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On Behalf of: The Shelter Project

This is to Thank Everyone on behalf of The Shelter Project. :thanks: :heart:
Your support, :+fav:'s, comments, and good wishes for the animals that I have been trying to help, along with the great help of my supportive affiliates over the years, means more to me than I can ever express through this comment box. :love:

I took a few greeting cards from two of my most recent orders, and photographed them to make a new image to share with you in THANKS & Gratitude here on dA, and probably put up on, too.
After all, it's been a while since a new image has been made.

I truly thank everyone who has ever faved the official pieces to The Shelter Project, helping to spread the awareness of this fine project and what we are trying to do here, as well as faving ANY of my cats and dogs and other animals, in general. :aww:
It is MUCH appreciated beyond measure. :thanks: :rose:

:note: I'd like to especially dedicate this image to all of The Affiliates of The Shelter Project.
:heart: :love:

The Shelter Project was first introduced here:

when we just had PRINTS available.

Then HERE:

when Greeting Cards ALSO became available.

Then HERE:

to explain that animals AND other subjects could be mixed in the SAME order,
and that this works out just fine, since I do prints and cards of any of my images.

It is the same with this image above. It is the two greeting cards of the cats, the dog in the middle, and the caterpillar, that would go toward The Shelter Project for example.
But, within each of the two orders that I pulled some of their greeting cards to do this image, they each ordered a few images for The Shelter Project and then just some others they liked. :aww:

The INFO., where The Shelter Project is kept MOST current is in this SUB-GALLERY HERE:…, and on the personal website there above. :)

All my images are always kept most current on dA, though.


The following dA Groups and Artists with dA Accounts have been especially instrumental in a variety of ways- with their extra special support of The Shelter Project. These truly amazing people have gone to great lengths in a variety of ways to promote/feature this project in some kind of way, [or in quite a few cases, a great many ways! :) ] and I can never thank them enough. Some have done other things, like make a deviation promoting the project, or even ONE is my website designer and manager. :D
And then several of them have even made purchases, a few of those more than once!
They are listed on my Profile Page, with a Permanent Feature of their work- [if they have work to feature]. :aww:

*JocelyneR *philippeL ~Meljean1 ~sukoto-san ~em32 ~AinaShadox *sassawj ^ArtByCher #Profits-For-Animals *bewilderedconfused =DreamsD *DanaAnderson *cindy1701d ^Kaz-D ~kurios-kat %stopBSL #Adopt-Dont-Shop ~SaphoPhotographics ~Bellayona *Miarath =Brian-B-Photography ~Rayndance ~LuciaSeriin *marthig *Jenna-Rose *mim304 !Nature-as-is `creativemikey *Lirulin-yirth =Diahn-C ~angelfunkstudio *seven-s *sesam-is-open ~PartyFeline ~VisualPoetress ~Melancholy-Man =wintersmagic %deviantHEART %SkyAndNatureClub ~EffItJustDance =Tigles1Artistry =Arte-de-Junqueiro ~Iluvbiscuit2 ~EarthBirds *chryssalis !Flyvapnet ~Photos-By-Michelle =morningstarskid ~NanaOsaki88 !Juno-Janus ~Shirimasen ~TheDarkenedBride *SoftplaceToland *secrets-of-the-pen *Sugaree33-Art %AnimalsofTheWorld *Elwing-Isiliel *CarolynYM *SilkenWinds *essencestudios #New-NomCat %Somnambulist-Aisle `JamminJo ~Cazamelia =FreeSpiritFotography #feel-art %dAWishingWell *ArtBYbeverly ~Geak-of-Nature =MirachRavaia =Cmac13 %OurArea51 `Astrikos %TheArtOfManipulation *hayley--jade ~sonia-p *surrealistic-gloom *RavingEagleMedia *Annissina ~IrinaLara *Corvidae65 *awesome43 %Unframed-Nature
~DeviantTeddine ~Destroyer77 ~cwehaar =Stygma *suezn #WolfyDeviants %DevNews #Against-Declawing ~Psychology-in-Art *M-e-z =BiBiARTs ~Silver-Otter =Samcatt

I, and the animals, and the other people helping them with their needs and with finding them homes, at The South Coast Humane Society are forever grateful.
You have been making a difference.




[ :note: NOTE: Thank you, in advance, for any :+fav:'s I may receive for this image. :thanks: :aww: :rose: I am honoured and grateful that anyone would think well enough to :+fav: it. :nod: So thank you from the bottom of my heart :heart: . I understand if you don't have time to comment, but thank you for any kind comments, too. :aww:
It's important to know this NOW, as I may NOT be able to do individual thank-you's for :+fav:'s, or in case I cannot respond to each comment, either. Thanks for understanding. :thanks:
And, if you just came to view, I appreciate that, too.
:w00t: ]

Respect © Tea Photography.
ALL work produced by Tea of © Tea Photography is protected, and shall NOT be reproduced, altered, or used in ANY kind of way.
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JackieStarSister's avatar
Great photographs, plus I love this arrangement of them!
awesome43's avatar
Talty's avatar
Hello! This was featured in the article Pro Animal Crafts. Keep up the awesome work! :)
awesome43's avatar
Featured in my Friends and Watchers #3 on my home page here. [link] :iconsomehugsplz:
TeaPhotography's avatar
Thank you for everything my friend! :hug:
JJPoatree's avatar
Do uou use DA to print your cards? I've not used them before, and am planning to have some prints mad for a show. Thanks!
TeaPhotography's avatar
Sorry so late to see this... :aww:

I have used dA to print my cards in the past, yes!

I think they are pretty good quality, too. :D

However, for this particular project, I adore to create the cards my own self!

These days they are looking especially good, because I have all the right materials, which are top notch quality! :aww:
jennystokes's avatar
Thank everyone for their 'tireless' work in these projects.
TeaPhotography's avatar
Yes 'tireless' is a good way to put it,
and thank YOU, too. :heart:
TeaPhotography's avatar
Thank you so much, Rona! :wave:
I was away during this time, so I am just now seeing your comment. :heart:
Nikonoclaste's avatar
Dear Tea,

You deserve our congratulations for "The Shelter Project". :clap:
Your work and commitment is an example of generosity for all of us.
Thanks for taking time and care for those loving little pets! :peace; :heart:
TeaPhotography's avatar
Your comment is so dear, kind, precious, and touching for me... and I can't thank you enough. :aww:
Wow it's this kind of encouragement, that truly helps to keep me going in these endeavors. :hug:
TeaPhotography's avatar
TeaPhotography's avatar
Sarah, thank you for your ever-encouragement!
JamminJo's avatar
You are amazing and wonderful :huggle:

I'm so glad for the animals in your area that have a second chance at life because you care!!!!!!


TeaPhotography's avatar
Aw, you are so very kind to say that, but...
I couldn't do it alone, it is a teamwork of HEART, for certain! :heart:
And encouragement from caring people like you really does help. :cuddle:
The animals maybe be local, but just like some who end up adopting them, those who have made these purchases and who have promoted the project, it has become national and even international. It's great when we all connect together.

Thank you Jo! :w00t:
JamminJo's avatar
Truly fantastic :woohoo: You are so wonderful :huggle: and so are all the supporters :huggle:

I'm trilled the project has grown to national and international, the animals deserve it so much :nod:
Aussie-Blonde's avatar
so very sweet, keep u the great work Tea:hug:
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