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Undercover Heartbreak
Title: Undercover Heartbreak
Rating: T
Characters/Pairings: Jane/Lisbon
Disclaimer: I do not own 'The Mentalist' or any of the characters from 'The Mentalist'. If I did own them, Jane would be living with Lisbon and they would be kissing in every episode.
Jane sits watching from the cliffs overlooking the beach and the gathered crowd. He knows that she is looking beautiful tonight as she mingles with the party-ers in her blue green sundress and sandals with her hair done up. She's here tonight with someone else, someone that she claims she loves more then him.
He healed because of her. He's newly broken because of her. Looking back over the years they worked together and their many conversations, he can't help but wonder where he went wrong. He can't help but wonder why he ever believed he could have a happily ever after.
He remembers one specific conversation they had just a few months ago, just before they caught Red John. They had somehow gotten onto the
:icontearkissedlife:TearKissedLife 2 5
Email Slip
Title: Email Slip
Rating: K+
Characters/Pairings: Jane/Lisbon, Mentions Rigsby/Van Pelt
Disclaimer: I do not own 'The Mentalist' or any of the characters from 'The Mentalist'. If I did own them, Jane would be living with Lisbon and they would be kissing in every episode.
Van Pelt hadn't meant to do it, really she hadn't. It was a mistake. She was screwing around instead of working on her paperwork from the team's last case. She was just goofing around and now she was either going to get fired by her boss or utterly humiliated by the team consultant. This was all going to happen because she made the mistake of sending an email.
Now normally she wouldn't be so upset about this, after all accidents happen. This email though was about the boss, consultant, a possible relationship between the two of them and a bet about said relationship. It was the weekly update to the betting pool and who has what days for the coming week. It also included the new dates that pe
:icontearkissedlife:TearKissedLife 6 3
10 Music Drabbles
Title: 10 Music Drabbles
Rating: K+
Characters/Pairings: Patrick Jane, Teresa Lisbon, Jane/Lisbon
Disclaimer: I do not own ‘The Mentalist’ or any of the characters from ‘The Mentalist.' If I did own them, Jane would be living with Lisbon and they would be kissing in every episode.
My Girlfriend Who Lives In Canada - Avenue Q
My wife would have loved Lisbon. Really she would have. Their sense of truth and justice would have bound them together. Their need to save the world. The difference between them is in how they would save it.
My wife was anti-guns and anti-violence. She abhorred both with a deep burning passion. She felt the evils of the world were somehow all connected with guns and violence. She was so innocent and naive at times. She had never seen the true evil that one human could contain.
Lisbon is a fighter. She uses violence and guns. She has seen all to much of the evils of humans. She carries her gun with the sole purpose
:icontearkissedlife:TearKissedLife 0 4
How can I make him see the pain in my heart?
A pain of guilt.
A pain of love.
He already sees me as weak.
In my human body with human emotions.
I sometimes think he is right.
I feel guilt now.
Though I also feel love.
That is my greatest weakness.
My love...
My love for him.
A love I hide.
Again, I ask myself...
How can I make him see?
:icontearkissedlife:TearKissedLife 0 0
basic by TearKissedLife basic :icontearkissedlife:TearKissedLife 0 0
I sit here alone.
Tears aren't coming anymore.
I'm numb from everything.
They smile at me.
I hate them. I love them.
They're my family.
I wait for them to see me.
They walk away instead.
They'll yell at me later.
I was bleeding and dying.
Now I'm glad that I'm dead.
I love them. I hate them.
I thought we were family.
They laugh at me instead.
I thought we were friends.
They forgot about me again.
I cry for them. I died for them.
I'm not sorry I'm gone.
They'll move on.
They'll stop pretending.
I'm happy for them.
I gave them one last gift.
I smile through the tears.
I'm not lonely anymore.
I love them.
:icontearkissedlife:TearKissedLife 2 1
Hate Love
I'm crying and praying.
I'm stupid and careless.
I'm falling for you again.
I hate you.
I love you.
I want to destroy you.
I'm broken beyond repair.
I'm cutting and tearing.
I'm no longer caring.
I hate me.
I love me.
I want to destroy me.
I hate this.
I love it.
I can't stand it anymore.
I'm bleeding again.
I'm feeling again.
:icontearkissedlife:TearKissedLife 0 3
Everyone watching,
waiting for you to fall.
Fake smile plastered on
as you try to please them.
You're crying inside
for you know you never will.
Everyone whispering
false encouragement.
Picking yourself up
and dusting yourself off.
You're dying inside
fearing you'll fall again.
:icontearkissedlife:TearKissedLife 0 2
I close my eyes as the rain falls.
Washing me clean, washing my sins away.
Hands stained red from past and present sins.
No one sees, no one cares. Should I?
I drop the blade as my eyes open.
A small smile, a shuddered breath.
Free for now from the pain.
Still no one notices, but I no longer care.
I close my eyes again as sleep draws me in.
:icontearkissedlife:TearKissedLife 1 2
Censored by TearKissedLife Censored :icontearkissedlife:TearKissedLife 0 2

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Sick of it!

Sat Jun 16, 2007, 5:18 AM
Smile. It makes you look demented.

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Gods! I so god damn sick and tired of death! I can't handle it anymore. I just can't. Why? Why? Why? How can the Fates expect someone to handle so much death?

Five people I've known have died since Feb. Five! Three other people I know have come very close to dieing. How many more am I going to lose this year? How many?

I don't want to lose anymore. I don't. I can't take it. I can't. Please Gods! Please just stop taking them away from me. I can't take it anymore. Please...

:blackrose: :rose: :blackrose:

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