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Aventura Divino - Logo 6 by Tece-Artiste
:ukflag:Ceci est la version anglaise d'Aventura Divino. Pour la version française, clique sur ce lien : Aventura Divino #6 (FR)

In the previous chapter…

While Masane and Gédéon still could not find the trace of Basile and Carelle, the latter two went towards Mount Couckme to try to find this famous « corner » mentioned in the history books (see chapter 1) where the 4 divinities would have been hiding since the end of the primary era.

Chapter 6 – Drawings and pains

Basile reviewed the drawings of which a photo was present on the book. Carelle, meanwhile, was rather fixed on the inscriptions below. But that's when Basile and Carelle came across a large inscription that had not been photographed for the book. This inscription was written in the same ancient language as that presented under the drawings. After translation of the inscription, this is what Carelle, who studied this language, understood:
« The flying beasts die one after the other since the vida wave. They don't reproduce anymore. The balls with antennae don't lay since the vida wave. They don't reproduce anymore. For us who eat flying beasts and eggs of balls with antennae, our turn will come, we'll all die, because of the vida wave. »
« Flying beasts, balls with antennae, a vida wave… what can it be? Carelle asked Basile.
— When this person wrote « flying beasts », maybe he's talking about our navisias ancestors, some of whom had wings. And the « balls with antennae » must surely be macaures, the ancestors of macalites. On the other hand, the « vida wave », I don't see what it can be…
— Yes, this « vida wave » is mentioned three times… a priori, this wave seems to have a relationship with the extinction of the primary era.
— But there's something wrong with this story: WHO could write that? Is there a species we don't know? According to the scientists, the species of the primary era were all herbivores… So that would mean that at the time of the primary era, there would be carnivores?
— Well… it seems that yes. »

For Basile and Carelle, there's no doubt that it's here, in this corner of Mount Couckme, that the secret of the four divinities is found… they searched everywhere, but found nothing else interesting. Basile, desperate, then said: « Nothing to do, there's nothing else here that allows us to move forward… »

Suddenly, the two hursians heard a cry coming from one of the walls of the corner… and this cry is not unknown to Carelle: it's the same cry that she heard at Lake Preto before the monstrous wave. This cry has little tunes to laugh crazy psychopath, which does not reassure Basile. Carelle, more posed, approached a wall of this corner of the mountain…

« As incredible as it sounds… the cry came from here.
— Here? Impossible, there's a wall, and no apparent entrance! »

Carelle strikes the wall with all her strength, and says: « It sounds hollow… Basile, I think we found a new track. You've to go back to the micro-super boat…
— What? Go back there? But why?
— We'll have to dive in Preto Lake, and find the reservoir. We must go back to Couturier-Ville to get some equipment to pierce this wall. And… I know what are the risks of diving in this lake, but we've no choice!
— I see the idea… but without wanting to be defeatist, it'll be almost impossible to find such a small reservoir in a lake so vast, especially since it flooded a whole part of the Couckme Valley.
— You're right… But then how? »

Basile thinks… and suddenly, he finds an idea: « If we can't rely on the original tank, well I'll make one… Don't forget that I'm an accomplished mechanic! »
Carelle was pretty seduced by the idea… so, the two hursians went back to the micro-super boat, and Basile made a new tank for it. At the same time, Carelle handed over the machine in its airplane form, and thus became again the micro-super airplane. Basile finished the tank « homemade », so he went to Preto Lake to fill it with water, being obviously very careful, after what had happened the day before when Carelle wanted to fill the original tank. So, Basile decided to fill the tank as quickly as possible, and run as fast as possible to the micro-super plane in order to connect the tank to the machine, and take off as soon as possible. Alas, after Basile filled the tank, he stumbled on a rock when he ran toward the micro-super airplane. Yet that didn't change much: this time there was no cry or wave. Basile and especially Carelle didn't understand why this time, there was no problem in « taking » water for the tank, but the bottom line is that in the end, they can take off. Thus, knowing the way now, they can go towards Couturier-Ville, just as they can return to the corner of Mount Couckme once they've acquired all the necessary equipment.

Meanwhile, at Couturier-Ville precisely, Masane and Gédéon are still stuck, not knowing where to go. Naturally, they've no idea that Basile and Carelle are on their way home. While the two rivals are in their hotel room, Masane is looking at a map of the area to locate the place, but nothing indicates where this corner is… Meanwhile, Gédéon was plunged into comics, lying on the bed.

« Damn… If I had listened to Basile until the end, I'd have known where he's right now… but… but damn it! said Masane to Gédéon.
— Take all your time, I'm not in a hurry… it gives me time to read the complete collection of « Lechef and Aufort Adventures »… It's better than wanting to interrupt the honeymoon of two young lovers.
— I remind you that this love story between Basile and that ugly Carelle, it exists only in your head!
— …said the guy who pretended to be Basile's boyfriend to « the only girl with whom he feels really comfortable »!
— Oh that's enough, it's not worth it to add!
— It's all the good taste of my subtle humour! »

Masane can't stand it any longer and he crack. He throws himself on Gédéon and the two rivals began to fight… Masane first knocked down and then pressed Gédéon against the ground holding him by his shoulders, but he fought back by giving a leg kick right of Masane. After that, with a roll, it's Masane who finds himself on the ground and Gédéon above. He gives slaps to Masane, but at the end of the fifth slap, the latter releases his left hand, takes the hand that Gédéon used to slam it, and bites violently the hand in question… Gédéon howls with pain, but retaliates once again by pulling on the left antenna of Masane with his hand which was not touched… Masane succeeds still to take again the top, and it is again Gédéon which is found pressed against the ground. By dint of beating Gédéon, the macalite gradually tears the clothes of him. But Gédéon then takes over, and the roles have continued to be reversed again and again…

At the same time, in the micro-super plane, which approached the Couturier-Ville airstrip, Carelle is at the controls of the craft, and Basile is at her side.
« Basically, I'm glad we've so much time to find what we're looking for… like that, the pleasure of being in your company can last! said Carelle.
— Carelle… When we come back to Sarteville, will you show me your beautiful apartment? »
Carelle, who begins to land, doesn't respond to Basile at first, but she didn't hesitate to flaunt a malicious smile as a reaction, before saying: « You know Basile… I don't living in apartment!
— Oh… ok. »

The two hursians land at Couturier-Ville, without knowing that Masane and Gédéon are at the hotel to fight at the same time. But it doesn't matter, Basile and Carelle do not expect to drag on anyway. They bought equipment to explore Mount Couckme, as well as provisions for food at their next encampments. That's how they left almost as fast as they came.

Meanwhile, at the hotel, Masane is pretty bad, and Gédéon has almost no clothes so his clothes were shredded by Masane. Yet both rivals are happy.
Gédéon said to Masane: « It was excellent! Of all the moments we spent together, this one was the best!
— You're right! It was great. We'll have to start again! »
Suddenly, Masane sees, through the window of the hotel, a plane taking off from the runway: it was the micro-super plane!
« Gédéon, look at the plane over there, it's the one in which that ugly Carelle forced Basile to rise when she kidnapped him!
— But then… does that mean they were there? They were there… while we were fighting?
— At least, it allows us to know where they left… they went to the nearest place of Mount Couckme. From now on, we know where to go!
— But… I can't go anywhere in this state: I'm almost naked!
— Oh yes, that's problem… what can we do? »

Suddenly, Masane have an idea: he remembered that among the luggage he had brought with him, there was a suitcase belonging to Basile, the so-called suitcase of « reserve in case of crisis », that Basile kept in case he has to go somewhere in urgency. Masane had brought it with him because he had said to himself that once he had found Basile, the two friends could take advantage of it to spend some holidays near Mount Couckme…
« I don't know what this suitcase contains, I never dared to open it, but maybe there's a suit that could be used as a change of clothes. You and Basile are the same size. »
— Yes… I hope there is something in there… »
Masane searches the suitcase, Gédéon looks… and finally, it turns out that a clothe is inside… it looks like a black dress!
« It looks like a dress… of girl! But no doubt, it's a dress for hursian, because we macalites, have nothing else than hats for extravagance dress. » said Masane.
Gédéon asks to see what is this outfit that Basile took with him, because even if he never saw Basile wearing it, it's not unknown to him…
« It's… It was my mother's favorite dress… said Gédéon.
— Your mother… and so the mother to Basile too… but why does it take this outfit in this « reserve in case of crisis » ? »

Gédéon thinks… and finally says: « Yes, it's coming back to me! When we were childrens, I remember saying I wanted to look like our father, while Basile said he wanted to look like our mother. And… from memory, Basile likes to dress with girls' outfits from time to time. So… that means that…
— That means he likes to dress with your mother's outfit!
— Hem… But you who has seen so much, you've already seen dressed in this outfit?
— No… But I remember he often spoke of an outfit he reserved for special occasions. But he didn't say what kind of « special occasions » he was referring to.
— But… I can't get dressed with that, so!
— Well… I think it's that or nothing. You can't go out with your current outfit, it's all shredded! »

Gédéon, not without reluctances as hard as steel, resolves to accept… he goes into the bathroom side of the hotel room, to change himself… And so, it's a Gédéon « new look » that Masane saw coming out of the bathroom. In such an outfit, Gédéon looked a lot like his mother… with one difference: since Basile and Gédéon's mother was taller than her twin sons, Gédéon found himself in a somewhat too big outfit for him… but it was that or a shredded outfit.

Masane said to Gédéon : « Say, before leaving… if we looked at what else is in the suitcase? We could find some cool stuff!
— You want to delve into Basile's goods? Curiosity is a bad thing, Masane! »
But Gédéon thought back to the ambiguous relationship between Masane and Basile. So, he said to himself that perhaps in this suitcase, there might be some things that might reassure him, somehow… So finally, he agreed. The two rivals, curious as they're, began to search the suitcase. Inside, they found a clutch of newspaper clippings: an article about the reconversion of one of the « Macalandie heroes » in the sale of saled pies… but most of all, there were a lot of pictures of Carelle from research notices and the article that was devoted to his capture by guardians of peace and the anonymous super-hero « Super-Nasame ». The presence of all these pictures of Carelle was not to please Masane, but the two rivals continued to search the suitcase… and they saw a sort of resealable frame. Gédéon opened the frame… and found an old picture that included Basile and Gédéon… but also their parents.

Gédéon, with tears in his eyes, said: « Those we see above are our parents… my father's name was Thales, and my mother's name was Barbara. When I see the date of the picture, I deduce that this picture was taken shortly before their death… Basile and I were only 4 years old…
— But how're they dead?
— It was summer… My father, who was an experienced mechanic like my brother and I, was studying plans for a project that was important to him, as he had done every night for several weeks already. He said that it was a machine that'd allow us to have a better life and to escape the oppression of the Tévéhéss, who treated us like inferiors… That evening, people knocked on our door, my mother opened, and saw macalites wearing hats with the badge of the Tévéhèss clan. They had weapons in their hands, and were looking for my father. They had gone to him, and they asked him to follow him. My mother had begged them not to hurt him… The macalites had told her to shut up. Once the macalites were gone with my dad, my mother asked us to go to our bedroom and leave it under no pretext. Even if we were only 4 years old, we were pretty staid for see that something was going wrong…
— But what happened next?
— Basile and I had gone up to our desk to see through the window what happened… we didn't see our mother, but we saw the two macalites with my father. They had gone to an lane in front of the house, quite in the shade… but we clearly saw our father being beaten by the two macalites… they beat him until death followed… After that, the two macalites left, leaving my father's dead body where they killed him. Basile and I… had attended, certainly by far, but attended anyway, at the death of our father… said Gédéon, crying.
— But… but… and your mother, what happened to her?
— We broke our mother's order and we went back to the entrance… but the door was open, and our mother was not there. In tears, we was called her… but nothing to do, she didn't answer. We never saw her again after that. And the dead body of my father had disappeared too… This black night traumatised us, Basil and me… »

Gédéon, instinctively, plunged into Masane's arms crying… the latter was in shock, he saw in Gédéon a being with a heart of stone… this scene showed him that the truth was different. Masane naturally allows Gédéon to embrace him crying.

The latter then said: « Well… we'll put all of Basile's things in his suitcase, now that I've a spare coat, as feminine so be it. »
Masane and Gédéon put all of Basile's belongings in the suitcase. As they were getting ready to leave the hotel room, Gédéon said: « So, let's go? »
Masane answers: « I'm ready! Let's go back to search and find Basile and Carelle! »

blueyoshiegg Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really do admire Gedeon's sense of humour! Particularly the part where he says:
"It's better than wanting to interrupt the honeymoon of two young lovers"
That was obviously going to put Masane in a bad mood! :XD: Poor Macalite ^^

The section regarding the suitcase (Reserve in case of crisis) was certainly surprising too!
I never would have expected it to contain a female's outfit! :D

That was quite a shocking backstory that Basile and Gedeon have... regarding the death/disappearance
of their parents... :( Even though Gedeon has a bit of a dislike toward Masane, it was rather sweet
of him to offer Masane a hug :happycry: :)

Another great chapter, my friend~! :clap: Sorry I've not been reading them any sooner ^^;
Things have been quite busy for me lately! :D I'll read Chapter 7 and 8 soon, hopefully ^^
Tece-Artiste Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Masane may be right when he tells Gédéon that the romance between Basile and Carelle doesn't exist. Meow :3 Already, we don't even know if Basile loves girls or not (on his character card, his sexual preference is not defined), so it remains unresolved. The only certainty is that he still manages to get along with a girl who is his enemy at the base.
Basile Citrus - His character card by Tece-Artiste
The void below the mention "hair colour" is normally the location of the mention of sexual preference.

Regarding Gédéon, his reaction is rare, because he not only doesn't like Masane, but moreover, he's not the type to cuddle, even if it's a hursian with a heart of gold. :)
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