My Shadow Has No Reflection

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My shadow doesn’t have a reflection

My own reflection is dim

The mirror is brightened by the bathroom light

The shadow of my tooth brush rests against my cheek

And it’s reflection against my reflection’s cheek

But my shadow doesn’t rest against the bathroom wall in the mirror

I should ignore it

It’s not worth being noticed

Is it?

Something as meaningless as my shadow’s reflection should go unnoticed


Looking down as I walk

bumping into everyone who passed me

Everyone collectively decided to walk on one side of the street

Going in one direction

It seems I was left out of that conversation

That doesn’t matter


I picked up my head

Looking at my surroundings

The sun bounced off the people around me

Leaving them bright and shiny to the eye

I did not glow like everyone else

At Least that’s what my reflection is telling me

Those around me have reflections that attract the sun

They are the light and the sun is it’s moth

My position in the mirror is dim

It was as if the light above me was turned off

My reflection is barely noticeable and no one around me mentions it

So I continue as if I didn’t notice because my shadow is still under me

Connected at the feet

It’s where it belongs

So there is nothing wrong.

No one else notices or is worried,

So why should I be?

But that place doesn’t exist behind the mirror.

It’s probably my own eyes playing tricks on me

I don’t want to appear insane.

I continue as if nothing is wrong,

because nothing is wrong


I look in the mirror again

My own reflection is gone

I look down.

My own Shadow is fading too

They go ever so slowly

No one says a thing

so I don’t say a thing

They act as if they can’t see what's happening to me

It’s easier to believe that they don’t notice.

But it’s impossible to not notice something like this

How can they not notice the absence of something that is always there?

Because I’ve always been here


If they don’t want to notice me

notice my problems

why should I?

My shadow is no longer under me

There is no longer a version of me that exist in this world

Other than my own physical body

I’m the lowest on my own existential pyramid

I disappear ever so slowly

It was as painless as it seems

If I couldn’t see myself

I too would have ignored my fading

But the pain I felt made me want to look in the mirror

Watching as I grew dimmer and dimmer

I faded away

But no one notices

So why should I?

Mirrors are a door to another dimension
So my reflection is me from another dimension
What would that make my shadow?
A lesser version of myself?
I shouldn’t be thinking about this
No one else cares
So why should I?
© 2020 - 2021 TearieIs
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