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Hey all! sorry it took so long to address this but since I'm actually running into problems now I figured I would type something up real quick.
i wanted to let everyone know that while im not leaving dA (yet), i think a lot of my mods did so responses are slower than usual, like way slower as some of you may have noticed. im doing my best, but would appreciate maybe having a few more mods if anyone is interested
Anyways as many of you know Eclipse has made it pretty hard to manage groups. the main thing about that in regards to this group is actually that its hard for me to remember to check the notifications now that they are way more hidden than they used to be... its hard for me to remember when they arent in front of my face when i first log into the website each day haha
Im not the biggest fan of this new layout even after trying it out for a while and giving it a chance, but im not ready to give up the groups i manage just yet because the website changed. If there is anything that is taking a long time for you guys to get through just note the group and i will see what i can do, or if you want to be a mod just send a note and we can see if you can be one. i have a few questions i want to ask before you join the crew but im willing to get any help since many people jumped ship and i want to try and keep this group active for those who stayed
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Burrobot Likes Soup by DoodleyStudios
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Silver The Hedgehog Sonic Boom Design by Gorsan
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Scourge and Mephilis Chilling by LegendofRemnant
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Royal High School ch.01,WelcomeRoyal High School is a school where all students become princes or princesses to learn what it takes to be royalty or what kind of prince or princess you are. If you are a prince, you have the strength of a lion, fearless as a horse, and the heart of a gentleman to his lady. If you are a princess, you have the beauty of a rose, a beautiful lady waiting to find your prince, and the kindness in your heart.Ask yourself, what does it take to become a prince or princess?(Sonic’s POV)I can’t believe this is happening! My mom made me go to this silly Royal High School where I can learn to be a prince. Hell, I have to wear a school uniform; blue kinda matches my fur but I don’t like wearing pants. But what changed my mind is that my mom told me that my childhood best friend Amy Rose will be attending this school.However, I’m still trying to move forward since my girlfriend Sally broke up with me because our relationship didn’t work out but instead, we decided to remain friends and that she knew I like my freedom and she wanted me to be free as the wind. She didn’t want to get in the way of my freedom and has given me this one piece of advice, never give up on your life and stay strong. Sally truly is a trustworthy friend.“Alright, this is it.” I said to myself.I know a few friends that will be attending this school on the same day as me. Anyways, I head into the headmaster’s office and there stood Sally’s mother.“Greetings Sonic. Glad you could make it here.” She said.“Your daughter suggested this place, Mrs. Acorn.” I replied.“Yes, she thought that one day you can find yourself a true lady in your life or live free as the wind. I’m sorry that she broke up with you. I hope you’re not going through heartache” Mrs. Acorn said.“A little bit but I’ll get over it. I sure hope she’ll find the right prince in her life. Anyways, do you have my locker number, combination, schedule, and dorm roommate to live with?” I asked, hoping it’s not too much pressure for me to get used to some fairytale school.“Well, there is one, your locker number is 91, combination lock and schedule is right here.” She handed me the lock and papers of my schedule.“And my roommate?” I asked again.“Your roommate awaits you in room 1993.” Mrs. Acorn said.“Okay. Thank you, Alicia.” I shook her hand.Okay, to find my locker which is upstairs with numbers 80 through 120. Deep breaths, blue devil. It’s all happening so fast. Okay, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91.“Hello, locker.” I said to my purple metal steel locker and unlocked the lock combination and opened it.“Whoa.” I saw it had everything in the locker. Like a closet filled everything. My books, the mirror, my calendar, my knight armor protective pads for training, and men's makeover that we men use is cologne to smell wonderful.“This is perfect. I must thank Sally for this.” I talked to myself again.Okay, now off to find my room number to live with my roommate. It was on the other side of the campus sort of thing which I find odd because high schools don’t have a campus. Whatever, it’s like a royal castle.Eventually, I found it on the 5th floor of the building. I knocked to let my roommate know I’m here. I knocked on the door and as I waited I tapped my foot, “I’m waiting.”Finally, the door opened and I saw it was my childhood best friend Amy Rose. Whoa, she’s even gorgeous than a cute little girl. She’s even got a stunning body and looks for a mature lady. Where has she been all my life?“Sonikku? Is” Amy was very shocked that she hasn’t seen me for 7 years.“Yes, it’s me, Ames. Long time no see. You...erm...gotten taller, new hairstyle?” I chuckled nervously; her quills were like a bob cut now.“Yup,” Amy nodded and hugged me.She then pulled me into her dorm and it sure was decorative with royalty. Like a first-class style for rich people.“It's been so long we used to take selfie pictures wherever we go to preserve memories. Such good memories. My, you have grown handsome than I remember.” Amy said, organizing the makeup on her mirror dresser.“I remember that. Those were the days. You often went to the flower-fields too.” I said, unpacking my stuff.(Amy’s POV)I used to love we had so much fun together until we drifted away when Sonic’s mom had a job outside of town and he moved away. But here we are, 7 years later, reunited.“Yeah, I’ve been learning botany like my grandmother. Flower fields are just amazing to me like rose petals beneath the wind.” I said, applying pink lipstick on my lips.“Indeed. But I’ve always thought about you, even when Sally came into my life. She encouraged me to never let go of my friendship.” Sonic said.“What do you mean?” I asked."With you of course. You know friends for life." Sonic said.“I see. Well, it’s like she didn’t wanna take your freedom away. You always love being free as the wind and I always remember the time you like to run as fast as the wind.” I said, brushing my quills."Yeah. Sally thought that she and I were better off as friends. Of course, I have some respect for her, I know she can't stand her dad being strict. I don't blame her." Sonic said.I helped him put the poster up near his bed, “Sometimes relationships don’t last, Sonic. But there’s always a new life ahead.”“Of course. Well, now that we’re roommates we can spend time like the old days.” Sonic said.“As well as royalty partners.” I bowed and held out my hand for Sonic to kiss it.He took my hand and gently kissed it, “Well, who knows if I have prince potential in me.” Sonic said."We'll see Sonic. We can do it. The Sonic I know never gives up." Amy said.“Heh, same old Amy.” Sonic chuckled as he finished hanging up posters.“Same old Sonikku.” I giggled.“Touche.” Sonic chuckled, “You don’t mind if I take a shower in the bathroom? It’s been a long day for me coming all the way here.”"Sure. Then I'll show you around." I said.“Thank you.” Sonic said.“I can’t wait to smell that ocean breeze body wash. I always remember how wonderful you smell as ocean breeze” I sighed in happiness.“Oh, you will. My body scent will be so powerful you’ll fall asleep and I kiss you back to life.” Sonic teased me with a chuckle and went into the bathroom. I sat outside waiting for him.Once he got dressed, I showed him around the royal high school.“My favorite class is fashion design where we learn about royalty culture fashion and design amazing dresses,” I said as he saw the mannequins with mostly unfinished designs.“Interesting.” Sonic looked at them.“And also, jewelry making and shoe design too. Especially designing tiaras or crowns too.” I pointed at the types of crowns from royalty cultures. Some were British culture, some Arabian, some Spanish, and so forth.Then I showed him another classroom of dancing class; right now, were one class practicing.“All kinds of traditions from other countries in the history,” I said.“I see. Well, when are we starting this class?” Sonic asked and looked at his schedule.“Looks like I have the same schedule with you at 10 am.” I said.“Yup,” Sonic confirmed and showed his schedule.Then I showed him another classroom of Biology class or so to say that this class has cute animals to study them.“Mostly every princess can talk to all kinds of animals and those who have an animal sidekick,” I said.“Like birds that sing?” Sonic joked.“Something like that but more than them,” I said.I also showed him the great library, the gym, cafeteria, the potion spell chemistry, and my favorite when it comes to the end of school, the hair and spa salon downstairs.“That’s what I’m talking about. A good relaxing spa to calm my speed.” Sonic said, very impressed at how the place looks like.“Glad you like it Sonic. I guarantee it.” I replied.“They should call it Royal University.” Sonic said.“Well, it’s a high school level, Sonic. Royalty is a rich world.” I said.“Okay. I suppose we’re gonna learn to know the others here.” Sonic said.“Some of our childhood friends are attending this school. Tails, Knuckles, Espio, Rouge, Cream, Silver, Blaze, and Shadow. But also, our common enemies that you’ll not be happy to see.” I said as we head back to our dorm.“And who will that be?” Sonic asked.“Scourge and Fiona,” I replied.“Oh boy. Those are the worst bullies we know.” Sonic said, his expression was filled with anger.“I know and I heard from Shadow that Scourge got ‘fired’ from being Basketball Captain due to his lack of coaching. Good thing I’m still a cheerleader captain because I have ways boost school spirit along with the help of my cheerleading team.” I said, heading into our dorm room.“I thought Sally was cheerleader captain.” Sonic said.“She was but she ‘retired’ and gave me a promotion 3 weeks ago. I don’t know why but she did it anyway. Perhaps her parents want her to take the throne one day at the Acorn Kingdom but I’m not sure she’s ready for it.” I said.“She told me that too but I told her to do what she thinks is best.” Sonic said.“Yeah, and I hope you could be Basketball Captain. Knuckles is the Football captain. You know how he is with muscles than analyzing the situation.” I said."Yeah, not the brightest of our buddies." Sonic laughed a bit."You could say that." I said.
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Last Resort Reanimated Scene 127 by SkippyP008
Which sport do you want to play? by Ederelcool
Sonic 06 Model sheet by Tsuenica

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