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There is Light

I made up this OC in math class today. Then I liked him a lot, so I decided to color it and post it, since I had devised a whole story and everything. Don't ask how I came up with all of this while paying attention to my teacher at the same time. I don't even know the answer to that! But anyways!!!

Name: Raza(hope) Mahindra
Age: 16

He is a hellraiser who raises havoc wherever he goes. He is VERY ambitious, wild and loud. He never lets anyone get in his way and he does whatever he wants MOST of the time. He is a daredevil and doesn't fear anything. Raza has very good memory, but it seems he has a hard time remembering what time his classes and other important events start, because he is NEVER on time and is always late.

Raza is born into a family of extremely well known healers and white magicians, but ever since he started hanging with the wrong crowd, he has learned some dark magic, using it to his advantage. His favorite element he has learned his fire. He also loves to use earth magic. Raza despises white magic because he says it is "boring".

One day, him and his sister went out into the village and caused a huge catastrophe that resulted in the destruction of nearly have the village. He had convinced his sister to go along with him, despite her pleas to stay home and sleep (because his sister is very lazy), but he dragged her out of bed and they set out. He was showing her his fire skills and got too carried away and then he forgot his surroundings. His friends showed up which encouraged his bad behavior, thus giving him the courage to continue what he was doing. He didn't care that is, until it actually happened. They all went out to play with fire, setting fire to some nearby huts, and before they knew it, it was out of control. Raza thought it was very funny, but he got caught and was then sentenced to face his whole family and they would decide his punishment. If his family hadn't been so well-known and honored, he would have been sentenced to the dungeon with years and years of punishment, but the king ordered his family to decide the punishment and sentence. The King trusted and knew they would do the right thing.

His punishment would be to go into the outside world where normal humans lived and act as a spiritual guide to a student who was having major conflicts at a nearby school. He would have to practice discipline at this private school and make use of his healing abilities in order for him to ever gain his way back to his family's respect. He scowled at the thought of this and wished he was in the dungeon instead. Raza would be forced to attend this school in a normal human disguise, because he was not to be trusted inside the human he was helping. Since his sister also played a part in it, she would have to do the same thing. Her only complaint was it was too much work.
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You make such kickass OC's.
I want to hug him. > w<
TeapotDomescam's avatar
thanks man! :highfive: I also read on your O comment that it made you want to draw chibis. DO IT!! I want to see what your chibis will look like
MMtheMayo's avatar
Oh, that's so sweet~
I must say you have very interesting style of drawning eyes, I like it much^^
TeapotDomescam's avatar

Thank you very very much for the comment!! Well, actually, I should call it a compliment since I am blushing and all :3
MMtheMayo's avatar
No problem^^

kyoko-neko-chan's avatar
He's so cute 8D

I love his story, you should definitely continue with it! ^^

As for a doujinshi, I say go for it! The only way to improve is to draw, so drawing a doujinshi will allow you to learn new things and improve upon others.

If I had time, I'd make a series of 4koma... But unfortunately, school is taking over my life. So much to do! ;A;
TeapotDomescam's avatar
Yeah, I've made comics before and gotten pretty far with them. I did a collaboration on a Naruto doujinshi a few years ago and it was the longest one I have ever completed, but it looks like crap now lol. But yeah, I just get lazy. I don't think I can do this one as a doujinshi because there is too much detail I want to discuss that would be better put in words than displayed in pictures. You know what I mean? I wish I could do a comic, but you know how much time that takes o__o I would never get finished. And actually, I'm working on a comic right now. it's my version of Little Red Riding Boy (AKA Hood)
Karinka-san's avatar
*W* you are really the queen of chibis !!
what a great story he has and your chara design match his personality a lot ..its like you characterized your story lines !
as one of the members said yea me too I would love to see his sister !
it would be also cool if you drew a doujinshi ! don't feel bad give it a shot in the mean while write your story very clearly once you have done that you will be inspired !! and willing to see your chara in action!
TeapotDomescam's avatar


How about your doujinshi idea?? Are you still thinking of doing it? I am working on a comic right now. it's my own version of Little Red Riding Hood, but it's based off of my character Little Red Riding Boy that I made up. I am hoping to put it up whenever I get the chance to edit it
Karinka-san's avatar
XD u'm I'm still kinda nervous about it currently I'm a little bit confused ..should I draw an original doujinshi about couple pages or fan art doujinshi >_____< and I don't have so much time doing both dunno it sound little stupid but its my first shot and I'm welling to do something really good !
sounds so much fun I can't wait to see it I'm so excited ^W^!!!
PLEAAAAAASE once you finish it put it ^O^!
how many pages are you planning to do ?
TeapotDomescam's avatar
I think you should do an original storyline because then people can't criticize you about the character development or anything like that and you are free to use whatever ideas you want with the characters you have invented all on your own. I would love for you to do one, and if you mess up, then you can always start over. I have so many comics that I have started and never finished >.< But I am so lazy!

As for the pages I am planning to do, I have no idea!! Hopefully 50 or more. I already have the whole plot and everything, it's just a matter of putting it all together and figuring out when I'm going to have time XD So far, I only have like, 6 pages!!! ;__; but i'm so busy, so ya know
OneEyedCanine's avatar
That looks amazing, as always. I really like the story as well, it really does fit the character. Are you going to continue with the story you think? It seems really interesting
TeapotDomescam's avatar
Yeah I probably will continue the story. I've gotten a lot of good feedback about it, and the ideas are all in my head, it's so clear I can see everything! But I just wish I was better at my manga skills so that I could make a real good quality doujinshi or something. Wouldn't that be awesome? But lately I've been feeling pretty bad about my artwork. Like, it's just not good enough or something. I need to learn how to shade better XD
OneEyedCanine's avatar
yay, happy to hear that. Well of course you aren't happy with your artwork, an artist never is happy with their art, even if it is amazing *cough cough hint hit*
EmilyxOracle's avatar
omg I LOOOOOOOVE!!! -glompshim- This is freaking amazing, Tea! The detail is so amazing! *A* -zombie- canihashim?
TeapotDomescam's avatar
Amazing you say??? Tell me more. Lol just kidding. Thanks a lot! I feel kind of bad because it looks so sketchy though >.>
EmilyxOracle's avatar
But it looks AWESOME because it's sketchy xD GEH. Everytime I see it I just want him all to myself ;A; -drawshimallovermynotebook-
TeapotDomescam's avatar
You should draw him for me XD LOl are you a member of the magical OCs club yet? Then you could submit it there so everyone can seeeeeee!! I'm actually VERY honored that you like my character so much. I don't think I've heard such flattery in a long time. You're so nice XD
EmilyxOracle's avatar
No I denied the invitation because I've never been in one of those things before o__O;; I didn't know what it was.

I LOVE flattering people! I SMOTHER YOU ALL IN LOVE D<! I'm an ego-stroking-whore 8B
TeapotDomescam's avatar
Lol well I'm going to send you another one! It's really fun and you could put up any OC you have with magical powers. It's pretty cool and it's a great way to meet new people. My friend is in charge of the group and I am a co-founder so you've got nothing to lose. XD
EmilyxOracle's avatar
O-okay oAo ... just... I might not post that much because I'm busy lately, and I'm scared of people xDD
Deiynaii's avatar
isnt he a cute little thing <33333
TeapotDomescam's avatar
Awww as cute as you!?
Deiynaii's avatar
noh wayh
he'sh cuter :la:
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