The Well's May 2020 Treasure Chest

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Welcome to dAWishingWell's MAY 2020 TREASURE CHEST

:iconspreadmoreloveplz: :iconspreadmoreloveplz::iconspreadmoreloveplz:

NOTE: Note Rules for Suggesting will be at the Bottom of this TOTAL FEATURE. So if you want to suggest, scroll to that section, to see the rules!

Note But I will include one reminder HERE:  Be sure it only has 299 or LESS +fav's, at the time you suggest the work. Thanks! Aww

Glass Star Bullet (Indigo) by Gasara Glass Star Bullet (Indigo) by Gasara Glass Star Bullet (Indigo) by Gasara




Smile for me [WWX x LWJ] by Isi-Angelwings Draco by Maria-Hideki

Galaxy by CrumblingLand The Awakening by Doll-Ladi
Sisyphus by vimark
Seol Condor by BasiliskZero Driadna's domain by skoorj
Presence II. by realityDream Ladoga lake. Valaam islands by my-shots
Happy Birthday Lucy by Applemac12
In every heart is a light by FuriaeTheGoddess A Devoted Friend by Doll-Ladi
I can see a halo by Scorpionthehybrid ship in a bottle by caskayd
I Won't Let Anything Terrible Happen to You by MrscroreA113 With a Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum by MrscroreA113
Afternoon by lidianne Baltic stones by Marhelf
Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! by akilight Peter Pan by NenesArt
New-City by FantasyArt0102 Under The Sea by sorrywinnetou
Awakening by AdrianGoebel Fruehlingsboten by Eulenspiel
Fireboat 2 by PhotographerGilberto Down river. by LawrenceCornellPhoto
Gdansk by pierzyna Molly Crabapple by emcorpus

PART 1, From The Suggesters:

:iconuszatyarbuz: :iconawesome43: :icon2born02b: :iconmaggiefromspace:
:icondieffi: :iconsuziewinkler: :iconannazlove: :iconstarry-storm:
:iconmrscrorea113: :iconclu-art: :iconcoastbeachartist: :iconlewiarts:
:iconarte-de-junqueiro: :iconkorsonoraakkeli: :iconsesam-is-open:


Cats enjoy sun no matter how difficult the times! by mockingbirdontree Rockstar by the Dream Workshop  by GiacomaJenny
Whimsical Owl by ART-byLinda
Taking the Long View! by Arte-de-Junqueiro Chase in the shark cup by UszatyArbuz
Composizione2570 by claudio51 Shells by vanndra
Love And Peace by faryba
Untitled by sxsvexen
0190 Common Shelduck in flight by RealMantis Cold dawn by mabuli
blue pearls by Dieffi PICOLONA 2 , MY ZODIAC SIGN IS PISHES ! by IME-Photography
Lonely by Tailgun2009  Futaba Sketch by datcravat
Time for Creativity! 2 by ToveAnita Samaritan Bench by haloeffect1
Mya by Lintu47 A LOOK AT THE FUTURE !! by IME-Photography
Ladybug story by VasiDragos Disha Patani by SufiaEasel
Austinmer Dawn by TarJakArt Untitled by Laysa
 UF-Butterfly Challenge by Lupsiberg
Free stock, colorful gear wheels by FractalCaleidoscope Digger by candysamuels
Love Comes With Community by 33M just for a moment xi by hannes-flo
Fantasy Deer by mumu0909 100 Trees for You and Me by Andorada
Sweet deer acrylic paint by gigi50
Sunset fantasy by trekking-triP Lambton Worm,  Howard, Conan - Crawler by KingOvRats
Necklace green blue lapis lazuli jade by Ravensilver
Lilly by LindasAdventure Experiment 243. by Eternatease
Psyduck planting a tree by UszatyArbuz Prague bridges today by TOneil
Great skua (Stercorarius skua) by Azph Fashion for the more 'Mature' dog by AdrianSadlier
Cold sisters by LucreciaMortishia Courage de la vie by floh555
The Ocean Is Calling by thayer2343 Tears for Our World by ToveAnita
Minnie mouse by VasiDragos Dragonfly Meet by ART-byLinda
Light Of The Forest by ShannonValentine
Oh...I feel beauty by YOKOKY Arrival by HaKhalifa
A Very Colourful Fish by Lotus105 Floating Metallic Abstract II by EricTonArts
Love of Art by GLO-HE
Yellow flowers by Gudzart
.:Angelic Cardinal:. by RHCheng
[Oc] Rei by Matryoshka-Ruth Untitled Still Life - Arteet by Arteet
How Many Ears? by Canankk Big Brother by JoePingleton
Vampire cat 2 by annemaria48 1065 by Mama--Owl
Full moon night by Fearts95 Succulent plant Macro by IWilsonArt


Avatar 25 by smault23



1. Suggest up to TWO, Maximum, (in a comment below), MUCH Preferably Work of OTHERS!

One is fine, TWO is MAX.
Note It is preferable that you suggest ONE work PER EACH Artist. :) (Smile)

2. The work should NOT have more than 299 fav's at the time that you suggest the work.

300+ fav's on a work, may certainly be awesome enough to be even further viewed, but we are mostly looking for work that should have more attention.

3. Neither you nor the artist, need to be a Member of this Group,

Note but feel FREE to Join! Aww

4. All-media is welcomed; MOST subject-matter is, too - simply use a good judgement.

We've not had trouble with this so much in the past, but I know other types of news articles in other groups have, so I just thought I'd mention it.

*** Depending on how this goes, I may have to stop at the first 10 or 12 suggesters, but we'll just see how this goes and flows, for now. It is NOT a rule at the moment. I need to keep in mind what is manageable for me, in order to attempt to continue this. I am not certain what that is at this point.


w00t! Lastly, if you feel like suggesting, go right ahead... and your suggestions will be reflected in next month's dAWishingWell  's Treasure Chest! w00t!

:iconspreadmoreloveplz: :iconspreadmoreloveplz: :iconspreadmoreloveplz:

A Few Reminders

:star: Changes to dAWishingWellThe last few weeks, the team encountered more and more bugs with, making more difficult and sometimes impossible to feature the art of some members. We were already preparing to change the format of the group because of those issues. Now, with the announcement of DeviantArt abandoning the classic version around May 20, it's even more pressing to adjust our tasks. We were able to provide our services as they are now for years because of writer that was allowing collaborations with the use of the common account TheWellWriter, and was also allowing to use HTML code generated with an homemade software. With Eclipse, writer will be removed, leaving only the group journal editor which allows HTML but not collaborations, or the Eclipse journal editor that will allow collaborations but not HTML. Also, the Eclipse journal writer is not offering the functionalities groups need to easily feature specific deviants. 
The other issue we have to address is that the amount o

 Points If you'd like, Feel free to donate a few points to us HERE: TheWishingWidget :iconthewishingwidget:
Of course we really DO appreciate points; they DO play a BIG role in granting wishes,
HOWEVER, if you do not have points to spare, it is VERY likely you can help grant wishes directly from HERE:
Point Right The Showcase has been updated... MAY 5TH Wow! ! La la la la
(So what are we waiting for? LOL )
We have many other wonderful regular, FUN, news articles to view, thanks to our HeartTEAMHeart here at dAWishingWell .
:icongrouphugplz:Community; what deviantART is all about!Community; what deviantART is all about! :icongrouphugplz:
Thank you to anyone reading this journal and enjoying any of the artworks you see here.
See you for next month's Treasure Chest!


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Thank You so much Tea for including my painting
with all the beauty here! :tighthug:
I sure understand what you mean about when DA will change
it will not be will take a long time to figure out
I will be here even less for the next couple of months
because I am finally moving :w00t: So hopefully when I get back
I won't be too confused :giggle:
Best of luck I sure hope you will manage to navigate and still
create your beautiful features :tighthug: