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you tear me apart, you bring me down, and yet i still love you.
get back at me if you will, make me pay for my pain, in the end you'll always have my heart.
it's crazy what love will make you do, how many hearts you have to break, and the one you'll always long for.
i'll watch you love her, pretend like i was never there, only to await your return.
please, oh please love me again, hold me in your arms, and make MY world complete once more.

"I wish I could save all the tears I cried for you & fu(c)king drown you in them"

bleh. just a lot of pent-up agression mixed with loads of hurt/pain lately. i just think this picture sums up everything i've been feeling for the past 6+ months. i miss him like cRaZy...ugh. i hate typing like that.
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me right now.. great photo and the shot was perfect..