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ADAccueil by Tece-Artiste
:ukflag: by Kath602Ceci est la version anglaise d'Aventura Divino. Pour la version française, clique sur ce lien : Aventura Divino #10 (FR)

In the previous chapter…

Aventura Divino #9 (EN)
While they were only looking for vestiges of the 4 nuibian divinities, Masane, Gédéon and Basile finally met 3 of them! It turned out that these were not divinities but extra-nuibians who had allowed the very existence of life on Nuibie, which was arid before their arrival, several million years ago. Ar, Terra and Água, respectively "divinities" of air, land and water, reincarnated in Masane, Gédéon and Basile. Thus, our heroes are endowed with the powers of these supreme beings. Their mission: to prevent Vida, the 4th divinity -that of life- from being reincarnated as Carelle.

[NON-CANON] Aventura Divino 10 by Tece-Artiste
Caption: The bold part of the text of the chapter

Chapter 10 – Problems on the horizon!

Masane says: « What's this? It seems to come from the centre of the temple!
 And if… And if it didn't come from the centre, but from another wing of the temple… The wing dedicated to Vida, just by chance…
But then, if it comes from the Vida wing, that'd mean that it'd… » Gédéon said.

The three friends are looking at each other, looking very worried…

It was predictable: Carelle managed to break the seal that locked the fourth divinity! But Vida doesn't appear, only a kind of spectrum completely black, without particular shape, appears, with two black eyes with very thin white pupils. But even if it's not a creature similar to Ar, Terra and Água, it's certain that it is indeed Vida, even if obviously, this spectrum doesn't constitute its true carnal envelope, this one having been dissolved during the famous « Vida wave ».

Vida said to Carelle, in a voice with a strong echo: « Thank you, female navisia, you did me a great service by releasing me…
I had to release you to enjoy the power of the divinities! And now, I ask you to inculcate me all your power, so that I can be able to defeat anyone! Go for it! »

Masane and Gédéon have just arrived in the room where Carelle and the Vida spectrum are. Carelle perceives this, and turns her head to look at the two rivals, then says to them: « Go away, the two rubbishes! I reached my goal! I don't need you anymore! Leave here immediately if you care about your lives! »

Vida's spectre looks at Masane and Gédéon with a very menacing look. The look of the spectrum and the aura that emanates Carelle terrify the two rivals. Never have they felt so much power around one person… Nevertheless, Masane says: « No way Scandiberrie! We'll not let you do anything! Stop this contact with this spectrum! At once ! »

Gédéon sweats with fear as a long moment of silence follows, moment during which Carelle sports a mocking and arrogant smile, looking at Masane while she continues to be psychically in touch with the spectre…

« And who'll force me to stop grabbing this power? You, maybe?
— And why not? » Masane said.

Carelle stares at Masane, then blinks her eyes, and within a second, a wave of energy leaves her in the direction of Masane, who can't avoid it. Masane is badly hit.

« Masane! No! » exclaims Gédéon, who goes immediately to his bedside… Masane barely open his eyes, and said in a very low voice: « Basile… Now that I've nothing to lose, I wanted to tell you… I wanted to tell you that I» The macalite then closes his eyes… but fortunately he's not dead, he just fainted. It's a blow for the divinity of the air, which has not fainted, but finds itself immobilised by the fading of its incarnation. Gédéon, even knowing that Masane is alive, still cries his rival, while Carelle seems happier than ever… but her eyes translate a hate without equal.

A little later, Basile, who could not run, because always exhausted from his endless run to reach Água, finally arrives in the room where are his brother, Masane and Carelle. And what was his stupefaction when he saw Masane as fainted, and Carelle in full psychic contact with a spectre!

« Masane! No… Not you… Masane!
Reassure yourself, Basile… he's alive. But Carelle took him a hell of a blow. It was impressive, she just looked at Masane, then she blinked, and then it was so fast… there was a wave of energy that hit Masane very violently… and then that's all »

Basile, who had knelt down with his best friend while Gédéon was explaining the situation, got up and looked at Carelle, to whom he said: « Carelle… No, it's not possible… No!
And yes! You see, everything is possible! I finally achieved my goal! Look at me… My power is constantly increasing… And it's not over! said the female hursian looking at Basile.
But why did you hit Masane… WHY? You almost killed him! Do you realise the gravity of the thing??
Oh, this despicable fag, I could have killed if I wanted… but I want to keep him alive. He'll be one of my slaves, he'll be my appointed punchbag when I need to let off steam! said Carelle, with an annoyed look.
No, but do you realise the horrors you say? No Carelle… It's not you… You're not the one with whom I've spent all this time since arriving at Mount Couckme! This Carelle would never have dared to say such abominations… » said Basile, shocked.

Carelle seems upset, but oddly, doesn't react, and prefers to focus on the spectrum she's almost done absorbing. Basile, desperate, tries to reason his partner: « Carelle… No, Carelle… Don't commit the irrevocable… »

The outlaw hursian looks even more angry, she even seems to have a very intense headache, her medallion flashes from red to yellow, then ends up totally absorbing the spectre, and her medallion turns bright red again. There follows a moment of silence, during which Carelle leans her head forward, Basile starts to cry, Gédéon is terrorised and always near Masane, who's just waking up. Carelle raises her head, and says, « It's over, gentlemen… » after which the female hursian begins to levitate, then leaves the room at full speed, probably to get out of the Quadri-Temple.

Gédéon says: « Oh no… No… The fear of the Terra divinity is coming true…
What… what are you talking about? Basile asks, still in tears.
Actually, the divinity Terra told me that what he feared most was that the divinity Vida take control of the body of Miss Scandiberrie, and start destroying everything in its path, in order to reproduce the a wave that caused the extinction of the primary era millions of years ago… because yes, the « Vida wave » was indeed caused by the divinity of the same name. Vida was disgusted with the evolution of our world… and I think that the evolution of the world since the last extinction must certainly disgust it even more!
Scandiberrie is… dead. Her body exists, but her soul is dead… The divinity… took her place
No Masane… I don't know why, but… I'm convinced that Carelle's soul is always present. As I cried, just before she left the temple, I felt her presencesays Basile.
Do you think there would be a way to eject Vida from Miss Scandiberrie's body?
I don't know… But if there's a way, we'll have to find that, to put Vida back in its place, and make sure that it never reappear! »

The two hursian brothers help Masane to move, and once arrived at the centre of the temple, the roles are reversed, and Masane deploys all his forces to fly while holding the two hursians. They finally managed to climb the elevator that had led them to the Quadri-Temple and found themselves in the cave that serves as entrance to the Quadri-Temple. Masane, exhausted from this flight when he was already weakened by the blow caused by Carelle's wave of energy, collapses again, but this time without fainting. Unsurprisingly, the micro-super plane was no longer there, Carelle having used it to return as quickly as possible to Couturier-Ville.

Basile says: « We've no choice... We'll have to camp here.
But… But it's impossible! Can you imagine everything that can happen? Maybe Miss Scandiberrie has already destroyed Couturier-Ville as we speak!
Possible, but it's imperative to be three to be able to face this divinity who took possession of Carelle. Yet, Masane must rest, the poor man is exhausted.
Yes, you're right… It's best to camp here… »

Basile kissed Masane, then kissed Gédéon, who didn't expect it, and then he lay down to rest. Faced with all this, Gédéon decided to rest too…

In an isolated area of Couturier-Ville is an abandoned house… Carelle is there, and sits on the ground, eyes closed, and tries to massage her head, because she seems to have a headache like never had before. Two voices resonate in her head, precisely…

« So that was it… My evil side was Vida… so I'd be partially the reincarnation of Vida…
Come on… Don't call me evil. I'm Carelle, you're me and I'm you!
No, you're not Carelle… I'm Carelle, I'm a kind and sweet female hursian… I'm not the reincarnation of a destructive divinity.
Who speaks of destructive divinity? Vida is not a destructive divinity, it's a bipolar divinity… Bipolar, like us! We were bound to merge with Vida, it was our destiny. Vida is the origin of all life on this planet, and if we're born that way, it's because it needed a powerful, bipolar body to reincarnate!
But I don't want to… I don't want to be the puppet of a divinty. I want to be a free and independent hursian.
You want, you want, you want… But my poor, you're not in a position of strength. I dominate you completely. I've total control over us! It's me who decides what we do! And as long as I'm in a strong position, I'll never let the soul of our divinity leave our body. This is our destiny! »
Carelle opens her eyes and says in a loud voice: « This is my destiny! »

The female hursian then leaves the disused house, and decides to leave town, but strangely, once arrived in town, she doesn't commit bad actions, she doesn't kill anyone… the reason is actually simple: the merger between Carelle and Vida is in fact, the same kind of fusion as those experienced by Basile, Masane and Gédéon, a fusion in which the owner of the body keeps its own will. Like Água, Ar and Terra, Vida is totally dependent on Carelle's will. Nevertheless, because of Carelle's unstable personality, which coincides perfectly with Vida's, the deity of life might succeed in manipulating the behavior of the hursian somewhat, but not enough to create a new wave of destruction, all the more so. more where an annihilation of the world is not at all in the interest of Carelle, includind her bad face, who wants to conquer the world, not destroy… The female hursian arrives at the Cookie hotel, because it's getting late… The manager of the hotel is surprised to see the female hursian alone.

« Are you back? But where's the little guy who accompanied you?
He's not here… I don't know where he's, he must probably sleep under the stars… without me
Well… given the time, I suggest you go to your room. If the little guy who was with you came later that evening, I'll tell him you're here! said the manager, with a disappointed look.
OK… » said Carelle, Carelle, who retired to her room.

The Couckme Valley sleeps… Masane and Gédéon sleep peacefully… but Basile can not sleep, he seems tormented… He looks at the starry sky, reflected by the tears of his eyes. At the Cookie hotel, Carelle either doesn't sleep, she's in her thoughts, and can not help but turn her head towards the window, to admire the starry sky. She's pensive… Basile and Carelle finally managed to fall asleep, but much later.

In the early morning, Basile, Masane and Gédéon woke up, ready to go to Couturier-Ville in the hope of meeting Carelle. Alas, a bad surprise awaited them when they arrived: when they had just entered the city, they saw the micro-super plane take off! They then ran to the Cookie hotel in the hope of asking the manager of the hotel if he knew anything about Carelle's intentions…

« Excuse me sir… Would not you have seen a fat and ugly hursiane, ginger with freckles on her fur?
MASANE!!! exclaims Basile.
Forget itwhispers Gédéon to his brother.
— You're not a respectful gentleman. I don't answer to people without education, sir!
But?... But? »
Basile pushes Masane and stands in front of the manager.
« Ah, but wait, I recognise you! You're the little guy who accompanied the young hursiane until yesterday! I worried about you!
Yes, it's me… Tell me, my brave, do you know where my companion left? She didn't warn me!
Oh drat, I thought you knew. Well, I'll tell you, she said she was going back to her hometown, and she had to get revenge on someone. I didn't dare to react, even if I admit that she made me a little scared.
But tell us, do you know when will the next flight to Sarteville take place? Gédéon asks.
So… let me look on my computer… Ah here, I found! The next flight to Sarteville will take place in one month! »

Basile, Masane and Gédéon were all amazed by this announcement. One month is too much! They must arrive at Sarteville as soon as possible. They then sought an idea… Before Masane exclaims: « Stop! But wait, we've it, our means of transport! » Basile and Gédéon don't understand… There's no plane or helicopter on the horizon, so they don't see what means of transport Masane can talk about.
The macalite then says: « I fly... and I remind you that I've acquired the power of the divinity of the air! I'm sure I've enough strength to transport you both... and thanks to the power of the three divinities that we embody, we could fly at full speed and arrive in Sarteville on time!
It deserves to be tried! » Gédéon replies.

Indeed, this attempt deserved to be tried: once out of the hotel, Masane managed to fly while ferrying Basile and Gédéon with him. So they're headed towards Sarteville, their good old hometown…

blueyoshiegg Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That was quite a harrowing intro~ Especially seeing Carelle like that.
Masane was rather lucky that she didn't attack him with more force... :(

It'll certainly be interesting to see what happens next :)
Hopefully, they'll all have better luck on their continuing adventures ^^
Tece-Artiste Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think you're not at the end of your surprises! ;)
blueyoshiegg Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:icondragonkekeplz: Ooooo~ ^^ :giggle:
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