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Pkmn world tournament all trainers overworld

By tebited15
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I remember someone asked for a sprite sheet of every protagonist for the master cup in PWT.

I know someone on youtube knows how to hack the game so I hope he/she could hack the game with this sprites.

free use.

Pokemon belongs to nintendo.

previous pic: [link]
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Hi, I used your Micheal and Calem Sprite here in a sprite collection and linked the post back here!
Thank You for making the Sprites! :D (Big Grin)

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MagnemitelightningHobbyist Artist
Woah thats awesome, if this would exist but with NPC's of 3rd generation ._. I would be thankful and I could use the script of LucaSJ ._."
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Can you make a overworld and in battle crystal Sprites I'll give you credit on pokeamino
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Oh gosh these are super cute! Great job!
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no problem also could you make me some sprites i need 2 sprites with all sides one boy and one girl ill probably use them for the game pls also if u know someone that does 3d animated pokemon sprites can u get me his name i forgot to mencion ill use some of the other sprites
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Tebi ill use them for my game ill give u credit in the credits
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Thanks for the credit : )
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hey tebited15 how do i get on row of each sprite
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hey tebited15 I got a idea what about you make professor oak back sprite or maybe agatha
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That's a good idea.
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thanks tebited15
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omg i love wes's design :D
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LilaTraubeHobbyist Interface Designer
ty for this :)
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LeeHatake93Hobbyist Artist
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What about Mirror B?
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You're right, I should have sprited Mirror B.
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Your sprites look awesome! Though some parts do seem a bit off. For example, why are some characters (mainly Kris) so short? And Leaf's hat also looks kind of off, along with everyone's eyes. Still, this is alot better than if I would have done! (I can bet a 100 bucks that I suck, so I have no right to criticize anyone)
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Hilbert and Hilda: what about us?
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They are out of Unova,
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They have unused dialogue data for the PWT, meaning they were planned for the games.
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blacksnowcatHobbyist Traditional Artist
Is Leaf/Blue really in the PWT in Black/White 2? She is my favorite from all the games and wished she were in them more often.
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I do have a better wes picture - but I was desperate for an OW and this - is god damn beautiful
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