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The Previous ATTZ. of GRATZ. are HERE:

Welcome to "ATTZ. of GRATZ." whether it's your FIRST time here, or if you've been participating for a while.

I've been trying to keep this going since Sept. 2018. 

If you're new, and this seems interesting enough to you, feel free to just jump right on in!  

Many of us have been on Lock-Down or Self-Quarantine for a long time.  For a lot of us, it's easy to feel stir crazy and forget to think about things that are good and what we can be grateful for.  Coming here used to be helpful, a place to escape, but thinking about Eclipse becomes worrisome the closer it is getting. 

No matter what, I STILL believe we have things to be grateful for.  Sometimes it's more challenging than others, but that's okay as long as we can think of something! Gratitude gives us strength.

I just want to thank those who participated last time. 

Thank You So Much To The Following Artists Who Participated In GRATZ Last Time!

Heart It is greatly appreciated! Heart

St.Cathwren's in her domain by davincipoppalag Bluebells by davincipoppalag

Blondie l by PaigeMillsArt Rustic Beauty by PaigeMillsArt

Cursive by 2BORN02B Memories of Myself by 2BORN02B

:note: Please visit Denyse's gallery! Still having linking problems,
She's very talented!


Mahogany by Doll-Ladi Framed beauty by Doll-Ladi


Cup of Mermaid II by UszatyArbuz Magic Spell slot V by UszatyArbuz

Thank You Text by VasiDragos Brilliant Work by bast4cats


Current "ATTZ. of GRATZ." aka "Attitudes of Gratitude"


STEP 1: Recognize Them,  STEP 2: Truly Feel Them,  STEP 3: Write them down

and/OR Share Them With Others to Solidify Them and Make Them More "Real".

It's difficult to take back something that you've written down, or shared out loud with others. ;) (Wink)

Plus, while it helps yourself, it can also help others by making us feel happy and helping to think of our own possibilities! 

Star! ALWAYS feel free to participate, even if you have participated before! Nod Nod Nod

You are more than welcome to read how this got started at the bottom of the first GRATZ journal:

Note I continue to recommend: Attitudes of Gratitude by M.J. Ryan Heart

I've been doing this series on some semi-regular basis, AS ABLE. I don't commit to an exact day, or how much time will pass in between. Those who know me best, know it's better that I don't. So it's up to you now...

You could name up to FIVE,

but it's seriously awesome to be able share just ONE! La la la la 

Tea's "ATTZ. of GRATZ."


Rainbow Heart Bullet by kouenli 1.  Pet Companions.

Rainbow Heart Bullet by kouenli 2.  Sun peeking through the rain.

Rainbow Heart Bullet by kouenli 3.  Talking to and checking on my parents more often than before.

Rainbow Heart Bullet by kouenli 4.  When I can actually enjoy something.

Rainbow Heart Bullet by kouenli 5.  A good sleep.

Making Wishes by TeaPhotography

Okay, so if you'd like, feel free to list yours - or just one - in a comment below!


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Felizias's avatar

I must have missed this? ^^;

1. Discord: I don't know what I'd do without this app on my phone lately. It really helps be structure my day and connect with people.

2. Dragon Age: I recently went back to playing it and it's just perfect to distract myself from negative thoughts (and get a laugh out of some conversations).

3. The SPN family and mentality: You probably know what I mean. I've been seeing a lot of fans going through hard times recently (on top of the pandemic) and posting about it online. The support and compassion really lifts me up.

4. Memes: Gimme all 'em good memes 'cause they make my day. :la:

5. Going through all this as a collective: Yes, some might want to exclude themselves from the greater mass but it is way easier to connect with others through this shared experience.

Leanndra51's avatar

I am grateful for your constancy in always thinking of others! Thanks so much for including my art in your wonderful and uplifting features too!

I am not leaving even though I can't honestly say I am enjoying Eclipse, but I am slowly trying to learn how to use it.

Take care sweetie!

TeaPhotography's avatar

I am having a lot of trouble with Eclipse actually. I can barely navigate it.

Thank you for sharing... who knows if I can figure out how to create a journal. That is pretty advanced stuff.

Anyway, thanks!


Arte-de-Junqueiro's avatar

I am grateful that - now we are into new territory with the morphed dA, most of our :community: have taken the challenge and come along for the ride too - fabulous!!

I am grateful that everyone seems to be supporting and helping each other - at times like these (bad timing dA!) this is vital!!

I am grateful that all the legal issues in the UK seem to be ending - takes the load off!!

I am grateful that we can see my mother-in-law as often as we wish - being smart and seeing her in the garden through the fence of her retirement home instead of making an appointment for 15 minutes once a week in a sterile room...

I am grateful that restaurants and cafe's are now open - although numbers inside are restricted and some neat choreography is needed to meet all legal requirements as well as to be served in some comfort... but its hell eating and drinking with a mask on :D

TeaPhotography's avatar

I'm having a lot of trouble with Eclipse to be honest...

but I am happy you have shared your wonderful GRATZ. :hug:

KittySib's avatar
I am grateful that Sophia, my kitty, has such a sweet and loving personality. I don't know what I'd do if she didn't let me love on her when I cry.
TeaPhotography's avatar

I'm having trouble with Eclipse, so I don't know if or when I can continue this series... but thank you for sharing this. :hug:

KittySib's avatar

You're Welcome! I've been having trouble with eclipse too 0.0 A friend sent me this link. It's to a how to for eclipse. I hope it helps!

mrcrozier's avatar
Thank you so much for the mention! I really, really hope you will be able to continue to do this series in Eclipse Hug

I'm grateful that my family is still healthy, that lockdown hasn't been very hard to cope with (for me anyway!) and that we only got a little water in the basement with this last flood and not as much as we could have!

TeaPhotography's avatar

I am having trouble in Eclipse to be honest. I wish I could continue this series somehow.

Thank you for sharing your Gratz! And being part of this series for a while by now.


UszatyArbuz's avatar
I'm really grateful for you continuing this series till now! it was really cool to strop for a minute and just think about what is happening in my life.. I completely understand you won't be able / don't wna to continue to do it on Eclipse, I think I have to resign from some of my duties as well.. :no: hopefully we'll meet again somewhere someday in a new project :huggle:
TeaPhotography's avatar

Yes, I'm having a hard time with Eclipse and I will miss doing some things unless somehow I can figure it out... Hopefully we will meet again somewhere someday. I'm glad you enjoy this series. I wish somehow I could find a way to continue it...

Good luck. :huggle:

UszatyArbuz's avatar

Do you mean writing journals in particular? I guess it would still work if you just include less content in these ^^;

Doll-Ladi's avatar
Thank you from my heart Tea for the mention. You have always been so kind to me. I know that no one is looking forward to the big change in DA. I doubt that many people are going to be as active as they were before. This is just too much of an extreme change and to learn it all over again with it's may problems is going to be a difficult task for most. I think it is very unfair for DA to lunch this knowing that there are many bugs in it. They did not even perfect it and that is the first thing they should had done. But if I must be thankful for anything today I would say that I am grateful for the many friends here on DA that will remain behind in spite of the new change. I know it is going to be a challenge for them but 💓LOVE💓 is really what keeps us together and keeps us strong. Stay safe and thank you for all my dear friend.

Hugs And Kisses by Doll-Ladi  
TeaPhotography's avatar

I'm having a hard time with Eclipse, Melissa. I don't know what to do. I will come when I can to do the best that I can, but for now it is not much. Thank you for sharing your Gratz!


Doll-Ladi's avatar

I am sorry Tea. Your very welcome and I understand how you feel everyone is feeling the confusion here. It is too much to consume. Bless your heart :hug:

sesam-is-open's avatar
Dear Tea, I'm sure that we figure till the end with journals in Eclipse.... this is my problem too.:):)
For now, I'm grateful for all my dear friends here.:heart:
I'm also grateful as you've said for a good sleep, because lately this is a new problem for me and last but not least, I'm grateful because no matter what life is beautiful.:hug:
Take care and stay health and wise.:heart::tighthug:
Thank you for everything.:love:
TeaPhotography's avatar

I'm having a hard time with Eclipse, Selina. I am glad you shared your beautiful Gratz! :love:

sesam-is-open's avatar

I fully understand you, dear Tea.:hug:

Thank you too, my dear and if you need some help, let me know.:hug:

I'm in the same situation....:)

snoogaloo's avatar
I sure hope you're able to make things work for the journal.  If you ever need any help let me know and that way we'll have two minds working on the issue! :)
TeaPhotography's avatar
Thank you for your encouragement! I've got another for a group...  Thank you for the offer of help, too! SOOO kind of you! :rose:
awesome43's avatar
Aw Thanks

For the mention my :heart: Daughter Tea. I think it is a situation with the New DA if you create your journals there in the future something that is inevitable I think they will show there. For some reason it happens on some journals and not on others. I am really not certain but I do appreciate the efforts. Today I am grateful that you are still with me and I am still with you and our mutul :heart:friends :)at such a difficult time for us all. I am learning the New DA and there are a lot of very nice features that I have discovered. I am ready to switch permanently now that I have made sure everything is there. Once I get more relaxed with it then I will make more changes. We are all here to help each other :community: so hang in there with us. It is not as bad as many think especially since we are not starting from scratch. :nod: Much love to you always from your Mum. :hug: :heart:

TeaPhotography's avatar
Hello dearest Mum,:heart: I feel the linking issues will resolve in Eclipse journal, I just don't know how long it will take me to learn how to do journals in Eclipse, but I am definitely going to practice again soon. 
I was in there for a while more often for a little while, until I decided to use the original one until it was over. If I lose things that I don't bring over, it's okay with me....

Anyway, this is more about Gratitude and less about Eclipse, I just had to let people know my own status with Eclipse.

Thanks for your continued participation in these journals!! And we'll be hopeful and positive. Thank you!! Much love always your heart daughter!!!
>>>>>>>>>> :love: :heart:

Thank You by KmyGraphic
awesome43's avatar

My :heart: daughter Tea. You are right, your journal is about gratitude first and foremost and I did put what I am grateful for as well as my comment about the New DA they are calling it now since the issue was mentioned within your journal. I wanted to reassure you with that as well. I would not have mentioned it otherwise. I am really not worried at all about my work showing or not showing up in your journals. If they do fine if not the mention is very much appreciated without the art. :nod: Much love to you always from your Mum :hug: :heart: :)

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