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By teamzoth
The Queen of blades in all her glory!
Kerigan From Starcraft.
I loved this game sooo bad!
i would spend an eternity playing it, with cheats, without, i didn't care, i just wanted to play it every day after school.
so this was a submission for a competition over at :iconyougotgame:
I spent at least 40 hours on not being the painterly type, i really wanted to give it a try! so this is 100% photoshop boys n gurls...and that makes it was 40 hours to much.
i didn't even make the top 5, but at least i know that i'm going to have to start practicing 10 fold.
so not only did this game get me into computer games(this and "one must fall")
but it also pushed me to try something else that i really enjoyed doing!, and i hope you all like it to, cause it's kinda an "i'm sorry for always dishin out pencil crap"
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Even though this is quite an older piece it's still really cool! 
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thanks! i prefer the line art though, as this was my first attempt at a digital painting.
the lines are here, and 100% pencil -…
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LOVE your color choices
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thanks so much :)
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Me too! Such a great game (Even if it did teach me the hard lesson about online gaming), it was the first strategy game I'd ever played. :) Aah... memories...
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well i duno about hard times on online, i learned that lesson with gears of war...
This is really well done, that eyeball is so freaky, gives me the chills
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Wow - beautiful Kerrigan! :D :thumbsup:
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thanks for the comment :)
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You are welcome! :)
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Wow eric this is really awesome, plus everyone know's Zerg is the best race.
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i'm a protoss fan....
i like my things clean.
but kerigan was just to good to pass on!
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well ur a techno neat freak and I'm a dirty street creature ;) and terran? well their the shut in computer geeks
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llol, thats for true
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This is easily the best one of your work I've seen so far. Bright and vivid colors, kickass artwork and of course... blood. Amazing!

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thank you!
i'm actualy a fan of the anatomy, it was the hardest part ;)
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ow my.. friggin gawd xD aaawesome :ahoy:
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thank you very much :)
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someone has improved a lot. :) i really like this piece. I'm happy that you spent a lot of time on this picture. the results are great. keep up the good work. I hope to see more amazing pictures like these. :D
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thanks a bunch man!, i'v started practicing hard core!
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that was my first reaction when i looked at the picture before i read the caption.
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