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Luminous's Wife: Holly by TearfulEmbrace Luminous's Wife: Holly by TearfulEmbrace
Holly is a character I created in a fanfiction I am going to be writing in the Future. I know my drawing is not the best but I only have Paint and I can't afford to buy a tablet just yet.  Below is a small snipit from the Fanfic.


"I'v been an archer since I was 5 years old! and ridden horses for even longer, but my father still thinks I am too young to make my own life choices, He thinks that just because I am 16 years old, that he has the right to just choose what my life should be" Holly sighed, her voice frustrated. 

Luminous watched her for a moment and sighed, he wasn't too sure on how to comfort her. After a moment however, a small smile appeared upon the young man's lips.

"You forgot something" He said chuckling lightly.
"I..what? What do you mean?" Holly asking, blinking abit confused.
"Your talent for singing" He replied, winking at her, a playful smirk appearing on his lips.
"What? No way, I can't sing! That's just something I do for fun" Holly replied, her cheeks turning a small bit pink as she looked away.
"Are you kidding me! I heard you sing earlier on and just..." He paused and reached her hand, placing his left hand over hers. "Never in my life have I ever heard such a beautiful and stunning voice" he said, his voice was soft.

Holly blushed abit darker as she felt her heart beat quicker. She looked into his twin colored eyes, almost lost in the red and the blueness of them. After a moment of getting lost in him, she snapped back to reality and looked away again.

"Li-li-like I said, it's just something I do for fun" she said sadly, looking away from him.

Luminous smirked and then let go of her hand. "What ever you say" he joked playfully as he turned and walked away before stopping in his tracks and looking over his shoulder back at her. "Also, that pretty flower in your hair suits you perfectly" and with that he walked back towards the house.

Holly smiled abit sadly and watched him leave. She took a deep breath, trying to slow her heart beat. 


I know it's not the best and I might edit it abit, but I wanted to share this!
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June 26, 2017
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