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MLP OC: WavePulse by TearfulEmbrace MLP OC: WavePulse by TearfulEmbrace
**EDITED on June 30th 2017**

(** PS I did use a base, I honestly can't Draw and I just like to create OC's. I also don't have a tablet yet)

This is my OC for The My Little Pony universe. Yes, I know she is an Alicorn but I didn't create her to be some over powered princess with super strength and godly powers. I honestly just love the idea of being able to fly and to be able to do Magic. Also this was my first time doing a reference sheet so I know it's abit sloppy. 

Name: Wave pulse
Race: Alicorn
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Element: (when stories call for it) Element of Loyalty (Most of my OC's and or story would take place years into the future of the MLP universe so maybe sometimes in my stories, Rainbow dash might have either passed on and a new barer of the Element of Loyalty is needed)  

Cutie Mark: Three blue hearts in different shades.

Family: Ruby Shine (Step mother) Luster Shine (Step father) Quick Shine (Younger Step Brother) Gem Shine (Older Step sister)

Far away in a distant land, lived a colony of Pegasus who were ruled by a Pegasus who believed that they were the master race. They were forced to keep to themselves, never allowing any other race to interfere with their lives. Their Ruler, Noire Tarnish was a relentless ruler who wasn't afraid to punish anyone who interfered with their lives, especially if it was a unicorn or an earth pony. On a warm summers night, a couple happily welcomed their first child into their lives, but soon realized, this child was a curse, not to them, but to Noire. The young filly, was born an Alicorn, something that had never happened to anypony who lived in the colony, nor to their knowledge, not since the birth of Princess Flurry heart. Puzzled and confused, they didn't know how she could have unicorn like features, for both their bloodlines only carried the blood of Pegasus. They knew their daughter wouldn't be safe but knew they couldn't afford to start their lives over again. So in the midst of the night they fled to a place they heard were all races were accepted, Equestia, more specifically, Ponyville. They traveled for  days until one night they came upon the village and looked around for a house that seemed to be filled with love. Which was when they came upon a house that seemed to be just perfect, The Shines, a family of earth ponies who made Jewelry.  Tearfully, they said goodbye to their beloved daughter, placing the sleeping filly on the doorstep, knocking a few times until they heard footsteps and then flying off, overlooking as a young mare with a red coat answered the door and gasped at the now orphaned filly, happily taking her in.

Wavepulse's growing up life was seemly normal. Both her adoptive parents adored her and loved her with all their hearts. She had an Older sister already and a few years later came upon a younger brother.  There was a few oddities about her however. Such as, her Pink white tinted coat changed to snow white as she aged and her eyes grew a more lighter liked blue. Other than that, she was happy with her life. Even thought she was born an Alicorn, magic and flying didn't come as easy as it had for others. She Still needed to learn how to control magic and to control flying, by the time she started school, she had mastered both. Her magic and flying were as strong as they were for other fillies and colts her age, which was something she was glad, as she didnt want to be outcasted for being too strong or too fast. 

At the age of 6, she got her cutie mark. Three blue hearts in different shades, symbolizing care, understanding and Loyalty. She got this when she came upon a stranger who had lost her way trying to get to Canterlot, a unicorn seemed lost and upset, and alone in the town. Wavepulse noticed this one day and felt compelled to approach the Unicorn, who was crying outside Sugar Cube Corners. Wave pulse listed to the saddened unicorn, who ended up going abit of a rant, but Wavepulse kindly sat their and listened to the story the unicorn was telling. After the story had ended, Wavepulse comforted the unicorn and pointed her on her way to Canterlot. When the unicorn left, Wavepulse felt great about being able to kindly help, even a stranger, and with that, her flank started to glow and thus her cutie mark appeared. 

As she grew more into an adult. She still kept up her flying abilities and her magical abilities.  She then branched out into perfecting spells that specialized in Shielding, ice and wind.  
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