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Thank you so much for
stopping by my Profile Page.

Butterfly love by Nina1love1
My name is:


as in :tea:

of Tea Photography©

My main overall project, both where I am from locally, but especially HERE on dA,
where the project was born is this:
Update of THE SHELTER PROJECT, 2018 and Beyond...

 Welcome One & All to:
"The Shelter Project" Update of 2018 (and Beyond...)

You simply can not know the immense amount of work that you, your  own very selves as The dA Affiliates and The dA Super-Affiliates, have done for the domestic animals of  "The Shelter Project" throughout the last 8 years!  You can and should be very proud of yourselves.  Things like this always remind me of the saying: " It takes a village..." and, in a case like this, this has definitely been proven, time and again. On behalf of the animals of "The Shelter Project" thank you with *our whole collective heart*!!



"The Shelter Proje

If you stay a bit, you will find my Galleries reflect various works of art-
each with a purpose, and special meaning for me. :aww:
You are welcomed here, and I truly DO appreciate your visit.

:note: IMPORTANT :note:
The best way to tell, ask, or SHOW me something
is to:
E-mail Me.
( :note: However, for anyone disingenuous, I am set up to be alerted,
and know if it is spam, before I even open it.)

I do NOT want to miss anything of VALUE from YOU!
:eager: :eager: :eager:

You *CAN* send me a dA Note, for those with dA Accounts, it's just that this method
continues to take me MUCH longer to reply to- though I DO eventually see :eyes: it. :)

Thank you in advance for your understanding and your kindnesses!
:icongrouphugplz: :community::community: :icongrouphugplz:

A LITTLE THANK YOU by Sugaree-33 A LITTLE THANK YOU by Sugaree-33 A LITTLE THANK YOU by Sugaree-33


TeaPhotography has started a donation pool!
1,439 / 13,000

:iconbigpointsplz: Pink Donate Plz by YuikoHeartless :please: by KatataEtc :flirty:

Flower Divider by AlbinoSeaTurtle Flower Divider by AlbinoSeaTurtle

Updated 1-21-2018

YES, "The Shelter Project" is STILL up and running, and has had a GREAT start in 2018, already!

Can't wait to finally get an updated JOURNAL out also- it's been too long- as in years!
I know, we'll all believe it when we see it, me more than anyone! :faint:

Here's the current link of where "The Shelter Project" has supported our animals in need, for the last nearly 8 years:

South Coast Humane Society

There has been A LOT of changes with this shelter in the last few of years,... & a couple of the more pertinent ones I'd rather share in this journal I HOPE to get posted.

Flower Divider by AlbinoSeaTurtle Flower Divider by AlbinoSeaTurtle

This :points:Points:points: Pool Originally Began as Special Fundraising on Behalf of:

The Shelter Project

rainbow paws web bullet by Xiahism And, It will remain as the primary purpose.

By purchasing photos, photo products, & jewelry line products, directly from ME, Tea of Tea Photography- monetary donations go directly to the animals in need who we've all been helping.

The Product List has grown significantly over the years, and now the variety of art products available is quite substantial.

The Product List WITH Prices and Price Ranges can be found near the bottom of this most up-to-date journal HERE:

Update of THE SHELTER PROJECT, 2018 and Beyond...

 Welcome One & All to:
"The Shelter Project" Update of 2018 (and Beyond...)

You simply can not know the immense amount of work that you, your  own very selves as The dA Affiliates and The dA Super-Affiliates, have done for the domestic animals of  "The Shelter Project" throughout the last 8 years!  You can and should be very proud of yourselves.  Things like this always remind me of the saying: " It takes a village..." and, in a case like this, this has definitely been proven, time and again. On behalf of the animals of "The Shelter Project" thank you with *our whole collective heart*!!



"The Shelter Proje


Flower Divider by AlbinoSeaTurtle Flower Divider by AlbinoSeaTurtle

This is an ongoing project. I always need to save up again, in order to get more materials to create ANY of the products, including photo-product supplies, as well as jewelry line materials.

HOW IT WORKS: 30% of ALL purchases goes TO "The Shelter Project" - the REST goes back into a separate account via PayPal, specifically set up ONLY FOR The Project, in order to purchase more materials & supplies, in order to keep it going!

And, round and round we go, because there will always be domestic animals with medical needs. This includes spays & neuters of domestic cats & dogs.

And btw, I will ship ANYWHERE- to the MOON, if necessary!
Cresent Moon Emoji by kawrisu
Pink Planet Emoticon by stars-so-beautiful
Anything that would help our domestic animal friends. :nod:

:note: PayPal, has seemed the easiest & most efficient way, now that I've been doing this for nearly eight years, IF you have a PayPal Account.
Simply put in my email:
but :bulletred:WAIT:bulletred: until we've agreed on your final TOTAL. :XD:

If you do NOT have PayPal, firstly it is super easy to set up the most basic type; if still this is not the route to go for you, I AM VERY OPEN TO DISCUSSING OTHER OPTIONS! :)

If I was 100% self-efficient, I could donate the full 100% and pay for/donate my own supplies etc., but being disabled/on a fixed income, this just isn't the case.
:note: However, due to success over the years...

we are entering the 3rd year of the 30% donation, over the previous almost five years of 25%! :la:

Flower Divider by AlbinoSeaTurtle Flower Divider by AlbinoSeaTurtle


Now, (FINALLY) What Do You Get By Donating POINTS?


This is going to be more informal than in previous years:

Admittedly, it is true that the more you are able to donate, the more I will do my best to make time for what I would :heart:LOVE:heart: to do for YOU!

Anything from 1 to 3,000 or to infinity and beyond... :points: points, WILL be acknowledged and/or rewarded, starting with the following, and working it's way toward more of what you see here:

rainbow paws web bullet by Xiahism An acknowledgement of gratitude, (a Llama if not previously given), a visit to your own gallery, a couple to MANY Fav's :+fav:'s on your work, a couple to several comments SWEET-ness Icon 03 by Gasara on your work- (and it will be work I genuinely like- & I tend to find something I like in everyone's work. :aww:
rainbow paws web bullet by Xiahism It is possible, that I will be able to request your work to Unframed-Nature , depending on your type of work. Your work will most likely show up in one or more of the various types of features I do on dA.
rainbow paws web bullet by Xiahism Promotion of your own work may appear in a Custom Box somewhere on my profile page, or featured at the bottom of this Points Pool Description for an unknown length of time. Additionally, I would be willing to Promote an Event or a Project of your own, and/or perhaps the same for a dA friend of yours- either within a journal, somewhere on profile page, or at the bottom of this Description box.
rainbow paws web bullet by Xiahism If you can think of anything else I could do that would be of help to you, please let me know. THIS, as well as the above paragraph would need to be reviewed simply to be certain that the event/project is legit and for helpful reasons.
Mini E-mail Icon by Gasara It is true that Email is still the best form for me, for significant communications.

Flower Divider by AlbinoSeaTurtle Flower Divider by AlbinoSeaTurtle

How Are Points Helpful to the Project?

Mostly, I've purchased 11x14 prints and mugs to sell at the shelter, animal hospital (vet), & events, such as the annual "MUTT STRUTT". Currently another location called Redwood Wellness Center, has agreed to showcase such products as well, and therefore POINTS :points: ARE needed!

I frame the prints myself, to save on :points: points, & make purchases more economical.

Here's an older sample of one of the walls at the actual SHELTER,
that had just some of JUST dogs and cats, that YOUR POINTS PURCHASED:
(Mugs are on a shelf below this area).

I sold 4 existing mugs from the shelter, and created two custom mugs.
I sold these 11x14's from off of the wall at the shelter:
Hidden Joys of Jezel by TeaPhotography , Ode to The Good Listener by TeaPhotography ,
and created this:
Peggy Sue by TeaPhotography and this: Athena, Goddess of Dogs by TeaPhotography
into 11x14's taken & uploaded here long ago, the first as a request,
and the second as a gift for the recent passing of Athena.
The family has always been extremely supportive of "The Shelter Project"!

SO, this is what YOUR :points: POINTS allowed me to do, which helped immensely to earn actual funds for the animals in need.
Thank-you by vafiehya


What ELSE Could The Points Be For?

rainbow paws web bullet by Xiahism IF, your points ARE for "The Shelter Project"
-everything mentioned above-
PLEASE say so in the "Donors Comments" area.
This is vastly important for my accounting!

:star: If you want to GIFT points for some other specific reason, I would prefer if you tell me that, too, but of course you do not have to. :XD:
If you simply just want to GIFT me a couple points, that's okay, too, but I will still use them wisely for others.

If you do NOT make a comment... I may choose a different way to dispense points, unless "The Shelter Project" is quite in need of points.

Here's what I often do with points NOT designated for The Project:
I have MUCH interest in helping out certain :groups:'s
:groups: Some of them are, but are NOT limited to:

:groups: 's : Unframed-Nature, dAWishingWell,
DevNews, Fractal-Love TheJoyOfFlowers .....

Once in a while, I will give to an individual, especially if they give a reason for wanting/needing points, & especially if it seems they could really use this type of support. :aww:

kawaii birthday cake by Chibivillecute
Giving out :iconcakebadgeplz: 's !
Each :iconcakebadgeplz: = 80 :points:

:heart: I JUST LOVE DOING THIS! :heart:
(Sometimes, it happens randomly, when it's not even on a Birthday!)

Thanks-smiley-emoticon by poisen2014
in advance to those who help me do these nice, good, fun things for OTHERS! :heart:

Flower Divider by AlbinoSeaTurtle Flower Divider by AlbinoSeaTurtle

To those specifically HERE for DONATING TO:
I either continue to thank you for your ongoing support...
OR, I do thank you in advance, if this is your FIRST TIME, helping out with this project, in any type of way, however much.

It DOES take a TEAM. The Project isn't ME; It is WE.
There is NO way, I could do anything like this by myself. :faint:
Thank you for being a part of "The Shelter Project" TEAM!


Updated 4-4-2018

You must be logged in to donate.

Welcome to dAWishingWell's JUNE and JULY 2018 TREASURE CHEST

:iconspreadmoreloveplz: :iconspreadmoreloveplz::iconspreadmoreloveplz:

:note: NOTE: Rules for Suggesting will be at the Bottom of this TOTAL FEATURE. So if you want to suggest, scroll to that section, to see the rules! :aww:

:icontreasurechestplz:THE TREASURE CHEST!!!:icontreasurechestplz:

Part 1, From the suggesters:

Far far away by jiajenn Towards Infinity by batjorge
Black and White Flower by vanndra My Bleeding Hearts of 2018 by BlueIvyViolet
inspired of dandelions by Amarantheans LORRAINE by GeorgeXVII
Ash Clouds by HalTenny MAD by conservancy
Cats Money by Pin-updoll Blue macaws by NikoletaPopova
Greylag Wings by Okavanga Inktober day 24 by oceandusk
Fly away please by EvgenVHV Trumpet squirrel by pepexx
Wintertale by SoulcolorsArt Scabious Flowers by enaruna
Gorgeous boy by lizzie163 I'm a dog by PaulaDarwinkel
3 Amigos by NurturingNaturesGift Celestial Dunes by Kaltias
Buckelwal by Nayuu-chan Weaving my fate by RoseTea-Witch
Look above you by Draco-Stellaris Spheres and Spirals by miincdesign
The Voroni Cluster  by WestOz64Dream to fly IV by PatrycjaMarciniak
California by Fernand0FC Candid Lunar by LaikaFlash
Miran and Vigo-Help save our foster cats! by Actlikenaturedoes Juvenile Painted Bunting by Andres-Cadena

Part 1, Suggested by:

:iconmarijeberting: :iconawesome43::iconuszatyarbuz: :iconeresaw:
:iconcoastbeachartist: :iconvanndra: :iconmaggiefromspace: :iconpissenlit00:
:iconclu-art: :icondieffi: :iconsophiaeowyn: :iconnala15:
:iconannissina: :icondanielaivanova: :iconbgai: :iconstygma:

Glass Star Bullet (Green) by Gasara Glass Star Bullet (Green) by Gasara Glass Star Bullet (Green) by Gasara

Part 2 :

One of my private realms by LoByteSo Resting in the Wasteland by Icedragon300
Frozen spruce-trees in winter mountains by Sergey-Ryzhkov The Great Escape by Thelma1
Cedric and Veder 13/5/2018 by Saraeustace91 DOLMABAHCE MOSQUE by mecengineer
Now that You're gone... by anasofiajc tea time dreams by minamiko
fall 08 on the Contoocook by crazygardener Sweet dream by ladyjudina
Ladybug by maska13 Looking For the Light by Sara-Arasteh
Butterfly blues by kayaksailor INSIDE THE EARTH by IME54-ART
Sweety Bear  by LindArtz The last drop. by LordLJCornellPhotos
DSC 70c88 by Placi1 HIGHER by conservancy
Our Lilacs Beginning To Bud by MYPeanutGallery Retro Style by Lust0fADeeperPain
Aconite and Narcissus Hoverfly by Missy-MooMoo ephemeral beauty by VasiDgallery
New Girl In Town by 33M Happy Birthday Inge by 1001G
WIP - 3 by Arte-de-Junqueiro Rainy Morning by the River by JoseMelim
Black-n-White Dream 75 by caddman Hallstatt, Austria by Stefan-Becker
In the name of the Lions by ShinyphotoArt Qohelet (young lady with freesias tattoos) by KissMyArt-Artcore
Fractal Fan Club by Velvet--Glove heartbeats by Ingelore
Once Upon a Time by morningstarskid Let the wind blow by MihaiRotaru
Evening Float by kayandjay100 Ballet by DDimitri16
Spring time Gigi by gigi50 Land of the Lustrous chibi by Estheryu
My kitty by AutumnIulia Fly in the sunrise WALLPAPER mcr by AStoKo
senses VII by JoannaRzeznikowska Party Time Blanket by KittySib
Light In The Darkness by Trippy4U
Thinking Girl by Pappa60


Glass Star Bullet (Green) by Gasara Glass Star Bullet (Green) by Gasara Glass Star Bullet (Green) by Gasara



1. Suggest up to TWO, maximum, MUCH Preferably Work of OTHERS!

One is fine, TWO is MAX.
It is preferable that you suggest ONE work PER EACH Artist. :) (Smile)

2. The work should NOT have more than 299 fav's at the time that you suggest the work.

300+ fav's on a work, may certainly be awesome enough to be even further viewed, but we are mostly looking for work that should have more attention.

3. Neither you nor the artist, need to be a Member of this Group,

:note: but feel FREE to Join! Aww

4. All-media is welcomed; MOST subject-matter is, too - simply use a good judgement.

We've not had trouble with this so much in the past, but I know other types of news articles in other groups have, so I just thought I'd mention it.

*** Depending on how this goes, I may have to stop at the first 10 or 12 suggesters, but we'll just see how this goes and flows, for now. It is NOT a rule at the moment. I need to keep in mind what is manageable for me, in order to attempt to continue this. I am not certain what that is at this point.

Lastly, if you feel like suggesting, go right ahead... and your suggestions will be reflected in next month's dAWishingWell 's 2018 Treasure Chest!

:iconspreadmoreloveplz: :iconspreadmoreloveplz::iconspreadmoreloveplz:

A Few Reminders

June is about over, so keep an eye :eye: out for the "CALL FOR JULY, And Then AUGUST BIRTHDAYS!!"
Of course we really DO appreciate points; they do play a BIG role in granting certain wishes,
even if you do not have points to spare, it is VERY likely you can help grant wishes directly from HERE:
The Showcase has JUST been updated... JUNE 20th :la:
We have many other wonderful regular news articles to view, thanks to our :heart:TEAM:heart: here at dAWishingWell
:icongrouphugplz::community::community: :icongrouphugplz:
Thank you to anyone reading this journal and enjoying any of the artworks you see here.
Here's to hoping for the NEXT Treasure Chest, :note: but this time, sometime in AUGUST!



Journal History


...Always Been About Love
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States

Heart Border [Red/Black] by RevPixy Heart Border [Red/Black] by RevPixy Heart Border [Red/Black] by RevPixy

One of The Most Moving Gifts I've Ever Received... In Life, Created by Candy candysamuels

Tea by Candy by TeaPhotography
"Tea by Candy"
The self-portrait I am holding in this photo, is a traditional work done by the extremely remarkably talented Candy Samuels
candysamuels :iconcandysamuels:
This was the original upload:
Tea.. by candysamuels
Then she mailed it!

She's such a dear, sweet friend, who is simply FABULOUS!

This gift was such a unique surprise for me,
and I'll always feel moved by her amazing kindness.

More from Candy:
Joy in my soul.. by candysamuels music man by candysamuels
bench side blues... by candysamuels unspoken.. by candysamuels


Heart Border [Red/Black] by RevPixy Heart Border [Red/Black] by RevPixy Heart Border [Red/Black] by RevPixy

Gorgeous Videos Created For Me By Teresa Tigles1Artistry

The photos used for this video can be found HERE:…

This amazing video was made for me, by my dearest friend Teresa :icontigles1artistry:
as a surprise gift...
She wanted to make this video to place in her Custom Box on her own Profile Page where she is so very generously promoting The Shelter Project:… :rose:

Not long after, she also made yet another one which contains more of my animal work, and is more particularly about The Shelter Project:… :rose:

And... HERE IT IS:

The photos used in this video can be found HERE:…
and from a number of other Sub-Galleries of mine. :aww:

And, THEN, as also a BIG Part of The Shelter Project she created another video to support my hand-crafted jewelry that also donates funds for the animals, through purchases:

She'd made THIS one for my birthday!
Teresa never ceases to amaze me with her creativity in seeking out ways to support this worthy cause for animals! :heart:

:note: To SEE ALL JEWELRY which Supports the Animals of THE SHELTER PROJECT, GO HERE:…
Contact me directly... and thank you in advance for your interest! :heart:

A feature of Teresa's :icontigles1artistry:'s stunning work:

Country Medley for Canan by Tigles1Artistry ME AS I AM - BY ME ...... by Tigles1Artistry
Batalha Monastery, Batalha, Portugal by Tigles1Artistry I CAN SEE YOU.... by Tigles1Artistry
Pas de Deux ... by Tigles1Artistry For Christina by Tigles1Artistry

I thank you profoundly, my dearest Teresa, as this is so very special to me from the bottom bottom of my heart- the same way I am always truly humbled by your ongoing support and friendship!
You are a fabulous and beautiful friend!


Heart Border [Red/Black] by RevPixy Heart Border [Red/Black] by RevPixy Heart Border [Red/Black] by RevPixy

"Treat the Earth well. It was not given to us by our parents; it was loaned to us by our children.
We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors- we borrow it from our children."

~Native American Proverb

"Human beings are more alike than unalike, and what is true anywhere is true everywhere, yet I encourage travel to as many destinations as possible for the sake of education as well as pleasure."
~Maya Angelou

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
~Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 1963

"I can't understand what makes a man [person] hate another man [person]..."
~lyrics to People are People by Depeche Mode

"You can't shake hands with a clenched fist."
~Indira Gandhi

"When the power of love, overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."
~Jimi Hendrix

"The care of human life and happiness and not their destruction is the first and only object of government."
~Thomas Jefferson

“I truly believe that compassion provides the basis of human survival.”
~The 14th Dalai Lama

“You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one,
I hope someday you'll join us, And the world will live as one.”

~lyrics to Imagine by John Lennon

"I'm tired of people being ugly to each other. I'm tired of all the pain I feel and hear in the world everyday. There's too much of it. It's like pieces of glass in my head all the time."
~John Coffey in The Green Mile

:flowerpot: Sometimes, certain quotes & music lyrics can reflect bits of me here and there, the way my own writings and photography can. But it's difficult to truly presume to know me, no matter how much is on one website, or in one gallery... I run deep and I've lived broad...

Regardless, for more literal info., there's the BIO called "The 411 on Tea of Tea Photography" here:
:bulletpurple:… :bulletpurple: It's down the right-hand side.

Personal Quote: Life is Art, Messy yet Beautiful all at Once. ~Tea

If You Need Help on dA...

:pointr: FAQ #590: What are the hours of operation for the Help Desk?
:pointr: FAQ #713: Who is on the Help Desk Team?
:pointr: FAQ #630: Are there any rules for the Help Desk?
:pointr: FAQ #741: How are Help Desk responses sent to me? Can I have them e-mailed to me?
:pointr: FAQ #409: As the founder can I appoint someone to replace me?
:pointr: FAQ #61: What is a Daily Deviation?
:pointr: FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen?
:pointr: FAQ #313: How can I find out if someone already has a Daily Deviation?
:pointr: FAQ #29: How do I become a Senior Member?

That's a start anyway.
AND, if you need help with other FAQ, ask away!
While you CAN Note me, give it the title of,
"FAQ Q" or something,
but these days I am still preferring e-mail.
I still would be VERY Happy to do my BEST to be of help. :heart:


USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design Spanish lang4 by Faeth-design
French 2 by Faeth-design Italian language level by kailafoxxplz


Catch a Wave! by gustiidiaz

Catch a Wave!

by gustiidiaz

Rain Stars Purple by daniya-ART Rain Stars Purple by daniya-ART Rain Stars Purple by daniya-ART Rain Stars Purple by daniya-ART Rain Stars Purple by daniya-ART


As mentioned HERE:

You, Me, Other Things, and Groups:wave: :icongrouphugplz:
I have been away from dA (again) for a while, and so this is long, though I know I tend to write long as it is, but at this time, I find much of it necessary on various levels, because too much has happened & much of it does affect dA.
And I do not know when I will be able to be this informative again, however, I whole-heartedly respect & understand time-constraints, so this Personal & News Journal IS divided into FOUR (main) sections, for your convenience, in the following order:
:pointr: YOU- ME- OTHER THINGS- GROUPS :pointl:
And, :note: NOT all of it is happy, esp. sections "Me" & "Other Things",
just to warn you, just in case you want to skim or skip over.
While it does all tend to be related, if you have a chance to read any at all, at least you can know which section/s to scroll to or though.
Thank you at all, for just dropping by... it's good to SEE :eyes: YOU.
~ YOU ~

... Under the "ME" Section, & in small script. It's in small script, bc I feel so humble about it, almost to the point of humiliation or embarrassment.

Stars Purple by daniya-ART

Tea's Medical Help & Wellness Wishlist

I won't be linking it again in any other journal, but mentioned I would place it on my Profile Page with my dA Wish List. :heart:

I was only going to keep it up for 1 year (thru Dec. of 2017), but for two reasons I've decided to keep it:
:bulletgreen: Popular demand! :blushes:
:bulletgreen: One of the biggest "things" I've learned during 2017, is that there are no cures for ANY of my disorders/illnesses, AND so, in order to maintain any health at all, I will need to choose from the therapies/activities all of which I was involved with in 2017, and choose a few to do for the rest of my life, including visiting doctors. bleh.

What this means is, my bills will always be piled very high.

I still remain NOT asking for money directly- can't bring myself to do that, however as it did happen a couple of times, I sent something to those persons in return. I will not accept money without giving something in return.

Anyway, as to this wishlist itself,
Those who know me BEST, KNOW how much I take generosity extremely seriously- even if YOU think it's very small,
even a kind encouraging word to me, takes time & effort.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart :heart: to anyone in some position to be of support to me.
:huggle: :happycry: :huggle: :happycry: :huggle:

Rain Stars Purple by daniya-ART Rain Stars Purple by daniya-ART Rain Stars Purple by daniya-ART Rain Stars Purple by daniya-ART Rain Stars Purple by daniya-ART

I have a super teeny home. Within it, though, I've carved out an art studio. A few particulars of my own works are up, BUT, I have NEW PLANS to dedicate a WHOLE WALL to extra spectacularly meaningful works of Art, from wondrously talented artists I happen to find right here on dA! :love:

This tiny location inside my teeny home is my only personal space, which brings me inspiration, peace, & a healthy state of mind.
:note: It won't necessarily always be about wishing for the art of my closest friends. So don't be hurt if your art is not in my wishlist.
I honestly have such limited space, and super specific reasons for my choices. :heart:

And speaking of the "limited space" - I can't have "mugs", for a while. I would want the "photo" in "matte" in the smallest available made sizes.
For only bigger sizes available, in "squares": I would be ok with 8x8's or 10x10's.
For the "rectangular": I prefer 11x14, mainly because they are easiest to find frames where I live, but 9x12's / 10x12's are okay, too.

Thank you in ADVANCE, if anyone should decide to do THIS, which would not just make me HAPPY, but help another ARTIST! It's a WIN, WIN! :la: :heart:

Rain Stars Purple by daniya-ART Rain Stars Purple by daniya-ART Rain Stars Purple by daniya-ART Rain Stars Purple by daniya-ART Rain Stars Purple by daniya-ART



dA Wishing Well's Wishes...

Feel free to learn about our amazing group:

Founder: Stygma :heart:

and once you do, you might feel like helping to
or... donate :points: which go to the wishes!
You can donate HERE:


Thank you for your consideration!


Pastel divider by Ponnui Pastel divider by Ponnui

UNFRAMED-NATURE... Still Precious to me...

:groups: About Unframed-Nature :groups:

Unframed-Nature :iconunframed-nature:
Founder: BGai :heart:

In the past we've been all about Nature, Animals, & Environmental Causes. Historically we have accepted (mostly) ALL Media, that reflects these subjects. So far our new founder has maintained this.
:heart: :earth: :heart:



To donate points :points: to this large & active group...
Donations Accepted HERE:
And we THANK YOU VERY MUCH, in advance!



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