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The Previous ATTZ. of GRATZ. are HERE:

Welcome to "ATTZ. of GRATZ." whether it's your FIRST time here, or if you've been participating for a while.

I've been trying to keep this going since Sept. 2018. 

If you're new, and this seems interesting enough to you, feel free to just jump right on in!  

Many of us have been on Lock-Down or Self-Quarantine for a long time.  For a lot of us, it's easy to feel stir crazy and forget to think about things that are good and what we can be grateful for.  Coming here used to be helpful, a place to escape, but thinking about Eclipse becomes worrisome the closer it is getting. 

No matter what, I STILL believe we have things to be grateful for.  Sometimes it's more challenging than others, but that's okay as long as we can think of something! Gratitude gives us strength.

I just want to thank those who participated last time. 

Thank You So Much To The Following Artists Who Participated In GRATZ Last Time!

Heart It is greatly appreciated! Heart

St.Cathwren's in her domain by davincipoppalag Bluebells by davincipoppalag

Blondie l by PaigeMillsArt Rustic Beauty by PaigeMillsArt

Cursive by 2BORN02B Memories of Myself by 2BORN02B

:note: Please visit Denyse's gallery! Still having linking problems,
She's very talented!


Mahogany by Doll-Ladi Framed beauty by Doll-Ladi


Mauve Orchid by vanndra Winter Sunset at Geoffrey Bay by vanndra


Cup of Mermaid II by UszatyArbuz Magic Spell slot V by UszatyArbuz

Thank You Text by VasiDragos Brilliant Work by bast4cats


Current "ATTZ. of GRATZ." aka "Attitudes of Gratitude"


STEP 1: Recognize Them,  STEP 2: Truly Feel Them,  STEP 3: Write them down

and/OR Share Them With Others to Solidify Them and Make Them More "Real".

It's difficult to take back something that you've written down, or shared out loud with others. ;) (Wink)

Plus, while it helps yourself, it can also help others by making us feel happy and helping to think of our own possibilities! 

Star! ALWAYS feel free to participate, even if you have participated before! Nod Nod Nod

You are more than welcome to read how this got started at the bottom of the first GRATZ journal:

Note I continue to recommend: Attitudes of Gratitude by M.J. Ryan Heart

I've been doing this series on some semi-regular basis, AS ABLE. I don't commit to an exact day, or how much time will pass in between. Those who know me best, know it's better that I don't. So it's up to you now...

You could name up to FIVE,

but it's seriously awesome to be able share just ONE! La la la la 

Tea's "ATTZ. of GRATZ."


Rainbow Heart Bullet by kouenli 1.  Pet Companions.

Rainbow Heart Bullet by kouenli 2.  Sun peeking through the rain.

Rainbow Heart Bullet by kouenli 3.  Talking to and checking on my parents more often than before.

Rainbow Heart Bullet by kouenli 4.  When I can actually enjoy something.

Rainbow Heart Bullet by kouenli 5.  A good sleep.

Making Wishes by TeaPhotography

Okay, so if you'd like, feel free to list yours - or just one - in a comment below!


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I must have missed this? ^^;

1. Discord: I don't know what I'd do without this app on my phone lately. It really helps be structure my day and connect with people.

2. Dragon Age: I recently went back to playing it and it's just perfect to distract myself from negative thoughts (and get a laugh out of some conversations).

3. The SPN family and mentality: You probably know what I mean. I've been seeing a lot of fans going through hard times recently (on top of the pandemic) and posting about it online. The support and compassion really lifts me up.

4. Memes: Gimme all 'em good memes 'cause they make my day. :la:

5. Going through all this as a collective: Yes, some might want to exclude themselves from the greater mass but it is way easier to connect with others through this shared experience.