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So due to things beyond my control, I thought I make this journal have 5 questions, instead of the usual 1.

First questions is about Angela Cross.

Ever since Going Commando, people wondered and debated if she was a Lombax or not and in A Crack in Time we finally got an answer from Insomniac Games, as well as a confirmation from TJ Fixman himself later on. This finally closed that cased, however at the beginning of the year or later, during a livestream (I don’t remember which one) one of the players/workers brought up if she was a Lombax, only for another one to stop him saying how they don’t want to bring it up again, hinting there still not sure about if she is one or not, reopening the debate again.

So I ask you, what are your thoughts ? Do you believe Angela Cross is a Lombax or is she not ?

#2) R&C lego sets

Out of all the R&C merchandise I always wish existed, I think the #1 would have to be lego sets. Though I know this might never happen on its own, there is a way for us fans to make it happen via the Lego Ideas website.

Still if they existed would you buy one ? What from R&C could you see being made into lego sets ?

3) If you could pick a song that represents Talwyn's personality what would it be ?

4) If Ratchet & Clank could have a crossover with any other non Playstation game series, what would you want it to be ?

And the last question is in the form of a poll which I will tally on a later date: Which timeline should the next R&C game take place in ?

A. Current timeline
B. PS4 reboot timeline
C. A new timeline
Hey everyone sorry I haven’t posted anything in awhile, things have been crazy here but I’ll try and get back to posting things again. I also decided that I won’t be posting my thoughts on the questions, I might post them in the next journal question. This weeks question is something a lot of people have been debating about recently, or at least recent in the franchise.

In A Crack in Time when you (spoiler alert) fight Alister Azimuth, one of the lines he says in the fight mentions how there are no more Dimensionators left to use. Ever since then people have wondered if there are more Dimensionators out there in the R&C universe, it also doesn’t help when Dimesionators can been scene as Easter eggs in various games.

But what are your thoughts. Do you believe there are more Lombax made Dimesnionators out there or is there only one ?
Hey everyone before I get to this weeks question I have 2 things to say.

One is I posted a R&C journal on my account the other day that describes how I personally think the R&C series should end before a reboot. If you like reading R&C post or people opinions on things here is a link to it, if you want to read it:…

2nd is that you know how last weeks question was about Death Battle ? Well on Wednesday it was announced that the next episode will be a fight between Twilight Sparkle and Raven, characters both voiced by Tara Strong. I thought I point this out due to how ironic that they’d release this news a few days after I talked about their show on this particular group page. I hope Talwyn makes a cameo in the episode somehow.

Alright now for this weeks question. Since Valentines Day is around the corner I want to hear from you on what Talwyn would do on Valentines Day or on a regular date.

Hope everyone has a nice Valentines Day.
This week's question is about Death Battle.

For those who don’t know what that is, it’s a web series about people using data collecting, science, and math to see which two fictional characters would win in a fight to the death while also showing a video on how said fight might be like.

The people of the show did an episode featuring Ratchet & Clank about a year and a half ago but seeing how they like to reuse characters/use multiple characters from the same franchises my question is if the people at death battle ever plan on making another video featuring a character from R&C, which character would you like them to choose and who you would like them to fight.

For me I like to see Ratchet (and only him) fight against Fox McCloud from Starfox.
Hey everyone, time for this weeks question, which I thought I also make as the title instead of using another weekly question title.

So as the title says, if Talwyn Apogee returns in the next R&C game who do you think should voice her, Tara Strong, Ali Hillis, or a new voice actress ?

Personally I think Tara Strong should return to voice her cause though Ali Hillis is good I feel that Tara’s voice fits better for Talwyn, if she can’t return to voicing her maybe the people at Insomniac should try another voice actor, though that might be risky and I don’t want Talwyn to end up like Carmelita Fox, for those who don’t get this in all the Sly Cooper games the character Carmelita Fox has been voiced by a new actress every time, I don’t want that to happen to Talwyn.

But thats just my opinion, who do you think should voice Talwyn ?

Also on a side note Valentines day is coming up, and around that time people like to post pics of there favorite fictional characters/otp. I just thought I give people a heads up if they have plans or want to do a pic featuring our favorite Markazian.

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