Update of THE SHELTER PROJECT 2019, and Beyond
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Thank you so very much for being here. "THE SHELTER PROJECT" has just entered it's 9th year. There have been some changes with the humane society itself, and also with "THE SHELTER PROJECT".  I would like to do something different this time- go against my nature, and BEGIN with the products you can purchase to help the animals with medical needs, and THEN go into some of the other aspects of the PROJECT. So, first the Photo Products, and then the Jewelry Products.

Rainbow Paw bullet by kicked-in-teeth PHOTO PRINTS
Prints of Any Photos You See of Mine Here on dA.  If it is NOT already made into a photo, e-mail me with the link and size of the photo that you want. It is also VERY possible that I can create the photo for your myself, and be able to donate the standard 30% to "THE SHELTER PROJECT" which is the same donation rate for all products. 
My standard prices & sizes:
4x6, 4x4 = $2.00 ;  5x7, 5x5 = $6.50 ;  8x10, 8x8 = $10.50

Examples of Images as a Print:

I Got Dirty by TeaPhotographyKeeping a Wary Watch by TeaPhotography
A New Year's Wish For All by TeaPhotography A Page out of the Life of Paige by TeaPhotography
Grow With The Flow by TeaPhotographyUnder The Purple Sea by TeaPhotography
Feel the Light by TeaPhotographyLily for Lily by TeaPhotography
Every Year A Reason by TeaPhotography The Seasons of My Life by TeaPhotography

Rainbow Paw bullet by kicked-in-teeth PHOTO GREETING CARDS
On Behalf of: The Shelter Project by TeaPhotography

The cards are 5x7. They are blank unless you tell me specifically something you want written inside. It comes with my professional stamp on the back.  Other custom packages can be made.
One = $3.50 ; Four = $12.00 ; Six =  $17.10 ;  Eight = $22.40

Rainbow Paw bullet by kicked-in-teeth :new: POST CARDS
I already have many of them done! They are flat with a photo on one side, and you can write and send to anyone on the other side. They are turning out beautifully! I have cats, dogs, trees, flowers, and 'scapes. I don't have pictures of them at the moment, but if interested, you'd just email, and tell me what genre/s you are interested in, and I would email you how a few look. I could also use STASH to show you.
One = $2.25 ; Two = $4.00

Rainbow Paw bullet by kicked-in-teeth STICKERS 
Sometimes stickers can be ordered to match greeting card stationery!
IMG 5003.2 copy by TeaPhotography IMG 4999.2 copy by TeaPhotography

$4.00 = Half Sheet; $7.00 = Full Sheet. This disregards the size of the stickers. A full sheet can have 24 small ones or 10 big ones. 
:note: If you order FIVE Full Sheets, take off $1.50.

Rainbow Paw bullet by kicked-in-teeth MUGS
There are existing mugs, that I created long ago. Most are white with a dog or cat on them, and a few are double-sided, a shelter cat on one side and a different shelter cat on the other!! We are running out of space soon, and doing some rearranging, so I thought I would RUN A SPECIAL on these mugs! E-mail me if interested!
$10.00 each  + S/H, of course
Besides the mugs that already exist, I just love to design and create mugs. Plain mugs that are white, with one photo of your choice from my gallery are $16.50.
But if you want a fully customized mug, we can do two or more photos if you wish, plus, write on it whatever you'd like it to say, and I can have the inside and handle of the mug painted to match either other, the colour that you would like. I would take over some creative freedom, to match up any font colours to photo borders and/or with inside and handle colours. (The rest is white). 
These mugs are $22.00 - $25.00.

Rainbow Paw bullet by kicked-in-teeth NOTEBOOKS
A Notebook for-The Shelter Project by TeaPhotography

The notebook has 20 blank pages.  It can be vertical or horizontal.  This year a third ring WILL be added to any notebooks that are vertical. The back outside page will have the offical stamp.
It is $15.50.  Two in one order is $30.00.

Rainbow Paw bullet by kicked-in-teeth :new: BOOKMARKS
I'm excited to announce this new product! I don't have a photo for them, but I've made a lot of them over the years, and I made quite a few for family members over the holidays in the way that I am hoping or wanting to do them for this year, as an official product, but forgot to take a photo before the last one was sent.
At this time they will basically be traditional in design. 2 '' x 5 or 6 '', and laminated, ad with a braid at the top through the hole punch. The image on the front can be something you see in my gallery, but it will only be partially seen on the actual book mark, which is kind of fun. We get get further into actual abstract, by going to my sub-gallery that has some abstract work in it. Or I can create a whole new traditional piece for you, some piece of drawing. But if you're even interested we can get to the details via email.
$7.00 for one, two for $13.00, and three for $18.50.

Now, to introduce the Jewelry Products for 2019:

kitty lovey dovey emoji by rnorals NECKLACES ON CORDS
Three basic types: on cords, metal chains, or beaded. It can depend upon a lot of things to denote a price for a necklace besides the basic type- how long it takes to make, the type of material involved, and the value of the pieces, such as the center pendant or pendants, and other beads if applicable. Aside from seed beads, I try not to ever use plastic.  My necklaces are adjustable in length, and they can often be fairly customized, if you are wanting one, that you have not yet seen showcased.

Generally, Cords Necklaces = $14.00 - $24.00 ;  Metal Chain with Beads, Charms, Pendants Necklaces = $19.00 - $50.00.

Examples of a Few Necklaces, Still Left For Sale

Of Land and Water and Mostly Blues by TeaPhotography Love for Animals New Collection #7 by TeaPhotography

:note: Check here: www.deviantart.com/teaphotogra…
for other necklaces not yet sold, though in the other sub-gallery where there are images of groups of pieces you might find a few there, too. I also have many works not yet uploaded. Between such other pieces and an idea you have, we could work on pieces together semi-comissioned pieces so-to-speak.

kitty lovey dovey emoji by rnorals BRACELETS
Three basic types: on craft stretch cord, on various colours of metal, but usually silver, or beaded. Same things as for necklaces can denote a price for a bracelet, as for a necklace. These too, can usually be adjustable in length, though it's a bit easier  with the necklaces. However, with the stretch cord being the most popular, it's not been as much of a concern.
Generally, Stretchy Cord Bracelets = $13.00 - $16.00 ;  Metal Chain with Beads and Charms Bracelets = $15.00 - $18.50.

Examples of a Few Bracelets, Still Left For Sale

Life, Your Way by TeaPhotographyFor The Love of Purple by TeaPhotography

I just introduced "Double Strand Wrap Bracelets" to the Bracelet line!  I'm very excited! I did already introduce them at the end of last year and I think I sold two of them! :iconcatlaplz:
I have done them on chains, and that is possible as they do work well this way, but the initial concept was to bead a design on the stretchy craft cords. We can also add a charm of your choice, and I do have quite a few themes to choose from.

Double Strand Wrap Bracelets = $19.50 - $23.00

Examples of a Double Strand Wrap Bracelets For Sale

Double-Wrap Bracelets -2 by TeaPhotography Double-Wrap Bracelets -1 by TeaPhotography

kitty lovey dovey emoji by rnorals ANKLETS
Beaded on stretchy craft cord, or beaded on silver metal with adjustment positions or on metal chains with charms, also adjustable.
Price = $18.00

kitty lovey dovey emoji by rnorals EARRINGS
On best quality silver metal or sometimes, real silver. Sometimes I even have bronze, copper, dark silver, black and gold metals. 
SIMPLE ones RANGE from, $10.00 - $14.00.
Ones that are longer, or are worth more, or took more skill such as with a wire-wrap etc.  or some combination, RANGE from- $15.00 - $18.50.

Examples of Earrings For Sale

Horsin' Around by TeaPhotographyDown To Earth by TeaPhotography
Mermaid Magic by TeaPhotography A Part of Something Wonderful by TeaPhotography

kitty lovey dovey emoji by rnorals WIRE-WRAPPED RINGS

I am only interesting in using glass or gemstones. I usually use silver, but I have used black quite a bit and purple metal, too. Over the years, my skill has improved in designing and creating wire-wrapped rings.
However to sell via the internet it is extremely important to know the size of the finger you are wanting to wear it on, or the size of your friend's finger. I have made sizes 3-10. Or if you want a basic "whatever size" you can surprise yourself as to which finger it will fit on! :)
Below is an older sample photo of some wire-wrapped rings.  I have and create from sizes 3 - 10. 
$12.00 each.
Hope Wrapped in a Ring by TeaPhotography

kitty lovey dovey emoji by rnorals FRIENDSHIP RINGS
Always on a thick 3mm stretchy craft cord (same as the stretchy cord for the bracelets), tied off in a quad and craft glue used on the knot, then filed for lack of irritation.
One reason THIS PRODUCT is nearly perfect via the internet/deviantART, is if you aren't too concerned about which finger you or your friend might wear it on, we don't usually have to worry about size!  But we could still use finger sizing to at least get an idea. :nod: 
Below is a sample photo of Friendship Rings. I do believe all of the once seen here have long since sold, but I do have at least as many more!  They are always on my person, and they also keep some at the shelter itself.  It's just a popular item no matter what!
$5.00 each. Possible deal for Multiple Friendship Rings.

Friendship Rings- Updated by TeaPhotography

kitty lovey dovey emoji by rnorals DOUBLE STRAND FRIENDSHIP RINGS :new:
This is the same idea as the double-strand bracelets! The simply go around two times. They are always stretchy though. However the price is NOT double!
$8.50 each.

kitty lovey dovey emoji by rnorals FOBS
These are a huge seller, because they can be used for SO MANY THINGS, besides adornment on a bag, such as but not limited to, on a broken zipper, on any in tact zipper, on your key ring, attached to the bottom of a ceiling fan, or on your PET'S or PETS' collar!  Currently they have been made with silver metal or bronze or even a combination.  They are and can be very thematic! 
SIMPLE ones - $10.00. FANCIER ones - $13.00 
Zipper OR Collar Clips NEW for THE SHELTER PROJECT by TeaPhotography
Key Chains or Clips NEW for THE SHELTER PROJECT by TeaPhotographyKey Chains or Clips NEW#3 for THE SHELTER PROJECT by TeaPhotography

kitty lovey dovey emoji by rnorals Promotional Kit 
If you would like to have the "Promotional Kit", a larger rendition of what I give to locals, the online version, includes:
  3 rack cards, 4 business cards, 3 promotional pens, & 1 friendship ring.  Promotional Kits are for you to have as a reminder of "The Shelter Project", but it is also for any friend or family of yours who you think might be interested, and the Friendship Ring, is a personal THANK YOU  for purchasing this, as a token of our friendship, or given to a different friend of your own! :heart:
:note: Any other type of order that I would receive, will include everything in the "promotional" kit (except the extra Friendship Ring) free of charge. Those items simple come with your order.

:note: Other Important Information to NOTE regarding the Products for Purchase on behalf of the animals for "THE SHELTER PROJECT"
Shipping and Handling was not included in any of the prices given.
Sales Tax is not charged.
"THE SHELTER PROJECT" donates 30% directly to the animals at the humane society for medical needs, primarily spays and neuters, because they are not allowed to be adopted to a potential forever home, otherwise! The rest goes back into the account designated for the project in order to go specifically to replenish supplies for photo products and jewelry products and all that is needed to continue to run the project. It is the only way to make the project self-sufficent.  
:note: PayPal is actually the easiest way to achieve a payment transaction.
:note: I will ship to any country, and I have already shipped to such a variety already!

cat2 by VasiDragosINTERMISSION

Thank you again so much for being here.  Here we will explore how such a project began, Super Affiliates, Affiliates, a bit about South Coast Humane Society, the animals we help, & perhaps a couple other tid bits.

I feel it is important that if I'm going to promote products for a charity, that I put in the effort to give enough information about that very charity, so that you know where your money, or points, or advertisements are going to. This has always been an honest charity, and we will always do everything we can to my own knowledge to keep that very reputation.


"THE SHELTER PROJECT" began August-September 2010. We have just entered the 9th year.

The most recent News Article regarding the Project was written one year ago, and can be found here with a bit more detail:

But enough change, mostly within the Photo and Jewelry Products, and a bit with the humane society itself warranted a new News Article, so here we are.

The very first time "THE SHELTER PROJECT" was ever announced on dA was here:

If Only: The Shelter Project by TeaPhotography

As of 2012, this became the mascot of "THE SHELTER PROJECT":

Priority Cat by TeaPhotography

The most recent dedication was to our 2018 supporters (or Affiliates & Super-Affiliates), also giving recent information about the Project, AS WELL AS,  our earnings for 2018:

We Want to Tell You Together by TeaPhotography

I began volunteering my time with Foster Care Groups, County Pounds, & other Shelter systems, since January of 2008, eleven years ago.  I did a wide variety of things... and already learned a lot about these lovely beings.  But the thing that struck me the most was the immensity of their medical needs, and of course, the real necessity for spays and neuters. 

Then something happened and I could no any longer actually GO to these places quite as often, or even donate my own money that had been coming from a different (a more traditional) type of income at this point.

So, my newish (at the time) passion already had a kink in it.

The real problem was... that I was hooked, and bent on figuring out what I could to continue to help these innocent  animals with what they needed.

It finally hit me near the beginning of Spring 2010! I decided to JOIN two of my passions TOGETHER!  My LOVE  of creating art, WITH my LOVE  of helping our domesic animal friends! 

The overall concept was "Working for donations!"

I worked on the idea and chose TWO products to begin with at the time:  Photo Prints and Photo Greeting Cards.

It was a great idea to begin small like that, and add products as time went along.


In the beginning, animals from a county animal facility in Central California benefited. I worked on a project with a lovely lady named Pauline kurios-kat who sponsored the framing of several of my photos, which the Director wanted as the walls were bare at their facility, being still fairly new.

The Shelter ART Project by TeaPhotography

I was always put with physically caring for cats. Brushing them, taking notes on anything medically suspicious, that sort of thing. It wasn't until I moved to Oregon in April 2011, that I was able to get more involved with the dogs. 

However, while I have mostly talked about cats and dogs, during the time of "THE SHELTER PROJECT", we have also had ferrets, rabbits, and several types of birds, to name a few. :)

South Coast Humane Society, in Oregon, has been the place where the animals have benefitted.  In the nearly 8 years living here this humane society has changed in so many ways!  But I have kept my eyes open to make sure that no matter what, especially regarding money and political issues, that the animals were always coming first, because there is always another shelter who would be happy to have our money.

The humane society keeps it's own vet, and if he can't come for whatever reason, because he does not live nearby, we work closely with our town's main vet clinic.  Our own vet clinic, though small, is on par with a vet's vet clinic, complete with all of the same medical necessities. I was very proud of the Director at that time, who initiated and oversaw this much needed project! :clap:

The goal of "The Shelter Project" has always been to have your very generous monetary donations, or points :points: that are eventually turned into certain products, or donations via art work purchases,  go specifically to spays/neuters and other medical needs.  I do my very best to ensure that this is how the money is categorized!!

Therefore, I continue to be certain that this goal remains true!


If you want to read about how we did monetarily and what happened during certain years, scroll inside of here & feel free to read this: Update of THE SHELTER PROJECT, 2018 and Beyond...

For similar information on just 2018:

We Want to Tell You Together by TeaPhotography

What is a dA Affiliate or dA Super-Affiliate?

Note There are also dA Group Affiliates -
to see who they are, check the list on my Profile Page: teaphotography.deviantart.com/
The main way for your dA Group to become an Affiliate of "The Shelter Project", is through advertisement placed on the group's profile page, or a journal/new article created on it's behalf- or as part of one.  Even the acceptance of particularly pertinent information about the Project, within their galleries, would gain a group's affiliation.   Let me know if your group is missing and should be there.

A dA Affiliate or dA Super-Affiliate has done, and many continue to do A LOT of various things.  And one thing that should be clarified is, once an Affiliate (or Super-Affiliate), ALWAYS an Affiliate.  This is to ensure the affiliation even if for any reason such generous person is officially no longer on dA, (de-Activated their account), is no longer active with their dA Account, has not participated in the Project in any type of way for either a long time, or at all.  The point being that, your help, services, donations, and purchases to create donations, will forever be appreciated.

Star!  Star! Affiliates:
A dA Affiliate is someone from specifically dA, (since it is the only place I've had the time or ability to maintain any kind of social networking), WHO advertises "The Shelter Project" in some way shape or form here on dA.  How have they done this?

There are several ways this can be done.  The *main way* is through advertisement. MANY Affiliates to this day, retain an advertisement for the Project in a Custom Box, somewhere on their personal dA Profile Page, and/or continue to maintain such an advertisement somewhere in their dA Journal or News Article, each time they post a new one.  Some dA Affiliates, have produced journals SOLELY about  "The Shelter Project", all by itself! 

There are NO rules about HOW to do these advertisements... and many Affiliates have done this in some varying ways. I will say, to give you an idea, that it usually includes some sort of blurb about the Project, a LINK to my Profile page and/or to the most recent News Article about it, or photo reporting pertinent info.-
Sometimes, they will include some small feature, with photos of the animals or jewelry, from my gallery, even though *most* ANY photo image can be created into a photo product to sell for donations to the animals. 

An Affiliate is also someone who donates Points POINTS.  :note: :points: To see 2019's NEW points pool update, go to: teaphotography.deviantart.com/ and scroll past the ID section on the left-hand side.  Thank you in advance for any :points: POINTS you are able to give. :love:

An Affiliate is so-named on my Profile Page down the left-hand side in a Box with info. about the Project.
Note However, please understand, I have long since LOST the ability to keep up with this section due to my own personal issues etc., and the rate in which advertisements and Points POINTS have previously been donated on behalf of the Project.  This began occurring even long before my personal infamous year of 2017, when I was hardly here and quite unwell.  If you have ever donation 10 :points: or more and you have not been named as an Affiliate in that section please let me know, MOST preferably by email.
:note:  It is STILL true that email is better for me than dA Notes.  If you DO Note me, that's okay, but just know it will take me a lot longer to see it, let alone reply, if ever- and I never want anyone to take that personally. 
I tend to at least check email at least about 2x/week.  When  I log on to dA, and there is so much to see and do, that I have a list- and checking Notes often doesn't make the list. It's not part of my main work flow.  Simply, we all do things differently.

If you are NOT named, and for some reason that is okay with you, please know that you ARE still technically considered an Affiliate, even if not in some public way. YOU ARE A GIGANTIC HELP to "The Shelter Project". 

Star! Star! Super-Affiliates:
This group should be up-to-date.  But PLEASE let me know, if I have not named you on the Profile Page, or in this journal.
A dA Super-Affiliate very often does, or has done everything mentioned above that an Affiliate has done, which amazes me, since what the Affiliates do, is already generous enough, and can require some amount of time & effort (and/or money, if they are purchasing their own points), all on their own!

THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE, is that Super-Affiliates DO make actual purchases of my photo products and/or jewelry products which creates immediate and tangible monetary donations. 
Not only that, it helps *me* to feel like I have a job.  The promoting, locally, on dA, creating the work, the ordering, correspondence, packaging, mailing, etc.  It may sound like a lot of work,  but it is the WORK I want and love to do.  

It's a WIN, WIN, WIN- a triple win!
1.  The Animals receive their donations for their medical needs!
2.  YOU receive artwork created for what has been and will continue to be a very valuable cause.
3.  I get to be involved!  (It's all quite therapeutic, physically & mentally.)

Note Always remember, if there is NOTHING at all from the total list of possible products, that YOU, yourself would want, in most all cases there is someone you know who would love *something* as a gift!  In fact, about half of the time, these products have been purchased as gifts, and to be able to tell the giftee WHAT their gift has done to be of service, is actually quite special! Then THEY become involved, too. :iconcatlaplz:


Upon occasion we've had a couple extremely clever and creative artists who "think outside the box" and have come up with artistic projects of their own on behalf of "THE SHELTER PROJECT" in order to earn point donations, and quite quickly in my opinion. One such artist I used to call an "Honourary Super Affiliate" - but now I simply count her a Super Affiliate on par with the others. She has created and sold many skins, donating most of the points each time to our Project! AMAZING!
You should know this talented artist is UszatyArbuz .
Occasionally, a dA Super-Affiliate donates actual money. To be honest, this used to bother me due to my incessant need to be trusted.  But I know by now I have earned it. And I've come to understand why someone may prefer this, and it is wrong of me to "look a gift-horse in the mouth". 

Most of the time they have used PayPal.  There is rarely any reason why I would EVER receive actual money for any other reason.  The account is specifically for "THE SHELTER PROJECT". 
Being trusted is very important to me, since I myself, have had very poor experiences in the past with trusting others, whether face to face or online. It is one reason why I don't and haven't asked for actual money for any reason in the past. When I've received such money upon occasion anyway, I have given the persons something in return.

Directly donated money for "The Shelter Project" has been used for the following:

1.  Promotional Products for the Project, such as: business cards, rack cards, and pens.  In fact, I have made "kits" with them. 
2.  Locating inexpensive frames for the 11x14 prints that I need now and again, as explained in detail above.
3. Simply to the humane society, itself, (but through the Project) OR toward materials FOR the art products that are sold for the donations.

Note PayPal, has always served and proven to be the very best and safest way to do anything that our Super-Affiliates have done.  In all of these years, I have not had a problem with this method, and even with our Super-Affiliates from many other countries.  The only little confusing bit, if from a different country than I am, is the exchange rate, but PayPal is better than ever in assisting with this. 
Regardless, we have always worked through it together, and we always will.

Note Once in a while a Super-Affiliate is considered to be a Super-Affiliate, when they have maintained a long-term sub-project on behalf of  "The Shelter Project" which has resulted in support in super profound ways.

Who Are The Super-Affiliates:

(We Would Love it, if YOU Were a Super-Affilate, too!)

philippeL , JocelyneR , Meljean1 , sukoto-san , bewilderedconfused ,
Corvidae65 , Geak-of-Nature , LayaboutJoe , Arte-de-Junqueiro , Stygma ,
Tigles1Artistry , awesome43surrealistic-gloom , ArtByCher , DanaAnderson ,
Lirulin-yirthJenna-Rose , Shirimasen , Iluvbiscuit2 , Andaelentari ,
ArtBYbeverly , cwehaar , suezn , CarolynYMShinyHeels ,
MirachRavaia , snoogaloo , kurios-kat , Jenny42 , Annissina ,
chained2stone , Felizias , WakefieldDesignsbergunty , BGai ,
ShinyphotoArt , CRG-Free , UszatyArbuz , ShinyphotoArt , Doll-Ladi ,
LuLupoo SapphireNiteStar davincipoppalag coastbeachartist

In Closing...

I am deeply grateful for everything we have all accomplished with "The Shelter Project" since Summer of 2010. It is a "WE" effort; this is a team, I have never said otherwise, and mostly because I could not be capable of doing something like this alone, and additionally, a team like this builds a special comradery toward a greater good. In this case, we become a voice for fellow living beings who, unlike us, do not have the same voice we do.

I am extremely grateful that you are even here, especially if you are new to "The Shelter Project" and perhaps even reading some or most of it! It shows at the very least some amount of interest in the subject matter, even if you never DO anything else, I am still grateful because you came and read however much you did.

I am whole-heartedly grateful for ALL of the support and kindness from everyone over the years, who have been involved with "The Shelter Project" or even who just Fav'd and/or commented on a work!

I have racked up on many experiences, but not just from our beloved domestic animals, but with my own human species, and I have learned a lot. I have learned so much from all of the experiences, and while I am grateful for them all, I choose to focus on the more exponentially positive ones. I never knew I would be working with so many different art products, so many different animals, or... so many different people, both locally & on dA!

I have learned that while not all of the people involved see eye to eye on things, which ones truly are wanting to put the needs of the animals first. And that is very important. Those are the ones to come together with to work out the ideas and plans for the betterment of our animal friends.

I never knew how much in education I would still be involved with after all! Having to leave my career of nearly 15 years as a full time teacher due to disabilities, did not end my opportunities of teaching, much to my surprised happiness.

Animals do have feelings, physically and mentally. And so many are intelligent, and likely more than we think. They are very helpful to humans, such as the fact that many domestic ones, make incredible companions. All of these reasons, and more behooves us to be of help to them. They are a critical part of our shared home of planet Earth.

If you have any specific questions about "The Shelter Project" or the products listed in this News Article, of course you can comment here, but if you ever have anything serious you would like to discuss about the Project such as in ordering something, e-mail continues to be the best way to get a hold of me. It's on my Profile Page, and it's also right here:


cat2 by VasiDragos*YAWN* *STRETCH*
SEE YOU ON THE FLIP SIDE cat2 by VasiDragos

Journal skin by UszatyArbuz
Reflection at Day's End by TeaPhotography

By purchasing this skin, I helped in The Shelter Project!
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UmbreonStormHobbyist General Artist
I might buy some stuff from here!!! I see some very good holiday gifts!
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Jewel-Cat Digital Artist
Out of curiousness, I mean is there some way I can help the shelter project? :?
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HeyWolfDragonHobbyist Digital Artist
This is amazing. I am going to continue making my cat  toys and dog biscuits for the humane society now. You’ve inspired me to grab my friends and continue our unfinished work.
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SamcattProfessional Artisan Crafter
i dont know where you get all the energy. So amazed by all you have accomplished 
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TeaPhotographyProfessional General Artist
I Sam! :wave: I don't know either... but 2018, was somewhat better than 2017 when my health turned that drastic turn for the worse so even though I've still had a long way to go, I feel like i have a lot to make up for. *sigh* :hug:
And thank you by the way, it means a lot. Your kind support and encouragement, believe me stuff like is also helpful. :hug:
Samcatt's avatar
SamcattProfessional Artisan Crafter
I am glad 2018 saw improvement. i am hoping 2019 brings improvement for us here. I have big plans this year, including hopefully a trip to Scotland with little thing. Ill make sure to post pictures if i get there. I will have to get round to writing that snail mail i have been meaning to write for 2 years. Is it still the same address that i last wrote you to. Ps, i'm always your supporter 
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I would very much like to thank you for the mention and for the acknowledgement. I think this journal was put very nicely together as it is filled with so much info and there is lots of wonderful jewelry to look through always for the good of the animals.I am happy to see that you are doing well and strive to still do so much more. I must admit that there are many here that have a warm heart for our beautiful and defenseless animals that are so needy. God bless them all. Will look at some of the some stuff when I get a chance. Love you Tea 

Hugs by KmyGraphic
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TeaPhotographyProfessional General Artist
I'm glad that you feel that this was put together well. I'm always trying to find a way to organize it in a way that makes it helpful for people to find the information they want. There is always SO MUCH info. about the WHOLE project, and some people want to know everything about, it and some just want to see the products before anything else.
I had to do this new one as there were changes in the products, plus I wanted to TRY to make the other section shorter. :lol:
I did, but it doesn't seem too much shorter. Oh, just keep this handy, for the future... there is no hurry for anything right now. I hope to upload new stuff next month. Love you, too Melissa dear! :love:
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Okay maybe I will look at some of the new items then. Still will look at these as well. You always do a wonderful job of organizing things Tea
Beautiful by Ilenush
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Tea I appreciate the mention also thank you for sharing all this info about the shelter it was a good read up. I know that I am fairly new but I am proud to be a part of it and happy to help out whenever I can. Congrats to all the people involved. My first love is and will always be for the benefit of animals. When I get a chance I will look over the bracelets. Lots of love to you my friend. :hug:
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It needed to be shared... there were too many new things with the photo products and the jewelry products... and I also *tried* to shorten the other half of things regarding the history of the project, and how the project helps the animals... most people want to skip right to the products, so I placed that section right on top this time. :XD: Anyway... I hope this info. will continue to be helpful in the future as you have questions throughout the year, NOT that you can't come to ME to ask! You can ask me anything, ANYtime! :aww: :huggle:
I know how much you love bracelets! :nod: ;) And much love to you as well my sweet friend! :cuddle:
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Way to go Tea! Congrats Sign Dark By Mirz123  :heart:
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TeaPhotographyProfessional General Artist
Thanks, and now that you're a part of it, way to go to you, too! :hug:
Your help and support has meant a LOT! :heart:
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Applemac12Hobbyist Photographer
You bet and it is a real pleasure my dear! :heart: :huggle:
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:wow: This is an amazing journal full of such great memories of when the Shelter Project was founded and it's incredible success not only with the support of so many but with what you have created over the years with your own hands and the funds the sales have created my :heart: Daughter Tea. Once again congratulations and much love from your very proud Mum :clap::clap::clap:  blue heart by VDragosPhotography   hearts by VDragosPhotography   Gold - Heart by cutecolorful  
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Thank you my sweet Mum! For me, the memories are a great part of it all, and now that it's entered it's ninth year it's been around long enough to HAVE memories! It's a very interesting Project we've all created. Thank you so much for all of your promoting and purchases, and so on and so forth. I'm very lucky to have you! :love:
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welcome by poisen2014  Always.  two sweet ones by little-one-girl   Moon kitty by VDragosPhotography   Friends comfort each other. by vafiehya   
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Thumbs Up I'll add this one to the widget on my page :)
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Why thanks SO MUCH dearest Bron! I still need to do that, myself. :lol:
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:hug: No problems Tea :)
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TeaPhotographyProfessional General Artist
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TeaPhotographyProfessional General Artist
Thank you sweetie! I hope the information is helpful! :hug:
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