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ADAccueil by Tece-Artiste
:ukflag: by Kath602Ceci est la version anglaise d'Aventura Divino. Pour la version française, clique sur ce lien : Aventura Divino #11 (FR)

In the previous chapter…

Aventura Divino #10 (EN)
After Masane, Basile and Gédéon merged with the divinities of air, water and land, to prevent the divinity of life from reiterating its catastrophe of millions of years ago, it was Carelle's turn to merge with the said divinity! After that the hursian girl went back to Sarteville, quickly followed by Masane, Basile and Gédéon.

[NON-CANON] Aventura Divino 11 - Horrors' house by Tece-Artiste
Caption: The bold part of the text of the chapter

Chapter 11 – Back to Sarteville

It's a very bad weather in Sarteville… It's evening, and there is a weather that seems to announce a thunderstorm very close. It's in this context that the micro-super plane lands in the courtyard of the famous abandoned school on the outskirts of Sarteville, a school that serves as a landmark for Carelle and her two underlings. The hursian girl doesn't doubt that Basile, Masane and Gédéon are not very far either, because Masane, boosted by the ability of the divinity of the air and the power of those of the land and water that Basile and Gédéon embody, fly almost as fast as the micro-super plane. Having heard the micro-super plane arrive, Ouro and Prata, the two underlings macalites of Carelle, leave the abandoned school to welcome their mistress.

« Mistress, what happiness, you're safe and sound! Ouro said.
Yeah, I'm here… and I didn't come back empty-handed: I finally managed to grab a divine power. Well, go get me some fruit juice. And you Prata, prepare me all the paraphernalia, we'll have some work to do tonight. »

Lying on a bed that she had set up when she started using the abandoned school as a haunt, Carelle sits down drinking the fruit juice that Ouro has served… It's a necessary rest, since is this night that she wants to act, and not tomorrow morning!

An hour later, it's midnight, and Masane, who still carries Basile and Gédéon, set down: the three boys have finally arrived at their destination! They're in the yard of abandoned school, but something is not right: there's an atmosphere of emptiness. In addition, there's no trace of the micro-super plane! For Masane, there is no doubt: Carelle left the abandoned school! But where to go?

Basile says: « Remember what the manager of the Cookie Hotel said… He said that Carelle she had to get revenge on someone!
When we have to get revenge on someone, it's not during the night, unless it's…
Unless it's…? ask Masane and Basile.
Unless it's for the purpose of setting a deadly trap to someone! Someone she'd hate above all else!
It's not possible, it's me she hates above all else!
And if you simply were not the person she hated above all else? If there was anyone else, someone she'd hate from the bottom of her heart? Carelle is a hursian full of secrets, she gave me the opportunity to see that… » says Basile, after a thought moment.

Basile, Masane and Gédéon are very uncomfortable… Even if they understood that like them, Carelle has kept her own will despite her merger with one of the divinities, she's still likely to commit horrible acts, perhaps irreparable… They decided to go in search of the hursian girl, which probably brought her two underlings with her, since they're also absent from the abandoned school. The three boys have split the tasks: Masane will go to the west of the city, and Gédéon will go to the east. Basile, meanwhile, will stay at the abandoned school, to be on the lookout if Carelle ever came back. That said, despite their good will, they don't believe so much in the possibility of catching the hursian girl before she makes the famous « revenge » she had mentioned, because she went to town half an hour before Basile, Masane and Gédéon… And just to make matters worse, just when these last two are looking for Carelle, the storm finally burst. Hello rain and lightning. Who says rain, said fur dipped for Gédéon, which is rather unpleasant, and which says lightning, said risk of electrocution for Masane, because the antennas of macalites are similar to lightning conductors…

At 43 Cathy Laura Street is a beautiful three-story house. Inside lives a family of hursians a priori ordinary. But it's night, and like all the city except nightlife, the house sleeps. In the street, three silhouettes run without making any noise, to go towards the entrance of this house. These three silhouettes are those of Ouro, Prata and Carelle. The latter leans her head back to look at the top of the house, letting the rain fall on her glasses, glasses which doesn't even completely correct her myopia… but whatever the sight, Carelle has a very lucid mind. The hursian girl stands up, then says:

« Now that I've acquired divine power, I know that nothing bad will happen to me. I'll finally be able to realise my dearest wish, the one I've been waiting for for more than 10 years!
But… mistress Carelle, what are you talking about? »

In the rain, Carelle remains silent for a moment, then looks up to observe the house… On Carelle's face, the humidity is no longer just due to the rain, a few tears having also flowed from her eyes.

Prata, seeing this, said « Mistress? But… you cry?
NO! I don't cry ! Dare you pretend that I'd be able to show signs of weakness like crying?
No… No… » said Prata, who got scared.

Carelle started to levitate again to reach the entrance without making footsteps sound, while Ouro and Prata fly to do the same. Very discreetly, the hursian girl begins to pick the lock with one of her claws, in signaling to her henchmen to be silent. Carelle finally opens the door, and enters the house. She's followed by Ouro, who holds a toolbox, and Prata who carries a large, heavy ax.

« Go there, you will find the electric switchboard. Cut the electrical wires one by one, and silently! They must not be able to turn on the light if they ever hear us! » Carelle said, pointing at a door down the hall.

Ouro goes where Carelle told him, and the latter whispers to Prata: « Come with me, we go to the second room upstairs. If I'm not mistaken, it's the room of the mister that we must see.
 But mistress, what are we going to do in fact? You've not told us anything since your return…
 Don't ask question and obey! »

Prata follows Carelle and the two go to the second room upstairs after having previously locked the other doors, always with the technique of the claw. The outlaw opens the door gently as only she can. Prata gives the ax to his mistress and enters the room in question. Carelle then leaves in the direction of the living room to hide, accompanied by Ouro who has completed his mission of sabotage of son electrical. Prata is in a room where a couple of fifties hursians are sleeping. Prata slowly approaches the wife, then pretends to kidnap her. The wife wakes up instinctively and cries out in terror at this stranger. Unable to defend herself as disabled, this mother calls for help. Her husband then wakes up and sees the situation, rushes to help his wife, but he too is unable to resist facing Prata who is far too fast for him.

The wife screams: « Darling, call the guardians of peace!!! »

The husband then makes his way to the living room, but as he comes in to pick up the phone, he suffers a blow to the head that stuns him halfway. Ouro, who's the author of the blow on the head, ties this hursian on a chair.
He sees Ouro and says: « But… who're you? What do you want from us? »
Carelle, who's behind the husband, lurking in the darkness, comes out of the shadows and stands in front of him, still with the ax in her hand.
The husband says: « No, it's not possible, you're… you're… »

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