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Sun Bard,The Baby for now~
;__; Isn't he just the cutest little bean ever? ugh when I designed this I had to make him the 5th child. Hes so super cute. Once again OC is mine but the base is Pony creator.

Name: Sunbard
Age: 3
Race: Unicorn
Parents: Sunburst and Wave Pulse (my OC)
Birth-Place Canterlot
Bio Little Sunbard was born during a music festival that was being held in Canterlot. The little unicorn takes very much after Sunburst and is for sure a daddy's boy. He is shy around other ponies and looks to his father for comfort. He is the youngest of his siblings for now, and is trying his best to be excited for the new foal that Wave Pulse will be having, but does worry Sunburst won't pay as much attention to him afterwards. Out of his siblings he is closest to Peaceful Moonrise and enjoys going for flight rides on her back. He is too young to have a talent or cutie mark but he has dreams of one day hoping to become a crystillar, like his father.
Four Oldest
These are the four Oldest children of my OC and Sunburst. I used the Pony Creator for the Base. <3

From Left to Right

Name: Sun Pulse
Age: 13
Race: Unicorn
Personality: Kind, friendly, determined.
Birth Place Crystal Empire
Bio: Sun Pulse is one of the Twins born to Wave Pulse and Sunburst. Unlike his twin brother, he has a more calmer and kinder nature. He got his name because him and his brother were born on the noon of the Summer Sun Festival. After he graduated basic classes from Celestia's school for Gifted Unicorns, he took up an interest in animals and currently has a part time Job working at Fluttershy's cottage. He would love to be a Vet when he grows up. His cutie mark is a shield with a wolf paw print on it.
Other Info: He gets really embarrassed when he is called cutie.

Name: Peaceful MoonRise
Age: 5
Race: Pegasus 
Personality: Sweet, outgoing at times and cuddly 
Birth Place Sire's Hollow
Bio: Peaceful MoonRise was born On the night when Luna's moon was at it's highest peek of the year. Unlike her siblings, she was the only one born a pegasus. Because of this, her oldest brother Fire flare mocks her, teasing her because she is the odd-one out in the magical of family. While she is saddened by this, she tries to not let it effect her. As much as she wants to learn magic, her dream is to become a Wonderbolt one day. She already is a Strong flyer, but needs to work on landing once she gets to full speed. She does not have her cutie mark yet. She also loves her baby brother. 
Other Info: Her best friends are Twisty Tail, the youngest son of Discord and Fluttershy  and Windy Bolt Youngest Daughter of Rainbow Dash and Soarin.

Name: Amber Shine
Age: 10
Race: Unicorn
Personality: Sassy, clever, friendly
Birth Place Canterlot
Bio: Amber Shine is the oldest daughter. She is closest to her little sister and is not afraid to tell her brother off when he is teasing her.  She is currently specialising in Gem magic at Celestia's School for gifted unicorns as she loves gems. She hopes to one day open up a jewellery Making store in  Manehattan. Her Cutie mark is a ruby on a pearl necklace.
Other Info: She has a crush on Runestone, The second son of Twilight Sparkle and Thorax

Name: Firework Flare
Age: 13
Race: Unicorn
Personality: Cocky, selfish and Arrogant 
Birth Place Crystal Empire
Bio: Between him and his twin brother, he was born 3 minutes earlier. He considers himself the best. From a very young age he displayed skillful magic. Infact he got his cutiemark when he was 5 years old, which is a  Black Shield with two swords crossed behind it. He believes he is the strongest out of his siblings. However his personality gets him into trouble alot. He has no self-respect and doesn't listen to his parents, even gone as far as getting kicked out of Celestia's school at the age of 11. He brags to his friends how his mother is a princess and thinks his father is a poor excuse for a wizard.  
Other Info: He has a huge crush on Rarity and is convinced he will one day marry her. (Even though She's already married) 
Wave Pulse (Redone)
(Base is not mine. Used the Pony creator. I suck at drawing also, but I am practising.   

Name: Wave Pulse

Sex: Female

Age: 35 (Doing An Age this high because I have her husband and children planned out)

Race: Alicorn (Born Unicorn)

Sexuality: Straight

Element Of Harmony: Generosity **NOTE** I am fully aware that there is of course Rarity, but I figured if I ever did an RP or a Story were the current Element Barers have passed on, I decided I would choose one for her. 

Family: **NOTE** (If you want to see what her family looks like, I will have art work of them up also. Minus Sunburst, since he is a character in MLP already) ---  Sunburst (husband) Firework Flare & Sun Pulse (Twin 13 year old sons) Amber Shine (10 year old Daughter) Peaceful Moonrise (5 year old Youngest Daughter) Sun Bard (3 year old youngest son) Unknown Foal (currently pregnant) 

Riptide Ripple (Father) Petal Line (Mother) Artsy Flow (younger Brother)

Likes: Nearly all fruit, making others smile, animals.

Dislikes: Pineapples, seeing others in pain and spiders.

Personality: Kind, selfless, motherly and loving. 

Hobbies: In her spare time she loves to sing, she may not be very good at it, but it makes her happy. She also loves to go for midnight flights with her youngest daughter and she teaches basic first aid classes. 

Bio: Wave Pulse was born in Ponyvile and was the youngest daughter of an earth pony and a pegasus. She was born a unicorn during the middle of spring. From an early age her parents knew that their daughter had a kind heart. From the time she could walk, she was very much interested in helping her parents around the house do even the smallest of chores. As she grew abit, she began to be able to use her magic to help more around the house. When she was 4 years old, her younger brother was born. However, he was born prematurely and was often sick, as well his wings were under-developed.  Not liking the Artsy Flow was sick all the time, Wave Pulse would spend her time cheering her brother up. From making him smile, to drawing him pictures. She eventually started too to take care of him when he was sick. Checking his temperature, making him warm food, changing bandages, etc. Every time she was able to put a smile on her brothers face, it made her happy. One day when she was 7 years old, she announced to her parents she wanted to be a doctor when she was older. 

When it came to school, she studied hard and did well. She decided that she wanted to attend the school in Ponyville, instead of trying to get into Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. One winter, her and one of her classmates were out playing the snow, when suddenly her classmate slipped and fell on the ice, breaking his left back leg. Wave Pulse knew what to do. While another foal went to  look for the teacher. Wave Pulse instructed her friend to stay still. She looked around and picked up two pieces of wood and used them with her scarf to make a homemade splint. She also comforted her friend, helping him to remain calm. When the teacher showed up, she showed the teacher what she had done and suddenly a glow happened and her cutiemark appeared! It was a blue heart with a heart monitor-line across it. She was so happy and proud of herself. 

In her teen years, Wave Pulse would volunteer her time at the hospital. There, she would help the doctors out with small tasks. However, her favourite place to be was the children's ward. She would spend her time reading to the foals, organising Arts & Crafts and tried to make them feel as comfortable she they could be. She would use her magic to bring stories to life for the children, using the characters in the books to put on shows. She continued to do her studies to be a doctor, and in the summer time, she would run a week long summer camp for free for Sick foals. Eventually at 17 she graduated her studies (I am not sure what age ponies uhh get hired big jobs at so I will go with 17) and got hired as a full time doctor. It was there she began to treat patients, administer medicine and eventually she began to preform surgeries. She was then able to learn about how to preform transplants. This was a new step for her as this meant that she may be able to help her younger brother get a new pair of wings. Sure enough, two years later she was preforming operations and transplants as head surgeon. She was able to preform a wing transplant on her brother and got him into a facility to help him be able to fly better. She felt accomplished in life. However, her biggest task was to come.

A year later she received a letter from Princess Celestia, telling her that one of the delegates in a far away land had requested the aid of a skilled doctor to help with his niece who had been in a terrible accident. Princess Celestia had heard about the excellent Work that Wave Pulse had done and requested she be the one to help out. Nervous and excited she accepted. A week later she arrived in a tropical region at the palace were she was greeted by Celestia, Princess Twilight and Sunburst, the royal crystaller to Baby FlurryHeart. 

It was there she met Shiny Citrus, A pegasus princess with one wing. Her uncle explained the his niece had been out flying with her finacee  when they were attacked by Timberwolves and Shiny Citrus's left wing was badly injured to the point it had to be amputated. Shiny Citrus however was not pleased that a Unicorn was the one who was going to help her with a wing problem, mocking Wave Pulse and claimed she would have no knowledge of wings.  Wave Pulse explained that she had spend her whole life dedicating her time to helping other ponies and assured her that she would be able to help. There was only one issue. Citrus wanted a new wing but it had to be the same size AND color as her right wing, it also had to have the same structure and same feather feel. She wanted nothing different, insisting that the wing needed to look like it would be brand new. Wave PUlse had never had such demands before but she wasn't about to let the princesses down. 

Two days later, they were fortunate to obtain a pair of wings from a recent death of a pegasus. The only issues was the feathers were a different shape and the color of the wings were black, while Citrus's other wing was Bright Orange. Wave Pulse of course new how to preform the transplant, but she had no clue how to fit it to the demands of the princess. She knew from her studies that wings ready for transplant had to be transplanted within three days or they would be useless.  She had to ask for help and decided to ask Sunburst, the male unicorn who had came on the journey. She had heard about how much he had read about magic spells and even knew a few of the older spells. Thankfully he knew a spell that would dye anything a different color permanently. They were able to change the color. Sunburst also remembered he knew of an ancient spell that could alter the shape of body parts, the only downfall was the spell could only be used once on a body part. If the spell failed, the wing would be useless. For the first time in her life, Wave Pulse felt hopeless. Sunburst comforted her, telling her that he was was going to help her learn how to use the spell. After a day of studying together, Wave Pulse felt ready. She casted the spell and was able to successfully alter the shape of the wings. 

That afternoon the transplant happened and the next day Princess Shiny Citrus awoke with two wings. She was completely thrilled and apologised to Wave Pulse for being rude. Wave Pulse accepted and felt proud. It was in that moment that Princess Celestia stepped forward to congratulate Wave Pulse. She then began that she was proud of the work Wave Pulse had done her life and said she had a way for her to take her medical abilities to higher lengths. Due to the kindness, selflessness, determination and hard work The unicorn had did over her life and that Wave pulse wasn't ashamed to ask for help when needed most, Celestia granted Wave Pulse a transformation into an Alicorn. Stating that now, the Alicorn Magic she has obtained will allow her to the do even higher medical preformaces, but she could also use the new ability of flight to help those who under-go wing transplants. WavePulse was in complete shock and amazed and over all thrilled. 

A week later it was Wave Pulse's coronation ceremony, Where she was titled 'Wave Pulse, Princess of Medical Skill'. That night, as she was walking though the Canterlot gardens, she came across Sunburst. He smiled at her and then asked her if She would like to be his Special Somepony. She accepted.   

Three months into their relationship, Wave Pulse learned she was pregnant with Sunburst's Foal. The two welcomed twin colts and just after the twins first birthday, the happily couple were married.
The Betrayed Queen
She had given her kingdom everything they wanted.
She had ruled with fairness and kindness.
But they wanted more, and soon she was over thrown.
She was heartbroken.
She slowly slipped away.
She was soon forgotten.

This is the time used the new MS paint so I was testing it out. I suck a drawing I know that. Right now I am just in alot of pain. Depression sucks.  Ontop of that I have a bad cold. I'll be fine eventually. 


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