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ADAccueil by Tece-Artiste
:ukflag: by Kath602Ceci est la version anglaise d'Aventura Divino. Pour la version française, clique sur ce lien : Aventura Divino #9 (FR)

In the previous chapter…

Aventura Divino #8 (EN)
While Masane, Basile, Carelle and Gédéon all four found themselves in the Quadri-Temple, they continued their quest to find the 4 Nuibian divinities. Masane and Gédéon had not very friendly meetings, while Basile can't move forward. Finally, Carelle found herself in a very mysterious room, where are notably skeletons of extinct species, but especially, where is a door locked by three seals in the colours of 3 of the 4 divinities. It's through her that we begin this chapter…

Chapter 9 – Revelations

Carelle, pensive, said to herself: « And if, the divinity Vida, in an excess of madness, would have triggered a wave of destruction on the planet… and if, to preserve our planet while there was still time, the other three divinities were allied to stop this carnage… that'd mean that it'd be the divinity Vida who'd be locked on the other side of the door! »

Another voice said: « Yes, it's exactly that, it's this divinity who destroyed everything. It's this divinity who has the power we seek. We've to free it and possess it! »

Carelle, who begins to have a headache, responds in a loud voice: « It'd be dangerous! I can't risk putting the planet in danger for us! And then first… I don't want that power! For years, I want to live a normal life… A peaceful life… I don't want any more drift! And here I see the end of the tunnel… Everything is over…
 No, nothing is over… continue to try to resist, it's useless, nothing will separate us! We are one! »

Carelle, a prey to a terrible headache, then closes the discussion screaming « Shut up! », before fainting…

At the same time, Masane, who was fighting the horned navisia, finally managed to defeat his opponent, but without killing him. Masane, who dominates his opponent, says: « Now you'll take me to your master, or I'll see myself obliged to kill you… And believe me, I don't want to do that, because I I've never killed anyone in my life and I don't want to start now.
I bow, macaure. You're worthy to see Master Ar. Follow me, I'll take you… »

Masane follows the navisia, and after a long corridor, he passes a door, and has a grand vision. Impressive, grandiose even, but not scary, because he doesn't feel badness in what he has in front of him…

Meanwhile, Gédéon, who was knocked out and tied up, wakes up free of his ties. He sees in front of him a whole army of macasiavores, these ancestors of macalites who eat, among others, hursians… Terrified by these thousands of predators, Gédéon hears a deep voice that says to him: « Be quiet, little navisia. My macasiavores took you to me, but having felt your noble intentions, I strictly forbid them to hurt you. »

The voice came from behind Gédéon... so he turned around, and what was his surprise when he saw… Terra, the divinity of the land! Tall and sturdy creature, droopy ears, a little like a snowman with a head vaguely reminiscent of the body of macalites… A tail, antennae, wings decorated with diamonds, a sun on his belly, and two big legs!

Gédéon is speechless in the face of this vision…

« Come, little navisia… you've nothing to fear. I know who you're, your name is Gédéon Citrus. You've a brother named Basile, you came with a macalite named Masane Charbie, with whom you have a special relationship…
S So… So you… are one of the four divinities?
I'm Terra, and you, like your ancestors, consider me as the divinitie of the land!
So that… I... You… It's such a great honor… Houlà… said Gédéon, who lost his words!
Don't put yourself in such states, little navisia... Sit in front of me, and let's talk a little. Since you were able to reach me, I'll explain in detail who I'm, where you are, and where are your brother and your companions… »

Masane, for his part, was facing the "Master Ar", who was actually Ar, the divinity of the air. Very light, he has no feet. It seems to fly, even if it gives the impression to float in the air, like a balloon… For the rest, it has attributes similar to Terra: vaguely evoking a macalite head including antennas, ears-not drooping this time, wings with losenge ornaments, and a sun on it belly. In short, he looks like Terra, but less strong, much longer, and stripped of legs.

« Hello little macaure. I'm Ar, the one whom your ancestors regard as the divinity of the air. And you, your name is Masane Charbie, is not it?
Ar Ar? You're… You're the divinity of the air? But it… it was not me who wanted to come here, I swear! It was a nasty female hursian, who forced my… my… my boyfriend… to come here… and I
Stop. I know who you are. I know who you came with. I know what you're looking for, and I know you're telling me real things… and wrong things. I know it's a navisia named Carelle Scandiberrie who brought you here. She's with you… And I know you're lying when you talk about a boyfriend. You seem to be a macaure tending to mix desires and reality.
 Uh… yes, it may be possible… yes… oui… said Masane, embarrassed.
 You should not be present in this temple. I could get rid of you in no time at all, but… I've no reason to do it, because like my friend Terra who saw your navisia friend Gédéon Citrus, I know you didn't come with bad intentions. You had come to the base to deliver a navisia named Basile Citrus, which you thought was hostage of a female navisia called Carelle Scandiberrie. Except that you are mistaken, because Basile Citrus came from his own free will. As for this Carelle Scandiberrie, she said she came to possess our power, but I know that what brought her here is independent of her personal will…
 What do you mean?
 Little macaure… This Carelle Scandiberrie has a serious problem in her soul. My friends and I know that she's closing something horrible in her, and that this thing is trying to unite with Vida, my former friend who was locked in one of the wings of this temple at the end from what you call the primary era. She can break the seal because being old, it is very fragile. If ever Vida were to be released, it'd be necessary to join my power with that of my two friends, Terra and Água.
But… But it's awful! But what can I do??
I'll incarnate in you, because my body is too big to leave this room. This will be the only way I can prevent your mate from uniting with Vida.
 Hey! I want to keep control of my body! I don't want to disappear! There's no other solution? said Masane with fright.
 Don't worry, little macaure. You'll keep full control of your body. Only you'll feel my person in you… and you'll have some of my powers. I'll temporarily merge with you, and then you'll go to the Água's corridor so that your friend Basile Citrus can find my friend Água. Without my help, he'll never reach it… »

Ar then merged with Masane… The latter felt reinforced. He feels he has the powers of the air… and… it's fabulous, he can fly again, despite the hole in his wings left by the wound inflicted by Carelle!

Masane says : « It's great… I've never felt so strong! »

The macalite then hears the voice of Ar who says to him: « It's nice huh? But don't forget that I merged with you to fulfill a mission. Don't risk to use my powers for something else, otherwise you'll have big troubles! »

Masane then left, flying faster than ever, towards the Água corridor, where Basile runs, indefinitely, unable to reach his goal.

Meanwhile, Gédéon listened to Terra who told him the story of the four divinities… Concretely, the four divinities are in fact not divinities, but beings from elsewhere to colonise the planet Nuibie, which was until then uninhabited, fauna and flora. Água then created oceans so that the planet is no longer arid. Terra has made fertile land, with the complicity of Ar which has created a breathable atmosphere for any species. Vida has created animal species to populate the planet: macaures, small spherical beings with large legs, large antennas and very large wings, blue, green or black, as well as navisias, flying mammals of variable size, horned, with big ears, and of blue, green or orange colour. Millions of years passed and made the Nuibie planet rich and fertile… and at the same time, the navisias' clade has evolved, it has diversified. The first navisias without wings appeared, which coexisted with the flying navisias. The clade of the macaures has also diversified, with the arrival of four-legged macaures with antennae and shorter wings, the arrival of red, orange and yellow macaures… In the end, if we add all the species of each clade, this represents a large number of living species, far from the initial two.

But one day, the first carnivorous species appeared. Thus appeared macasiavores, macaures feeding mainly on navisias, as well as hursovos, navisias feeding on eggs of macaures. This didn't please Vida, the initiator of this life. Disgusted with the evolution of the species he created, it decided to eliminate all the fauna of which it is the initiator. Against the opinion of Terra, he made toxic all the flora of the planet in a wave, under the amazed eyes of its 3 mates who could not hold it back, because Vida used all its strength and its vital energy to provoke this wave. Thus, as the wave passed through Nuibie, Vida literally dissolved… the cloud of dust that resulted from its disintegration went to the heart of Mount Couckme. Terra, Água and Ar, who could not take responsibility for the disaster caused by Vida, also retreated to the heart of Mount Couckme, near their mate's remains, which were sealed by a seal bearing the likeness of Terra, Água and Ar. The wave sent by Vida that made toxic the flora of Nuibie resulted in the extinction of all the herbivorous species, which represented nearly 60% of the fauna. Very quickly, the non-herbivores were de facto found without food in their turn, and a priori, nothing seemed to remain… however, during this period, some herbivores have managed to adapt to toxic plants for the majority of others, something that was not planned. This allowed some non-herbivores to resist them too. But these "resistants" represented only 3% of all the wildlife that existed before. It was at this point that the primary era ended. Subsequently, the few remaining non-herbivores disappeared in their turn, but without leaving a visible trace. These are in fact the ones that Masane and Gédéon came across, who were endowed with immortality by the « divinities ».

A lot of time has passed since, until we arrived in our time. But even knowing all this, a gray area remains for Gédéon: what's the relationship between the risk of destruction of the seal containing Vida and the arrival of Basile and Carelle within the Quadri-Temple?

Gédéon puts the question to Terra, who answers: « In fact, your brother Basile followed the navisia Carelle Scandiberrie, who herself was unknowingly drawn by the soul of my former friend, who'd like to own her body. My former friend… well… Vida… knows that this navisia has a tormented soul, and that she suffers from a split personality… and for Vida, the ideal would be to merge with the dark part of this navisia to control her body and thus reincarnate into a physical form that could leave the temple without problem.
But… and what miss Scandiberrie would become???
This miss Scandiberrie, as you say, little navisia, could lose control of her body, and create disasters with the powers of Vida… My fear is that it wants to reiterate a new wave, and then it'd make sure that this navisia commits suicide as an epilogue. »

Gédéon starts crying… then shaking…

« Little navisia… We'll have to act to prevent any misfortune from occurring. But being too big, I can't leave this room… that's why I'm going to have to incarnate in your body, to merge with you.
 But? But… It's not dangerous? I I'll keep control of my body?
 Don't worry, little navisia… You'll fully keep control of your body. It's just that I'll be in you so that you can prevent the worst from happening, thanks to my powers of the land. »

Terra merges with Gédéon, now who's endowed with the powers of the land…

At the same time, in the wing of the temple dedicated to Vida, Carelle has just woken up after a long fainting. Her medallion is red.
« That's it… I've the free field, I'll be able to grab this divine strength… I'll be able to become the strongest of all, all the powerful will tremble in front of me… I just have to open this door, and the power of the divinity of the life will be mine, and mine alone!
Navisia… I'm right on the other side of this door… I'm the one you're looking for, the one you want… The seal that's imprisoning me is no longer very solid… Free me… And I'll obey you… said an unknown voice.
 It's Vida, the divinity of the life, I feel it! » said Carelle.

The hursian then launches into intense concentration… she wants to break the seal, and she intends to achieve her ends, by all means.

At the same time, while Masane and Gédéon, who respectively merged with Ar and Terra, wanted to see Basile, the two rivals cross at the centre of the Quadri-Temple.

Masane then said to Gédéon: « You coming back?
Well… yes, you see well.
By chance, would not you've met one of the divinities? This is what happened to me…
I suspected it… That's what happened to me too! I merged with the divinity of the land!
And I merged with that of the air… And I guess he told you to go to Basile?
Yes, that's it… So suddenly we go? »

Masane said « Yes! », then the two rivals leave together in the Água corridor to find Basile desperately trying to find the end. They arrive in the corridor, and see Basile, lying on the ground, sleeping, probably exhausted by the endless race he was leading… Gédéon goes to his bedside, and wakes him gently.

Basile, who wakes up, sees Gédéon, and says: « Gédéon… my brother… is it you?
Yes Basile… it's me… I came with Masane, we came to help you reach the end of the corridor.
No, it's lost… I tried everything… Running while driving, run jumping, walk slowly… There's nothing to do, I always come back to my starting point. This corridor is magical, it is cursed… We're trapped here!
No Basile. Your brother and I met two of the four divinities. » said Masane.

Basile stands up suddenly, and doesn't hide his astonishment. He says: « Serious? These divinities do exist? They've a physical form??
Yes. We met two of them, and
…these divinities entrusted us with their powers to prevent the divinity of the life from harming the world… and Carelle… » finished Gédéon.
Hush! Gédéon! said Masane.
No, not hush... Basile, we must find the divinity of the water, and it gives you its powers like those of the air and the land have done for Masane and me... And now that we're here, with their powers, we'll help you to go, then we'll go together where Carelle is, to prevent the worst happening! »

Masane holds Basile's left hand, and Gédéon holds his right hand… and the three mates started running together, and once the end of the corridor is reached, no return to square one, on the contrary, they find themselves in a dark room.

Gédéon says: « I've a feeling of déjà-vu… »

A voice then says: « So like that, you managed to get to me… »

A giant arm appears, and pulls a rope… it lights the light of the room, which lets appear… Água, the divinity of the water! Resembling both Terra and Ar, it has the anthropomorphic side of Terra, while having the finesse of Ar. Very light, although having a blue hue, it is the most androgynous of the three divinities seen until then. Its gaze is less friendly than the gaze of Ar or even Terra, but nevertheless, it doesn't emit a threatening air.

Masane whispers to Gédéon: « Even though I've already seen one, it still impresses me so much! », to which Gédéon replies « Me too! »

Basile, meanwhile, is impressed, smug with admiration. Maybe it's because this vision impresses him to make him lose his head, or maybe it's because he's woken up since a relatively little time, but his first vocal reaction seems to be off track!

And for good reason, Basile says: « Ohhhh… You're… You're so beautiful… »

The hursian is blushing, and Masane looks annoyed. But Água is not left out, because if it's not annoyed, it finds the behavior of Basile strange, but not inevitably unexpected, because like its friends Ar and Terra, Água can read in the minds of people.

Água says: « Hmm… Little navisia, although I don't know you personally, I thank you for your compliments, which are not surprising coming from a navisia that is interested in the beauty of people. But I know what brought you here, all three. I feel my friends Ar and Terra who are incarnated in two of you… Only you, the flattering little blond, has no power to confront my old friend…
 Awww… You called me little blond!
Hem… Anyway, I know what I've to do. Yes Ar, yes Terra, I hear you by your telepathic messages. I know that I must hurry... Well… Well, incarnating myself in the body of this little navisia very kind, I'll not be disoriented in terms of beauty! Let's go! »

So, Água merged with Basile, who felt strengthened in his turn. The loop was complete: Basile, Masane and Gédéon now form a trio of divinities. They must now go towards the wing of the Quadri-Temple dedicated to Vida, because time is running out... but as they were about to leave, a very sinister and very powerful aura began to spread throughout the temple!

blueyoshiegg Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
(Firstly... apologies for not reading this any sooner! ^^;)
(I know you said not to worry... but still~ :D)
Anyways... review on this chapter ^^

Seems like the pressure was a bit too much for Carelle there... :(
Further reading made it seem like things we're about to get much worse for her...

Lucky escape for Gideon there too. I can't imagine what terrible things
would have happened to him if Terra HADN'T forbid the Macasiavores to harm him >.<

Let's hope that Masane utilises his new temporary powers for the right reasons :)
(And the rest of the group, come to think of it ^^)

The history of the divinities was a particularly interesting section to read as well.
It would seem that problems where spiralling out of control upon the appearance
of the carnivorous species.

Overall... a very well written chapter... and a great way to finish this one too :)
I'll be looking forward to reading the last few chapters of this ^^
Tece-Artiste Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm glad to see that your interest in my story has remained intact despite its decanonisation. I hope you'll appreciate the end! :)
blueyoshiegg Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'll be sure to continue very soon ^^
...and you're very welcome too :D
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