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Happy November Birthdays!


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Happy November Birthdays!


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Double The Delight

The Shelter Project- ALL Art for Animals

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Happy August Birthdays!

The Shelter Project- Cats and Dogs

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The Itsy Bitsy Spider

The Shelter Project- Other Animals Etc.

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Amazing Amethyst Appreciation

Daily Deviations

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Happy October Birthdays!

Flowers, Plants, and Trees are Life

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Magic Boots

    Magic Boots    There once was a pair of magic boots    Donned by a little old man     If you took him by the elbow     He could take you to any land      He'd tap his magic boots     One, two, one and two     And whoosh through the twirly tunnel     To a lay with a bewitching view      "Where are we?" I asked in awe.     He gleefully replied, "It's my land of home."     'It's such a pleasing place," I spoke.      "Do you know nostalgia somewhere you've roamed?"          Startled by the querie, I gave due thought     "None so wondrous nor bountiful as this."      "My dear, it doesn't have to be,      But somewhere you are missed?"  

For the Love of Writing

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Happy November Birthdays!

Scapes of Sky Water Land and Weather

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Ghost Trees of 199 #1

Black and White, but mostly shades of Grey

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Travel, Journey, Adventure, Ride, Transportation

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Still Tea

Self Portraits and Other People

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Happy November Birthdays!

Architecture Street City

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Love Yourself... Love Your Health

Food and Drink Can Be Art

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Assymetrical Beauty

Heart-Shaped ART

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Every Day

Still life, Abstract, Conceptual, Other Projects

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Walk the Walk- Chucks Forever

Socks Shoes Feet n Legs OH MY

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A View From The Forest

Reflecting on Reflections

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Somewhere in Tibet Now...

Everything Santa Cruz

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Southwestern Wonder

The SouthWest USA

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And When the Day is Done...

"A Long December" Photo Shoot

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Old School House of Columbia


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Jikan Shouts Our Wish For You

The Shelter Project- Holiday Themed Greeting Cards

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Still Together Though You're With The Light

My Dear Friend Jocelyne

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Favourite things...


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