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ADAccueil by Tece-Artiste
:ukflag: by Kath602Ceci est la version anglaise d'Aventura Divino. Pour la version française, clique sur ce lien : Aventura Divino #8 (FR)

In the previous chapter…

Aventura Divino #7 (EN)
Entered the temple of Mount Couckme, Basile and Carelle are at a dead end, they've trouble to progress in their quest to find the 4 nuibian divinities. At the same time, Gédéon dismantled Masane's lies, and the two rivals agreed to join Basile and Carelle… which they did. The 4 protagonists of story are now together.

Chapter 8 – A new beginning

After a long inspection of the site, Gédéon confirms Basile's comments about the fact that the ground is mobile… for him, there's no doubt, it is a platform connected to a very complex mechanism that's not visible from there where they are. It remains to be seen how to activate this mechanism. Carelle looked in turn at the floor, and noticed a detail: there's a kind of bas-relief, circular like the room and the platform, and always on the same axis. And to look more closely, this bas-relief turns out to be… a writing! But if it looks like the ancient writing seen before, it's not exactly the same thing. There are signs that she doesn't recognise. Despite this, she still tried to translate from her knowledge of the ancient language that had been seen at the entrance to the cave, but it's not very convincing:
« Talk be a good sparkle non small size lift. He moves submissive to the supreme. Unique talk to lift, written here for future subdues. »
In the continuity of this inscription difficult to understand is another inscription, with shorter signs. Carelle recognises almost all the signs, but none represents a complete word. They look like pieces of words that have been isolated, to form a kind of "combination" even more incomprehensible:
« Val Fafa Sol La Sol Fa, Al Do, Val La, Al Fa Do Ré Flat Dododo, Val Si La Flat Sol, Al Do, Val Fa »
« I just read all that, I didn't understand anything… If any of you has an explanation… said Carelle.
— He speaks of a « non small size lift ». Maybe in « non small », we must understand, the opposite of small. So, that would be « big ». It would be a « big lift » of which the person who wrote these inscriptions speaks. said Basile.
— But what is a « lift »? It must be related to the fact that the platform we're on is mobile. It must be able to transport us somewhere, but where? And how? said Masane.
— I don't see a visible exit. It can't take us to the sides, and at the top there's a ceiling, and I doubt that this ceiling can disappear as if by magic. » said Gédéon.

Carelle thinks… she looks at the floor, then says: « I've just rethought something… Why always look up? And if this platform… just drive down? Maybe it's down as it moves.
— So in this case, this « non small size lift » would actually be a kind of giant elevator! And so… we are walking on it at the moment. said Basile.
— But then how to activate it? Let's look into the rest of the inscription… Our sculptor of bizarre writings talked about a « unique talk » that'd be written here for the « future subdues ».
— I imagine that by « unique talk », he refers to the kind of nonsensical code written beside.
— But why does he speak of « future subdues »? He talks about submission, but with whom? And what kind of submission? asks Masane.
— I doubt that this is the kind of submission you like, believe me… In my opinion, our sculptor speaks of submission to the four divinities, because he spoke of « supreme beings ». I don't see any other explanation for that… answers Gédéon.
— But then that'd mean that according to the person who wrote this, the « future subdues » would be those who'd go to the four divinities… and therefore, that WE are « future subdues » ! said Basile.
— So in this case, if this « lift » leads the « future subdues » to the four divinities, it means that it's with this that we can finally find them! I feel that we're approaching the goal! said Carelle with conviction.
— It remains to be seen HOW one moves this elevator of the old times… Perhaps it's simply necessary to pronounce this « combination » ? » said Basile.

Masane answers then: « Leave it, I'll take care of it… »
He yells « Val Fafa Sol La Sol Fa ! Al Do ! Val La ! Al Fa Do Ré Flat Dododo ! Val Si La Flat Sol ! Al Do ! Val Fa !!! »
But despite the shrieks of Masane, nothing happens… except a very slight vibration of the ground, but without result.
« I'm sure it's good when saying this combination that the elevator reacts. This jolt is the proof. In my opinion, we had to pronounce badly. » said Basile.

Meanwhile, Gédéon was rewriting the translation… After that, he realised something.
He says: « Look at this! These « Sol », these « Fa », it doesn't tell you anything? These are musical notes! And « Fafa », it's certainly the « Fa » note twice! Ditto for this « Dododo » which is certainly the note « Do » that occurs three times.
— But yes of course! And I just remembered something: in the ancient language that I had studied, I had discovered that when they said « Val », they were talking about the number 4, and that « Al », it was the number 5… So that means we've to replace some passages to pronounce it correctly. » replied Carelle.
Carelle takes the sheet of Gédéon and rewritten some passages. After modification, the combination looks like this: « 4 Fa, Fa Sol La Sol Fa, 5 Do, 4 La, 5 Fa Do Ré Flat Do, Do, Do, 4 Si La Flat Sol, 5 Do, 4 Fa »
« It's better now! But we don't put numbers in a score, what do they mean? asks Basile.
— It seems obvious to me. The numbers represent the intonation… it's certainly necessary to pronounce these notes by following the given intonation. said Carelle.
— I'll do it! said Masane.
— Stop! No way you'll bleed our eardrums once more! I suggest to let Carelle do it, it's she who found after all. » said Gédéon.
Carelle recited, with the good intonation and flats where it's necessary: « Fa, Fa Sol La Sol Fa, Do, La, Fa Do Ré Do, Do, Do, Si La Sol, Do, Fa »
Suddenly, the platform began to move. It vibrated more and more, and sank into the ground, first slowly, then faster and faster… The exit became inaccessible since it was now higher than the four adventurers.

Basile, Carelle, Masane and Gédéon meet in another circular room, with four huge doors that look very solid. Above each door is an inscription, still in that very ancient language that Carelle is struggling to decipher despite her resemblance to the ancient language she has studied. That's why she tries to translate letter by letter based on the words of the ancient language. Above one of the doors is written a word resembling a word of the ancient alphabet which means « the land ». But the word of the language present in this temple is shorter than that of the ancient alphabet. The last letter looks like a letter from the ancient alphabet that's the equivalent of the « A ». After reflection, Carelle thinks that this inscription which is above one of the doors means « Terra ». Above one of the other doors, similarly, another word's written which also has in common with a word of the ancient alphabet, which means « the water », but once again, the word written in the language present in all inscriptions of this temple is shorter. Carelle deduces that the word above this door means « Água ». Above another door, we find a very short word… Starting from the same method, we see a word that's similar to the word of the ancient alphabet meaning « the air », but once with more differences with this one. By using the same method, Carelle translates this word simply as « Ar ». Finally, above the last door, there's a word that, certainly, is the alphabet that Carelle doesn't know, but which is not unknown to her so much… It looks a lot like a word of the alphabet she had seen in the recess of Mount Couckme, which turned out to be the entrance to the cave leading to the temple where she and her companions are now. Carelle still continued to use the same method to translate the word of the alphabet she doesn't know, and finally translated into… « Vida »! This same word was used, in its variant of the ancient alphabet, to speak of a « vida wave » which would have links with the extinction of the primary era.

To summarise… above the different doors are the terms « Terra », « Água », « Ar » and « Vida » respectively.
« I suspect these words to be the names of the four divinities. And these doors must certainly lead us there. said Basile.
— Certainly, but… where do we start our research? There are four doors, so necessarily four paths, certainly very complex! I doubt that it's an easy thing. said Carelle.
— Well… we're four persons, right? So we could divide the tasks: each of us will take a different way. suggests Masane.
— But Masane… I'm not sure it's safe. The danger is omnipresent. Who knows what's waiting for us in these corridors? said Basile.
— Masane is right… it's the only way to be effective. Quit to take risks. Do not we all have a love of risk here? » said Carelle.
Gédéon said to Basile : « She speaks the truth. We've all experienced thrilling adventures, they're not beings who've a power of submission that'll scare us, well!
— You convinced me… We'll do like that! So who'll take which direction?
— I'm going to take the « Ar » door, since it's about the air… the air, that's inspires me, since I'm the only one of we four who has the ability to fly… well, to hovering now, after my nasty wound of a bit earlier.
— Since I've often been called down-to-earth, I'm going to take the « Terra », door, at least the choice is quick. dit Gédéon.
— I don't know what to choose between « Água » and « Vida »… I hesitate between the two. Well… I let Carelle choose, and I'll take the remaining way.
— Well, for me, it's « Vida » that inspires me the most, because this story of « vida wave » had already intrigued me much when we had seen it on the walls.
— Okey! Okey! So I'll take the door « Água », by elimination! »
Carelle kicked the four doors to open them, since obviously she alone is able to open the doors of this temple… Besides, Masane, Gédéon and Basile hope they'll not have any more doors to open, otherwise they could not move forward. Basile went down the hall behind the « Água » door, Carelle in the corridor behind the « Vida » door, Gédéon in the hallway behind the « Terra » door, and finally, Masane went to the hallway behind the « Ar » door.

Masane went to the end of the corridor… at that moment, he was facing a wall, in which there seemed to be a kind of trapdoor. Since there was no other way out, he decided to take the risk of entering. But against all odds, there was no « toboggan » as we used to see behind this kind of hatch, but simply… an another room. The hatch seemed to be used to isolate the air coming from this other room, because the air was very particular there. There was a particularly pleasant smell, but also indescribable. Masane also felt much lighter, as if the gravity was lower.
Masane says : « In what situation did I stuck myself? »
He was about to advance, when suddenly a winged and horned navisia appeared before him. Under his horn, his eyes showed an empty look, as if he was squinting. Masane was surprised, since navisias have disappeared for millennia. And the navisia didn't look very friendly.
« Who… are… you? said the navisia.
— Huh? You speak our language?
— We understand all the means of communication here… this is how we educated by our masters… Now, I ask you: who are you? And what are you doing in this sacred place? The Quadri-Temple is not supposed to be open to the first macaure come.
— My… my name is Masane, I'm a young macalite in search of adventure. Uh… I came to accompany my… uh…
— Accompany your what?
— Partner! Hem… I came to accompany your… uh… my partner, sorry…
— Your partner? And where is your partner?
— He's here… He's gone to another hallway…
— Well, then it will not be up to me to take care of it, since it is not in the area of Master Ar. Me, I am in charge of serving Master Ar. It is the only thing that makes sense to my life, he himself told me.
— But it's disgusting! This « Master Ar » washed your brain? Life can not be reduced to serving someone! Life is above all the most precious good we've. Life can't be complete without moments of pleasure, otherwise it's the suicide.
— Moments of pleasure? Who is it?
— Moments where we're happy… it's joy, happiness. The term « pleasure » also has a second meaning, but if you could already know the first, it'd be a good start.
— Sorry mister macaure… but my only goal in life is to serve Master Ar, and to protect him from all costs, even if it must be the last thing I will do. Consequently, I have no choice but to eliminate you, the only thing that would guarantee peace for my master. EN GARDE, MACAURE! »
It was then that a fight began between Masane and the navisia. The navisia attacked mainly in hand-to-hand combat, and Masane had to pay close attention to the horn of his opponent who could hurt him mortally. That said, Masane also had resources, with his S&B's always kept in reserve.

Meanwhile, Gédéon, who had gone towards the « Terra » corridor, was cautiously advancing straight ahead. At the end of the corridor was another room, where there was only one path. He was walking slowly, when suddenly he felt under his feet a soil less hard than the rock on which he had been walking until then. He looked at the ground, and surprise, it's grass! Besides, there is a smell of flowers everywhere in the room. It smells… nature! Suddenly, Gédéon heard a noise from a recess in the shade. He sees a round silhouette, with antennae and legs.
Gédéon says : « Masane, I know it's you! Get out of there! »
This figure comes out of the shadows, and turns so that its arms are visible. And there, Gédéon jumps with fear: this individual is not Masane because it is blue, and above all, he has an extra pair of arms!
Gédéon said then, trembling with fear: « Impossible… Macalites with 6 legs, it doesn'not exist! But then… it's not a macalite??? »
In reality, this individual is a macasiavore, a species of the category of « macaures », the latter being a priori the ancestors of macalites. The macasiavore is the only species of macaure to be carnivorous, and feeds on navisias. Suddenly, Gédéon felt a hand grab his right leg from behind. It was another macasiavore! Gédéon then jumped, and hit the macasiavore with his left leg, which freed him from it. He ran straight ahead to escape the two monsters, but he saw a dozen other macasiavores in front of him! Gédéon panics so… he decides to run in the opposite direction to return to the circular room from which he comes, but other macasiavores appeared from different corners, blocking the road.
Gédéon says: « No… It can't end like that… »
The macasiavores have gradually encircled Gédéon, who can no longer escape, and slowly approach him.
Gédéon then said : « I'll not let myself be done… en garde, despicable vermins! »
Suddenly, Gédéon received a blow to the head, and be passed out… and he found himself at the mercy of macasiavores. They tied him up and took him away… somewhere.

At the same time, Basile, who had entered the corridor « Água », go straight ahead, to finally come face to face with a kind of elevator without a door. He goes in, and sees two ropes, one tense, and the other that it's not. He decides to pull on the rope not stretched, at random, and nothing happens. So, he's trying to pull the other rope, and the lift has fallen with Basile in it! Basile finds himself in a room he finds beautiful. The ground seems to be crystal, and he sees water below. He sees beasts that look like macalites, but have fins in place of paws and wings. A strange species that Basile had never heard of. But it doesn't matter, since they're under the ground and don't look bad. The walls are of beige rock, and the ceiling seems invisible, we do not see it, as if the room rose to infinity. In front of Basile, there is still a way that leads straight to a small waterfall. He rushed towards the waterfall… he crossed the waterfall and landed in another room. But this room looks identical: a crystal floor that hides water, rock walls, an invisible ceiling, and a small waterfall at the bottom… Basile wanted to return to the previous room to see if he'd not missed another way or something like that… but when he turns to go back, he sees the elevator he's been coming through! In other words, he didn't change room, even though he was sure he had crossed the waterfall at the back of the room! He then decided to go back towards the waterfall, crossed it, and the same scenario is repeated! He finds himself at the entrance of the room. Basile has decided to repeat a third attempt. This time, he goes for it, and will continue running towards the waterfall without stopping, hoping that if he does this in a loop, something happens.
Basile, as he begins to run, shouts: « We'll see who's the strongest! »

And during this time, Carelle, who took the corridor « Vida », found herself surrounded, on her left as on her right, different skeletons belonging probably to the different species that lived on Nuibie and are today now extinct. That said, it doesn't prevent the hursian to go to the end of the corridor. Arrived at a comparatively large door, she knocks the door with her paw to open it, an almost familiar method by using it. Behind this door is a room where there is a huge sphere of crystal, apparently hollow. Behind this sphere is another door, very large too… but it seems locked by three seals. There's a blue seal, a green seal, and a pale yellow seal. For Carelle, obviously, these colours correspond respectively to Água, Terra and Ar. If this hypothesis is good, it'd mean that these three divinities would have done something in this wing of the Quadri-Temple which's nevertheless consecrated –in all likelihood in any case– to Vida.

blueyoshiegg Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It would seem that the gathering of all four protagonists was essential here ^^
In particular... solving all the puzzles and riddles needed to progress :)

I especially loved how it was all put together and also in the descriptions of the four mysterious rooms that each character had entered...
...all with varying results. It would seem that poor Gideon had the worst outcome... up to now anyway.

It'll certainly be interesting to see what lies in store for our intrepid adventurers now! :D
Tece-Artiste Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for reading my friend! :D

It's true that Gédéon has not been a great lucky since the beginning of the story. The worst is here: he was captured by carnivores that could potentially kill him and eat him. This is the pinnacle of bad luck. :/
blueyoshiegg Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:giggle: You're very welcome! ^^

:omg: .... poor Gideon.... :(
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