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Killer Peas Please

Just me hanging out with my army of flying killer peas. You know, the usual Sunday afternoon stuff.
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Hello! I would like to notify you that I've featured you on my surreal and abstract art blog over on Tumblr. Your work really fits the theme, and you can see it on Of course, I have given you credit and linked to your page. If for any reason you don't want it published any longer, just send me a message and I'll delete it pronto. Thanks, and congratulations! Your art is beautiful. Please note: If you don't see your art right away on my blog, it is probably still in the queue and has yet to be posted.

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Evil peas :D that is pure awsomeness. I'm also really loving the style of the piece as well.
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peas are totally sneaky! you never know with them!

thanks very much!
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you are very welcome
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Look at their huge gaping mouths and little wings! A really fantastic idea and your skill is...incredible! :heart:
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haha, i have to admit, i like things that are mostly mouth! thanks so much for the kind words, it really means a lot to me! :hug:
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You're welcome! :aww:
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thankya much! :hug:
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lol, I'd like to have some of them :P
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this is amazing! you're really creative :D
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Awww, thank you sweetie, that's so sweet of you! :hug:
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you're welcome! ^^
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gotta watch 'em peas
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it's true. they're sneaky. :O
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this is cool.., love the color and the expression :heart:
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FINALLY, someone who knows how to kick back and relax on the weekend!

...with airborne homicidal vegetables.

...on a tuft of cotton candy.

...naked. :pringles:

Not enough people take time out of their busy schedule to really appreciate these sort of simple activities in life!! :shakefist:

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No fair. I wish I had an army of flying killer peas. Some people have all the luck. :cries:

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i can send a couple your way! :D
AK-Is-Harmless's avatar
Cool. I'll cherish them forever. :)

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woah i am amazed to find someone who can work on so many stuff at the same time
and trad media
you are like me :)
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