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Aventura Divino - Logo 3 by Tece-Artiste
:ukflag:Ceci est la version anglaise d'Aventura Divino. Pour la version française, clique sur ce lien : Aventura Divino #3 (FR)

In the previous chapter…

While spending a night at the hotel run by his brother Gédéon after an quarell with Masane, Basile was kidnapped by the outlaw Carelle Scandiberrie, who had disguised herself as a policeman to tender him a trap. The outlaw then proposed to Basile to join her in her quest to find traces of the nuibian divinities. Basile accepted the proposal of the outlaw, and went towards Mount Couckme, much to the dismay of his friend Masane who vainly tried to "save" him from Carelle.

Chapter 3 – Arrival in the foot of the Mount Couckme

Couturier-Ville, the main town of the Couckme Valley, is populated mainly by hursians. This city is a life-size museum, since it's near a site filled with fossils of species that disappeared during the extinction of the primary era. There are fossils of navisias in perfect state of preservation, remains of macaures, and unidentified remains.

The micro-super plane of Carelle lands in the only airstrip of the city. Basile suggests going directly to the foot of the mountain, but Carelle, under the pretext of the hour, suggests renting a suite in a hotel and relaxing after the long trip they have just passed.

Meanwhile, in Sarteville, Masane is facing Gédéon, and tries to explain what's happening.

« You lied to me when you said that Basile left… but he's really gone! He had gone to the library, and he was kidnapped by Carelle who took him to an abandoned school and transported him by miniature airplane!
— Yes, of course… well, it's not all, but I've a hotel to manage me.
— You don't believe me, is it? Do you really think I'd invent things? Do you think I'd like to risk to you worrying, you, the Basile's brother? I'd not have any interest in doing that. YOU MUST BELIEVE ME ! »

Masane began to cry, with a disenchanted air, to the great surprise of Gédéon, who didn't remain indifferent… Unthinkable thing, Gédéon seemed saddened seeing Masane in this state. The reality was quite different: Gédéon doesn't care about Masane, only that he understands that Masane was telling the truth, and that Basile is in danger.

« I propose that we make a truce… but this truce will end as soon as we've found and brought back Basile here. said Gédéon.
— Okay, that's fine with me…
— But who'll manage the hotel during this time? I can't close it, all the same… »

Suddenly, a young Hursian landed, she's Alix, the cousin of Basile and Gédéon.

« Hi Masane! Hello Gédéon! How are you? » asks Alix.

Masane and Gédéon say to Alix at the same time: « You know him? »

« Gédéon, of course I know Masane, he's a longtime friend. Besides, Masane always tells me that I'm the only girl with whom he feels really comfortable. And for you Masane, yes, I know Gédéon, and for good reason: Gédéon and Basile are my cousins, even if we were raised like brothers and sister, because they were only 4 years old when we began to live together… », answers Alix.

Gédéon says: « Alix… you couldn't have come at a better time. I need you… »

« Go ahead, I'm listening to you… », said Alix.

Gédéon explains to Alix the worrying situation concerning Basile. She then said: « So you, Masane, you want to save your lover from the claws of a wicked outlaw… »

« His lover? What? » asks Gédéon.

« And you, Gédéon, you want to help your brother to bring him back to Masane, if I understand correctly… It's so romantic! And you want me to run the hotel while you carry out this mission. You both know me, I love everything that's related to love… so you think that I'll accept without hesitation to help you by keeping the hotel! » said Alix.

Masane is embarrassed…

« Heu, yes, it's about that, with one difference: Masane is not Basile's boyfriend. » said Gédéon.

Alix replied: « Ah, yet that's not what I understood when Masane was talking to me about Basile… Well, it's okay, I accept anyway, because you both count for me… you're little cute boys! Come on, go get your helicopter, I'll take care of the rest! »

After having to endure the excessive affection of Alix through endless kisses, Masane and Gédéon leave in their turn, knowing that the hotel will be in good hands. On the other hand, the trip between the two rivals starts badly.

Gédéon said to Masane : « Have passed Basile for your boyfriend to the eyes of Alix… that you'll pay me, damn syringe.
— Oh that's fine, I may have just a little distorted the reality, but not much.
— A little? Very, rather! I don't like people saying things wrong about my brother… »

Masane shouted: « Look out! »

The helicopter plough into a mountain… but Gédéon deviates in time. The two rivals went towards the Couckme Valley.

At the same time, Basile and Carelle are in their room at the Cookie hotel, the only hotel in the city. Carelle insisted on taking a room with a single double bed, instead of taking a room with two single beds, on the pretext that it'd cost less, which Basile strongly doubts. Carelle sat in front of a desk, with books on which were pictures with ancient inscriptions. She translated all that was needed for the quest. Meanwhile, Basile sat on the bed, and was holding a map of the area to prepare a route to the desired destination, namely the famous nook indicated in the book. However, he's finally joined by Carelle who seizes the map and sits next to him, because she wanting to see the map too!

Basile then asked his partner: « Miss Scandiberrie, do you think we'll find these four divinities?
— Call me Carelle. And yes, I'm sure we'll find them. According to my research, the 4 divinities have their own domains. The first divinity is that of the air, which makes the necessary for the harmony of the air of each planet of our solar system. The second divinity is that of water, which's personally involved in the presence of water on the planets that need it, including ours, of course. The third is that of the land, which decides whether a land is fertile or not, and whether it's doomed to disappear through an earthquake or if it's on the contrary destined to continue. Finally, the fourth, and the most interesting to me, is that of life. It decides the life and death of whole ethnic groups. The extinction of the primary era would have a direct relationship with this divinity. It's this divinity that I'd like to contain to increase my power. But if I understood correctly, after, maybe I interpret the signs badly, it'd have separated from the others after the extinction of the primary era.
— Enthralling, quite enthralling… it seems to me to be promising, all that. Basically, I'm happy to be with you… Carelle. At least you understand the passion for history at its true value. »

Meanwhile, the helicopter that brings Gédéon and Masane into the Couckme Valley begins to have fuel problems.

« Ah damn, we start to be run out of fuel… we'll have to stop at the next city to put fuel. said Gédéon.
— What? It's impossible, we'll fall behind, maybe this filth is about to kill Basile right now!
— Possible, but it's him or us… if we continue, we risk crashing, and there'll be no winner in the story, only losers. So we land, and no objection! »

Gédéon then began to apply the procedure to land, but while he was preparing to slow down, Masane seized the controls to accelerate in order to arrive as quickly as possible in the valley. Gédéon tries to regain control… and finally, by pulling each one on their side, the two tear off the controls! So, the helicopter is about to crash.

Masane says, in panic: « What should I do, what should I do… Find a solution, find a solution… »

Gédéon answers: « Get out of the helicopter and fly… and take me in your arms, please… otherwise I'll not survive the crash. Please… I beg you… »

Masane leaves the helicopter and takes Gédéon in his arms. They find themselves in a small village, and the helicopter crashes on a statue in the shape of flattened clover. Masane poses and poses Gédéon… and for the first time, Gédéon makes a gesture of affection towards Masane, he embraces him very strongly… before returning "in his normal state".

« You saved my life… but this disaster would not have happened if YOU had not pull up the controls! Well, anyway, the result is the same, we're here… » says Gédéon.

« Hem… You're right. But what do we do now? We must be still far from Mount Couckme. » said Masane.

Masane and Gédéon have decided to inquire to see if there is a machine capable of transporting them where they want… but to their dismay, there's nothing. They're just told that they will be able to find what they're looking for in a nearby town, but that's still quite far away. But it's getting late, and Masane and Gédéon are tired. They go to an innkeeper to find a place to rest.

Gédéon said to the innkeeper: « Hello, my… hem… My friend and I just did that crashed next to your village, and we'd like to sleep for one night. Do you've free rooms please?
— Yes gentlemen, I've one free room… enough to accommodate two people. Will it be ok for you? »

Gédéon gives money to the innkeeper who gives him the key. They go to that room, and they utter a cry of terror. Frightened, the innkeeper will see them, but sees nothing…

The innkeeper says: « Well, what's happening, gentlemen? Did you see a skeleton of navisia? »

Gédéon says: « But this room has only one bed! That's not what you said! You said there were two beds! »

The innkeeper answers: « Error, I said there was enough to accommodate two people. I'm sorry, but it's the only free room. »

Gédéon accepted… not without pain. The innkeeper returned to the reception.

« The night will be long… very long. said Masane.
— Sleeping next to a syringe, it'll give me buttons… I shudder just thinking about it…
— Talk for you. I don't want to sleep with someone who hates me. And I've never slept in a double bed in my life. There's only one person I'd have liked to sleep with, and that's…
— Stop! I've heard enough. I'm going to bed, I'm inviting you to do the same. And tomorrow, from the first hour, we go to the city next door, and we take a machine that will allow us to go to the Couckme Valley as soon as possible. On that, good night, Mr. Charbie. »


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blueyoshiegg Featured By Owner May 9, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:giggle: Great timing from Alix there! Although, my guess is that Masane would rather she
DIDN'T speak of the fact that Masane has feelings for Basile... knowing that it would annoy Gedeon! :XD:

I also noted this line of dialogue from Basile: "I'm happy to be with you, Carelle... at least you understand
the passion for history at it's true value."
I believe that at the same time, Basile may have been feeling a 
little uneasy about being with her, KNOWING that she's an outlaw...but then again... it's been mentioned that
it's part of the thrill of the adventure that makes it worth doing :D

Gedeon doesn't seem to be having the best of luck, does he? First, the helicopter crash... now he's being forced
to share a room with somebody he dislikes! Poor hursian...

Another fine chapter, my friend~ ^^ :clap:
Tece-Artiste Featured By Owner May 11, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Masane especially lied to Alix, since she believed that Masane and Basile were in a relationship. Masane has somewhat rewritten the facts!

Basile has the taste of adventure, but also of dangerous relationships. As a result, such a situation fits perfectly with his character. :)

As for Gédéon, it's obvious that "lucky" isn't the word that best defines him. ^^

Thank you very much for your interest my friend!
blueyoshiegg Featured By Owner May 11, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hehee~ ^^ :giggle:

Yep, it certainly does :D

:giggle: Well...hopefully things will get better for him ^^

:highfive: You're very welcome, too! :)
theJfluffy Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2018
Very interesting! 
Tece-Artiste Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks. :)
This story will be long.
Waver92 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow!  Alix is pretty perceptive! XD

I knew their trek to retrieve Basile wouldn't have been that easy! :)  But unlikely partners usually prevail!
Tece-Artiste Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The quest of Masane and Gédéon is far from over... and moreover, nothing says that Basile wants to return to Sarteville: admittedly, he accepted the offer of Carelle under duress, but it's a real opportunity for him! :)
Waver92 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Yep!  At the very least, he found someone who shares his interests. ;)
Tece-Artiste Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
For Basile, everything is good to live his passion… even take the risk of going on an adventure with a outlaw!
DoubleDandE Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2018   General Artist
Sounds like Masane and Gedeon are having a rough start in catching up to Basile. 
Tece-Artiste Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The "pursuit" is just beginning. ;)
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