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Tangotale by TeaTimeDuo Tangotale :iconteatimeduo:TeaTimeDuo 0 1 Lord Dominator Logo by TeaTimeDuo Lord Dominator Logo :iconteatimeduo:TeaTimeDuo 2 0 Chara's Nobody by TeaTimeDuo Chara's Nobody :iconteatimeduo:TeaTimeDuo 26 4
Tea Girl And Kettle Lad In: A Not So Lazy Weekend.
It had been a long week for Tea Girl, and Kettle Lad knew it. From stopping a bank heist to saving a family, she had been drained for quite some time now. It was the weekend and there were other heroes visiting Dortopolis, so it was perfectly fine to take a break.
“ Okay doll, enjoy your time alone! I’m going to go to a fashion show out of town, maybe I’ll come back with a few new dresses. For me of course. “ Kettle Lad flipped his hair as he was putting on some high heels. Tea Girl was so drained from the week that she just nodded and went back to reading her comic book. Kettle Lad took no offense in this lack of acknowledgement, as he knew how his partner was. Kettle Lad thought of her as a computer of sorts, able to provide countless hours of fun and had a multitude of skills, but would overheat from constant use, and needed breaks from everything from time to time. It took him a while to understand and accept this, but after almost a decade of knowing her, h
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Gast And Sansy by TeaTimeDuo Gast And Sansy :iconteatimeduo:TeaTimeDuo 5 0
Tea Girl And Kettle Lad In: Figure Frenzy
Tea Girl And Kettle Lad In: Figure Frenzy
The birds sang as kids played and flowers bloomed on a peaceful spring day in Dortopolis. Everything was as it should be, except for one store on the corner of Russel Lane. Our story for today starts here.
" You have to understand, mam, that figurine is worth more than just money to me! Please give it back! " a young boy cried, his head just barely able to peek over the counter that he was apparently managing.
" Kyuhuhuhu " Laughed a woman, cloaked in head to toe in black, only her nose and mouth visible; " I am but a simple collector and this was in your store, so it MUST be for sale. Don't you know anything about this kind of stuff? " she snickered mockingly.
" Mam I'm just filling in for my parents while they recover from an illness! I have to keep that figure until the man who left it here can return to claim it. He pawned it while he was off on a business trip and the money he will pay to get this back will be enough to afford the medicine
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Tea Girl and Kettle Lad in: Unfair Fanfare
It was a warm Autumns day in Dortopolis, home to about 5000 or so people. The sun was setting as crickets began to sing songs of the night. But that’s not all that was buzzing, for deep on JeStreet the sound of an alarm was going off. Though Dortopolis was for the most part, a peace loving city, there’s always bad apples in every orchard. It was the Discrimination brothers, Treko and Warza! Dressed completely in signs, ranging from “ no dogs aloud “ to “ you must be this tall to ride “ these dastardly villains knew not the words of fairness or equal opportunity.  They even had a “ super heroes need not apply “ covering their waists, the fiends! Holding up a bank was their manner of evil today.
“ Gives us all the money, blonds aren’t allowed to have money “ Said Treko, standing not even a dollars length between his partner in crime.
“ Yeah brunettes too! As a matter of fact, no one with hair can have money!
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A True Heroine Act 5. The Finale
It’s the day of the ceremony, all my limbs except my left arm are completely  useless, and my voice has yet to come back to me, but Alphys and everyone can clearly tell I’m interactive and fully functional besides these hindrances.
Mettaton pushes me in a repaired wheelchair that fell from the surface world into the front row. Everyone is dressed in black, and somber for the loss of their loved ones, but despite all of this, they come to greet me and give their thanks for saving them all. For saving what I could…
I hold Alphys’ hand as Mettaton has his extendable arm around us both as we get seated after the meet and greet. King Asgore takes the stage in a dapper outfit. Silence floods the land.
“ My people of The Underground, it has been exactly 1 year today since tragedy struck our lands of peace and tranquility. It is with a heavy heart that we all meet here today, but let us rejoice for against all odds, the causality count did not rise in that sa
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A True Heroine Act 4
After what seems to be an eternity of nothingness, my senses start to revive.
“ So, Alphys, now with the human gone my new body won’t be complete, correct? “ A flamboyant voice says in a annoyed tone.
“ M…m…mettaton not right now, okay? You know how I dread this date. “
The robot sighs and goes back to humming a familiar song.
The trembling voice draws closer, whimpering along the way. She draws closer to my ear and whispers:
“ Please come back soon… I… I miss you…” Then scampers off crying. If I had the ability to turn my head, I would look into her saddened eyes. If I had the comprehension to talk, I would say I loved her, but it seems I have lost the ability to talk. I’m fully aware of my surroundings, but my body is completely paralyzed.
There are 2 things that are keeping me from crying. The sheer physical and mental inability to cry, and the fact that she’s alive.
I had defeated the one genocider
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A True Heroine Act 3
As if propelled by wings of valor, I fly out of the water and land upon the blood and dust tainted ground. I somehow knew where the genocider was, without questioning the logic behind this new found sense I dash towards their next destination. Alphys’ home.
In a matter of moments, thanks to my new found speed, I am there. The sights of my fallen friends upset me, and the sheer heat of the atmosphere makes this a race against time, but this does not discourage me, no, this motivates me to take care of this as soon as possible. I must return this gift of power and love to her. The good times we shared shall not end, not now, not ever.
I see the lab in sight, but almost most importantly, I see 2 of my royal guardsmen battling against the fiend. Sweat laces my forehead as I continue to dash, but even the speed of light could not save those 2. Without even a moment’s hesitation, they both are struck down with the force of hatred incarnate. They hold each other as they f
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A True Heroine Act 2
Act 2:
I remember the first time I met Alphys. She was such a wreck, even more than myself. food stained hands, dirty labcoat, everything one could ask for if they wanted to be the scum of the earth. There was just something about her, however, that made me want to get to know her. It wasn’t her liking for the things she calls Anime or her scientific knowledge, no not at all.
It was her passion to keep going, despite feeling like worthless scum.
Though her smile was always backed by a gallon of inner tears, she tried her damn hardest to not ruin the mood between her and her company. No matter how much of a klutz she was, she tried her best to help those in need with her incredible, yet self hated genius.
She didn’t want to be the royal scientist, she wanted no responsibilities at all. All she wanted to do was waste her life for she felt like she was nothing.
In her own words she was a baka, for despite how much she hated herself, she was loved by everyone who ever crossed h
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A True Heroine Act 1
Peaceful was the atmosphere in this day in which everything changed. Children playing, water cascading, tranquility abound from the depths below to the granite ceiling above.
I, a hot headed mistress of battle, sharpened my spear as per usual in my daily routines.
Cold was the steel which my scaly flesh grasped, soon to be warm in the blood of carnage.
Little did I know at the time that this life force, which shall gild my once thought to be only friend, would be cold as the waters in which I would call my final resting place.
With the only comfort being the memories I had of her… my soul mate in white.
Patiently, albeit slightly annoyed, I awaited my cheery pupil’s arrival for another lesson in food-craft. 5 eerily quiet minutes passed by the designated time which he should have arrived, if not for the horror which slowly creeped up toward him and his brother. I picked up my phone and texted my darling, informing her that I was seemingly free and all hers for the day.
I he
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RIBunzel Part 3 by TeaTimeDuo RIBunzel Part 3 :iconteatimeduo:TeaTimeDuo 4 0 RIBunzel part 2 by TeaTimeDuo RIBunzel part 2 :iconteatimeduo:TeaTimeDuo 3 0 RIBunzel part 1 by TeaTimeDuo RIBunzel part 1 :iconteatimeduo:TeaTimeDuo 3 3 Mettaton gets Bone Zoned by TeaTimeDuo Mettaton gets Bone Zoned :iconteatimeduo:TeaTimeDuo 1 0


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We are an artistic couple who are into many fandoms. We show our love for said fandoms with art! Illumaria the Tea Girl is digital and sketch art focused, while Kettle Lad Nitsua is more of a writer. With our combined efforts we hope to make Deviant Art a more enjoyable place for you!

Fandoms include, but are not limited to:

Tea Girl: Homestuck, Undertale, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Pokemon, Steam Punk, Anime

Kettle Lad: Xenoblade, Super Smash Brothers, Undertale, Gothic, Horror, Music, Manga.

Expect more and more content as time progresses!


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