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Thank you so much for
stopping by my Profile Page.

Butterfly love by Nina1love1
My name is:


as in :tea:

of Tea Photography©

My main overall project, both where I am from locally, but especially HERE on dA,
where the project was born is this:


If you stay a bit, you will find my Galleries reflect various works of art-
each with a purpose, and special meaning for me. :aww:
You are welcomed here, and I truly DO appreciate your visit.

:note: IMPORTANT :note:
The best way to tell, ask, or SHOW me something
is to:
E-mail Me.

( :note: However, for anyone disingenuous, I am set up to be alerted,
and know if it is spam, before I even open it.)

I do NOT want to miss anything of VALUE from YOU!
:eager: :eager: :eager:

You *CAN* send me a dA Note, for those with dA Accounts, it's just that this method
continues to take me MUCH longer to reply to- though I DO eventually see :eyes: it. :)

Thank you in advance for your understanding and your kindnesses!
:icongrouphugplz: :community::community: :icongrouphugplz:

A LITTLE THANK YOU by Sugaree-33 A LITTLE THANK YOU by Sugaree-33 A LITTLE THANK YOU by Sugaree-33


TeaPhotography has started a donation pool!
2,910 / 13,000

:iconbigpointsplz: Pink Donate Plz by YuikoHeartless :please: by KatataEtc :flirty:

Flower Divider by AlbinoSeaTurtle Flower Divider by AlbinoSeaTurtle

YES, "The Shelter Project" is continues to be up and running, had a had a GREAT YEAR in 2018, already, and is MORE THAN READY to continue to HELP Animals is 2019!!!

Here's the current link of where "The Shelter Project" has supported our animals in need, for the last going on NINE years:

South Coast Humane Society

We've had a few more changes in the last years, mainly with the humane society itself, and less with "The Shelter Project". But it might be important to post a hopefully brief update for those interested.
Flower Divider by AlbinoSeaTurtle Flower Divider by AlbinoSeaTurtle

This :points:Points:points: Pool Originally Began as Special Fundraising on Behalf of:

The Shelter Project

rainbow paws web bullet by Xiahism And, It will remain as the primary purpose.

By purchasing photos, photo products, & jewelry line products, directly, the funds go directly to "THE SHELTER PROJECT". -

The Product List has grown significantly over the years, and now the variety of art products available is quite substantial- photo or jewelry.

The Product List WITH Prices and Price Ranges can be found near the bottom of this most up-to-date journal HERE:



Flower Divider by AlbinoSeaTurtle Flower Divider by AlbinoSeaTurtle

This is an ongoing project. I always need to save up again, in order to get more materials to create ANY of the products, including photo-product supplies, as well as jewelry line materials.

:note: HOW IT WORKS: 30% of ALL purchases goes TO "The Shelter Project" - the REST goes back into a separate account via PayPal, specifically set up ONLY FOR The Project, in order to purchase more materials & supplies, in order to keep the Project going!

And, round and round we go, because there will always be domestic animals with medical needs, such as for spays & neuters & even even other things.

We will ship ANYWHERE- to the MOON, if necessary!
Cresent Moon Emoji by kawrisu
Anything to help our domestic animal friends. :nod:

:note: PayPal, seems to be the easiest & most efficient way, to make a purchase (or even a direct donation if you prefer).
Simply put in my email:
but :iconstopplz: until we've agreed on your final TOTAL. :XD:

If you do NOT have PayPal, firstly it is super easy to set up the most basic type; if still this is not the route to go for you, I AM VERY OPEN TO DISCUSSING OTHER OPTIONS! :)

If I was 100% self-efficient, I could donate the full 100% and pay for/donate my own supplies etc., but being disabled/on a fixed income, this just isn't the case.
:note: However, due to success over the years...

we are entering the 3rd year of the 30% donation, over the previous almost five years of 25%! :la:

Flower Divider by AlbinoSeaTurtle Flower Divider by AlbinoSeaTurtle


Now, (FINALLY) What Do You Get By Donating POINTS?


This is going to be more informal than in previous years:

Admittedly, it is true that the more you are able to donate, the more I will do my best to make time for what I would :heart:LOVE:heart: to do for YOU!

Anything from 1 to 3,000 or to infinity and beyond... :points: points, WILL be acknowledged and/or rewarded, starting with the following, and working it's way toward more of what you see here:

rainbow paws web bullet by Xiahism An acknowledgement of gratitude, (a Llama if not previously given), a visit to your own gallery, a couple to LOTS Fav's :+fav:'s on your work, a couple to several comments SWEET-ness Icon 03 by Gasara on your work- (and it will be work I genuinely like- & I tend to find something I like in everyone's work. :aww:
rainbow paws web bullet by Xiahism You will likely see features of your work at some point in a few of the journals with features that I do around dA.
rainbow paws web bullet by Xiahism Promotion of your own work may appear in a Custom Box somewhere on my profile page, or featured at the bottom of this Points Pool Description for an unknown length of time. Additionally, I would be willing to Promote an Event or a Project of your own, and/or perhaps the same for a dA friend of yours- either within a journal, somewhere on profile page, or at the bottom of this Description box.
rainbow paws web bullet by Xiahism If you can think of anything else I could do that would be of help to you, please let me know. I will review what you are asking.
Mini E-mail Icon by Gasara It is true that Email is still the best form for me, for significant communications.

Flower Divider by AlbinoSeaTurtle Flower Divider by AlbinoSeaTurtle

How Are Points Helpful to the Project?

Mostly, I've purchased 11x14 prints and mugs to sell at the shelter, and at possible other places.

I frame the prints myself, to save on :points: points, & make purchases more economical.

Here's an older sample of one of the walls at the actual SHELTER,
that had just some of JUST dogs and cats, that YOUR POINTS PURCHASED:
(Mugs are on a shelf below this area).


What ELSE Could The Points Be For?

rainbow paws web bullet by Xiahism IF, your points ARE for "The Shelter Project"</b>
-everything mentioned above-
PLEASE say so in the "Donors Comments" area.
This is vastly important for my accounting!

:star: If you want to GIFT points for some other specific reason, I would prefer if you tell me that, too, but of course you do not have to. :XD:
If you simply just want to GIFT me a couple points, and likely they will end up being using for "THE SHELTER PROJECT"...


If you do NOT state that it MUST be used for "The Shelter Project"

Here's what I MAY do with points UN-designated points:

:bulletpurple: Donate to certain groups
:bulletpurple: Donate to another that appears to have a worthy cause of their own
:bulletpurple: I love to give cake badges! Can't help it, it's fun for me! :XD:
(Sometimes, it happens randomly, when it's not even on a Birthday!)

Thanks-smiley-emoticon by poisen2014
in advance to those who help me do these nice, good, fun things for OTHERS! :heart:

Flower Divider by AlbinoSeaTurtle Flower Divider by AlbinoSeaTurtle

To those specifically HERE for DONATING TO:
I either continue to thank you for your ongoing support...
OR, I do thank you in advance, if this is your FIRST TIME, helping out with this project, in any type of way, however much.

It DOES take a TEAM. The Project isn't ME; It is WE.
There is NO way, I could do anything like this by myself. :faint:
Thank you for being a part of "The Shelter Project" TEAM!


Updated 1-19-2019

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    Donated Jan 20, 2019, 10:29:52 PM

The Well's March 2019 Treasure Chest

Sat Mar 16, 2019, 6:21 PM

Welcome to dAWishingWell's January-FEBRUARY 2019 TREASURE CHEST

:iconspreadmoreloveplz: :iconspreadmoreloveplz::iconspreadmoreloveplz:

NOTE: Rules for Suggesting will be at the Bottom of this TOTAL FEATURE. So if you want to suggest, scroll to that section, to see the rules!

:icontreasurechestplz: THE TREASURE CHEST :icontreasurechestplz:

Poppies by yanadhyana Peacock Wallpaper Design. by catdragon4
Untitled by Placi1 Delta by MGreinerArt
Naruto - Sasori of the Red Sand Pendant by craftsbyblue
Take another little piece of my heart by LordLJCornellPhotos Ninfa by PaolaCamberti
Sleepy Gosling by PaulaDarwinkel Young love by Berlin-Steglitz
Yukon in summer by lolahazed The golden colors of autumn by Serghiosart
Playing on the Beach by happytimer Winter in Romania by ioanabranisteanu
Playtime by ratinrage my English trip in July 2018: Cambridge by JuanChaves
Bald Eagle by DDimitri16 Magenta Magic by morningstarskid
BAILEY by STRIX-artist Dog by Brownie-frito
Shadow by HeinzHagenbucher Crocus by albatros1
Summer Scenery by QuicksilverCat Superstition aint the way by Bjekkergauken
Deckhouse by fulmenoid At the peak of thunderstorms by HellcatTaigaen
Pleasant reading by Saryetta86 Cute Animal3-9 by t-wara
 Heart and Leaves by Helviriitta
Alencon Bibliotheque by hubert61

PART 1, From The Suggesters:

:iconcoastbeachartist: :iconvdragosphotography: :iconuszatyarbuz: :icontigles1artistry: :icondieffi:
:iconclu-art: :icondeb-e-ann: :iconarte-de-junqueiro: :iconawesome43: :iconvanndra:
:iconstygma: :iconmaggiefromspace: :iconmalintra-shadowmoon:

Glass Star Bullet (Indigo) by Gasara Glass Star Bullet (Indigo) by Gasara Glass Star Bullet (Indigo) by Gasara


Calm Waters.... by Tigles1Artistry PURPLE BEAUTY by IME54-ART
My Dark Companion by WhimsicalBlue  Dsc0020 10 by Placi1
snow ... snow ... by VDragosPhotography love love by isider
0128 Spider by RealMantis Snowless Winter by VBmonkey26
Coming soon by donlope01 American Black n White by morningstarskid
Frosty day by gigi50 IITE Cheetah Cub by Jack-13
Skull Mountain by BrankaArts Rainy Day by happytimer
The Most Beautiful Views Are In The Western Sky by 33M Dreams of freedom by Silviene
T Wing Dreams 13 by caddman 
Have a Good Week-End.... by Tigles1Artistry Happy Thanksgiving....... by 1001G
Red Waters by CaraliaS Summer tea set 3 by AnnaZLove
Dandelion by AneurysmGuy Above the treetops by LordLJCornellPhotos
Mountain Music by vanndra Watching Pigeons Fly by Canankk
Neon Night Witch by SavageFrog Montego Bay by Shadoweddancer
Sunflower and Pretty Lady Butterfly by Zuzanna2 [Gift]  Dragon egg pouch by Leopard-Enya
NIR1000 6213 Blood Moon 21-01-2019 by NIR1000 Lillies for You by midnightrider79
November Leaf by kleinerteddy Jura-1987, Lac de Moron still clouded by swissnaturelover
Blues Dance... by Tigles1Artistry Winter sunset by rougealizarine
Lucifer by hontor Winter came... by sezarka
Glowing by JustinDeRosa American Black n White by morningstarskid
Supersonic by senafoxx mandelbulb3d_91 by Xenofish
Bored by elinkalo My Beautiful pink dogwood 2 by davincipoppalag


With the Previous 5 TC's, I chose a few Treasures, and placed them in a Custom Box
down the right-hand side of my Profile Page, as an extra feature with an Editorial as to why I chose them, (Part 2).
The reason I started to do this, has to do with the history of the Treasure Chest long before dAWishingWell
was even a group. I would chose 15 Treasures from my Treasure Chest collection, and place them on my profile page
and change them monthly. They were mainly chosen on how they "spoke" to me;
the artistic skill was a secondary factor, & it was also to help the artist or specific work gain more exposure.
I've missed doing this.  Many of the Treasures I choose are personal, and I often wish people to know why.
Hopefully without overextending myself, I have begun something similar again. I will NOTE each person after your personal feature is up.
Then, if you are not comfortable with something, feel free to let me know! :) (Smile)
The three chosen from September's TC:
From October's TC:
From November's TC:
From December's TC:
From January-FEBRUARY's TC:
From March's TC:

Avatar 25 by smault23



1. Suggest up to TWO, Maximum, (in a comment below), MUCH Preferably Work of OTHERS!

One is fine, TWO is MAX.
It is preferable that you suggest ONE work PER EACH Artist. :) (Smile)

2. The work should NOT have more than 299 fav's at the time that you suggest the work.

300+ fav's on a work, may certainly be awesome enough to be even further viewed, but we are mostly looking for work that should have more attention.

3. Neither you nor the artist, need to be a Member of this Group,

Note but feel FREE to Join! Aww

4. All-media is welcomed; MOST subject-matter is, too - simply use a good judgement.

We've not had trouble with this so much in the past, but I know other types of news articles in other groups have, so I just thought I'd mention it.

*** Depending on how this goes, I may have to stop at the first 10 or 12 suggesters, but we'll just see how this goes and flows, for now. It is NOT a rule at the moment. I need to keep in mind what is manageable for me, in order to attempt to continue this. I am not certain what that is at this point.


w00t! Lastly, if you feel like suggesting, go right ahead... and your suggestions will be reflected in next month's dAWishingWell  's Treasure Chest! w00t!

:iconspreadmoreloveplz: :iconspreadmoreloveplz: :iconspreadmoreloveplz:

A Few Reminders

Keep an eye Eye out for the "CALL FOR APRIL'S BIRTHDAYS!!" Have your cake and eat it too
 Points If you'd like, Feel free to donate a few points to us HERE: TheWishingWidget :iconthewishingwidget:
Of course we really DO appreciate points; they DO play a BIG role in granting wishes,
HOWEVER, if you do not have points to spare, it is VERY likely you can help grant wishes directly from HERE:
Point Right The Showcase has JUST been updated... MARCH 13th! La la la la
(So what are we waiting for? LOL )
We have many other wonderful regular, FUN, news articles to view, thanks to our HeartTEAMHeart here at dAWishingWell .
:icongrouphugplz:Community; what deviantART is all about!Community; what deviantART is all about! :icongrouphugplz:
Thank you to anyone reading this journal and enjoying any of the artworks you see here.
See you for next month's Treasure Chest!


Journal History


...Always Been About Love
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States

Heart Border [Red/Black] by RevPixy Heart Border [Red/Black] by RevPixy Heart Border [Red/Black] by RevPixy

One of The Most Moving Gifts I've Ever Received... In Life, Created by Candy candysamuels

Tea by Candy by TeaPhotography
"Tea by Candy"
The self-portrait I am holding in this photo, is a traditional work done by the extremely remarkably talented Candy Samuels
candysamuels :iconcandysamuels:
This was the original upload:
Tea.. by candysamuels
Then she mailed it!

She's such a dear, sweet friend, who is simply FABULOUS!

This gift was such a unique surprise for me,
and I'll always feel moved by her amazing kindness.

More from Candy:
Joy in my soul.. by candysamuels music man by candysamuels
bench side blues... by candysamuels unspoken.. by candysamuels


Heart Border [Red/Black] by RevPixy Heart Border [Red/Black] by RevPixy Heart Border [Red/Black] by RevPixy

Gorgeous Videos Created For Me By Teresa Tigles1Artistry

The photos used for this video can be found HERE:…

This amazing video was made for me, by my dearest friend Teresa :icontigles1artistry:
as a surprise gift...
She wanted to make this video to place in her Custom Box on her own Profile Page where she is so very generously promoting The Shelter Project:… :rose:

Not long after, she also made yet another one which contains more of my animal work, and is more particularly about The Shelter Project:… :rose:

And... HERE IT IS:

The photos used in this video can be found HERE:…
and from a number of other Sub-Galleries of mine. :aww:

And, THEN, as also a BIG Part of The Shelter Project she created another video to support my hand-crafted jewelry that also donates funds for the animals, through purchases:

She'd made THIS one for my birthday!
Teresa never ceases to amaze me with her creativity in seeking out ways to support this worthy cause for animals! :heart:

:note: To SEE ALL JEWELRY which Supports the Animals of THE SHELTER PROJECT, GO HERE:…
Contact me directly... and thank you in advance for your interest! :heart:

A feature of Teresa's :icontigles1artistry:'s stunning work:

Country Medley for Canan by Tigles1Artistry ME AS I AM - BY ME ...... by Tigles1Artistry
Batalha Monastery, Batalha, Portugal by Tigles1Artistry I CAN SEE YOU.... by Tigles1Artistry
Pas de Deux ... by Tigles1Artistry For Christina by Tigles1Artistry

I thank you profoundly, my dearest Teresa, as this is so very special to me from the bottom bottom of my heart- the same way I am always truly humbled by your ongoing support and friendship!
You are a fabulous and beautiful friend!


Heart Border [Red/Black] by RevPixy Heart Border [Red/Black] by RevPixy Heart Border [Red/Black] by RevPixy

"Treat the Earth well. It was not given to us by our parents; it was loaned to us by our children.
We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors- we borrow it from our children."

~Native American Proverb

"Human beings are more alike than unalike, and what is true anywhere is true everywhere, yet I encourage travel to as many destinations as possible for the sake of education as well as pleasure."
~Maya Angelou

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
~Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 1963

"I can't understand what makes a man [person] hate another man [person]..."
~lyrics to People are People by Depeche Mode

"You can't shake hands with a clenched fist."
~Indira Gandhi

"When the power of love, overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."
~Jimi Hendrix

"The care of human life and happiness and not their destruction is the first and only object of government."
~Thomas Jefferson

“I truly believe that compassion provides the basis of human survival.”
~The 14th Dalai Lama

“You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one,
I hope someday you'll join us, And the world will live as one.”

~lyrics to Imagine by John Lennon

"I'm tired of people being ugly to each other. I'm tired of all the pain I feel and hear in the world everyday. There's too much of it. It's like pieces of glass in my head all the time."
~John Coffey in The Green Mile

:flowerpot: Sometimes, certain quotes & music lyrics can reflect bits of me here and there, the way my own writings and photography can. But it's difficult to truly presume to know me, no matter how much is on one website, or in one gallery... I run deep and I've lived broad...

Regardless, for more literal info., there's the BIO called "The 411 on Tea of Tea Photography" here:
:bulletpurple:… :bulletpurple: It's down the right-hand side.

Personal Quote: Life is Art, Messy yet Beautiful all at Once. ~Tea

If You Need Help on dA...


Catch a Wave! by gustiidiaz

Catch a Wave!

by gustiidiaz

Rain Stars Purple by daniya-ART Rain Stars Purple by daniya-ART Rain Stars Purple by daniya-ART Rain Stars Purple by daniya-ART Rain Stars Purple by daniya-ART


As mentioned HERE:

You, Me, Other Things, and Groups

... Under the "ME" Section, & in small script.

Stars Purple by daniya-ART

Tea's Medical Help & Wellness Wishlist

I won't be linking it again in any other journal, but mentioned I would place it on my Profile Page with my dA Wish List. :heart:

I was only going to keep it for a year (thru Dec. of 2017), but for I humbly decided to keep it, because...

:bulletgreen: One of the biggest "things" I've learned during 2017, is that there are no cures for ANY of my disorders/illnesses, AND so, in order to maintain any health at all, I will need to choose from various specialists, therapies and activities, including regular check-ins with my primary care and my regular neurologist for the rest of my life.

Unfortunately this means I will always have high medical bills and medical/health needs.

Again it remains that I will NOT ask for money directly- I just can't & won't. However as it has happened anyway a couple of times, I either sent something of art in return, or shared it with "The Shelter Project".

Anyway, as to this wishlist itself,
Those who know me BEST, KNOW how much I take generosity extremely seriously- even if YOU think it's very small,
even a kind encouraging word to me, takes time & effort.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart :heart: to anyone in some position to be of support to me.
:huggle: :happycry: :huggle: :happycry: :huggle:

Rain Stars Purple by daniya-ART Rain Stars Purple by daniya-ART Rain Stars Purple by daniya-ART Rain Stars Purple by daniya-ART Rain Stars Purple by daniya-ART



dA Wishing Well's Wishes...

Feel free to learn about our amazing group:

Founder: Stygma :heart:

and once you do, you might feel like helping to
or... donate :points: which go to the wishes!
You can donate HERE:


Thank you for your consideration!


Pastel divider by Ponnui Pastel divider by Ponnui

Editorials: 3 Treasures From The Well's JAN./FEB TC #4

From the :groups: :icondawishingwell:
and this News Article HERE:…

:new: I am going to TRY to start something NEW by choosing a few works from THE TREASURE CHEST from PART TWO, (the ones I have chosen for the Article), and taking it a couple steps further by expressing why I chose it as a treasure in a bit more of a personal way.
:note: They are not from the artists thoughts or opinions, but merely of my own.
So beginning here:

:iconoffermoord: Light of Day by offermoord

"I have known of this artist for a long time by now. The trees he draws often speak to me greatly. This one here is amazing. It seems as if it is two trees as two trunks are clearly seen, but then the humanity of the trees are seen as if hands in the branches as they touch in the middle in several places, and another down by the roots... perhaps they grew into each other, and now they are one tree? The circular way that offermoord has encompassed them, as one, also seems to suggest that. I, for one, am in awe of such ideas and thoughts, and I love how this was carried out so well, with obvious skill & talent." :heart:

Avatar 25 by smault23 Avatar 25 by smault23 Avatar 25 by smault23

:iconrichardleach: the by RichardLeach

"I was automatically taken in by this clever work of art! I love works that seemingly include the simplistic, such as choosing the lyric 'the' for the lyrical part of this collage. Somehow by doing so, it makes the word STAND OUT even more than some word with deep meaning. Other than this, it is difficult to explain it all, but this is an exquisite piece or art!"

Avatar 25 by smault23 Avatar 25 by smault23 Avatar 25 by smault23

:icondominikaaniola: Bow Fiddle Rock by DominikaAniola

"This is a fabulous photo! It is greatly composed, has lovely tones, but it gives my heart great awe, as to what the power of Nature can do. Further reason to respect Nature and care for it. But we can see, especially by the arch, itself, what wind and water can do. They seem like soft and gentle elements, and alas they can be, but they also are NOT! They are powerful forces. The way they have shaped that rock, is true evidence. And it is the perfect name for it. I think the whole thing is wonderful. This photographer really brought out the power of in her skill." :heart:

Avatar 25 by smault23 Avatar 25 by smault23 Avatar 25 by smault23



UNFRAMED-NATURE... Still Precious to me...

:groups: About Unframed-Nature :groups:

Unframed-Nature :iconunframed-nature:
Founder: BGai :heart:

In the past we've been all about Nature, Animals, & Environmental Causes. Historically we have accepted (mostly) ALL Media, that reflects these subjects. So far our new founder has maintained this.
:heart: :earth: :heart:



To donate points :points: to this large & active group...
Donations Accepted HERE:
And we THANK YOU VERY MUCH, in advance!



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