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I'm sorry, I only found out about our dear Jocelyne JocelyneR a few days after I had posted the annual information about "THE SHELTER PROJECT" for 2019, which had been the same day that philippeL had posted the news about Jocelyne. I was already not feeling well- but wanted that news out before February. I wish I'd waited, or was running early for once and had already done it, because chances are I would have seen it closer to that time-  but then I did end up sick for almost a week after, which means I only found out this past weekend, when I was going to write "Thank You's" to "Super Affiliates" and a few ongoing Affiliates of the Project, and Jocelyne's page is where I went first, being that she was the first purchaser of products on behalf of animals in need for "THE SHELTER PROJECT", Summer of 2010 or so.

I was so shocked and devastated, that I waited two days before I could even comment.

Between JocelyneR  and philippeL , the two of them single-handedly got the Project up and running on dA, to help make it an official charity for the animals that they love as much as I do. I mentioned this often throughout the years, that they were tied for first place with the honour of being the FIRST SUPER AFFILIATES, and let me tell you, Jocelyne never stopped supporting the Project.

Before that I met our dear, sweet, generous, and kind-hearted Jocelyne shortly after she joined dA, which shows for me as Feb. 8th 2009. I think I "met" her that coming Spring or Summer... so, I guess more than nine and half years... it feels like longer for me, AND it feels like I knew her outside of dA, something we had said to each other at some point before... I wish I HAD met her in real life. I'm sure many of us who knew her, would feel that way. :aww:

As far as I'm concerned, she already made her DECADE Membership, in spades, due to how MUCH she did over the years. I don't know how she kept up with so much. She was able to do that for a long time, and then when it became difficult she felt so bad that she couldn't as much anymore. But she worked very much on her own beautiful art on this site, dedicating her works to people left and right, and :+fav: 'ing tons of other people works! I couldn't get over how much she was able to support others. She would fret when she would go to her cabin for part of the year and would have problems with the internet, which happened a lot, because she just couldn't stand getting behind.

And it's not like it's because all she had to do was be online. At least when I first met her she was still working, at least partly... I don't know as much about that, but I think it involved editing other people's writing (in French), (if philippeL ever has a chance to read this, I hope he corrects ANYTHING I say that is not factual). And she was very much dedicated to her music, commuting quite a ways, each direction to practice and perform in her beloved orchestra, which eventually became too much for her, due to the ongoing sinusitis she dealt with since way before we ever met!
Oh it was just awful, what she would go through with that, and the doctor situation, etc., and then she had surgeries for it, (which is horrible in itself- I know, too, just through my mother when she had hers), and STILL, she struggled with her chronic sinusitis.

In fact headpain, was one of the first things we found out we had in common. When she was younger she had Migraines- long story short, she didn't anymore, and did a lot of research on my behalf to see if what she went through could be done for me, with my long term chronic Migraines since childhood, in my own country... always trying to help others- THAT was her.  But while Migraine headpain ceased for her, sinusitis headpain definitely became a factor, and I do know what that is like as well- different headpain, but headpain nonetheless.

She was the first person I trusted on dA, to mention any of my long term illnesses and conditions to. I knew she wouldn't judge, and that she'd believe me, and not think I was just trying to get attention, which is why I didn't mention anything specific outloud for so long, about any of it.

I have to also mention that for the longest time she helped me out actively at Unframed-Nature , when I had been the Founder. She was amazing. She was right there for me... for many things! What a friend is THAT? :heart:

Of course we could "talk" forever about cats, and flowers, too... so definitely the happier stuff, too, unless one of our cat-babies passed. Jocelyne was a sensitive soul, her heart was gold, yet made of something far purer.

We hadn't talked quite as much in the last say year and a half, being we were both having a bit of extra difficulties, but we were the type of friends that could pick up where we left off- at least it felt that way to me... because we did, when such an opportunity arose.

It was difficult for me to realize that her Christmas card came just a couple days before she would have passed. So, yes I know she was having a difficult time, but there she was wishing ME a better year in 2019 with better health etc., (because again, that was HER) and as they're all still hanging up, I have taken it down several times hugged that physical piece of holiday folded paper that she herself touched, & with her real handwriting, and squeezed back tears, and I don't know... This one will hang in my art room, that much I know.  But this is going to take a while, like a close family member. She was a dear friend, I've called her my best friend, at times as far as dA, but what-have-you, with some friends, it's like choosing your own family. This is why this is going to be quite a difficult one for me.

I feel like Philippe was blessed to have a mother like Jocelyne. She often talked about a good son she had who would come and help her do this and that. She also said a few times back that Philippe would be a good friend for me. Well, he certainly has been, and I can't imagine going through all of this for him, when I feel the how I do. (And I so hope my own expressions haven't made things worse for him- YOU, Philippe, if/when you read this.)

I do think that ANY of you who knew her at all, from a little to a lot, that you were blessed; you were graced and enriched by one of the most special people you will ever encounter. She seemed to love MANY people, MANY MANY animals, and ALL of Nature. :heart:

Speaking of which she enjoyed flowers, and loved to garden. The moment I found out that Poppies were favourite flower, it was the Poppy that I always dedicated to her if it was going to be a flower dedication. So if you see a Poppy in my gallery it is likely dedicated to our Jocelyne.  She was always enamoured though, with the Golden Poppy that only grow in very specific regions such as from SouthWest Corner BC Canada, on down to Baja California, Mexico.

To me, since first meeting her Jocelyne was light and colour and love. And if you knew her too, you know what I'm talking about. When I first read the news some of my first thoughts were about how I couldn't believe I wouldn't get to know her longer,

but I have made a little progress already. Now, I've come to realize that I'll know her forever.

Dearest Jocelyne, Thank you forever, for everything. I will always always remember you, & everything you did & everything we talked about!
Love sent to you, always, Tea

P.S. Don't take it personally that I have turned off comments. I don't want to obligate anyone to reply to my rather long tribute, when such comments should be reserved for philippeL .  Plus in truth, it would be too hard for me. Thank you for understanding.


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