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Shinichi Ran

Do you like THIS couple?
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YES YES YES!! and good drawing!
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This couple is really lovely. I really like this fan art piece. =) :dance: May I have permission to add it to my group's favorite folder? =)
blueberry-chan97's avatar
kawiiiiiiiiiii i love it
EngelchenYugi's avatar
I like them as a couple, Ran and Shinichi are really cute together.
But I am not a big fan of the anime/manga, hehe. Your art ist great. :heart:
marybeth9669's avatar
YES I LOVE THIS COUPLE!!!! hehe, its so kawaii! Good job its such a pretty drawing, loves it!!!
shebeast2's avatar
love them superly
they sooo cuuute togetha
Sielunkaipaaja's avatar
:w00t: I like them, they're one helluva good couple!
TimTamChimchar's avatar
ChibiSaku9's avatar
I loooooooove this couple!! >w<
Meitantei-chama's avatar
I don't LIKE this couple.


I LOVE IT~~~! o(>/////<;)o *squee!*
Lilth-Vaan's avatar
Hell yeah I do!
CartoonHero777's avatar
awsome!!! i love the pic XD this is an awsome show :3
Beware-Of-Girl's avatar
of course i Love this coupLe,,
they are my favorite coupLe,,
Shiina-Yuki's avatar
yes yes!!! I luv That couple!!!XD
shinichi and ran is one of my fav couple!!
SakuraUzumaki1's avatar
YES! I love this couple!!! <3 I have like been searching for the movies xD and all the ShiniRan moments! even if its just a hug edogawa or like when Ran and Shinichi were younger!

Do you know which episodes they have the flashback when they were younger ?
lachiro's avatar
// Do you like THIS couple? //

YES! OMG YES! I DO! Love it to death <3

But I love your colouring too T_T it's perfect!
Deidarakitty's avatar
:heart: such a cute couple...I love those two! :+fav:
sakurakia's avatar
I don't like this couple....
I LOVE this couple!:love:
Nari-san's avatar
Very good picture <3 *fave*
blueeyes1345's avatar
its very well done ^^ but somehow ur hair colour is wrong isit on purpose?
Kunoichi5's avatar
I love this couple =D
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