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Prince Solar Flare by TearfulEmbrace Prince Solar Flare by TearfulEmbrace
**Base is not mine! Made with the My little Pony creator** 
**OC is mine however**

Name: Solar Flare
Title: Prince
Age: 16
Race: Alicorn
Family: Flurry Heart (His mother) Sunburst (his father) Lilly sweet and Crystal snow (his twin younger sisters) Lilly is a pegasus and crystal is a unicorn.

Bio: The eldest child born to Flurry Heart and Sunburst. To the kingdom's surprise, on a cold winters night he was born, a prince had now entered the crystal empire royal bloodline. Growing up he was adored by his family and he was a mothers boy. He loved following his mother everywhere she went and because of this, his kindhearted nature shone though. However when he wasn't with his mother, he was reading books and books and more books, and spending time with Twilight Sparkle. That was were he seemed to get his love of reading from. The young colt took to magic as easy as walking and by the time he was two years old, he could preform spells that the average school ponies would be able to preform. However flying, didn't come easy, He was a nervous flyer and often preferred to fly abit lower to the grounds and at a more slow like pace. This didn't hinder his magical abilites and it was no surprise that one day, he got a letter in the mail saying he had been offered a spot in Celestial's school for gifted unicorns, even though he was an alicorn. 

Due to the location of the school, it was arranged that Solar Flare would go with Twilight Sparkle during his studies, which he was saddened for he would miss his parents but excited because he loved how him and his great aunt shared that love of books. He started the school at age 5 but for him, his magical abilities were advanced to were he was enrolled in older classes, with older school ponies. Every holiday and sometimes on the weekends he would still visit his parents. 

During his studies, he took a very deep interest in Astrology, studying the  cosmos, the stars, planets and constellations. On the side he also grew a love for animal care, one day, at the age of six years old, when he was playing in the crystal gardens he came upon an injured and orphaned baby Snowy Owl. He instantly knew what to do. Once the little owl had healed, he went to set it free but the owl did not want to be parted from the young colt. He had his first pet, he named the Owl - Lumra. The following year he had the option of taking an advanced astrology class, and he was so over joyed that he jumped on that. One night when celestial was taking the class on a night trip to review the constellations for an upcoming review, Solar was closely paying attention to the stars and then noticed something odd! A group of stars that had never been seen before, he called over Celestial who quickly looked at them and to her surprise, the young colt had discovered a brand new constellation. Completely over joyed, the colt jumped around before suddenly stopping when his flank began to glow, he had earned his cutiemark - a heart with a star in the middle of it. It was a day no one would forget.

Too no one's surprised he graduated the school two years before normal school ponies would and he went back home. Currently a teenager he spends time in the crystal empire, helping his parents with royal duties, in his downtime he is either spending time with his little sisters, reading up on more astrology knowledge, practicing magic or spending time with his friends.

(( I really don't know why but recently I have been Shipping Princess FlurryHeart x SunBurst. This pairing seems to have grown on me and I think they are cute together. I also don't see this ship often. Below is part of a small fanfic I wrote for them ))


It was something that the Crystal empire had never heard off, nor was this something that anyone would expect. He was unsure how the empire would react. The orange coated Stallion had watched her grow up. The young princess had grown to be a remarkably kind mare, just like her father, but she was also incredibly brave just like her father. They had became eachothers best friends but this? It was something unexpected.

Luna had risen the full moon higher that night. The moon was bright and golden as the night sky cascaded across the night sky and the stars danced in the sky light thousands of little diamonds glistening above. The air that night was soft and cool, and there was a calm feeling in the air. It was the perfect night. 

The two were walking though the crystal gardens that night. Sunburst couldn't take his eyes of Flurry. He was entranced. The way her mane flowed and shined that night. The pair walked beside one another and every so often he would glance over at the Alicorn, and smiled each time he saw her gorgeous smile. After a few minutes the pair stopped, and Flurry lowered her head to sniff some red crystal flowers and softly giggled as she admired how gorgeous the flower was and how pleasant it smelled. After a few moments she lifted her head and continued to walk. Sunburst looked down at the flower, back at Flurry and then down at the flower again, before he smiled. Lowering his head he picked up the floor and galloped over to the mare. 

"For you.." He whispered as he leaned in and secured the flower in her mane, which caused Flurry Heart to blush.

Sunburst looked into her eyes and smiled, feeling his heart begin to beat quicker in his chest. She was so gorgeous and her smile couldn't be matched. Flurry Heart blushed abit as she watched him.

"Sunburst, is..everything alright?" She whispered softly.
"Everything is just...perfect" he replied, smiling at her.

She smiled and nuzzled him softly and giggled, as she continued to walk onwards before she stopped turning to look back, noticing that he had not followed. 

"Are you sure everything is alright...?" She asked again.

The stallion looked up at her and sighed, he had to tell her. He walked over to her and stood proudly infront of her. He cleared his throat and looked at her nervously. 

"You see...well" He paused, "Flurry I don't know.." he paused again. "For the longest time I'v.." he stuttered and paused again before looking at her. For some reason he couldn't say it. Before long, he just leaned in and softly placed his lips against her, he couldn't help but just kiss her. To his surprise she returned the kiss, and then the two shared a long awaited, passionate kiss. After pulling away from the kiss the two leaned in and nuzzled eachother.

They spend the night in the gardens and for some reason had decided in the morning to inform their families, not of their relationship, but that they had intentions to marry. Surprisingly also, Shinning Armour didn't bite Sunbursts head off for this, he was happy his future son in law was someone he had the pleasure of knowing for years. 

A few months later, the two celebrated a wonderful wedding, with so much love that once again the crystal heart reflected so much love in the empire. Their wedding was gorgeous and it was surprising within a few months, Flurryheart announced she was pregnant with the couple's first foal. They couldn't be more happy.

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