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Ms Hellfire Disclaimer: I donít own any of the, Charmed characters as they belong to Aaron Spelling productions or Sam, Dean & John Winchester but I do own Melissa Hale.Authors Notes: This is series two of my, Charmed season.Note: My stories will be a little different but still have the same outcome so the episodes fit together. All the characters of Charmed including Andy Trudeau who didnít die Darryl Morris Source will be recurring characters as well as Cole who worked for the Triad. Iíll be using spells from the show and some I create myself in these stories theyíll be different but have the same affect and better sounding.Extra Note: This episodeís my third Charmed/Supernatural but is still the same as Ms Hellfire except for a few changes like the fact first been the Winchester men & Victor Bennett being in here at the start wherein Melissa has a nightmare of everyone dying & only her surviving & at the end when she tries to kill them & everyone else cause of her fear Barbas has read from her & implemented in her brain. The second change is that Melissa takes on the role of Ms Hellfire & not Prue. & finally, the last change is the fact that Cole Turnerís in this story instead of Jack Sheridan & Dan Gordon.Second Extra Note: Sam gets jealous whilst out with his father & brother on a gig in San Francisco when he sees Melissa playing out the role of Hellfire flirting with Bane & stuff even though sheís only doing really so to find out who hired the real thing to kill her & the Charmed Ones.Episode TwentyMelissaís Room Thursday Twenty Second JulyIn bed early morning, you see Melissa tossing & turning about. Sheís having a nightmare.Dream Sequence Lounge Thursday Fifth AugustSeven people consisting of, Belthazor AKA Cole Turner, Andy Trudeau, Leo Wyatt, Victor Bennett, Sam, John, Dean Winchester are all standing about. The Charmed Ones, Melissa come downstairs from the attic.Leo: Have you finished the new spell of?Phoebe: Just did it.Leo: And this will lock up the Source hopefully?Phoebe: It should yes, being how we can't vanquish him now because he's immune to the Source vanquishing we used originally before Mel was born in her future.Dean: Great weíve got all the potions & our stuff for when his demons attack.Prue: Good cause heíll be here soon.Sam: You sure?Melissa: We vanquished most of his demons heís pissed off heíll come.John: So what does he actually look like then?A figure in a black robe flames in behind them revealing the Source. A load of his demons, appear behind & beside him.Piper: (Worried) Like that.All his demons start throwing energy balls, electric bolts, & other stuff at them. Everyone goes there separate ways & ducks.Leo: Guys get upstairs now.The Charmed Ones head upstairs ducking any projectiles that come at them & throw all sorts of potions at various different demons vanquishing who they can. Andy comes from a couch throwing what potions he can at any demonic thing that comes his way but he doesnít count on the demon behind him who picks him up & snaps his neck killing him instantly. Belthazor sees this & looks horrified.Belthazor: (Horrified) ANDY!He throws energy balls at demons that come towards him. On the other side Sam & Dean are having trouble with some demons of there own. A demon appears behind Dean with an athame ready to strike.Sam: (Shouting) DEAN!Looking round Dean sees the demon & ducks. Sam fires a few shots from his shotgun at the low level, demon, which causes him to flinch back a bit. Angry he pushes Dean out the way heads for Sam & grabs his gun & throws it out the way. At a stance, they do hand to hand combat. The demon overpowers Sam & pressing him on the floor grabs the athame & stabs him in the chest with it.Melissa: (Shouting) SAM! NO!Melissa tries rushing over to him but a demon grabs her with super strength & throws her against the fireplace. Blood drips down her face. Dean & John try rushing over to Sam but get, nicked by a couple of demons who energy ball, them to death. A demon throws an athame at Leo who catches it & throws it back in the demons chest vanquishing him. Leo creeps out a little from behind the couch. Looking on angry the Source flames in behind him.Victor: Leo behind you.Turning round, Leo sees the Source firing a Darklighter, arrow dipped in triple poison which kills him instantly.Melissa: (Shouting) FATHER!Victor just stares shock eyed at the carnage that just happened. He doesnít notice the demon beside him looking smug.Belthazor: (Shouting) VICTOR RUN!Victor tries scrambling away from the demon but he gets him pulling him back. He conjures an energy ball & gets ready to shot.Melissa: (Shouting) GRANDPA.Melissa runs up to Victor & tries pushing him out the way before the energy ball hits him but there both thrown back against the wall. Getting up quickly Melissa, checks on Victor & finds out heís dead.Melissa: (Upset) No.The demon that killed him comes up in front of her & says.Demon: Oh, yes.He thrusts his hand inside Melissaís chest & tries ripping her heart out so to kill her. Melissa orbs out avoiding that then orbs in behind the demon quickly & places two pressure points on his neck, which stops his blood flowing body through his body. Gasping in pain, the demon slumps to the floor & dies thirty seconds later. Belthazor left now on his own finally has an array of demons to contend as he tries avoiding them one by one. Using his years of demonic experience, he manages to kill most of them before the Source comes up behind him.Source: Oh Belthazor.Belthazor turns round & sees the Source throw a potion, which has some of his flesh in it at him. He writhers in pain turning back, into Cole & bursts into flames dying there after. Looking up, smugly the Source flames upstairs to the attic.AtticA hurried foot of steps are heard as the three Charmed Ones run in through the attic doors. The Source flames in behind them. The girls catch a quick glimpse of him behind them & gasp. Raising his right hand up he summons three fireballs up.Prue: DUCK!The girls separate & each duck as the fireballs released go in their direction. Piper lands on the right hand of the room as her fireball hits the miniature manor dolls house blowing it up. Prue dives to the left as her fireball flies past hitting their motherís mattress putting a hole through it. But Phoebe trips over one of her shoe heels & lands a few feet in front of the Source as her fireball heads past her & hits the wall behind leaving a scorch mark. The other girls get up & see whatís happening.Piper: (Shouting) PHOEBE!Looking round Phoebe sees the Source & looks on wide-eyed as he throws a fireball at her killing her instantly. The remaining Charmed Ones look on in shock.Prue: NO!Anger builds up in Prue & she comes out in rage as she dives towards the Source.Piper: PRUE NO!Seeing her, he throws his hand out & sends Prue flying at antique wooden chairs, which snaps in half with the sharp end embedding itself into Prueís chest impaling her to death. Blood pours out from her mouth.Piper: (Crying) PRUE! NO!Piper looks up terrified at the Source as he comes towards her.Source: & then there was one give my regards to youíre your dead sisters wonít you.Conjuring up one final fireball, he throws at Piper killing her instantly. Melissa runs in bruised & battered from the battle downstairs & sees whatís happened.Melissa: (Crying) No.Source: Oh, yes.The events of whatís just, happened replay over again in quick motion as the Sourceís voice is heard inside Melissaís tossing & turning sleeping form.Source: YOU WILL FAIL!The Source flames out leaving Melissa there on her own speechless.Melissaís RoomMelissa shots up from her bed her heart racing & her face sweating. Tears roll down her eyes as she says.Melissa: (Shouting) NO!A pair of strong arms belonging, to Leo wrap round her body & pull her into a hug.Leo: Its okay sweetie its okay it was just a nightmare.Shaken up Melissa buries her head in Leoís chest & cries.Melissa: (Crying) Oh god dad.Leo placing his head to Melissaís rocks her back & forth.Leo: Shush, I know honey itís all right Iím here.SunroomTime lapse an hour later Prueís talking on the cordless to Gail Corso whilst looking at some pictures she printed downstairs in the darkroom.Prue: Yeah Iíve just developed the pictures now from yesterdayís fashion promotions shoot Iíll bring them in soon.Corso: Good remember youíve, got that photo shoot later on at your sisters club.Prue: Yeah I know Iím meeting up with Mr. Irvine at the magazine so we can discuss what he wants doing then.Corso: Great so if everythingís in order Iíll leave you to it then.Prue: Thanks, yeah Iíll see you soon.Corso: See you soon.Prue hangs up the cordless & walks out to the dining area where Phoebe, Piper, Leo, Melissa having breakfast are all talking about Melissaís nightmare.Dining AreaPhoebe: Oh, my god, I donít, believe it everyone died except Mel I mean why didnít, we use our powers on him?Leo: Phoebe it was just a nightmare.Phoebe: Yeah I know but surely, weíd put up a fight against him rather than let him kill us so easily.Piper: Maybe we couldnít use our powers then sis because they were bound or maybe they were stripped from us anyway itís nothing to worry about like, Leo said it was just a nightmare & besides Melís teached us well enough in our powers to handle the Source when he comes weíll be ready for him.Melissa: (Smiling) Yeah Iím sorry I was such a blubber mouth.Leo: Hey, adults have nightmares to you know not just kids.Prue: Exactly & it doesnít make you any less human having them.Melissa: I know.Phoebe: So whatcha, got planned at the club tonight then? Its DJ night, tonight isnít it?Melissa: No that, was yesterday night. Mondayís is Karaoke, Fridayís is talent show night competition, Saturdayís professionals, night where celebrity bands, solo artists, performers come in. Sundayís is quiz night & I sing either Tuesday or Thursday. & since I sang Tuesday that means tonightís my night off which I have to have at least one-day week of or Iíll go stare crazy doing that & fighting demons all the time I need some me time & if I wanna see Sam still & not break up with him because weíre not seeing enough of each other then thisís what I need.Finishing her breakfast Melissa puts her bowl in the kitchen sink the others follow her.KitchenPrue: Huh, wish I were my own boss so I could take time of work when I wanted to.Piper: All you need to doís open up your own photography studio employ some people & you could.Prue: Yeah if I win the lottery perhaps.Phoebe: I wish I could have more time with Cole but with him constantly running from the Source & everything, thatís always a problem. Do you know I havenít had sex in like three weeks & two days I mean, god I miss that & him.Leo: Yeah I know but heís only trying to protect you because he doesnít want either you or us getting hurt.Phoebe: Yes but it would be nice if he could come by & say hi now & again.Suddenly someone starts shooting through the kitchen windows.They all start screaming & run past the dining room, into the lounge.LoungeShoots are fired again in all different directions. Prue grabs Phoebe & levitates both of them into the ceiling so they miss the bullets. Melissa orbs out to avoid the shoots. Leo ducks behind a couch whilst Piper stays on the other side of the room.Phoebe: Jesus Christ. What the hells, going on down there guys?Piper: Not sure just stay, up there you two.Piper looks over to the other side of the room where Leo is.Piper: Leo Iím coming over.Leo: (Worried) No Piper, stay there.Piper runs past the table bullets fly towards her screaming sheís freezes them in mid air & then goes over to Leo behind the couch.Leo: (Concerned) Piper you, okay?Piper: Uh huh whereís Mel?Leo: She orbed out when the bullets started flying about.The person stops shooting & comes round the corner not believing whatís happened. Leo & Piper peer out behind the couch. The person whoís a woman starts shooting again. They duck behind the couch.Piper: Oh crap. Okay can someone stop this demonic maniac shooting?Leo: I donít think itís a, demon Piper they shot energy balls not bullets.The woman aims her gun at least Leo & Piper ready to shot. Leo & Piper look on wide-eyed as sheís about to shoot. Prue & Phoebe levitate down from the ceiling behind them.Prue: (Angry) Hey.Using her right hand, she flings her twenty feet away from Piper & Leo then they go over to them.Phoebe: You two, okay?Piper: (Shaken) uh, huh.Getting up the woman aims her gun again & fires sporadically at the gang. Prue puts her right hand up & deflects the bullets back towards the woman. They hit her full on in the chest. She goes down. The gang go over to her & see her bleeding.Prue: Sheís bleeding red.Phoebe: Is she an upper level demon?Leo: No, bullets donít affect upper level demons.Piper: Which means then sheís a, oh my god.Looking upwards Piper calls for Melissa.Piper: MEL! Get down here quickly.Hearing Piperís, call Melissa orbs back in seeing the state of things.Melissa: (Concerned) you, guys all right?Prue: We are but sheís, not heal her.Bending down Melissa places her hand over the womanís chest & tries healing her.Piper: Whatís happening? Why arenít your hands glowing?Leo: Because sheís dead.Phoebe: Oh, my god whatíve we done.OPENING CREDITSI am the son and the heirI am human and I need to be lovedJust like everybody else doesSee Iíve already waited to longAnd all my hope is goneSTARRINGPRUDENCE TRUDEAU HALLIWELLPIPER WYATT HALLIWELLPHOEBE JAYNE HALLIWELLMELISSA HALE / HELLFIRELEONARDO THEODORE WYATTANDREW TRUDEAUCOLERIDGE BENJAMIN TURNER / BELTHAZORDARRYL MORRISGUEST STARRINGSAMUEL WINCHESTERDEAN WINCHESTERJOHN WINCHESTERVICTOR BENNETTMS HELLFIREBARBASBANE JESSOPGAIL CORSOSTEVEN IRVINESan Francisco Bay & CityVarious parts of San Francisco bay and city are lit up whilstQueenís ďKiller QueenĒ is playing.She keeps her Moet and Chandon in a pretty cabinet let them eat cake' she says just like Marie AntoinetteBuilding a remedy for Khrushchev and Kennedy and anytime an invitation you can declineCaviar and cigarettes well versed in etiquette extr'ordinarily niceShe's a killer queen gunpowder, gelatine, dynamite with a laser beam guaranteed to blow your mind... (anytime)Recommended at the price, Insatiable an appetite (wanna try?)To avoid complications, she never kept the same address in conversation, she spoke just like a baronessMet a man from China went down to Asia Minor then again incidentally if you're that way inclinedPerfume came naturally from Paris (naturally) For cars she couldn't care less, fastidious and preciseShe's a killer queen gunpowder, gelatine, Dynamite with a lazer beam, guaranteed to blow your mind (anytime)Recommended at the price, Insatiable an appetite (wanna try?)Drop of a hat she's as willing as a playful as a girl thingy cat then momentarily out of action, temporarily out of gasTo absolutely drive you wild, wild she's out to get youShe's a killer queen gunpowder, gelatine, dynamite with a lazer beam, guaranteed to blow your mind (anytime)Recommended at the price, insatiable an appetite (wanna try?)LoungeThe gang are looking at all the things that were in the womanís purse whilst Melissaís on the cordless talking to Sam whoís in Deanís car. (This bit of sceneís inter cut)Melissa: Iím fine really, we all are.Phoebe: Multiple aliases.Sam: I know itís just when I had that vision of you all.Piper: Foreign currency & throwing stars.Sam: It just shook me up thatís all we were all goanna come down there & warn you but I was worried it might happen before then so I rung instead.Prue winds up the lipstick & a blade pops up.Prue: Not exactly Avon calling.Melissa: I know Iím sorry we worried you in a vision.Prue finds a key to an apartment.Prue: "Sutro Heights Apartments." Okay thatís scary. She didnít live too far from here.Sam: Thatís all right your all okay now whichís what matters. You sure we canít come over &.Phoebe: Whatís even scarier is that weíve never been attacked by a mortal before.Melissa: Sam, stop worrying about it okay weíre fine the personís dead the situations over now.Prue: Um hello, remember Abby the psychotic stalker who tried to kill me last year.Sam: All right then if youíre sure Iíll talk to you soon love you.Phoebe: Oh yeah sorry forgot.Melissa: Love you too.She hangs up & goes over to the others.Leo: Besides Prue didnít have a choice it was either the mortal hit woman kill us or we kill her.Piper: Hey sweetie you know you just lied to your boyfriend right about the situation been over when itís not.Melissa: Mom Sam has enough on his plate to deal with already without worrying about this & my nightmare or us.Suddenly the Cole shimmers in from nowhere dishevelled looking & unshaven. Seeing him, Phoebeís shocked.Phoebe: (Shocked) Cole oh my god.She runs over to him & hugs & kisses him.Phoebe: (Concerned) you, okay? What you doing here?Cole: I was coming to see you but I had to make sure the Source didnít know where I was first & then I saw you little light show just about now so I had to make sure your okay.Phoebe: Oh, weíre fine although sheís not.Piperís looking at the womanís planner.Prue: Hum a list of names.Piper: With our names on it or at least one of ours. "P. Halliwell" & another, a "M. Steadwell" weíre the only other name not crossed off.Prue: Someone obviously hired her if she was a hit woman.Melissa flips through the plannerMelissa: Someone who knew you three had powers. Look.Piper: Prue Ė Telekinesis & Levitation, Piper Ė Power to freeze & Molecular Combustion, Phoebe Ė Negligible, & Astral Projection.Phoebe: What negligible?Cole: Well, that explains why she drove through to the front door & surprised you from behind.Leo: She mustíve been working for a demon I mean who else knows you have powers.Melissa: Yeah but why would a demon hire a mortal to kill you three. It doesnít make sense.Piper: I just wish we knew about that part of the equation before we calledÖHallwayDarryl & Andy knocks on the door & walk in. The gang come in from lounge.Andy: (Concerned) you all okay we got here as soon as we could.Prue: Yeah we fine sweetie thanks for coming.Darryl: So what happened here exactly?Phoebe: Someone tried to kill us.Andy: Did you see who it was?Cole: Sheís in there.Darryl: (Miffed) She?Darryl & Andy walk over to Ms Hellfire. The others follow.LoungePiper: Yeah we were sorter just standing here talking when suddenly she started shooting up the place.Phoebe: A hit woman we think.Melissa: She obviously wanted them three.She points to Prue, Phoebe & Piper.Melissa: Dead, They were on her list.Darryl: & thatís why youíre standing here alive & sheís in here riddled with bullets.Leo: It was self-defence. You can check her gun if you donít believe us. The only, finger prints youíll find on it are hers.Andy: So the bullets got into her then by.Prue: Me yes I deflected them back before they hit us.Darryl: Oh great thatís goanna sure please the captain bullets fired into a woman without no second set on prints on the gun.Andy: So why was she after you?Piper: We think a demon hired her.Darryl: How?Piper hands him the planner.Piper: There are nine names that are crossed out. Besides us, thereís only one name thatís not crossed out.Andy: "Plastique, 10 a.m." Plastique explosives for all we know sheís, probably got some place already rigged to blow.Prue: Maybe itís some place M. Steadwellís supposed to be at ten.Cole looks at Piperís watch.Cole: Okay, itís after nine already.Andy: Will check the police database see if we can get an address.Phoebe: IĎm going with you.Cole: Not without me your, not if this demon shows up & tries to kill you Iíll get him before he does.Piper: Prue Mel & I will go to her apartment & see if we can find anything there.Prue: After I make a quick stop at four one fivePiper: Are you kidding?Prue: Canít lose my job Iíve already had enough tries I need to get the photos in for tonightís edition & talk to Mr. Irvine about this afternoons shoot at the club. It wonít take long people I can meet you two at the apartment afterwards.Melissa: All right then.Phoebe: Okay so what do we do with the ÖAndy: I can call in a favour and put the body on ice but it wonít buy you much time maybe one day max.Leo: No thanks whatever you can do will greatly, appreciated.Darryl: Okay then weíd better call it in.Darryl gets his cell phone out & dials the station whilst walking away a little.Cole: Well, then lets go.Piper: Hold on Leo I think its best you go to the club & get things sorted out for this afternoons photo shoot.Leo: Yeah but this hit woman wasnít after me.Piper: I know but if the demon emerges & uses you to get to us or me, I couldnít live with that if you died.Melissa: Momís right youíd be much safer there with other people around they wonít attack you with all them there donít worry weíll take you there first & then orb to the apartment.Leo: All right then.Gail Corsoís OfficeGail Corso & Mr. Irvine are there talking. Prue walks in & places her camera bag on the table.Corso: Ah, there you are. Prue thisís Mr. Steven Irvine.Prue: The wildlife presenter yes I know your crocodile hunt series has done very well here on tv.Mr. Irvine talks in his Australian accent.Mr. Irvine: Thank you Miss HalliwellPrue: I believe you have a new series coming out soon.Mr. Irvine: Yes we do we filmed all over most of Australia like the outback & such places why you a fan?Prue: No Iím not but my husband is.Mr. Irvine: Oh well I hope this series pleases him as most as the last one did.Prue: Oh, Iím sure it will. It must be sad though leaving you wife & kids for such long periods of time.Mr. Irvine: I miss them naturally but I like my work & they understand what I do & accept it anyway I try keeping in regular contact with them by phone so there never without me.Prue: Of course.Opening her camera bag up, she gets out a notepad, which has some notes about the shoot on them.Prue: So as you know weíll be using my sisterís night, club to do the promotion shoots of course I tell you what weíll be doing when we get there but hereís, some specs on how the layout of the set will be which we thought sorter Australian outback looking.Mr. Irvine looks at the notes & still drawings for the set.Mr. Irvine: These looks very satisfactory thank you.Corso: Well Miss Halliwell is one of our best photographers Mr. Irvine so she knows what sheís doing donít worry all you have to doís show up at two pm.Mr. Irvine gets up & shakes his hand.Mr. Irvine: All right I will be there then.He turns round & kisses Prueís right hand.Mr. Irvine: & will see you to Miss Halliwell.Prue: (Smiling) & you to Mr Irvine it was a pleasure meeting you.Mr. Irvine: Like wise.He walks out the room & closes the door. Prue gets the photos she developed, earlier on out of her camera bag & hands them to Corso.Prue: Here are my photos from earlier.Corso looks at them.Corso: Ah good weíll get them in tomorrowís edition. Remember Prue, Mr Irvineís a top celebrity I hope youíll treat him with the up most care & importance this magazine prides on.Prue: Of course Mr.Corso I will treat Mr. Irvine like royalty.Corso: See that you do his pictures & interview could sell lots, of copies.Prue: Gotcha.Picking her stuff up, she leaves walks out the room.Wow a lots happened here already hasn't it a hit woman's tried to the Charmed Ones. Will they be able to solve the mystery of who sent her & be able to save M Steadwell as well. If you wanna know how read on & find out.Last Edit: less than a minute ago by Melinda HalliwellThanks to Darkhorse Christian for doing this for me.Melinda HalliwellAvatar***Melinda Halliwell AvatarThe World Is A Canvas To Imagination, The Beginning Of Creation, And The Spice Of Life.Posts: 8,456FemaleMember is OnlineMay 27, 2007 at 2:25pmQuoteEditPost OptionsPost by Melinda Halliwell on May 27, 2007 at 2:25pmAndyís CarCole sees M Steadwell by the door.Cole: Oh is that her?Phoebe sees the bomb inside the shop.Phoebe: Oh my god it is yes.Andyís car pulls up outside the shop as M Steadwell turns thedoor handle key.Darryl: No donít do it.Suddenly Phoebeís souls pulled outta her body as she astral projects in behind M Steadwell who doesnít notice her grabbing her from there pulling her away from the front door as it opens & blows up. The two girls are thrown away a bit. Darryl, Andy, Cole & Phoebe whose back in her own body now rush out the car & over to Miss Steadwell.Andy: You okay, Miss Steadwell?Miss. Steadwell: It worked. I canít believe it. I cast a protectionspell & it actually worked my first spell.She starts laughing whilst the others knowing the truth look atPhoebe.Ms Hellfireís ApartmentPrue, Melissa, Piper are, looking round the apartment.Melissa: Look at this place pictures, silk woven rugs, I could getused to living here in a hurry.Piper: Yeah, you just have to know whom to kill.Prue: Not me sister you wouldnít get me living in this place tooflashy besides if I ever get rich itíll be because I earned it thehonest way.Piper: Okay Iíll go check the kitchen.Prue: Iíll join you.Melissa: All right, Iíll take the bedroomShe walks in the bedroom.BedroomMelissa sees lots of nice clothes in the wardrobe.Melissa Wow! Oh! Oh! Oh my! Oh, nice. Ooh. Thisís so muchbetter than playing dress up when I was five.KitchenPrue, Piper are, looking in the fridge & the cupboards. Theyíreboth empty.BedroomMelissa opens a cupboard & sees wigs and jewellery.Melissa: My god. Hey, people look at this.KitchenPrue, Piper look at the mail and "current resident" is written on it.They donít notice Melissa call out.BedroomMelissaís now standing in front of the wardrobe in a very lowGucci cut back brown crew dress, which goes down & round herwaist at the sides & curves low across round her breastsshowing her very much ample cleavage. She has a long matchingbrown coat on & gold sandals on. She looks in the mirror andstarts twirling. Prue & Piper enter.Piper: She must not have lived here long all the mails markedresident.Looking up they see Melissa & their mouths drop.Piper: Whoa my god.Prue: That looks so you.Melissa: Yeah I know.Piper: Why are you trying on her clothes sweetie?Melissa pulls of the coat revealing the dress, which doesnít coverher tattoos.Melissa: Are you crazy? Thisís a Gucci original do you know howmany ordinary people get to dress up in one of these, zilchbesides didnít you wanna play dress up when you were a kid?Piper: Yeah but when I did dress up I wore gramsís clothes notsome cheap tarts dress.Prue: Actually Piper Phoebe was the one who played dress upnot you, you constantly worried about what would happen if shefought out.Piper: Whatever.Prue: Anyway, sheís only trying it on.Prue goes over & inspects her more looking her up & down.Prue: My god this so shows your curves. If Sam saw you nowyouíd be a knockout.Piper: Okay you two can we focus here please thanks.Melissa: Right of course sorry.Piper: Good.Prue: You know I wonder if anyone really knew what, she lookedlike?Melissa: I doubt it.Piper: If it werenít for the orchids, we wouldnít even know whatto call her.Melissa: What orchids?Prue: Theyíre in the lounge addressed to Ms. Hellfire.Melissa: Really?Piper: Mmm hmm.Melissa walks in the lounge & reads the card on the orchids.LoungeMelissa: "Until we meet at last, Bane."Four men enter the apartment holding guns.DJ: Donít move. Donít even flinch or youíre dead.Three men move slower to Melissa. One holds a shotgun to herback. Swinging round Melissa faces the man in front & grabs hisgun & pulls it out of his hand. Using the backside, she hits himover the head with it. The other two men fire their guns at her.Melissa side summersaults out the way & hits the man on theright with her right heel. Then she uses the shotguns broad side& smacks him face. The third man comes at her & she kicks himthe crouch behind then smacks the shotgun in his chest & thenhis face he goes down groaning. DJ comes towards her. Sheholds the shotgun square in his face. The Halliwell sisters in theother room look on shocked at what theyíve seen. DJ backs off.DJ: Whoa, Whoa there. All right, you put your gun down first thenIíll put down mine.Melissa: How about you do it the other way or I shot you whereyou stand.DJ: You wouldnít get that far.Melissa: Really, it seems my reputations failing me.DJ: Oh, itís not failing yet Ms Hellfire.Melissa: Whaddya you, mean yet?DJ: Baneís very unhappy with you. Heíd like to see you now.Melissa: So youíre not him then?DJ: No, Iím his right hand man, DJ. Now if youíll step this wayplease.All of a sudden, DJ & the other men are frozen. Prue & Piper come out the bedroom.Piper: Okay, sorry to disappoint you boys but letís get outta herenow come on.Melissa: I canít go now they think Iím Hellfire.Prue: SoÖMelissa: So if we wanna find out who hired her maybe a goodway of doing that is for me to pretend to be her.Piper: Okay, thatís very funny, sweetie now letís go.Melissa: Mom Iím serious. I mean, you said yourself, nobodyknows what she looks like, certainly not this Bane person.Prue: Mel, somebody might know what she looks like.Melissa: Yeah, but I can protect myself & If something badhappens I can orb out. Now if this hit woman was hired by a demon, then itís only a matter of time that he finds out that P.Halliwellís still alive & send, someone else. So we have to dosomething now if you have any other ideas then Iím certainlygame.Piper: No, we donít unfortunately.Melissa: So then, unfreeze them.Piper: Is it just me or are you a little too eager to play this role.Melissa: Itís not a bad role to play.Prue: True. If you wanna get yourself, killed & what about Samheís already lost one girlfriend how do you think heíll take it if helost another.Melissa: He wonít lose me Iíll be fine okay now please unfreezethem.Piper: (Relenting) Fine. But you give you us an update as soon as.Melissa: I will.Prue, Piper goes in the other room. Melissa returns to heroriginal position holding the shotgun in front of DJís face. Piperunfreezes them.Melissa/Hellfire: Shall we go then.DJ lowers his gun first then Melissaís lowers hers. He leads herout the apartment. The other men get up slowly groaning &follow them. Prue, Piper come, out the bedroom worried.Baneís PlaceBane & a guy are talking there.Guy: I swear to God, Bane. I tried to get the money for you but...I messed up, I messed up. I was scared I didnít know how youwere goanna react.Bane: You lied to me.Guy: I didnít know, I didnít know.Bane: You made a mistake & youíre sorry for it, right?He sees Melissa/Hellfire walk in.Guy: Yeah.Bane: Well, lesson learned alright. Just never lie to me again.Understood?Guy: Thank you.Bane walks up to Melissa/Hellfire walks round her & eyes her up& down in the dress. He notices some of her tattoos too.Bane: Wow, you are more beautiful than I imagined especially inthat dress nice tats too.Melissa/Hellfire: So Bane we finally meet.Bane: Did you like the orchids I sent you?Melissa/Hellfire: Actually I prefer red roses.Bane: Beautiful & honest to my kind of woman. Letís walk shallwe. (To DJ) You know what to bring.Melissa/Hellfire & Bane walk up the stairs.Bane: So what do I call you?Melissa/Hellfire: What you always call me.Bane: Ms. Hellfire seems so cold in person unless your emails to,me has been a tease.Melissa/Hellfire: Oh come on Bane I think you know me betterthan that.They sit down.Bane: Do I? You didn't confirm the Halliwell' hit this morning.Using her confidence & Brevard she answers him.Melissa/Hellfire: I didn't have a clean shot.Bane: Thatís disappointing. What about the last one on the list?Melissa/Hellfire: M Steadwell?Melissa/Hellfire moves up close to his face & answers him.Melissa/Hellfire: Oh that was a blast.Bane: Ooh like your style. Always have. The problem is you stillgot the Halliwellís but youíve only got until midnight to take themout.Melissa/Hellfire: Oh donít worry about the Halliwells, I know theirevery move.Bane: Iím getting a lot of pressure, you know.Melissa/Hellfire: From whom?Bane: You know.Melissa/Hellfire: Of course I do.Bane pours champagne in two glasses. Melissaís Motorola V3 rings.Seeing itís Sam Melissa doesnít answer.Bane: Arenít you goanna answer that?Melissa/Hellfire: Oh yeah sure.She answers it.Melissa/Hellfire: Hello?Sam: Hey honey me Dean & my father are here now on a jobwhichís not actually on till tonight so I was wondering if youwanted to meet me for lunch at Quake.Her eyes go wide eyed for a bit.Melissa/Hellfire: Here as in San Francisco?Sam: Yeah. So you wanna meet?Melissa/Hellfire: Um I donít think I can do that really Iím with aclient.Sam: Oh for the club?Melissa/Hellfire: Yeah sorry.Sam: No thatís fine.Bane: Champagne?He hands Melissa/Hellfire a glass. Sam hears Bane on the phoneSam: Champagne? Mel who you with?Bane: To us.He clinks their glasses.San: Us? Is there anything going on youíd like to tell mesweetie?Melissa/Hellfire: Nothing like I said Iím just with a client toastingour contract thatís all.Bane: Hey gorgeous you ready to get down to business?Sam: Gorgeous, business? Should he really be talking to, you likethat.Melissa/Hellfire: No itís just.Bane takes her cell & speaks into it.Bane: Hey man listen sorry to butt in & all but me & my girl herereally need to get stuck in so can she call you back in a few hrsthanks.He hangs up the cell.Melissa/Hellfire: Hey what the hell you do that for?Bane: Why you worried? Heís not your boyfriend is he orhusband because if he is & youíve being lying to me.Melissa lies a little to him.Melissa/Hellfire: No heís not my boyfriend or husband heís mybrother whoís just over protective thatís all.Bane: Brother? You never told me you had one?Melissa/Hellfire: Yeah well a girl doesnít have to tell, youeverything does she.Bane: Listen if youíre having problems with your brother maybeyou better hold off on this one. At least until the job is completed.Melissa/Hellfire: Well then I guess I best be going then.Bane: Youíre not going anywhere. Not without my driving you.Melissa/Hellfire starts walking down the stairs.Bane: (to DJ) Tell, him, Iím on it.DJ: Hey, man, why me? I donít even know the guy.Bane: You will. Just go to my office, heíll show you. Okay.DJ: (Relenting) Fine.He walks off to Baneís office.Bane: Shall we then?He shows Melissa/Hellfire the door out. She walk out he followsher.Motel RoomIn there John & Dean are cleaning out shotguns & sorting outweapons as Sam comes of the phone.Sam: (Angry) me & my girl? What the hells going on?John looks up at him & speaks.John: What is going on?Sam: I donít know but I think Melís having an affair.Hearing this, Dean bursts out laughing. Sam looks seriously athim.Sam: (Serious) Hey, this isnít funny you know.Dean: No whatís funny Sam is, you thinking Melís having an affair.Sam: Excuse me Dean but you didnít hear the conversation & theway he was acting round her.John: Well how was whoever it was acting around her?Sam: Like he was flirting with her & she was enjoying it.Dean: Okay what was the conversation about exactly?Sam tells Dean & his dad what it was about.John: That sounds like just what she said Sam she was talkingwith a client & was to busy to see you I mean she is anEntertainment Manager, part of her jobs finding acts to performat P Three maybe she was closing a deal with this guy whoevershe was seeing.Dean: Exactly. I mean come on Sam Mel thinks the world of youwhy would she cheat on you?John: Right thisís just you getting a touch of the green eyedwhich you need to forget about otherwise it will effect, the jobwe have on tonight at that nightclub trying to save that woman.Dean: Dadís right we need to focus on her not Mel. Trust me brothe way Mel feels about you she wouldnít wanna cheat on you.Sam: (Relenting) All right then.John: Good now come & help us with these, son.Sam goes over to Dean &his father & helps them with what theredoing. Baneís officeDJ walks in & starts looking round. Barbas the demon of fearsuddenly, astral projects behind him from hell.Barbas: Looking for me?DJ: Where the hell did you come from?Barbas: Oh you donít really wanna know that. Trust me. Whyarenít the witches dead?DJ: Witches?Barbas: Answer me.DJ: Howíd you know they werenít dead?Barbas: One develops a sixth sense about such things whenyouíve been in purgatory for as long as I have. I made a deal. Itgives me a twenty-four hour window to break free but youpeople, you gotta kill those witches if Iím goanna be successful.DJ: Whoíre you?Barbas: A demon. A demon who has the power to turn theinnermost fear of a mortal into reality & thereís nothing you cando about it. Wanna see?He passes his hand in front of DJís face.Barbas: Your greatest fears that your boss is being doubledcrossed & when he finds out heís goanna kill you for notprotecting him.A pretend Bane appears & starts shooting at DJ. DJ starts yelling.Bane then disappears.Barbas: Pretty cool, huh?DJ: Whoa.DJ just stands wide eyed shocked.ClubroomTime lapse afternoon the stages set out in Australian outbacklook. Prueís in front out it with Mr. Irvine on it. Leo by the baríswatching on.Prue: So basically all I want you to do Steve is pretend Iím theaudience & youíre filming one of your shows just act like youídnormally do when youíre facing the camera & I will take picturesof you.Steve: Right you are then.He goes over to a cage which has a desert faring lizard in it &starts talking about it. Prue takes pictures whilst heís doing that.Mr. Irvine takes the lizard out the cage & places it on his handthen he moves his hand across & up & down talking out thecreatures, diameter & shape. Prue gets in some close upís & ofMr Irvine & the lizard. Then half hour later there finished. Pruechecks her camera seeing if the photos are all right.Prue: All right thatís great.Mr. Irvine: Oh good.Prue: Iíll go home & develop these then get them to themagazine so they can be done for next weekís edition.Mr. Irvine: & youíll call me when itís done.Prue: No the magazine will. They wonít actually publish it untilyouíve seen the rough copy encase thereís anything that needschanging.Mr. Irvine: Oh right okay.Prue: Okay then so I will next see you hopefully when the pageshave been done.Mr. Irvine: Right then. Itís been a pleasure working with you MrsHalliwell.He shakes her hand. Prue extends that welcome.Prue: The pleasures all, been mine Steven. Goodbye.Mr. Irvine: Goodbye.Mr Irvine turns round & leaves the club. Leo comes over to Prue.Leo: That went well.Prue: Yeah it did. What time is it?Looking at his watch Leo answers.Leo: Two thirty.Prue: Okay thatís way too long Mel shouldíve contacted us bynow. Why hasnít she phoned?Leo: Probably because she hasnít had the chance to yet.Prue: Or sheís in danger.Leo: If she was in danger Prue she wouldíve orbed back by now.Prue: Well Iím not taking any chances lets go home & see whatthe others have fought out.Packing her stuff up, Prue & Leo leave the club.SunroomStanding there holding the cordless Piper looks at the brokenwindows.Piper: Dammit Mel why havenít you rung now?Piperís about to dial Melissaís cell when she hears the front dooropening & Phoebe and Miss Steadwell enter the house withoutCole with them.Phoebe: Piper?Piper: In the Sunroom.They walk up to her. M Steadwell notices the windows &disarranged furniture.Marcy: Oh my god it looks like a time bomb went of in here.Seeing her Piper freezes Marcy.Piper: Okay whoís she?Phoebe: M. Steadwell would you believe. Whereís Prue?Piper: At the club doing that photo shoot with Steve Irvine.Whereís Cole?Phoebe: He left soon after we saved M. Steadwell & went downto the Underworld to see if he could find out what demon hiredthe hit woman.Piper: Okay. What about Darryl & Andy?Phoebe: There at the morgue putting the hit womanís bodyunder Marcyís name. Whereís Mel?Piper: Not here sheís assuming the identity of the hit woman.Phoebe: (Shocked) What?Piper: Yeah.Phoebe: Oh my god. What was she thinking?Piper: She was thinking it might help us find out who sent MsHellfire.Phoebe: Hellfire? Err what a name you think with something likethat sheíd use fire.Piper: Yeah well luckily she didnít otherwise this place would bein ashes by now.The front door opens. Prue & Leo walk in.Prue: Guys?Phoebe: Sunroom.Prue & Leo walk into it.Leo: Hey you two.Leo notices Marcy Steadwell frozen.Leo: Whoís that?Piper: Marcy Steadwell.Phoebe: Witch Practitioner.Prue: Whereís Mel? She called back yet?Piper: Nope. Iím getting worried Prue.Leo: Honey Melís all right Iím sure of it our daughters veryresourceful she can handle herself.Piper: I know Iíd just wish I knew what was taking so long.Ms Hellfireís ApartmentMelissa/Hellfire & Bane walk inside.Melissa/Hellfire: Well, thanks for theÖShe sees Red Roses littered round the room.Melissa/Hellfire: Ride roses.Bane: Well you said you preferred them instead of Orchids.Melissa/Hellfire: Iím impressed.Bane: Iím glad. Now close your eyes. Trust me.Melissa/Hellfire closes them. He gets a jewellery case out of hispocket.Bane: Alright, open them.She does so.Bane: & open this when I leave okay? Now remember, threeHalliwellís by midnight. On second thought, make it by ten. Itgives me more time to take care of them myself in case you fail.He kisses Melissa/Hellfire then leaves. Melissa/Hellfire looks onangrily & wipes his kiss of from her none transferable lipstickedmouth. Then looking down at the jewellery box she opens it up &finds an expensive diamond necklace in it. Melissa/Hellfire lookson wide eyed at the expensive of it.Coronerís Office.A coronerís there. DJ & Barbas walk in.Coroner: Wait a minute, you canít come in here.DJ pushes him on to a table.Coroner: What do you want?Barbas: Why, your greatest fear of course. WhichísHe passes his hand in front of the coronerís face.Barbas: Being autopsied, yourself.An implement turns on & flies up in the air ready to attack thecoroner. The coroner yells. DJ & Barbas open up a cold room &pull out a body. They unzip the body bag and the hit womanís init.Barbas: Well if thisís M. Steadwell then she doesnít look muchlike an explosion victim to me. Certainly not by the leather shewas wearing. They look like hit womanly type to me.DJ shakes his head.DJ: Thisís Hellfire but it canít be Iíve seen her?Barbas: Well obviously it was a rouse wasnít it probably playedby the Charmed Ones which means there onto us & are probablyprotecting M. Steadwell as we speak, which means Iíll have tofind another victim.DJ: Why? Canít we just go after her?Barbas: No you fool the witches are too powerful to go upagainst with especially at their house. Iíll have to get themanother way after Iíve gone after my next victim. So it seems myfriend your fears of a double crosser are justified.DJ: Iíll have to warn Bane but he isnít goanna like it heís in lovewith her.Barbas: Well then unfortunately for him heís just made thebiggest mistake of his life.KitchenMarcyís looking in the cupboard.Marcy: Oh my stars!Phoebe, Prue, Piper, Leo all walk in.Piper: What is it? Whatís wrong?Marcy: You canít keep wolfsbane & holy thistle on the same shelf.Their harmonics are in complete opposition. I mean I donít wantto second guess a sister witch but this is all wrong. I donít seehow you can cast a spell thatís worth a darn.Piper: Now wait just a minute, Missy.A Porsche Convertible slows down outside. Hearing it Phoebelooks out the window. She sees Melissa step out from it.Phoebe: Oh my God. Melís homeÖ I think.Piper: Thatís Mel alright.They walk out of the kitchen. Melissa comes in.Phoebe: Wow.Prue: You, know it looks like being a hired killer agrees with youMel.Phoebe: Yeah but driving in a Porsche why didnít just orb?Melissa: Because I donít wanna risk anyone seeing me out ofuniform.Piper: Weíve been worried sick about you.Melissa: I know Iím sorry about that mom, I just didnít wannajeopardise my cover.Leo: Or the Porsche it would seem A gift from Bane?Melissa: No, Bane prefers... never mind. Look, I need to get backbefore they get suspicious. Tell me what you know.Phoebe: We know M. Steadwell is safe.Piper: Canít say the same for the kitchen.Melissa: Any idea why she was on the list?Leo: Could be because she's a witch. I mean, not a magical witchbut a witch practitioner, none the less.Piper: A hyperactive witch practitioner.Melissa: Mmm I wonder if all the names were witches. How manywere on the list?Piper: Eleven. Except 'P. Halliwell' was only down once whyís thatbecause Hellfire went after all three of us?Leo: Because all youíre names are Halliwell & they start with a Pso she wouldíve only needed to put the name down once.Prue: Okay so count all three of us thatís makes thirteen.Phoebe: Thirteen why does that number sound familiar?Piper: Heck knows.Just then Cole shimmers in front of them covered in somedemonic blood.Phoebe: Cole you all right? Did the Source see you?Cole: No he didnít & Iím fine just a little demon blood on methatís all.He notices Melissa looking sexy & goes wide eyed with hungerbut hides what heís really feeling inside.Cole: Whoa. Whatís with the low cut dress?Piper: Job wearing sheís assuming the identity of the hit womanto find out who sent her after us.Cole: Oh right then. Well actually on that front I can answer thatquestion for you which I managed to squeeze out of a demon offits Barbas.The girls except Melissa look on shocked.Prue: (Shocked) Barbas? It canít be heís dead we vanquishedhim.Leo: No actually you defeated him not vanquished him heís in hell.Phoebe: So how did he get out?Prue: He mustíve found a loop hole.Melissa: Whoís Barbas?Piper: Your worst nightmare.Phoebe: Heís the demon of fear he can read your inner most,worst fears & turn them against you. He did that to us two yearsago.Melissa: Okay then thanks for the heads Iíd better get back toBane, & try, & flush Barbas out. He wants me to met, him in thisnightclub.Piper: No Mel you can't go back there.Melissa: Mom I have to it's almost eight. Iíve only two hours leftto produce three bodies to Bane your bodies whichís why I haveto get to Barbas fast.Phoebe: Yeah but Mel thisís dangerous if you meet Barbas hecould read your inner most fear & turn it against you.Melissa: What fear?Leo: Your dream.Melissa: Dad that was just a nightmare.Cole: Barbas wonít see it that way heíll see it as an advantage &use it against you.Melissa: I can handle it.Prue: Not alone you canít.Melissa: I know that. But for now I'll be okay. I'll call you guys &check in with you in an hour.She turns round & leaves the house.Buttercup NightclubSam, John & Dean are there sitting on a table. There looking outfor the woman there supposed, to save.Dean: So who is she then?Sam notices a lady sitting on a table drinking something. Hepoints to her.Sam: Thatís her there.Dean: Okay so we sit & wait until whoever it is wants her thenwe move in get her out then kill it.John. Yep.Dean: Okay then.Just then itís almost as if timeís slowed down to slow motion asMelissa/Hellfire dressed up to the nines incredibly sexy like walksinto the room. The guys all around her just look at her starryeyed not believing what there seeing. Dean notices her & canítbelieve his eyes either.Dean: Oh my god.The other two look over at where Deanís looking at & just stareshocked.John: Whoa.Sam: Mel whatís she doing here?They see her walking over to Bane who sees her. He walks up toher.Bane: You look like you're ready to celebrate. Are the Halliwell'sdead?Melissa/Hellfire sits down on her sit & talks to him.Melissa/Hellfire: The night's young. We have a little bit ofbusiness to discuss.A waiter comes over to them.Melissa/Hellfire: Iíll have vodka on the rocks straight up.The waiter leaves to get the order. She leans in closer to Bane.The Winchester men on the other side of the room notice this.Sam: Okay what the hells that?Dean: Donít know maybe sheís meeting a friend.Melissa/Hellfire strokes her right leg up & down provocativelywith her left leg. Sam flames up angry inside.Sam: Meeting a friend my arse, look at her.John: Okay Sam you can worry about whatís sheís doing laterright now we have other issues we need to deal with.Bane: What, all work & no play?Melissa/Hellfire leans into his right ear & whispers something.Melissa/Hellfire: Oh we'll play. Right after I get my money.Sam really agitated now gets up but Dean stops him.Sam: What you doing Dean, let me go.Dean: No way man Iím not letting you do something stupid.Sam: Like what?Dean: Like going to deck him over there.Sam: Hey you & Dad said earlier on that Mel wasnít having anaffair & I believed you when I shouldnít have I mean look at himheís hitting on my girl & sheís hitting on him so Iím goanna goover there & find out whatís going on.Dean: Yeah but what if your wrong.Sam: What? Are you serious?Dean: Yes I am now just listen up for a second okay bro what ifMelís on a job as in a witchy kinder job & sheís acting that waybecause she has to.Sam: Thatís bull Dean Mel wouldnít be on that kinder jobwithout the others.Dean: We donít know that she could be.Sam: Yeah well your wrong okay sheís having an affair I know it.Melissa/Hellfire, Bane continue, talking.Bane: Oh you'll get paid after their dead.Melissa/Hellfire: You know the boss has a nasty habit ofdisappearing in the middle of night. I'd hate for my money todisappear with it. Can I trust you & Barbas?Bane: I'm disappointed you doubted even one of us.Melissa/Hellfire: I wanna talk to him.Bane: Well, like you said, the nights young letís dance shall we?He takes her hand & they walk over to where everyone isdancing. They start dancing really close together. Bane pullsMelissa/Hellfire in for a passionate kiss. She flinches trying to getaway from it but he holds her firm. Sam canít stand what heísseeing anymore.Sam: (Angry) All right thatís it.He gets up & walks over to them.Dean: Sam, no get back here.Coming towards them Sam pulls Melissa/Hellfire, Bane apart fromeach other.Bane: (Agitated) Hey man what the hell you doing weíre trying todance here.Sam: (Angry) you keep your filthy hands of her okay.Melissa/Hellfire looks on wide eyed at Sam.Melissa/Hellfire: (Shocked) Sam what you doing here?Sam: On a job but it seems moreíís happening than that at themoment.Melissa/Hellfire: Listen I can explain.Bane: explain what you donít have to say anything to him.Sam: You keep outta this okay thisís between me & her.Bane: I donít think it is pal sheís with me.Sam: I think not mate.Bane: Excuse me but who the hell do you think you are?Trying not to have her cover blown Melissa/Hellfire quickly buttsin.Melissa/Hellfire: Heís my brother okay I didnít know he was here.Bane: Thatís your brother?Sam canít believe what sheís said.Sam: What?Melissa/Hellfire: Yes heís very protective of me remember I toldyou that earlier. Listen Iím just goanna take him something for abit & talk to him Iíll be back soon I promise. Sam.She goes to the ladies restrooms. He follows her. Bane looks atthem. The two Winchesters left she them going.John: Sammy what the hell you doing?DJ walks up to him & taps Bane on the shoulder.Bane: DJ, what's your problem?DJ: I need to talk to you.Bane: Better be life and death.They walk over to the bar.RestroomMelissa & Sam walk into the empty room.Sam: (Angry) Okay you wanna tell me what the hells going onout there.Melissa: Nothingís going on Sam.Sam: Oh come on your having an affair arenít you. How longs itbeen going on?Melissa looks at his shocked eyed.Melissa: (Shocked) What? Iím not having an affair Sam.Sam: (Angry) Oh really then what do you call that out there thenhuh? I call that flirting.Melissa: Well I call that acting.Sam: Acting? Yeah right if that is it then its pretty damnconvincing.Melissa: Thatís because it has to be if Iím to get close to Barbas.Sam: Barbas? Whoís he?Melissa: A demon. Look a hit woman came to our house thismorning & tried to kill mom, aunt Prue & Aunt Phoebe but auntPrue stopped her before she could do anything. Then when wewere at her house looking to see if there were any clues as towho hired her Baneís men showed up & thought I was Hellfire soI played along with so to find out who sent her to kill my family.Then later on we fought it was Barbas whoíd done the jobthrough Bane.Sam: Very good story if I say so.Melissa: Thatís because itís the truth. You know I donít lie aboutthings like that when it comes to demons.Sam: Has he kissed you other than now?Melissa: Yes but I hated it.Sam: Oh I bet you did. He was probably all over you.Melissa: You know what you can be a real jerk sometimes.Sam: Oh well sorry to disappoint you there sweetie but thatís me.Melissa: Yeah well thatís not me. Relationships are about trustingone another like the fact I would never cheat on you because Ifricking well love you, you know that.Sam: Oh really it doesnít seem like that to me at the moment.Melissa grabs Sam & pushes him against a wall & slams herselfright into him. She presses herself right against his hardness &her breasts point right up to his chest. She puts her right handround his neck & her left hand in his hair & pulls him close to her& kisses him hard & passionately with everything sheís got on hislips. Sam moans into her & wraps his hands round her waist &responds back in greatness to her. A few seconds later she pullsaway from him. Sam looks at her flushed.Melissa: Now if that doesnít prove to you how much I think aboutyou then youíre more a, idiot than I thought.She turns around & walks out the room. Sam looks at himselfdisgusted at what heís just done.Bar AreaDJ & bane are talking there.Bane: Make it fast.DJ: I just came from the morgue.Bane: Looking for a date?DJ: No, checking on yours. She's a fraud.Bane: What are you talking about?DJ: Marcy Steadwell isn't in the morgue the real Hellfire isBane: I don't believe it.DJ: Barbas believes it.Melissa/Hellfire comes out the restroom & over to Bane. He looksat her not believing what heís just heard about her. Sam comesout a few seconds later & goes over to his father & Dean.Dean: Hey man what the hell were you doing? We have a job onyou know.Sam: I was finding out whether my girlfriend was having an affairor not.Dean: & is she?Sam: No itís just an act.Dean: I told you it was.Sam: I know okay you donít have to ram it down me sheísalready angry at me.Dean: So she should be you thinking that about her.Sam: Okay can we drop it now please & carry on with the job.Dean: Okay then.John notices there woman victim gets up from her seat & leaves.John: Boys looks like weíre on.He gets up & the others follow him. They go after the woman.ManorMarcyís running through the house waving a smoking cigar-shaped object. Piper's on the cordless.Phoebe: Marcy, please.Marcy: (singing) Save, your sisterís moon with your protective beans.Prue: Oh, please stop.Marcy: (singing) Give, all who dwell within this spell, sweet days& sweet dreams.Piper: Okay, that's all folks.She freezes Marcy.Phoebe: Who knew perky could be so annoying?Piper: How long do you think we can keep her like this?Phoebe: Your power, your call. Hey, did you reach Mel?Piper: No, she's still not answering her cell. She really should'vechecked in by now.Leo: Iím sure she will honey Mel wouldnít leave us in the lurch.Marcy unfreezes suddenly.Marcy: (singing) Put, those who dwell underneath this room.Phoebe: Okay, you know, Marcy there's lots of rooms that needprotecting upstairs.Marcy: Really?Prue: Yes now why donít you go do that?Marcy: Okay then. OohGiggling she runs upstairs quickly.Piper: Thank god. Oh come on Mel ring us.AlleywayThe woman from the club walks down it. She hears footstepsbehind & turns round. The Winchesters whoíre following her hidesomething where she canít see them. The woman turns back &walks on. The guys walk out & follow her on again. Hearingfootsteps again the woman turns round. Looking scared sheturns back & quickens her pace a bit. Coming out, the men keepup with her. She starts running this time & looks back quickly tosee whose there. Turning round a corner she bums into a guy &screams. She drops to the fall & looks up to see whom, it is. ItísBarbas. The woman gets up & tries running away but Barbasstops her & puts his hand across her face & reads her greatestfear.Barbas: Your greatest fear is that you donít know whoís chasingyou behind you. But now you do because heís right behind you.The woman turns round & sees a guy with a knife. She screams.He grabs her round the neck & stabs her in the chest. Shescreams & falls down to the fall dead. The Winchesters comeround the corner & see whatís happened.Dean: (Angry) Hey.Holding his gun out Dean points it at Barbas & shoots somerounds from it but Barbas astral projects outta there before theyhit him.Dean: (Angry) Dammit.John bends down & checks the womanís pulse. He doesnít feelanything. He shakes his head.John: Sheís dead.Sam: How? Thereís no gunshot or stab wound on her & it doesnítlook like she was strangled either.John: I donít know son I donít know.Ms Hellfireís ApartmentMelissa/Hellfire & Bane walk in.Melissa/Hellfire: You know, it's not midnight yet, we still havetime lots of time.Bane: Do you think you could fool me? Get away with it? Youkilled the woman I loved.Melissa/Hellfire: What are you talking about?Bane: You killed Hellfire.Melissa/Hellfire: I am Hellfire.Bane: (Shouting) Liar!He pushes her. Barbas appears.Barbas: What have we here then? Youíre not a Halliwell.Bane: Halliwell? You mean one of the names of the list?He passes his hand in front of Melissaís face.Barbas: Youíre their descendant Piper Halliwell & Leo Wyattísdaughter. Melissa your greatest fear is that everyone you lovewill die or be lost just like youíre what happened in your future toyour real family, your adopted family, & your cousins & yourchildren.Melissa: No.Barbas: Yes youíll be all on your own because even aftereverything youíve done coming back from the future training yourfamily to kill the Source & getting them prepared theyíll fail & theSource will kill them & everyone else you love including Sam.Melissa: (Crying) Sam.Barbas: But it doesnít have to be that way you donít have to beall alone you can safe them & yourself you know what to do.Melissa: Yes.Barbas: Good now go before itís too late.She orbs out the apartment & sets of to do her business. Banelooks on shocked at whatís heís just seen.Bane: (Shocked) what the hell? What is she?Barbas: Something beyond your comprehension.Bane: What did you do to her?Barbas: I killed two birds with one stone.Bane: How? What is she goanna do?Barbas: Why sheís going to kill her family of course & everyoneelse she loves & then herself.Front DoorThe doorbell rings. Phoebe answers it with Cole by her.Phoebe: Hey, Darryl, Andy.Darryl: Phoebe. Cole.Cole: Come on in. Thanks for coming so fast. We need you tobaby-sit.Andy: Is this one breathing?Cole: Yes, this one is breathing.Darryl: Good. Where you headed?Phoebe: Nowhere but we have a huge problem going down & weneed to summon Mel but in doing so weíll be winding upsummoning someone else also whichís why we need you to takeher down the police station & place her in protective custody fornow.Andy: Why whatís going on?Cole: Mel's impersonating the hit woman.Darryl: What?Phoebe: It's a long story & you wouldn't like it but she wassupposed to check in by now.Andy: Weíll help you.Cole: No, no, you can't. We appreciate it but you can't.Darryl: You don't have to hide anything from us guys we knowthe routine.Phoebe: I know that, Darryl, but believe me you don't wanna beanywhere near, us right now. We would never forgive ourselvesif anything happened to you.Piper, Prue, Leo, Marcy come down from upstairs.Marcy: Which cleanses the aura of the, house & makes it strong.She quirts potion stuff in the air.Piper: Err lord give us strength.Prue: Hi, Darryl. Hi honey.Andy: Hey Prue.Darryl: Guys. Okay then Miss Steadwell you're goanna have tocome with us.Leo: Okay, thanks for everything, Marcy. Bye, bye.Marcy: Oh, is this about the explosion at my shop?Andy: Oh yes um until we close the case, you'll be safer with us.Marcy: Oh, I think you have that backwards, officer. Theprotection spell I cast has been doing such a bang up job forthese girls just think what it could do for you.Phoebe: Okay, well, we thank you for that protection spell. Thankyou so much & now you have to go now.Marcy: Okay then. Come on officers my work here is done.She squirts the potion in the air.Darryl: Umm why don't we leave, this here.He gives Phoebe the potion then her him & Andy leave thehouse.Cole: Okay guys lets get upstairs shall we.There about to turn round & go upstairs when Melissa standingin behind them throws a temporary but powerful sleeping potionon the floor which dissipates up & out to all the people in front ofher knocking them out on the fall. Melissa bends down to them.Melissa: Everythingís goanna be all right guys I promise.LoungeTime lapse an hour later the Charmed Ones, Cole, Leo, wake upto find themselves tied to some chairs. They see Melissa in frontof them with a petrol can spilling its contents on the floor.Piper: Oh my god Mel, stop, stop what youíre doing.To the side of Piper John Winchester whoís tied up also speaks.John: You canít reason with her it wonít work sheís gone crazy.Prue tries telekinesing the ropes of her but it doesnít work.Prue: I canít do the ropes Piper.Piper tries blowing hers up but that doesnít work.Piper: Nothing. Phoebe?Phoebe tries astral projecting out but she canít either.Phoebe: Nada what the hells going on?Dean tied up beside her talks.Dean: Itís the ropes Mel cast some kinder spell on them to stopus from getting out.Cole: Great.Piper: So what you guys all doing here?Dean: We were here on a job when suddenly she orbed in &,knocked us out then we woke up here.Victor Bennett next door then talks.Victor: I was just getting ready for bed when she orbed in & didthe same thing to me.Andy beside him then speaks also.Andy: Darryl & I were just putting Marcy into protective custodywhen that happened to me also.Prue: Mel honey what the hell you doing talk to us.Melissa: I have to do this I donít wanna be alone.Leo: Alone? Honey your not alone weíre here.Melissa: But youíre all goanna die just like my family did in thefuture youíre goanna fail & the Source will kill you all & me but Iímnot goanna let that happen because he wonít get any of us notafter this.Phoebe: Oh my god itís her nightmare Barbas is using hernightmare against her. Mel honey itís not real okay you have tofight it.Sam: What nightmare?Phoebe explains Melissaís nightmare to him.Sam: Oh my god sweetie why didnít you tell me about it.Melissa: That doesnít matter what matters is whatís happeningnow.She gets a lighter out her pocket & starts it up.Prue: Whoa Mel listen okay thisís not you thisís Barbas using youto kill us but he doesnít have to win because youíre strong & youcan fight this as the Melissa Hale I know would rather fight theSource & die a glorious death than go out like this please honeyweíre telling the truth.Sam: Mel I love you so much okay & Iím not going away wildhorses couldnít keep me from you & weíre goanna grow old &spend the rest of our lives with each other.Melissa: We are?Sam: Yes & we goanna have lots of kids & if you ever want toweíll get married.Melissa: We could?Sam: Yes but the only that, that can happen is if you put thelighter down. Please honey?He looks at her sadly which melts her heart away. She slowlycloses the lighter & puts it on the floor then goes over to Sam &unties him.Melissa: Sam?He places his hands on her face.Sam: (Smiling at her) Hey baby.She puts her arms around him & hugs him. Tears roll down hereyes. The others smile in relieve. Melissa pulls away & looks atthe others angrily.Melissa: (Angry) I want Barbas.Phoebe: & weíll get him all we have to doís lay low until midnight& then he'll disappear & go back to wherever the hell it is hecame from because he hasnít got his thirteen victimís he needed.Melissa: No he's back early. He knows what rules apply or don't.I don't wanna take any chances. Let's go show him what hisgreatest fear is.Ms Hellfireís ApartmentBarbasís there with Bane. The clock reads eleven fifty eight.Barbas: Whatís taking so long they should be dead by if therenot then I'm goanna spend my last minute killing you.Bane: Hey, I didn't come to you. You came to me remember.Barbas: If you hadn't been so blinded by your passion, then Iwould be minutes away from freedom right now.Just then they see a sparkle blue lights appearing in the room asMelissa orbs in with the Charmed Ones.Barbas: (Shocked) what the hell? Kill them.Bane gets out his gun & Piper freezes them.Phoebe: Ooh, I'm beginning to see your attraction to the darkside Mel.Melissa: It wasn't his dark side I was attracted to. Mom, unfreezejust Bane will you?Piper: What?Melissa: Please?Piper: Okay.Phoebe takes the gun out of Bane's hand. Piper unfreezes Bane.Phoebe: Looking for this?Bane: What's going on?Melissa: Witchcraft at its best.She walks up close to him.Bane: You never liked me did you? It was all just an act.Melissa: What you, really think I couldíve loved you work for ademon & sorry honey but I donít do guys with demons.She kicks him in the crotch then kicks him in the chest sendinghim flying across the room. Barbas unfreezes. The clock chimesmidnight.Barbas: No! No! Nooo!!Barbas spins in a circle & disappears.Phoebe: I never get tired of kicking his butt.Melissa walks over to Bane.Melissa: Just a little something to think about in jail.Bane: It won't be the only thing Iíll be thinking about, I promise.Melissa: Yeah well sorry mate but I wonít be thinking about you.Bane: Well Iíll say one thing for your guy heís a lucky man.Melissa gets up & with the others goes out the room leavingBane alone.LoungeThe gang except Prue & Melissa are all cleaning the newlyrepaired windows Leo did.Phoebe: Well what can I say Leo I think thisís your best job yet.Leo: Why thank you very much.Piper: Yeah my husbands certainly, handy isnít he?Prue comes in talking on the cordless.Prue: Yeah well, just tell Marcy that she can sell the ring & usethe money to rebuild the bookstore. It's a thank you forprotecting us. No Darryl, the rings not hot okay. I'll talk to youlater.She hangs up.Phoebe: So, what else did Hellfire get from Bane?Prue: Well from Melís account Diamond necklaces, bracelets,mahogany a Salvador dally.Piper: Yeah but she canít keep all that stuff can she?Prue: She isnít sheís donating it all to the local wildlifeconservation for sick animals.Cole: Thatís a great idea.Prue: Yeah it is.Phoebe: You know what she really made a good Hellfire donítyou think I mean the way she acted the clothes.Piper: Yeah but what about poor Sam seeing her at the club likethat ouch.Leo: That was just an act honey.Piper: I know but its still gotta hurt though what happened.Phoebe: Of course it has but if anyone can get throughsomething like this itís those two.Melissaís RoomMelissa & Sam are sitting up in bed naked with the covers overthem. Lying in front of him Melissa looks at Sam.Melissa: Iím so sorry what happened, Sam.Sam: Why? It was just an act.Melissa: Yeah but it hurt you though.Sam: It did but that was because I didnít know what was goingon then now I do.Melissa: Yeah but you mustíve felt something though.Sam: I did but.Melissa: What was it?Sam: Itís nothing.Melissa: No Sam, come on please tell me.Sam: I donít know I thought maybe that youíd picked the wrongguy to be with.Melissa: (Shocked) what, whatever made you think that?Sam: Well the way you were acting around that guy even thoughit was an act looked right you know I mean he was older thanme around your age so you could simplify with him more probablya better kisser had loads of money.Melissa: & encase youíd forgotten worked for a demon. I couldnever go with someone like that which why would I want to dowhen I have the perfect package right here.Sam: I know I was just jealous I suppose.Melissa: Well you donít have to be Sam I love you & only you noone else it was my fault anyway I shouldíve told you what wasgoing on but I didnít because I didnít wanna worry you with itwhat with whatís going on in your life already.Sam: Yeah but I wanna worry about you Mel youíre my girlfrienditís my job to worry about you I wouldnít be a good boyfriend if Ididnít.Melissa: I know Iím sorry I made it tough on you, you know nottelling you about my nightmare either which I shouldíve. Iíll tellyou next time I promise.Sam: Good cause we shouldnít keep things from each other.Melissa: No we shouldnít. Do you forgive me?Sam: Of course I do though I must say Mel you did look hot inthat dress.Melissa: (Laughing) I did?Sam: Hell yes.Melissa: Well since weíre on the subject of saying things now Imight as well say this. Sam when you proposed to me & I said noI wasnít thinking straight you know I was just thinking abouthow wrong it would work out because of our demon fighting lifeís& the fact of you road tripping with your brother thing & otherstuff I wasnít thinking about the good aspect sides of it & whatcould happen from them which I shouldíve being doing like thoseideas I thought of that I said wouldnít work they actually could.Sam: Whatíre you saying Mel?Melissa: Iím saying like Romeo & Juliet you know they had greatadversities stacked against them i.e. their parents fighting butthey didnít let that stand in there way because they loved eachother & overcame that whichís what we could do & whathappened today only made it even worth more thinking about.Sam: Made even what worth more thinking about?She curls her right hand around Samís face.Melissa: Marrying you I want to marry you Sam if youíll have me.Sam looks at Melissa shocked not believing what sheís just said.Sam: (Shocked) Whatí? Are you serious?Melissa nods her head at him.Melissa: Absolutely.Sam: Oh Mel.They both wrap their arms around each other & hug. Then Sambreaks apart & kisses passionately for a minute. She joins in withhim. They break apart & hug each other again. He kisses her allover her face. The camera closes in on them as they both laughtogether & then fades to black.The End
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I am aloud to ship Sam and Lucifer? I know Lucifer kind of ruined Sam's life, But I wanna ship them so bad. Is that aloud?
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