advance, I already know what will be the other plates that will be of the same ilk: the 28th plate, and to a lesser extent, the plates 35 and 36. Except myself, only one person can possibly know why I'm making this statement, but this person is no longer on DeviantArt…

:FRflag: by PinkBurst Petit partage de ressenti La 23ème planche d'AMBH est chiante à réaliser… Et d'avance, je sais déjà quelles seront les autres planches qui seront du même acabit : la planche 28, et dans une moindre mesure, les planches 35 et 36. Outre moi-même, seule une personne peut éventuellement savoir pourquoi je fais cette affirmation, mais cette personne n'est plus sur DeviantArt…

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Bonus - The 22nd plate, day after day

Sat Mar 23, 2019, 10:33 AM
:FRflag: by PinkBurst Pour des raisons de lisibilité, le présent journal n'est publié qu'en anglais sur DeviantArt. Pour voir le billet original en français, je vous invite à le lire sur mon blog :…

:ukflag: by Kath602The 22nd plate of AMBH was published the March 22nd, and this one is a record for me: it's the first time that such a detailed page (on my scale of course) is realised in as short time: 9 days! It was necessary to make up for the delay of the previous plate… And this page was really pleasant to do, and for good reason: it staged the creation of which I'm most proud, I named Scandiberrie, a character on which I spent a lot of time defining her personality, and on her own represents the shade I want to give to AMBH. Her personality will be gradually revealed during her appearances, in the AMBH trilogy (see my journal of the March 2), and in stories even further from the future.

Anyway… I like this page, so! And to "celebrate" this page, I offer you a little bonus: the process of creating the page, day after day, until the final result! Long life to animated GIFs! ^^
Ambh-22-gif by Tece-Artiste

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Wed Mar 13, 2019, 2:58 PM
:ukflag: by Kath602On February 28, I asked you what you think of my new graphic style… With only 1 vote against 11 votes in favour (including 3 who like as much as the old style), I think it's a plebiscite! :) Thank you very much my friends!

:FRflag: by PinkBurstLe 28 février, je vous ai demandé ce que vous pensez de mon nouveau style graphique… Avec seulement un vote défavorable contre 11 votes favorables (dont 3 qui aiment autant que l'ancien style), je pense que c'est un plébiscite ! :) Merci beaucoup les amis !

Explanations of delay

Fri Mar 8, 2019, 12:30 PM
:FRflag: by PinkBurst Pour des raisons de lisibilité, le présent journal n'est publié qu'en anglais sur DeviantArt. Pour voir la version originale en français, je vous invite à le lire sur mon blog :…

:ukflag: by Kath602On March 8, 2019, I was NOT able to finish the new plate of AMBH in time. Already, I apologise for the delay. Nevertheless, because I consider myself as perpetually indebted to you, I owe you some explanations of this delay.

The development of this 21st plate started under good auspices, very quickly. Unfortunately, after the first week, everything changed, because of different things that happened and took me some time… And if to that we must add the return of my insomnies that prevent me from drawing long in the morning , whereas it is normally the time of day when I'm the most prolific in terms of drawing. I think you understand the malaise…

Nevertheless, this Friday, this page was almost finished: there was only one panel left, and the addition of some details and shades of gray. Suffice to say, it was almost good! Also, I announce the publication of the new page of AMBH Sunday, March 10, 2019, with my sincerest apologies.

See you soon! :]

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AMBH on two fronts!

Sat Mar 2, 2019, 2:39 AM
:FRflag: by PinkBurst Pour des raisons de lisibilité, le présent journal n'est publié qu'en anglais sur DeviantArt. Pour voir la version originale en français, je vous invite à le lire sur mon blog :…

:ukflag: by Kath602This week (as well as last week) was very important for my creative work. A lot of things have happened, and a lot of questioning too. Finally, this resulted in enhanced motivation, and a liberated imagination!

An important decision was made after much thought: the AMBH story as you know it today will be a trilogy whose end of the third opus will be the end point. Third opus that is written in these times, parallel to the drawing of the second! Hopefully, there will be no break in the publication between AMBH 2 and AMBH 3, but that's less certain. Time will tell ! ^^

In any case, when my trilogy will be complete, it does will not mean that I will stop the creation of comics, or even that I will abandon the universe in which the action of AMBH is located. There will be stories chronologically after AMBH, but they will no longer be in direct continuity. It's not impossible that I also make prequels stories (so, before the action of AMBH Épisode 1), such as a story about the meeting between Masane and Basile, or the fights that preceded the one against Pico Armor, but again, that's less certain. Time will tell bis!

In any case, I hope to please as many people as possible, especially my first readers. With this, I tell you very quickly, and I find you on March 8 for page 2 of AMBH 2!

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#63 - I'm the crazy pollster!

Thu Feb 28, 2019, 1:34 PM
Britain - UK flag by EhsartemYou have seen it if you saw the 20th plate of adventures of Astral Masane and Basile the Hursian, it inaugurates a new chapter of said adventures. And the new chapter comes with a new graphic style, closer to what I like. What is your opinion on this evolution of my style? 


France flag by EhsartemVous l'avez constaté si vous avez vu la 20ème planche des aventures d'Astral Masane et Basile le hursian, celle-ci inaugure un nouveau chapitre desdites aventures. Et le nouveau chapitre s'accompagne d'un nouveau style graphique, plus proche de ce que j'aime. Quel est votre avis sur cette évolution de mon style ?

#62 - News and cleaning

Sat Feb 9, 2019, 7:00 AM
:ukflag: by Kath602Last Friday, I posted page 19 of AMBH. After thinking, I decided to split AMBH into two parts from page 20. This separation will result in two things: on the one hand, a new name for the comic -and it's you do choose it from among several proposals- :) (Smile), and on the other hand, an evolution in the chara design to be more in adequacy with my skills of today.

In addition, I've also deleted all the chapters of Aventura Divino. From now on, my archive folder is reduced to a bare minimum. In the future, it'll be purely and simply deleted, because I intend to draw a line under "the before-AMBH".

To choose the name of the second part of AMBH, click here:…

:FRflag: by PinkBurst Vendredi dernier, j'ai posté la page 19 d'AMBH. Après réflexion, j'ai décidé de scinder AMBH en deux parties à compter de la page 20. Cette séparation se traduira par deux choses : d'une part, un nouveau nom pour la BD -et c'est vous qui le choisirez parmi plusieurs propositions- :) (Smile), et d'autre part, une évolution dans le chara design pour être davantage en adéquation avec mes compétences d'aujourd'hui.

En outre, j'ai aussi supprimé l'intégralité des chapitres d'Aventura Divino. Désormais, mon dossier d'archives est réduit à son strict minimum. À terme, il sera purement et simplement supprimé, car je compte tirer un trait sur "l'avant-AMBH".

Pour choisir le nom que portera la deuxième partie d'AMBH, cliquez ici :…

#61 - Important announcement

Fri Jan 11, 2019, 3:32 PM
:ukflag: by Kath602In addition to initiating an evolution of my drawing style, page 17 of AMBH also symbolises the end of the weekly rhythm of the publication of my comic, in favour of a bi-monthly rhythm (understand by that, every two weeks).
This is a decision from a long reflection started in mid-December, because with the improvement of my drawing skills that makes me take more time to draw, as well as my professional and personal activities, the weekly rhythm me seems less and less tenable.

:FRflag: by PinkBurst En plus d'amorcer une évolution de mon style de dessin, la page 17 d'AMBH symbolise aussi la fin du rythme hebdomadaire de la publication de ma bande dessinée, au profit d'un rythme bimensuel (comprenez par là, toutes les deux semaines).
C'est une décision issue d'une mure réflexion entamée à la mi-décembre, car avec l'amélioration de mes compétences en dessin qui me fait prendre plus de temps pour dessiner, ainsi que mes activités professionnelles et personnelles, le rythme hebdomadaire me parait de moins en moins tenable.

#60 - Little christmas break

Fri Dec 21, 2018, 1:46 PM
:ukflag: by Kath602As you know, it's the christmas season right now, kids are on holidays, the hassle of Christmas shopping is starting, and rest is appreciable, especially with the work next door. That's why I decided to take a week-long break in the publication of AMBH. But if you follow and like my creation, don't panic: from January 4, it'll resume with the publication of page 16! :) I take this journal to thank the about sixty people (original and English versions cumulated) looking at my creative work, and I especially thanks Zukishimoto and K-Araujo, often quick to comment. On this, happy holidays to all!
Christmas Carol Two

:FRflag: by PinkBurst Comme vous le savez, c'est la période des fêtes en ce moment, les gamins sont en vacances, la galère des achats de Noël s'amorce, et du repos n'est pas de refus, surtout avec le travail à côté. C'est pourquoi j'ai décidé de faire une pause d'une semaine dans la publication d'AMBH. Mais si vous suivez et aimez ma création, ne paniquez pas : dès le 4 janvier, ça reprendra de plus belle avec la publication de la page 16 ! :) Je profite de ce journal pour remercier la soixantaine de personnes (versions originales et anglaises cumulées) regardant mon œuvre créatrice, en remerciant tout particulièrement BladyCartoons, Mister-Moh et Si-Nister, souvent prompts à réagir. Sur ce, bonnes fêtes à tous !
Dark Christmas Tree v.2

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#59 - About page 14+

Sat Dec 8, 2018, 5:33 AM
:ukflag: by Kath602The page 14 of AMBH, which will be published on December 14, will mark a new phase of this comic. Indeed, page 13, published last Friday, is the last page of what I could call prologue, a series of pages where I laid the foundations by presenting places and especially, characters. Pages 1 to 3 showed the two main characters and their role as heroes, pages 4 to 6 presented secondary characters, page 7 gave an overview of the relationship between the heroes, pages 8 to 12 announced main plot of the story, and finally, page 13 introduced the main antagonists. All this is now over: as of Friday, the real story begins, I hope you enjoy!

:FRflag: by PinkBurst La page 14 d'AMBH, qui sera publiée le 14 décembre, marquera une nouvelle phase de cette BD. En effet, la page 13, publiée vendredi dernier, est la dernière page de ce que je pourrais qualifier de prologue, une série de pages où j'ai posé les bases en présentant des lieux et surtout, des personnages. Les pages 1 à 3 ont montré les deux personnages principaux et leur rôle de héros, les pages 4 à 6 ont présenté des personnages secondaires, la page 7 a donné un aperçu de la relation entre les héros, les pages 8 à 12 ont annoncé l'intrigue principale de l'histoire, et enfin, la page 13 a présenté les antagonistes principaux. Tout ceci est désormais fini : dès vendredi, la vraie histoire commence, j'espère que vous apprécierez !

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#58 - About Basile...

Wed Nov 28, 2018, 5:41 AM
:ukflag: by Kath602I'm very attentive to the remarks that one makes me concerning my comic, "Astral Masane …avec Basile le hursian". That's it, be open-minded. Among the remarks that I heard, one of them appeared several times from different people that I regularly rub shoulders with "IRL" as they say. This remark concerns Basile Citrus, the best friend of Masane Charbie, and precious assistant in the fight against the Tévéhèss clan.

According to these few people, Basile would look like "a girl", like "a tranny"* or like "a gay"**, it's according to people. For me, Basile look like Basile in fact. ^^ But it's interesting to hear points of view different of mine… In short, all that to say that I seek your opinion in a poll, so that you can tell me what you think of all that! :) And feel free to post a comment if you want to go into details!

The poll:…

* "Tranny" is not part of my vocabulary, I'm only quoting the said people.
** From my point of view, we can not "look like a gay" because there is no "typical look" of gay, but again, I'm only quoting!

Culturiste de pacotille by Tece-Artiste
:FRflag: by PinkBurst Je suis très à l'écoute des remarques que l'on me fait concernant ma bande dessinée, "Astral Masane …avec Basile le hursian". C'est cela, être ouvert d'esprit. Parmi les remarques que j'ai pu entendre, l'une d'elles est apparue à plusieurs reprises venant de personnes différentes que je côtoie régulièrement "IRL" comme on dit. Cette remarque concerne Basile Citrus, le meilleur ami de Masane Charbie, et précieux assistant dans la lutte contre le clan des Tévéhèss.

D'après ces quelques personnes, Basile ressemblerait à "une fille", à "un travelo"* ou à "un gay"**, c'est selon les personnes. Pour moi, Basile ressemble surtout à Basile en fait. ^^ Mais c'est intéressant d'entendre des points de vue différents du mien… Bref, tout ça pour dire que je sollicite votre avis dans un sondage, pour que vous puissiez me dire ce que vous pensez de tout ça ! :) Et n'hésitez pas à poster un commentaire si vous voulez entrer dans les détails !

Le sondage :…

* "Travelo" ne fait pas partie de mon vocabulaire, je ne fais que citer lesdites personnes.
** De mon point de vue, on ne peut pas "ressembler à un gay" car il n'y a pas de "look typique" de gay, mais encore une fois, je ne fais que de la citation !

#57 - Cinquante-sept

Sat Nov 3, 2018, 1:18 PM
:ukflag: by Kath602You've certainly noticed that page 8 of AMBH was published a day late. The reason is simple: I had a family reunion on Friday. To make me forgive, I'll publish page 9 next Thursday instead of Friday! Tomorrow morning, I'll finish page 10 (whose realisation has been parasitised by serious computer problems, I'll also reinstall Windows tonight), and I'll start page 11! I thank BladyCartoons very much for helping me to publish the English version of page 8, in a context where my computer didn't allow me to do that.

:FRflag: by PinkBurst Vous l'avez certainement constaté, la page 8 d'AMBH a été publiée avec un jour de retard. La raison est toute simple : j'ai eu une réunion de famille le vendredi. Pour me faire pardonner, je vais publier la page 9 jeudi prochain au lieu de vendredi ! Demain matin, je finirai la page 10 (dont la réalisation a été parasitée par de graves problèmes d'ordinateur, je vais d'ailleurs réinstaller Windows ce soir), et je commencerai la page 11 ! Je remercie énormément BladyCartoons qui m'a beaucoup aidé à publier la version anglaise de la page 8, dans un contexte où mon ordinateur ne me permettait pas de faire cela.

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#56 - 1/5

Tue Oct 23, 2018, 2:27 PM
:ukflag: by Kath602I finished 9 pages of AMBH... Consequently, I can say that I made 1/5th of this comic! And the 10th page is already in progress! And yes, I've to maintain a certain advance on the publication!

:FRflag: by PinkBurstJ'ai terminé 9 pages d'AMBH... À ce titre, je peux dire que j'ai fait 1/5ème de cette bande dessinée ! Et la 10ème page est déjà en cours de réalisation ! Et oui, il faut que je maintienne une certaine avance sur la publication !

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#52 - About your comments

Tue Sep 18, 2018, 2:26 PM
:ukflag: by Kath602Hi everybody! Thank you very much for your comments in the first page of my comic. I can tell you that I acted accordingly: Following the advice of Si-Nister, I stopped systematically linking the speech bubbles to the characters' mouths. This change will be visible from page 5 because it was the one that was being created when page 1 was released last Friday. On the other hand, following the advice of frostise, I changed the way of making joints, based in particular on realistic models. It also involved changing the proportions of the characters. These changes will be noticeable from page 6, because page 5 was already largely drawn last Friday. :)

:FRflag: by PinkBurst Salut à tous ! Je vous remercie beaucoup pour vos commentaires dans la première page de ma bande dessinée. Je peux vous annoncer que j'ai agi en conséquence : Suivant le conseil de Si-Nister, j'ai cessé de lier systématiquement les phylactères à la bouche des personnages. Cette modification sera visible à partir de la page 5, car c'était celle qui était en cours de création au moment de la publication de la page 1, vendredi dernier. D'autre part, suivant les conseils de frostise, j'ai changé de façon de faire des articulations, en me basant notamment sur des modèles réalistes. Cela a par ailleurs impliqué de modifier les proportions des personnages. Ces modifications-là seront perceptibles à partir de la page 6, car la page 5 était déjà en grande partie dessinée vendredi dernier. :)

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