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1st Place - lazy-brush with:

Among the peonies

2nd Place - @Estheryu with:


3rd Place - @serenyan with:


***********************THE 3 MENTIONS:

@fuyuko7 with:

Sunrise Magnolia

@ebjeebies with:

White Blooms on a Spring Afternoon

@shesvii with a most beautiful one. But I can't find a way to link this one to my journal. I am so sorry... Please visit their gallery!!


NOTE: I am sorry but I do not know how to do journals, and when I committed to this prize I did not remember we would be in Eclipse. I do not know much about Eclipse at all. It is very hard for me. Thank you for understanding.

@GeorgeXVII , thank you for a wonderful contest... amazing entries!

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Wow those art are amazing!! I'm sorry I missed it but even though I doubt I would of stand a chance anyway lol not against that level of skills

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sesam-is-open's avatar

Talented winners and your journal is beautiful, dear Tea! :heart: :clap:

TeaPhotography's avatar

Thank you Selina on both. :love:

I do feel very uncomfortable... and I wish I knew how to make journals. I copied most of this one.

sesam-is-open's avatar

I created a folder and I put there the works I want to feature and after that I insert them in the journal. You have there a circle and if you press it, you have the option to add a single image or a gallery. It's a bit complicated but not impossible and it's more work to do. I'm upset that It's a real adventure to see my entire collection. :(

My pleasure, dear Tea and stay safe. :hug:

TeaPhotography's avatar

Thank you my dear friend. You have explained well, I know it. I try to understand, but it's hard. Thank you for your help. :huggle:

I know it's a challenge.

sesam-is-open's avatar

My pleasure, dearest Tea and I'm that with time everything will be easier. :hug:

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TeaPhotography's avatar

You're welcome, I wish I could have done more. :heart:

vanndra's avatar

Congratulations to the winners :clap:

Awesome journal Tea :D

TeaPhotography's avatar

Thank you Ann. :heart:

I feel like a fish out of water.

vanndra's avatar

You're welcome :)

awesome43's avatar

To the featured,. :clap: Thank you for sharing my :heart: daughter Tea. Much love to you always from your Mum. :hug: :heart:

TeaPhotography's avatar

Thanks. Much love to you in return from your heart daughter. :hug: :heart:

awesome43's avatar

My :heart: daughter Tea. :hug: :heart: :) Love Tards

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