WINNERS of Our BIG Anniversary Flower Contest!

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izza pandah. by valokilljoy :forget-me-not: - NaNoEmo 06 by a-kid-at-heart izza pandah. by valokilljoy :forget-me-not: - NaNoEmo 06 by a-kid-at-heart izza pandah. by valokilljoy :forget-me-not: - NaNoEmo 06 by a-kid-at-heart izza pandah. by valokilljoy

Roula's Flowers by KmyGraphic WELCOME to Unframed-Nature's BIG FLOWER ANNIVERSARY CONTEST Rusults:
Roula's Flowers by KmyGraphic

Welcome dearest Members, Watchers, Friends, and Supporters of Unframed-Nature, :heart:

Thank you so much for being here and joining us for the fabulous results of our "BIG Autumn FLower" Contest 2016!  This was such an absolutely lovely and gorgeous contest from beginning to end! - (my sincerely apologies for sharing the results this late, all my [your Senior Team Leader's] doing. )

:flowers: First and foremost, we as our whole group, would just LOVE to thank you for ALL of the sensational flower deliveries (entries) that were bestowed upon us for our 10th YEAR ANNIVERSARY!
Oh, were they ever so much fun to receive!

:thanks: :icongiveroseplz: :icondoublehugplz::icondoublehugplz::icondoublehugplz: :icongiveroseplz: :thanks:

We had seventy (70) entries, ALL awesome, and each one so beautiful, and truly there WERE some which were quite UNIQUE, and very CREATIVE, as were definitely mentioned for the criteria for setting one's own apart, for the specific judging criteria.  How exciting to see!

We had some judging issues, but NOT with the judges who actually did come to judge.
Our judges did a brilliant job- I was amazed at the care they took, the way they took their criteria to heart, and the time they spent to do a compellingly impressive job, so well done!

But, mostly due to some communication issues, which I myself take on completely, we didn't have quite as many judges- and this is why, I, as your Senior Team Leader, never join ANY of the Contests (or even Themes) that we design out of our own group, and take extra great precautions in these "Big Contests" to even stay out of the voting process...

my role is the contest, itself, and then trying to encourage artists to join, and thank the members who do, but I hold myself to remain as unbiased as possible.  This is very important, just in case, I need to step in for judging for any reason.

In the case of this contest, I did step in.  My only role was called a "Secondary Judge".
What this means is, I ONLY judged on works, in which our first judges had already chosen.  In other words, I did NOT go back into the full body of entries and make my own brand new choices from ALL entries. I judged solely on works already judged on, by our judges who had come to judge, and from there we have our solid group of WINNERS!

(It is always important to me, to be honest with my members/Admins., both in general, and in the instance of this contest, about how things are handled. :aww: )

And so, without further ado,


:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

:iconbouquetplz: :iconbouquetplz: :iconbouquetplz:

Without further ado, here are the CONTEST results...

izza pandah. by valokilljoy :forget-me-not: - NaNoEmo 06 by a-kid-at-heart izza pandah. by valokilljoy :forget-me-not: - NaNoEmo 06 by a-kid-at-heart izza pandah. by valokilljoy :forget-me-not: - NaNoEmo 06 by a-kid-at-heart izza pandah. by valokilljoy

:icontrophyplz: OUR TOP EIGHT NINE! WINNERS :icontrophyplz:

:trophy: FIRST PLACE rosaarvensis :iconrosaarvensis: with: Bees have gone to sleep II by rosaarvensis :iconflowersplz:

More from this Artist:

Zinnias by rosaarvensis Oh summer by rosaarvensis Dawn with poplars by rosaarvensis
Yarrow in blue by rosaarvensis Wanderer by rosaarvensis Wooden house by rosaarvensis
Fragaria by rosaarvensis Years go by by rosaarvensis Half here, half there II by rosaarvensis
Bad dreams by rosaarvensis

:trophy: SECOND PLACE  cacharoth :iconcacharoth: with: Sunny 10 by cacharoth :iconflowersplz:

More from this Artist:

little snail by cacharoth tempo by cacharoth swtor varactyl babys by cacharoth
cactus bloom by cacharoth dark trees by cacharoth rough bark by cacharoth
looking at you by cacharoth wildstar land jellyfish by cacharoth swtor ice plain by cacharoth
butterfly by cacharoth

:trophy: THIRD PLACE Shadoweddancer :iconshadoweddancer:  with: :iconflowersplz:

More from this Artist:

Still Life with Seashells by Shadoweddancer
Dawn Breaks by Shadoweddancer

:trophy: FOURTH PLACE allison731 :iconallison731: with: Spring Beauty by allison731 :iconflowersplz:

More from this Artist:

Dandelion by allison731 Fly to Heaven by allison731 Blue Horizon II by allison731
Spring Beauty II by allison731 Ginger Cat by allison731 Lion Portrait II by allison731
Golden Eyes by allison731 Undersea Life by allison731 Magical Thoughts by allison731
Roses by allison731

:icontrophyplz: The FOUR FIVE RUNNERS-UP! :icontrophyplz:

In A RANDOM Order...

:trophy: RUNNER-UP ChristineDim :iconchristinedim: with: A tiny bit of spring(series) by ChristineDim :iconpoppy3plz:

More from this Artist:

Come play with us by ChristineDim:bigthumb617362676: Pumpkin field by ChristineDim
Pusheen the cat by ChristineDim:bigthumb612585856:

:trophy: RUNNER-UP  killerkrabbe :iconkillerkrabbe: with: Cycle of Life by killerkrabbe :iconpoppy3plz:

More from this Artist:

shy by killerkrabbe lynx by killerkrabbe still see you by killerkrabbe
another fish by killerkrabbe foggy by killerkrabbe

:trophy: RUNNER-UP  gustiidiaz :icongustiidiaz: with: Down Under. by gustiidiaz :iconpoppy3plz:

More from this Artist:

Let Go. by gustiidiaz Sundown at the Delta Marsh by gustiidiaz Guardians of the Forest by gustiidiaz
The Truth Is Still Out There... by gustiidiaz For one moment, be silent and listen. by gustiidiaz

:trophy: RUNNER-UP  jxsnyder :iconjxsnyder: with: :bigthumb610570243: :iconpoppy3plz:

More from this Artist:


:trophy: RUNNER-UP  unikatdesign :iconunikatdesign: with: Lupine by unikatdesign :iconpoppy3plz:

More from this Artist:

Waterfall in the Catlins by unikatdesign Beautiful yellow blossoms by unikatdesign Chicken by unikatdesign
Krake by unikatdesign Dramatic sunset by unikatdesign


:w00t: :iconlawooplz: :w00t: :iconlawooplz: :w00t:


:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

:iconbouquetplz: :iconbouquetplz: :iconbouquetplz:

:iconfirstplaceplz: PRIZES :iconfirstplaceplz:

To see :eyes: the Wonderful LIST of VERY GENEROUS prizes offered to the above NINE Winners,
simply SCROLL to the "PRIZES" Section of the Original Contest News Article, HERE:
Our BIG Anniversary FLOWER Contest

:note: Please, be patient, in order to give proper time to notify
ALL of the prize-givers, and THEN, for each of these prize-givers to deliver their various prizes. :aww: Thank you! :thanks: :heart:

ENJOY, as your prizes begin to "roll in"! :heart:


ADDITIONALLY, We really appreciate ALL INDIVIDUALS & GROUPS who PROMOTED our Contest, as well! :heart:


:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

izza pandah. by valokilljoy :forget-me-not: - NaNoEmo 06 by a-kid-at-heart izza pandah. by valokilljoy :forget-me-not: - NaNoEmo 06 by a-kid-at-heart izza pandah. by valokilljoy :forget-me-not: - NaNoEmo 06 by a-kid-at-heart izza pandah. by valokilljoy


Quick Group News!

Flower Bullet (Purple) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre "May-June's TOP Sub's of Unframed-Nature & NEWS" is STILL planned for publishing! Things will be running late for a while longer yet, until... well, things get back a bit closer to our group's "regular" schedule.

Flower Bullet (Purple) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre "VOTE on TOP Submissions of JULY-AUG. 2016" will be out, Aug. 31st/Sept. 1st. *Remember our group closes during this Membership Voting periods, which happens every OTHER month- for at least a week, sometimes 8 days- unless otherwise noted.*

Flower Bullet (Purple) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre If you don't know about it yet, I'd like to take this moment to promote a special contest hosted by Fractal-Love
Founder, our very own Annissina
It's not too late- ENDS: AUGUST 31st!
Read all about it HERE:

Annissina's July Feature + New Contest

Feel free to JOIN the contest! Not a fractalist? Perhaps help to promote it, donate a feature, or a few points!

Flower Bullet (Purple) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Believe it or not, we actually did get through MOST ALL of the Activities, from:

And we are definitely winding down...
though, there *may* be a remnant or two left, regarding a couple of activities...

I can't believe how AMAZING, that EVERYONE was!


Flower Bullet (Purple) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre We have given out, and WILL CONTINUE to give out (with the BIG CONTEST, *right here*) many points in regard to our "TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY" ... continue with ALL that we DO still have planned for the rest of this year, AND have enough to renew our SUPERGROUP STATUS for 2017, (which comes due, early DECEMBER- sooner than we think), please consider to help us out with any amount of
:points: Points:
HERE: Unframed-Nature-PTS :iconunframed-nature-pts:

MANY, MANY, thanks in Advance!

:icongiveroseplz: :community::community::community::community::community::community::community::community: :icongiveroseplz:

Once More: GREAT CONTEST ALL! :heart:

Tea :iconteaphotography:
Senior Team Leader


Header Image Pixabay
CSS Code artbymba
CSS Design Sassy-Cat-Sooo-Catty
Slightly Modified TeaPhotography
Special Thanks to Kitty Sassy-Cat-Sooo-Catty
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killerkrabbe's avatar
Congrats to the other winners! Cheerleader
It cant have been easy for the judges with all these great works :D
And thank you for voting me as runner up, that was quite the surprise to me Hug
sesam-is-open's avatar
Congratulations to all the winners and all the members of this beautiful Group for such a beautiful Anniversary!:heart:It-is-so-beautiful by vafiehya
ShinyHeels's avatar
Congrats to all winners:w00t:
oh so many breathtaking works:love:
PaMonk's avatar
Congratulations to Everyone.:hug:
Annissina's avatar
Congratulations everyone!! :iconcheerplz: It'll probably get to September by the time I get round to give out the prizes I've promised... Please bear with me. :aww:
TeaPhotography's avatar
Don't you worry, my dear Lily, Annissina you take the time you need, I know the ways in which you are currently busy.
And it's good to mention it, but we all understand. :cuddle:

I am just starting my personal personal prizes, and I don't know when I will finish. I had to do the group prizes first!

Thanks for your... everything, you are absolutely amazing to me! My best in all you are doing. You are awesome!
Annissina's avatar
Thank you so much, my dear! :hug: I'll do my best. :aww:
Deb-e-ann's avatar
Congratulations to all the winners :clap:
TeaPhotography's avatar
Absolutely kindly of you to add your Congrats, Debbie!
Sassy-Cat-Sooo-Catty's avatar
A HUGE congratulations to all winners and runner ups! Truly lovely entries and beautiful gallery showcases, as well.
TeaPhotography's avatar
So super kind of you to add your CONGRATS to the winners, Kitty dear! Thank you for your support, not just FOR our contest, but for your work ON the contest... oh believe me I know. Thank you for everything! :hug:
unikatdesign's avatar
Thank you so much for your efforts! :)
bergunty's avatar
You're welcome :)
TeaPhotography's avatar
How absolutely wonderful of you Kelly! Thank you for this, and also for working so very hard ON the contest itself! :heart:
bergunty's avatar
You're welcome. I know I wasn't the only one working hard on the contest, and you've worked hard with this journal (it took ages to make my much smaller journal). Big thanks to the judges who made good choices :)

:heart: :roses: 
TeaPhotography's avatar
I do think the judges made good choices, and I do try to choose my judges wisely- and my criteria is well-rounded for choosing them.

Anyway, yes, well, your feature journal is JUST FINE, trust me... :nod: :heart:

and as far as creating feature journals, or news articles (as I usually seem to call them, in this case, but no matter, really...)

it really does take tons of practice.

I have been told that creating news articles is a type of art in itself- hence the contest that's been running at DevNews ... 

You do get quicker and there are lots of short cuts, etc.,

No you weren't hte only one working hard on the contest for certain, it does take a TEAM EFFORT to make anything this large even close to successful... but I did appreciate your commentary in helping members with the rules. You did that A LOT- I do notice what my various team-mates do...

I really wanted to make a goal of commenting on each entry by thanking each one for entering our contest.

I saw some of your own comments there, too...

Other people do other things, and we need those such things done, too, or *want* them done, as far as going the extra mile or step, to show our genuine appreciation for their interest in our group

Sorry for the ramble, hmm, but thanks again! ... as well as to all...
bergunty's avatar
Thanks Tea :hug:

Before I forget this month I've checked the "Birds..." folder, looks fine. I do have a question regarding "Architecture" - specifically two pictures of seals on a jetty - I moved them there but I'm not sure they belong there?
jxsnyder's avatar
TeaPhotography's avatar
Most assuredly! Your piece deserves to be a winning piece! :la:
:hug: :icongiveroseplz:
Shadoweddancer's avatar
Wow, thanks so much for third, I am very honored!  Congratulations to all the winners, well done! lil rose by Sugaree-33
TeaPhotography's avatar
It is wonderful to have your piece be a winner! Congrats to YOU! :iconflowersplz:
It's also lovely of you to add your congrats to the others. :aww:

Other prizes are coming to you soon. :D
Shadoweddancer's avatar
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