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Aventura Divino - Logo Val4 by Tece-Artiste
:ukflag:Ceci est la version anglaise d'Aventura Divino. Pour la version française, clique sur ce lien : Aventura Divino #4 (FR)

In the previous chapter…

While Basile and Carelle arrived at the foot of Mount Couckme and began to prepare their future quest to find traces of the 4 divinities of Nuibie, Masane and Gédéon went in the same direction to save Basile… well, this is what Masane says, who remains convinced that the outlaw is preparing a plan against Basile.

Chapter 4 – The beginning of the expedition

It's early morning in Couturier-Ville. Basile wakes up first, and hears a voice from Carelle… yet she sleeps and does not speak. This voice comes from his heart… literally!

This voice said to Basile: « Basile, Basile Citrus… My name is Carelle… and I'm a prisoner…
— Huh? What's that ? Carelle, are you ventriloquist or what?
— No, don't wake me, please Basile… I'll explain what's going on. I've had sinister events in the past… my personality has split in two, good and bad. And… the bad has taken over… Me, the one you hear, I'm the good side of Carelle, but for years, I almost only live by telepathy. When I saw you, I immediately felt that you could allow me to regain the upper hand, and to become again what I was…
— But… how can I do?
— You were so nice to me yesterday… despite my bad side. I felt this one weaken considerably last night. If you continue like this, it would be the right way to… »
Carelle wakes up… and yells: « SHUT UP! »

Faced with such a scene, Basile can only be stunned… But for all that, despite the strangeness of the thing, he believes in this… he believed in the sincerity of this voice.
Carelle said to Basile: « I wake up out of sorts this Morning… the day starts badly. It doesn't bode well for all that. »

The few events didn't prevent Basile and Carelle from going towards Mount Couckme. The micro-super plane of Carelle can turn into an all-terrain vehicle, the two hursians have used it to go to the famous corner where the drawings of the divinities, in the hope of finding ways to find a road that would lead to the place where the divinities would be located since the extinction of the primary era.

Meanwhile, Masane and Gédéon are trudging on a small country road, towards a city where they could find a machine allowing them to reach Couturier-Ville quickly. Eventually, they at last arrive at Jarrité, an average town where a helicopter would be available.
Jarrité is a city at once rival and great friend of Couturier-Ville. Unlike the latter, it's populated mainly by macalites. It's half an hour away from Couturier-Ville… and when Masane and Gédéon learn this, they're immediately more reassured. So, the two rivals were content to take a small bus to go to Couturier-Ville. Eventually, Masane and Gédéon finally arrived at Couturier-Ville. Finally, Masane noticed the presence of a hotel. He went there with Gédéon to ask if Basile and Carelle were seen. To show who're the people who're wanted, Masane brought with him a picture of Basile in a heart-shaped frame, and a photo of Carelle coming from a wanted notice.

« Yes, I saw them both. It's funny, they seemed very tense when they arrived yesterday, they were almost tense, while when they left this morning, they were much more relaxed, I even saw the girl make eyes at the little guy. But I think the guy didn't realise it. But why do you show me their picture, do you know them? says the boss of the hotel.
— Because they're left? asks Masane.
— Well, they left saying they'd come back later, but they were not sure they'd spend the night at the hotel, maybe sleeping under the stars.
— And you know WHERE they left?
— No, and even if I knew it, I'd not have said anything. I'll not reveal the coming and goings of my customers to the first comers!
— Well, anyway, they looked happy, didn't they? asks Gédéon.
— This, yes. As I told you, they seem to get along very well. About this, no problem. »

Gédéon then said to Masane: « Well, the case is settled, Basile is fine. Let's go to Sarteville.
— Not so fast! It'll not be said that this filth will hoodwink my best friend. She has an hidden idea, that's for sure!
— Well… okay, if it makes you happy… »

Gédéon rented a room at the hotel Cookie… and this time it's a room with two single beds, not like in the hostel of the neighboring town! After, for Masane and Gédéon, a problem remains: where can they go? They don't know where Basile and Carelle are supposed to go…

In fact, during this time, Basile and Carelle are on the road aboard the micro-super plane Carelle, become micro-super automobile after transformation. The two hursians are almost halfway when it's out of fuel. Basile asks Carelle how to do it... but luckily, the micro-super automobile only needs a little water to be able to work, and by chance, it's found that next to Mount Couckme is Preto Lake, a vast lake which, it seems, was the privileged place of swimming for the four divinities when they lived at the foot of Mount Couckme... The water is hot but not too, the ideal temperature for a swim. Yet the people of Couturier-Ville, which is right next door, never come to this almost paradise place. Don't they want to go... or is there another reason we don't know? Would this be a place reserved for the divinities? One thing is certain in any case, Carelle intends to use a little of water from this lake for her micro-super automobile. After all, it's not far from where the micro-super automobile wedged: from where they're, Basile and Carelle clearly see the lake... it'll just do a little walking!

Basile asks Carelle: « Are you sure it'll work? This lake seems to me… unusual. We should look for another water point.
— But trust me. And then anyway, there's no other water point on the horizon. I'm going to take the tank and I'm going to refuel… So, are you coming?
— Uh… I'd rather wait for you here, near the micro-super automobile. »

Carelle goes alone to fetch water from the lake… While Basile, he seems rather dreamy. He thinks of Masane. His thought is divided between a lack of one side, because at heart, it's his best friend… and on the other hand, he thinks about the episode of the library, where he had judged that Masane not interested enough in his passions. Basile is so busy in his thoughts that he's dreaming while be awake, nearly.
A little further down the road, Carelle arrived at the edge of Preto Lake, with the small tank in her hand. She squats and prepares to plunge the tank into the water to fill it… when a shout sounds.

Carelle turns around and yells: « Basile, is it you? »

But Basile doesn't answer… because he has fallen asleep! So obviously, it was not Basile who shouted that cry. Suddenly, Carelle has the impression that the sky darkens... but when she turns, she has a vision of horror: a huge wave suddenly appeared, and is about to "close" on she. Carelle takes the tank in hand and runs towards the micro-super automobile, shouting in turn. Carelle's cry was able to wake up Basile… who doesn't understand at first, before turning around and seeing Carelle running towards him… and seeing that a monstrous wave is chasing her. Basile, panicked doesn't understand how such a phenomenon may be possible. Carelle, for her part, runs fast, thankfully... and she ends up jumping on the micro-super automobile, and presses a button to transform the machine again. This time it becomes a micro-super boat.

Carelle said to Basile: "Hang on to your seat, it'll shake.
— Ok… but since the wave goes on us… we'll drown!!!
— No, we'll not be drowned… hold your breath a few seconds after the wave closes on us, and the micro-super boat will propel itself to come back to the surface. Trust me!
— Carelle… I wanted to tell you something…
— I tell you we'll survive… »

And the wave swept away Basile and Carelle and flooded a good part of the valley. After that, there seems to be no trace of the two hursians.

Meanwhile, in Couturier-Ville, Masane and Gédéon are interviewing townspeople, always showing them pictures of Basile and Carelle.
« It's useless, it's been 2 hours we go round on round in circles to ask everyone if Basile and Carelle would have been seen, and it's been 2 hours we've no positive answer. It's best give up… I'm sure they're doing very well now. said Gédéon.
— No… Well, you know what, we'll go where we could find a photocopier, and we'll do a double of the pictures of Basile and Carelle. That way, we can separate and be more efficient. What do you think?
[The time for thought for Gédéon...]
— It's okay with me. Let's go back to the hotel, they must have the necessary equipment for that! »

Masane and Gédéon go to the hotel, and indeed, the manager has a photocopier in his office. He kindly agreed to double the pictures of Basile and Carelle. In the case of Basile, Masane had to temporarily remove the picture from the heart-shaped frame… only the time to make the photocopy, of course. After that, the manager of the hotel gave Masane the original photos and photocopies, Masane handed the picture of Basile in its assigned frame, and he gave the photocopies to Gédéon.

Once out of the hotel, Gédéon said: « Well, I propose me to continue the search in this neighborhood, and you'll go look in the other neighborhood a little further south. Okay?
— Okay! Well, I like you when you're more cooperative! »

Masane leaves in the southern district of Couturier-Ville with his two photos… and immediately after Masane left, Gédéon put the photos in an inside pocket of his jacket, went to a bar in front of the hotel Cookie, and rested in drinking a coffee and reading a comic.

Gédéon said to himself: « I'll not get bother to keep looking for my brother. Every time, he managed to seduce Miss Scandiberrie, and he shares a honeymoon with her… For once he finds someone, I not will disturb him! »

Meanwhile, under the water of Preto Lake, a small boat and two silhouettes of hursians distinguishes… and finally, propelled to the surface by the micro-super boat, Basile and Carelle head out of the water!

« We're alive… We're alive!
— I told you to trust me, Basile.
— But what was it? This wave was not natural… besides, there are no waves here, normally. Otherwise we'd have noticed from the start, right?
— It's really Strange… I'm sure this wave is related to the cry I heard just before.
— The cry? What cry?
— Yes, while you were sleeping, there was a cry from... somewhere, I don't know where. At first I thought he was coming from the lake, but it's impossible, so I thought it was you… but it was not you. And the wave was created right after that cry.
— And if that cry, it was a cry like… from beyond? If it was a message from any of these divinities… That would mean that they do exist, and that in other words, we didn't come here for nothing!
— Possible… but then, in the immediate future, we'll have to row with our arms to swim to the nearest land, because I remind you that the engine is dry… and I don't see land to the horizon, now that the whole valley seems to have been flooded.
— I propose that we continue to go straight, towards Mount Couckme. It'd be too stupid to backtrack now.
— I agree... but on the other hand, since we're swimming, I'd not be surprised if we had to sleep under the stars... fortunately, our equipment was protected in the hold of the micro-super boat, we didn't lose everything when the wave took place. »

And this is how Basile and Carelle swam towards Mount Couckme without much trouble, thankfully. But it's still not easy: the two hursians don't see any land on the horizon, and swimming with the arms becomes inevitably arduous and difficult after a while.

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blueyoshiegg Featured By Owner May 10, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Quite an interesting introduction to the chapter here... displaying
Carelle's Jekyll/Hyde personality which has been mentioned in past deviations.

Another interesting and fascinating chapter here~ :clap: ^^
The part that gripped me the most...was the scene at the lake.
That huge wave must have been some sort of sign from the Second Divinity...

Hmm... wonder what sort of adventures they'll get up to next! :D
(I'll continue to read it soon :))
Tece-Artiste Featured By Owner May 11, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Some paranormal phenomena on Nuibie remain unexplained. The origin of this wave can indeed come from one of the divinities. But for what purpose? Kill Basile and Carelle? Or test their endurance? Or just scare them?

Who knows? :3

If the next publication interests you, know that besides the chapters 5, 6 and 7 which are already published as you probably know, the chapter 8 will normally be published next Wednesday, and the 9 will be published, hopefully, June 2nd. ;)
blueyoshiegg Featured By Owner May 11, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yep~ that's the interesting part of it all! The unknown~ :D

I've still got #5, #6 and #7 to read~ So, I'll hopefully get to those very soon :)
Really enjoying this story so far, pal ^^
DoubleDandE Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2018   General Artist
What a strange wave, what a tale of things yet to come. 
Tece-Artiste Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Free to you to imagine the origin of the wave. ;)
DoubleDandE Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2018   General Artist
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