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ADAccueil by Tece-Artiste
:ukflag: by Kath602Ceci est la version anglaise d'Aventura Divino. Pour la version française, clique sur ce lien : Aventura Divino #12 (FR)

In the previous chapter…

After Carelle returned to Sarteville, Masane, Basile and Gédéon left the Couckme Valley to return to their hometown to find the bipolar hursian. Despite everything, the boys have not managed to find her. It was then that Carelle entered a house to take hostage one of the residents of the said house, which, apparently, knows the female hursian.

Aventura Divino illustration #12 by Tece-Artiste
Caption: The bold part of the text of the chapter

Chapter 12 – Twice more of reunions

Meanwhile, Gédéon is looking for Carelle east of Sarteville. But how to find someone's footsteps in the middle of the night? After reviewing several residential streets to see if there would be lights on, the hursian has a silly idea but that can be worth it: go to the district of Moé Gués, the favourite place of night owls of Sarteville, which is almost a city in the city, so much so that the atmosphere is different. There are good people, but also unscrupulous people, as well as peripatetics. In short, there is some noble and little glorious in this district. But being sure to find people awake despite the time, Gédéon decided to go in. Gédéon goes to various places… He decides to go to bars and nightclubs. He first falls on a bar filled with shady macalites. As soon as he enters, he feels in a hostile environment.

One of the macalites says: « Look, a mammal!
Did you see his hair? He had to dip his head in the bleach to get that colour! said a second macalite.
That he's ugly, look at his conk! said a third.
We make him a welcome committee properly? » said a fourth.
All the macalites agree… and start swinging glasses and bottles on Gédéon, who flees the bar as fast as possible!
As soon as he left, he said: « I had never been told that there were such sinister people! »
Gédéon sits on a bench in the pedestrian street of Moé Gués, then a white macalite sees him, and takes pity on him.
This macalite says: « Oh… my poor friend, you've been thrown out of this racist bar, right?
Uh… yes, indeed.
Don't worry, I'll take you to a place where you'll be treated well. Maybe you'll find what you're looking for! »
Gédéon thought it could not be worse, so he agrees to follow this unknown macalite. He enters what seems to be a nightclub... and he has the feeling that everyone knows each other… except him, of course.
The white macalite says to the others present in this nightclub with the very particular atmosphere: « Look at the little blond I bring back! »
Gédéon didn't remain indifferent when the white macalite called him little blond, because he knows that this qualifier is adored by his brother. Anyway, the customers of the nightclub, macalites as hursians, seemed happy to welcome Gédéon!
The white macalite says: « But I miss all my obligations. We didn't make the présentations… Me, I'm Stanley. » He then points to several other nightclub patrons, saying: « Here's Waylon, Roger, Bruce, and Robin. »
Gédéon, more and more embarrassed, said: « Uh… Nice to meet you! »
And you, you're Mister Citrus, are not you?
But? That... what? How do you know that?
Haha! It's Zazanou, he told us so much about you, that we know your profile by heart! Small dark blue hursian, a spot on the eye, with blond hair, and cute like everything. » Stanley said.
Gédéon, who begins to be very uncomfortable, says: « But? But? I I don't understand… Who's Zazanou? And where am I? »
Roger leans on Gédéon's shoulder and whispers in his ear: « Zazanou is the one who isn't here today, since he's not here, we've the field free to do what you want, sweetie! »
Gédéon pushes Roger back slowly, causing misunderstanding of Stanley, Waylon, Roger, Bruce and Robin… before fleeing at full speed!
Waylon says: « But why did he leave? »
Once outside, Gédéon said: « Fiou! Never again will I follow a unknown who approaches me! Never again ! Sugar… This Zazanou, I'm sure it's… »

Suddenly, the bell tower of the town hall sounds, it is one o'clock in the morning.

For his part, to the west of the city, Masane says: « One o'clock! And I still have not found anything... Yet this filth is necessarily somewhere in town! I hope Gédéon found her. I'll go to the police station, maybe there, I'll be able to find information even at that time. »
Masane went in the direction of the police station, but he must first cross a bridge at the intersection between street of the Police and Cathy Laura Street… where Carelle is, but where Masane didn't judge to explore.

Actually, at 43 rue Cathy Laura, Carelle is facing her hostage, who's apparently the one that the burglar hursian sought. Meanwhile, the wife is still retained by Prata, while the two children of the couple, who are 17 years old each, woke up, but are locked in their respective rooms, because the doors were all locked by Carelle. The latter managed to fully control the situation.
She said to her hostage: « So, miserable character, do you recognise me? »
Her hostage, the fiftieth hursian, answers: « Yes… you're Carelle. Thirteen years have passed, but I recognised you! You've not changed much physically.
Ah yes?
Yes, you're still ugly… I'll never understand how a hursian like your mother could give birth to a beast like you. »
Carelle gives a violent blow to her hostage, who turns out to be actually Rudy, her stepfather, her mother's second husband more exactly. The hursian who slept in the bed and who's currently retained by Prata is therefore the mother of Carelle, Célia Agrume, born Rousse.
Just after hitting Rudy, Carelle says: « Sugar, it's good… it was for humiliating me for ten years! »
Rudy, who has drops of blood flowing from his nose, says: « What brutality… you were not so brutal the last time you saw each other.
No, I was passive, because I had not yet discovered the joys of risk, crime… and I didn't have the divine powers yet!
The divine powers? What's that? This is the famous legend of divinities that'd have created life on this planet? And you want me to believe that a slut like you could have taken advantage of these divinities, if they exist? »
Carelle gives Rudy another blow by saying: « And that, this is for all the insults you uttered against me, including the one you just mentioned! »
Rudy replies with a laugh, then says: « Finally look at yourself! You're over 30, you must have 32 if I remember, and you could not even start a family and have an honest life. If you're unable to live a normal life, you'll not make me believe that you're capable of doing anything else!
STOP LAUGHING! Yes, I'm 32 years old, yes, I'm single, yes, I live in a dishonest way. But it's your fault if I'm here today! »
Rudy, still smiling despite his situation, said: « It's my fault? I guess you say that because I rap… »
Carelle gives Rudy a third punch saying: « Yes, because you humiliated me for 10 years… »
She then gives a fourth punch, saying: « …because you hit me for 6 years… »
Then a fifth punch saying, with tears in her eyes: « …and because you raped me for 5 years! »
She adds: « You ruined me from the inside… you soiled my body… and all that without mom doesn't know anything… you took advantage of her handicap to keep her out of it all it's you who has awakened my double personality! »
Rudy is in bad shape, he doesn't laugh anymore…
He says: « I… I…. I admit… I… I did wrong… I beg your pardon… For all that I did… I want… I'll… I'll send you my sincerest apologies…
It's too late... 23 years too late! »
The female hursian then gives a paw on the head of Rudy so that the chair falls back. But Ouro catches the chair so that Rudy isn't knocked out. Carelle wants her stepfather to be down to earth, but aware, as bad as he is.
Carelle then stands in front of Rudy, she raises her arms, holding the ax pointed to the ceiling. Rudy's eyes shine like never before.
Rudy, desperate, whispers: « No… »

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