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ADAccueil by Tece-Artiste
:ukflag: by Kath602Ceci est la version anglaise d'Aventura Divino. Pour la version française, clique sur ce lien : Aventura Divino #7 (FR)

In the previous chapter…

Aventura Divino #6 (EN)
The atmosphere becomes more and more tense between Masane and Gédéon. The two rivals no longer bear each other and have come to blows, to the point that Gédéon has the clothes shredded by Masane. The latter, who had to clothing with a dress for lack of other clothes available, told Masane the story of the disappearance of his parents 24 years ago. At the same time, Basile and Carelle reached the place they were looking for, and are ready to explore the interior of Mount Couckme, which is surprisingly build out inside.

Chapter 7 – This is the seventh

Basile and Carelle are back in the famous corner of Mount Couckme, this time with all the equipment necessary to pierce the wall that rings hollow, and make their way to the source of the mysterious cry… After drilling a hole, the two hursians discover a cave that looks like a wide corridor. But it's dark, and that's why they took a lamp with them. This doesn't prevent them from having problems on the way. Indeed, Basile and Carelle have before them a lot of very strange creatures. These critters look like hursians… but they are not hursians, because they are much smaller than any hursian, and they have three pairs of legs instead of two. Moreover, these critters don't look very friendly, and crush is excluded, because they look solid despite their small size. Another problem: almost all the soil in front of Basile and Carelle is filled with these critters.

« I think we've no alternative but to avoid them, simply… Just walk where there's none… said Carelle.
— But there's everywhere! Look, even behind us it starts to get some!
Carelle and Basile begin to be encircled by these critters…
— We've no choice, we've to go for it, never mind if we hurt our feet if we had to walk on them… »
The two hursians were about to run, but the critters began to fall from the ceiling of the cave… they began to climb ON Basile and Carelle, struggling to clear them. They still manage to bring down the critters that were on them, and finally, they had no choice but to go straight ahead, gently… and arming themselves. Carelle always has her faithful telescopic dagger, carefully packaged in its box no less careful, she hides it where no one would be likely to search, or at least according to her… Basile, meanwhile, will rather play on the dodge and defensive. Finally, the two hursians managed to make their way through the critters, eliminating some of them, and avoiding others.

To their surprise, Basile and Carelle have discovered a door… it's a sign that someone has passed by here, the door can not be natural. On the other hand, this door has no handle, and the opening system isn't apparent, which suggests that this construction isn't of a known civilisation.
« I'm sure what we're looking for is there. Anyway, there's no other way, except to leave the cave… said Basile.
— Move out of the way… I'll tell this door what's the strongest.
— Do you want to charge into it? You… you lost your mind!
— No, I've never been so lucid!
Carelle steps back, and charge into the door… she hits once, then twice, then three times… then collapses!
— I told you it was not sensible.
— Because you've a better solution maybe? Carelle replies, annoyed.
— Yes… We always have our drilling equipment with us, I remind you just in case! »

Carelle gives herself a slap, exasperated of having forgotten the presence of the drilling equipment however just behind her. So, after that, the two hursians began to use their equipment on the door, but yet, the material will have been useless, since nothing has begun this door that seems unbreakable and impenetrable. Carelle, so pissed off, grumbles by kicking the door… And it's with this gesture quite stupid that the door opened! In fact, it was just a good kick well placed.
« So, we gave ourselves all this trouble for nothing! said Basile.
— Yes… but hey, at least, if we find other similar doors, we'll know how to open them! If we meet the person who designed this system, I ask him to settle it in my lair! »

Basile and Carelle are at the top of what seems to be a circular staircase. As there's no other way, they take this staircase, which is further proof that someone has been here and made a real construction of the place… and the two hursians were not at the end of their surprises, since at the bottom of this staircase was another door… Basile kicked, but nothing happened… he retried again and again, but nothing to do, it didn't open. After which Carelle tried in her turn… and the door is opened!
Basile then said: « It looks like the door only opens with YOUR paw… It's weird. »
Carelle didn't answer to that, and the two hursians crossed the threshold of the door that opened… and there, it was an unexpected shock!

Meanwhile, at Couturier-Ville, Masane and Gédéon have managed to find a second-hand helicopter, very hard to fly, but it's essential for Gédéon, who, as a hursian, has no wings, unlike Masane. They took off to go in the same direction that had been taken by the micro-super plane a few hours earlier. They hope to find this same micro-super plane, which must have landed somewhere in the vicinity… after half an hour of research, the two rivals (or former rivals?) have finally found the micro-super plane, near a corner that has turned out to be the entrance to a cave.

« No doubt, this is where they went… it was you who were right Masane, there's obviously no honeymoon here. It's a shame, I'm sure they'd have formed a great couple. Basile the shy and effeminate boy, with Carelle, the outlaw, the strong girl… Gédéon said sadly.
— All right, huh. You'll not regret that Basile didn't fall in love with a person like Carelle, all the same.
— You really don't like Carelle… I understand you, she tried to kill you… but me, I wanted to put you offside more than once, and yet, look, we are together right now, no?
— But you, it's not the same. You're Basile's brother.
— Ah, and what does it change? Is it because I'm Basile's brother that you don't hate me as much as Carelle?
— But no it's not that… It's that you, you're his brother, and suddenly, you're not going to be in love with him! You understand me ?
— No, I don't understand you… You're totally unclear in your words. Of course I'm not going to be « in love with him », but I've brotherly love for him. I love him more than anyone else, and he knows it very well. But you can't admit it and it annoys you.
— Oh no, you're not going to be jealous of my friendship with Basile anyway.
— No, I'm not jealous. I'm just saying the truth. And the different moments that you and I spent together taught me to know you. I understand that if you hate Carelle, it's not because she tried to kill you, no, that's a minor detail for an adventurer like you… if you hate her, it's because you knew that Basile had not remained indifferent to her charm. Now, you've always wanted to keep him for yourself, and me, his brother, I also paid for it by being isolated from him.
— Also? How also?
— I'm coming to that! When we went together towards the Couckme Valley, you wanted to take with you some clothes of Basile… but, you said you do not know the contents of the suitcase of « reserve in case of crisis » of Basile. But in this case, why did you bring this suitcase rather than another one that would be completely full of clothes? You knew the contents of this suitcase because YOU had already searched it, well before the beginning of this whole story! You had searched BEFORE the arrest of Carelle! You knew it contained my mother's dress, so you took that suitcase away from any other because YOU like to see Basile when he dresses up as a girl! It only have to see the dreamy look that you had when you saw me go out of the bathroom part of our hotel room dressed with this dress that I'm currently wearing. I'm sure that at that moment you imagined Basile's head instead of mine! And « Super-Nasame », the one who helped the guardian of the peace to arrest Carelle, I'm sure it was YOU! Before Carelle's arrest, you and Basile were the only ones who knew that she had tried to eliminate you during your adventure five years ago when you had eradicated the clan of the Tévéhèss. »
Masane is so struck by these declarations that he loses his voice…
Gédéon finishes: « My conclusion is that from the beginning, you have done everything to keep Basile's affection for you alone. Consequently, when you suspected that Basile had a crush on Carelle after discovering the pictures in the famous suitcase, you did everything to put the latter out of play. And it's because of your obsession to want to have the monopoly of the affection of Basile that he ended up cracking the other night in the library! ADMITS THAT I SAY THE TRUTH! »
Masane, at first silent, ends up talking: « I admit to being defeated… You've totally dismantled all my lies…
— I'm a hursian of honour, Masane. I'll not leave you here at the foot of Mount Couckme. I'll come with you to this cave, but it's not to help you realise your foolish plans. It's only because I'm scared for my brother, I'm afraid he'll endanger himself in this cave.
— I'm sorry… Gédéon…
— It's too late to be sorry. You've acted badly since the beginning. »
Gédéon takes a lamp and is about to enter the cave first and then says: « When we find Basile and we return to Sarteville, I'll tell him all that. I see no other solution.
— Oh no… Please… Don't tell him that. If you tell him that, he'll never want to talk to me again, and… I'll not get over it. I beg you.
— Well… I accept it to remain our secret. I accept because I don't like to pose as a breaker of friendships… Nevertheless, I impose a condition for you for keep the secret.
— Yes, whatever you want…
— From this day, you'll cease any move to remove my brother from those to whom he'd be likely to attach. Basile loves you very much, I know it only too well, perhaps even more than you. He'll forgive you the selfish behavior that you've had so far… if you put an end to it and you redeem yourself.
— Thank you Gédéon… You're really… a true hursian of honour.
— Well… On this, let's go see this cave, I feel that Basile and Carelle are not far from us. They're very close, I'm sure! At 200%! »
So, Masane and Gédéon went to the cave to follow the same way as Basile and Carelle… and like the last two, they had some problems with the famous critters. Fortunately, Masane has on him a whole stock of S&B's, enough to finish very quickly with the critters.

At the same time, a little lower, Basile and Carelle found themselves in a huge room, totally furnished, which doesn't look like a cave at all, but rather a vast circular temple.
Basile then says: « How is this possible? Only an army of workers could build a development of such sweep in such a solid mountain! »
Carelle was silent, and looked at the height. There were four symbols representing a stylised sun, with eight branches, but the first was green, the second was blue, the third was pale yellow, and the fourth, which was isolated, opposite the second, was black and white.
« These symbols… there are four of them, like the four divinities! I don't believe in coincidences, or at least not when they are so blatant. » said the female hursian.
After looking at what Carelle was talking about, Basile decided to inspect the ground he found strange. The fact that it was cracked was not abnormal because the place, obviously, was not built recently. On the contrary, it looks very old… Basile's question was rather the presence of a hole in the shape of a circular line, which surrounded most of the floor of the room, just circular too.
« Carelle, I think the ground we're on is mobile, but I don't know what would make it move… »

Both hursians observed everywhere, but didn't find any mechanism that'd be connected to the ground. Suddenly, two more people entered the room after going down the stairs: Masane and Gédéon!
« Masane ? Gédéon ? You, here? And Gédéon, what are you doing dressed with this dress? I put it in a suitcase reserve in case of crisis! said Basile.
— Well… originally, I wanted to save you because I thought you had been kidnapped by Carelle… and so, I was worried about you. dit Masane.
— And me, I'm here, because your dear friend involved me in there… and on top of that, he shredded my clothes. But… Basile…
— Basile… behind you… »
Basile doesn't understand why Masane and Gédéon call him to turn… But when he turns, he sees Carelle, almost paralysed, with her head down, hiding her eyes. At the same time, her medallion around it neck changes colour intermittently, from red to green, then from green to red, and so on… pto finally turn red. Basile thinks about his last night at the hotel and says to himself: « So, her medallion changes colour… so when I saw her green locket after our first night at the hotel and I thought it was red the day before, I was not mistaken! It must have been really so, and turned green at night! »

When the locket is fixed in red, Carelle pulls out her telescopic dagger, brandishes it with her left hand, and drives towards Masane.
« REVENGE! she said shouting.
— No! Carelle, don't do that! said Basile, who tried to intercept her. »
Carelle jostles Basile and continues her way. Masane then prepares for the defense, and pulls a flood of S&B's on the hand of Carelle. It didn't hurt, but Masane just wanted Carelle to drop her dagger, and it did. But Carelle was quick to get up and resume her dagger. The two are preparing to actually start fighting in the centre of the room, under the amazed eyes of the two twin brothers, helpless, and especially scared face Carelle who seems to be again the cold and murderous girl she was are still a few days ago.
« Since the time I'm waiting for this moment… said Carelle to Masane.
— Approach a little! You'll not beat me that easily! »
Carelle rushes on Masane, and a fierce fight follows. But the two are so good at attacking AND defending themselves that none of them really hurt the other… until Carelle succeed to literally skew Masane's wings with her dagger. Masane screamed in pain, but immediately responded with a punch of all his strength right in the belly of her enemy, who found herself to the floor.

« Masane! Carelle! Oh no… Gédéon, go get the baggage hold of the micro-super plane… take the entire hold! There must be enough to deal with their wounds, well, I hope. » Basile said.
The latter approaches Masane, lying face down… He takes S&B's to this one to give them to Gédéon so that the latter can pass the famous corridor with strange bugs. He grabs Carelle's dagger, which is still stuck in Masane's wings, and then withdraws it slowly, hoping not to hurt him too much. Basile spoke softly to Masane, to reassure him. A few minutes later, Gédéon came back, the hold of the micro-super plane in his arms, and found all it takes to cure Masane. But he'll never be able to fly again… Carelle, for her part, is less in pain, she's only fainted after having received the violent punch of Masane. Her locket turned green again, and finally, she wakes up after a few minutes. Basile helped her up. He told her the events that happened when her locket was red, because she seems to have forgotten everything.
« I… have a bad weakness. I don't like to be bad. Basile knows it, I already told him everything… But I've an evil spirit that haunts me, I can't part with it.. said Carelle.
— Still, it will be necessary that you separate you from it! Masane answers.
— Masane, with a few days, I got to know Carelle… and she's not so bad as you might think. It's while being nice to her that she was able to reveal to me all her most beautiful face.
— Her most beautiful face??? What do you mean? asks Gédéon.
— Well… when she's in « kind mode » sort of…
— Oh damn… Well… Uh… I meant, damn it that we could not see her as kind at the start, well.
— Gédéon… What you say doesn't mean anything… said Basile.
— Uh… Yes, you're right… Sorry.
— Basile taught me to get the upper hand on my dark side… but it was the fact of having seen Masane who reminded me of bad memories… and that made me become bad again. Now it's better… But chase my bad side this way… it's painful! »
At the same time as she speaks, Carelle is massing the place where Masane had hit her, because obviously, she still has a little pain. After these events, Basile told Masane and Gédéon why he came with Carelle to this place. He explained what he and Carelle are looking for, as well as all they have experienced since their arrival here, including the episode of the wave that failed to drown them. Finally, Masane and Gédéon joined Basile and Carelle in their quest to find the four divinities.

So, the adventure of Basile and Carelle becomes the adventure of Basile, Carelle, Masane and Gédéon, for the best, and especially for the worst…

blueyoshiegg Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:giggle: That was certainly a strange and yet very interesting occurrence there, with regards to the fact that the doors in the cave could only be opened by Carelle... despite Basile giving his best attempts to open them himself! :D

Events certainly got tense once all four characters we're regrouped together in the strange room.
A great display of Carelle's bipolarity... and while they all seem to have made a truce... I wonder if it's going to last :)

Another great chapter here, my friend~ :clap:
Tece-Artiste Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Some things are and will remain unexplained in this story, to keep some mystery and everyone can create theories. :3 Indeed, this chapter shows how Carelle can have mood swings with disastrous consequences. Here, she seriously injured Masane in a permanent way.

Thank you anyway, dear friend. :)
blueyoshiegg Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hehee~ yeah, it's always good to try and keep the audience guessing what happens next! :giggle:

:aww: You're very welcome too, pal ^^ :handshake:
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